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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 23, 2011

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Ed. John Matthews and George F. Matthews v. 1. 1906

Pg Notes

Anno 1630
JACKSON, THOMAS, of Stamford, Lincs. Will [100 Scroopo] pr. Nov. 20 by relict ANNE [JACKSON].

66 Anno 1631
BELL, NICHOLAS, of Arundel, Sussex, (gent).
Will (36 St. John] pr. Feb. 5, 1630-1 by ROBERT COLLINS, ROBERT JACKSON, and NICHOLAS REYNOLDS.
67 Anno 1667
BLAND, DOROTHY, of Barlborough, co. Derby, (widow).
Will [9 St. John] pr. Feb. 15, 1630-1 by JOHN JACKSON.
81 Anno 1631
ELLIS, JEFFRY, of Sudbury, Suffolk.
Admon Feb. 2, 1630-1 to WILLIAM JACKSON, guardian of children JEFFREY and JOHN, d.b.n. MARGARET ELLIS. (Will (66 Skynner] pr. June 20, 1627 by relict MARGARET.)
95 Anno 1631
, of p. St. Nicholas Acons, London, (citizen and girdler). Will [2 St. John] pr. Jan. 31, 1630-1 by RICHARD GLIDD and RICHARD MILLES. P.r. daughter AMIE JACKSON.  JACKSON, ROBERT, of (Ham,) p. Croydon, Surrey. Admon May 10 to ELIZABETH, [JACKSON] relict of ROBERT, d.b.n. latter. (Will [91 Savile] pr. Oct. 18, 1622 by son ROBERT [JACKSON].)  JACKSON, THOMAS, of p. St. Christopher le Stocks, Lond., (cit. & haberdasher). Will [in St. John] pr. Oct. 12 by relict ANNE [JACKSON].  JACKSON, HENRY, of p. St. Peter, in St. Albans, Herts.; (citizen and vintner of London, in 1629).
156 Anno 1632
HUNT, ROBERT, of p. St. Giles Cripplegate, London. Admon Ap. 27 to ROBT. JACKSON, of Sacombe, Herts., d.b.n. relict FRANCES JACKSON alias HUNT. (Will [16 Dale] pr. Feb. 19, 1620-1 by relict FRANCES HUNT.)
185 Anno 1632
WHITEHEAD, EDWARD, of p. St. Clement Eastcheap, Lond., (cit. and vintner).
Admon July 10 to dau. CATHERINE (sit) LINDZEY alias W., now of age. (Adman w. Will [76 Stafford] Oct. 24, 1606 lo HENRY JACKSON and his wife
224 Anno 1633
MAYCOCKE, AUGUSTINE, of Southam, co. Warwick. Will [63 Russell] pr. July 1 1 by JOSEPH BECHINO and TIMOTHY JACKSON. P.r. MATHEW CURE.
246 Anno 1633
WILSON, MARGARET, of Tamworth, co. Warwick (and Staffs., widow).
Will [70 Russell] pr. July 3 by WILLIAM JACKSON.
274 Anno 1634
JACKSON, THOMAS, of Cowden, Kent, clerk. Admon May 10 to ELIZABETH [JACKSON], relict of son WILLIAM [JACKSON], d.b.n. latter, d.m. ELIZABETH, JOYCE, and WILLIAM, [JACKSON] children of said WILLIAM. (Admon w. Will [152 Hele] Dec. 2, 1626 to son WILLIAM, N.E.)  JACKSON, THOMAS, (trumpeter's mate of the "Exchange," 1633 ;) decd. abr. Will [73 Seager] pr. Aug. 19 by relict ALICE [JACKSON].



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