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Bessie BROWN née JACKSON  (1843-1923) was my great-grandmother. Her notes are amongst the earliest direct notes on our family history that we have. This does not mean that they are accurate, but most of it has been verified.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 18, 2010

Update. I have footnoted this to make it easier to follow.


Bessie Brown[1] Family Genealogy

I believe this was copied by one of Bessie BROWN's nieces..

NOTE: Filed on my hard drive under Genealogy/2005 Ireland CD/Documents/ CD4


George Jackson[2] of Mount Leinster estate in Carlow and Kilkenny, which he sold his life interest in, as it was entailed -- and he then came to live in Creggan County Armagh, and married Margaret O’Meilachlan[3] said to be descended from the royal house of Tara,. They had issue three sons[4] and seven daughters[5] -- the eldest son David[6] married Margaret Bradford[7] of Cavananore daughter of John Bradford[8] of Cavananore, County Louth. They had one son and two daughters[9]. John[10] who married Elizabeth[11] of James McCullagh County Monaghan, had issue one son and three daughters[12]. The said son David[13] married Eliza[14] daughter of Benjamin Oliver[15] of Killynure Armagh, they had issue six sons and four daughters; John, Thomas, Andrew Coulter Bradford, James, David & George William. The latter died in infancy. The daughters were Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and Margaret.

Elizabeth Birch[16] married first a Mr. Breakey[17] and had one daughter with him. Her second husband was Mr. Gilmore[18]. John Bradford[19] married Barbara Coulter[20] of Cavananore and had twin sons[21] and a daughter[22]. Thomas Bradford married Elizabeth Breakey[23], they had three daughters[24] and one son -- Andrew Coulter Bradford[25], Barbara[26] (afterwards Mrs. Wm Donaldson), Elizabeth[27] (Mrs. Ben Oliver) and Mary[28] (Mrs. T. McCullagh).

Samuel Bradford married a Miss Henry[29] and had three sons Thomas[30], Sam[31] and John[32] and two daughters Barbara[33] (Mrs. M’Richard) and Mary[34] (Mrs. Parkes[35]).

E. Birch married secondly Mr. A. Gilmore and I believe the Eliezer[36] and James Birch Gilmer[37] were his sons.

Jane Ledlie [38]that Granny[39] used to speak of was Elizabeth Birch's[40] mother.

Our father's[41] great-grandfather George Jackson who owned the entailed estate of Mount Leinster, showed his interest in it and afterwards came to Creggan County Armagh to live. Then he married Margaret and had issue ten children. The eldest son David married Margaret Bradford daughter of John Bradford of Cavananore, County Louth and had issue John and two daughters. John married Elizabeth McCullagh (a daughter of James McCullagh[42] Shantonagh County Monaghan) issue David and three daughters. David married Eliza Oliver, daughter of Benjamin Oliver of Killynure, Armagh; and had issue six sons and four daughters. Sir Thomas Jackson being the second son.

(Father[43] thought his ancestors came to Ireland in Cromwell's time, but was not sure of that.)


Copy of what Aunt Bessie Brown of Killynure wrote for Fan[44].

[1] Elizabeth JACKSON (1843-1923), sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Most if not all of this has been corroborated since by other sources.

[2] George JACKSON (Abt. 1718-1782)

[3] Margaret O’LAUGHLIN (abt 1720-1797)

[4] David, George & John.

[5] Alice, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Anne, Mary, Sarah.

[6] David JACKSON (1743-1796)

[7] Margaret BRADFORD (1739-1820)

[8] John BRADFORD (1705-1789) husband of Barbara COULTER (1721-1795)

[9] Margaret JACKSON (1783-1810) & Barbara JACKSON (1783-?)

[10] John JACKSON (1780-1817)

[11] Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1788-1880)

[12] Sarah JACKSON (1811-1892), Margaret JACKSON (1815-1895), and Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON (1817-1900).

[13] David JACKSON (1814-1889)

[14] Elizabeth OLIVER ( 1815-1903)

[15] Benjamin OLIVER (abt 1765-1831)

[16] Elizabeth BIRCH (1733-1812)

[17] William BREAKEY (1712-1760)

[18] Alexander GILMORE (1735-1773)

[19] John BRADFORD (1705-1789)

[20] Barbara COULTER (1721-1795)

[21] Thomas BRADFORD (abt 1739-1818) and Samuel BRADFORD ( abt 1739-1818)

[22] Margaret BRADFORD (1739-1820) wife of John JACKSON.

[23] Elizabeth BREAKEY (1758-1844)

[24] There was also a 4th daughter – Margaret BRADFORD (1786-1874). This is a curious omission.

[25] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD ( 1788-1847)

[26] Barbara BRADFORD  (1783-1865)

[27] Elizabeth BRADFORD (1785-1825)

[28] Mary BRADFORD (?-?)

[29] Margaret HENRY (1774-1846)

[30] Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872)

[31] Samuel BRADFORD (1803-1881)

[32] John BRADFORD ( ?- Aft 1837)

[33] Barbara BRADFORD (?-?)

[34] Mary BRADFORD (?-?)

[35] Alexander PARKER of Dundalk

[36] Eliezer Birch GILLMER (1762-1834)

[37] James Birch GILMORE (1772-1804)

[38] Jane LEDLIE was actually a step-mother of Elizabeth BIRCH (1733-1812).

[39] “Grannie” would have been Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1788-1880), wife of John JACKSON.

[40] Elizabeth BIRCH (1733-1812), daughter of John BIRCH (1711-1773) & Jane BAXTER.

[41] David JACKSON (1814-1889)

[42] James McCULLAGH (?-?)

[43] David JACKSON (1814-1889)

[44] “Fan” Frances Oliver BROWN (1881-1928), daughter of Elizabeth JACKSON (1843-1923).




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