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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 23, 2011

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Ed. John Matthews and George F. Matthews v. 4. 1906





AWDLEY, Mary, of Sutton, Cambs., widow.

Will [22 Rivers] pr. Jan. 20, 1644-5 by Mary JACKSON.


Anno 1645

JACKSON, Henry, of Barlings, Lincs., (and of Clifford's Inn, gent.).

Will [71 Rivers] pr. May 20 by mother Alice JACKSON.


JACKSON, John, of Bicker, Lincs.

Will [116 Rivers] pr. Sep. 30 by relict Frances, and son Samuel.


JACKSON, Peter, of p. St. Michael Cornhill, London.

Will [150 Rivers] pr. Dec. 18 by relict Mary,


SEALE, Elizabeth, of p. St. Bartholomew Exchange, London ; (wife of

Humfrey Seale, of same, citizen and haberdasher, in 1636).

Admon w. Will [51 Rivers] Mar. 20, 1644-5 to daurs. Hannah wife of

Thomas JACKSON, and Mary wife of George Woodcock. N.E.


Anno 1646

JACKSON, Sir Robert, of Berwick on Tweed, Kt.

Will [122 Twisse] pr. Aug. 5 by George Payler Esq. P.r. daughter, the

Lady Mary Carey, now wife of the said George Payler.


JACKSON, William, of St. Katherine's Precinct, London.

Will [127 Twisse] pr. Sep. 29 by relict Margaret.


JACKSON, Samuel, of Boston, Lincs., (son of Edmund, late of same).

Admon w. Will [160 Twisse] Nov. 21 to brother Nathaniel. N.E.


ALLSOPP, John, of Bonsall, co. Derby, (gent.).

Will [34 Fines] pr. Feb. 10, 1646-7 by Roger JACKSON. P.r. Dorothy HOPKINSON


HARMAN, Anne, of Lambley. Notts., (widow of Thomas, of same,) deceased

at Derby.

Admon w. Will [17 Fines] Feb. 11, 1646-7 to sister Elizabeth JACKSON; brother John JACKSON having died.


Anno 1647

JACKSON, Edward, of Chesterfield, p. Shenstone, Staffs.

Will [95 Fines] pr. May 22 by relict Isabell.


JACKSON, James, of Stanton Fitzwarren, Wilts.

Will [117 Fines] pr. June 3 by rel. Margery, wife of Jeffery Ryme.


JACKSON, Thomas, Senior Prebendary of Christchurch, Canterbury, D.D.

Will [166 Fines] pr. July 1 by relict Elizabeth. NOTE: An abstract of his wife’s will is on p.91 of Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol IV. William Brigg, B.A. 1909 http://www.archive.org/details/genealogicalabst04chur


JACKSON, John, of p. St. Martin in the Fields, Middx.

Will [178 Fines] pr. Aug. 5 by relict Margaret. NOTE: A goldsmith named John JACKSON has some silver at St. Martin in the Fields.


JACKSON, Henry, of p. St. Faith, London, (citizen and stationer).

Will [181 Fines] pr. Aug. 26 by sister Elizabeth Michell.


JACKSON, Edward, of p. St. Laurence Pountney, Lond., (cit. and blacksmith).

Will [198 Fines] pr. Oct. 7 by relict Margaret.


JOHNSON, Gram, [Graham?] of p. Whitechapel, Middx., (bachelor).

Will [28 Fines] pr. Feb. 9, 1646-7 by Bernard Johnson and Thomas JACKSON.


Anno 1648

JACKSON, Margaret, of p. St. Martin in the Fields, Middx., widow.

Will [46 Essex] pr. Mar. 13, 1647-8 by Zachary Taylor.


JACKSON, John, of Islington, Middx.

Admon w. Will [135 Essex] Sep. i to nephew John Shipley. N.E.


CRISPE, William, of p. St. Martin in the Fields, Middx., (gent.).

Admon w. Will [180 Fairfax] Dec. 28 to Wm. Patteson, and his wife

Ursula, daughter of deceased ; Thomas JACKSON, and aunt Ursula

Booth, renouncing-.


Anno 1649

JACKSON, Simon, of Lackford, Suffolk, (clerk).

Will [38 Fairfax] pr. Mar. 14, 1648-9 by relict Elizabeth.


JACKSON, Humanity, of Ashorne, (p. Newbold Pacey,) co. Warwick.

Will [145 Fairfax| pr. Oct. 7 by relict Anne, and son John.


JACKSON, William, of p.St.Giles Cripplegate, London,(gent., decd. abr., son of WM.).

Admon w. Will [164 Fairfax] Nov. 2 to Josias DEWEY ; Wm. PENNOVER ren.

Admon t.a.i. June 21, 1649 to relict Judith, renounced.


JACKSON, Thomas, of Clifford Chambers, Gloucs.

Will [173 Fairfax] pr. Nov. 20 by Job Dighton Esq., Edw. Owen, Henrv


ROBINSON, Raphe, of (p. St. John Zachary,) London (citizen and goldsmith).

Will [63 Fairfax] pr. May 26 by Wm. Haselfoote and Alkx. JACKSON. NOTE: I suspect this is the Alexander JACKSON goldsmith who died 1670.


WIBOROW, Anne, of Pebmarsh, Essex, widow.

Will [140 Fairfax I pr. Sep. 19 by son Thos. P.r. Thos. JACKSON.

(Admon Sep 13, 1652 to Frances W., d.m. her children John, Hannah, and

Susan W. , grandchildren of deceased, d.b.n. son Thos. decd.; Thos.

JACKSON renouncing.)


JACKSON 7, 58, 174, 223, 236

426, 482, 505.




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