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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 24, 2011
PS I have had a few formatting issues with this page - this is as good as it gets for now.
Update: New info on #108 - Thanks to Jan Waugh.

Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England: Register SOAM 1620. Ed. Henry Lea.
Published by New England Genealogical Society, Boston Massachusetts. 1904. http://www.archive.org/stream/abstractsofwills00churrich/abstractsofwills00churrich_djvu.txt

NOTE: I have only noted the entries where there is a mention of JACKSONs. Also, I have not cleaned up all the OCR errors - just enough to make sense of most of it.




40 Richard Pyott cit. and aid. of Lond. (Dat. 2 Sept. 1619.) Bur. in Ch. of St. Lawrence in the ould Jury, Lond., wh. I am a parishioner; Margery my wife; daus. Anne Robinson, wife of Humfrey Robinson, Elizth. Ducy, wife of Robt. Ducy, Margaret James, wife of Edward James, and Mary Pyott; sons Ricd., Wm. and John Pyott; youngest dau. Sara Pyott; eld. son Ricd.; poor men of Lowe Laighton, co. Essex; porters, waterbearers and carrmen of Cheapside; Mr Boswell, vie. of St. Lawrence afsd.; Mr. Leeche; poor of St. Bartholomew's Hosp., West Smithfield, Lond.; Christ's Hosp.; poor of Lichfield and Streethaie, co. Staff.; cos. Michael Biddolphe, Esq., and his wife; poor of Chedell, co. Staff., wh. I was bo.; Thomas Smith of Chedell, mercer; poor of St. Lawrence in the Ward of Cheape, Lond.; grchn. Ricd. Robinson, eld. son of my dau. Anne Robinson; Elizth. and Anne Robinson, chn. (und. 21) of dau. Anne Robinson; Elizth. Pyott, dau. of son Ricd. Pyott; grch. Richd. Ducy, son of dau. Elizth. Ducy, her 2 youngest sons Wm. and Robt. Ducy and grch. Anne Ducy, her dau. (all und. 21); Chamberlain of Lond.; to Grocer's Co., whereof I am free, a piece of plate with my arms and name to be set upon it; bro. Wm. Pyott and sist., his wife; cos, and godson Rich. Pyott, their son, their 2 daus.; cos. Edw. Davis and Manning, goldsmith, and his wife; Mr. Thos. Dobson, skynner; cos. Mr. Thomas Boothbie and his wife; bro. Symon Biddolphe and sist. his wife; Johane Wiggen, servt. to cos. Symon Biddolphe; Elizth. Biddolphe "for her name sake nowe dwelling with my dau. Robinson; bro. Wm. Skeffington of Fisherwicke, esq., and his wife; 3 cushions of green velvet with the letters R. M. and P.; my gold ring with a death's head and the letters W. B.; my servt. Robt. Prettie; Robt. Loftis; James Arnold, my servt. at Layton; John Carter, my boy dwelling there; Mary Valentine; sist. Thornebury and her chn.; John Pyott, girdler; Thos. Tayler at Chedell grange, my servt; my servt. Berche; cos. John Sherwyn; Elizth. Wilnes, now dwelling at Chedell grange (und. 21); cos. William and Thomas Wall; neighbours George Johnson and Mrs. Goodfellow; frd. John Mayle; Ids. called Ashurst and Ash Moors, and oths. in co. Staff, and Lichfield, bot. of Sir Thomas Ridgwaye, kt.. Lord Ridgway and Sir Robt Ridgeway and his wife; Mary Pyott, my dau. -in-law, now wife of son Ricd. Pyott; COS. Randall and Thomas Jackson; cos. James Sherwyn of the hayhouse, Ricd. Pyott of Dilhorne and Wm. Pyott, late of Cunslowe; neph. Francis Ward; Francis Flyer, son of my late bro. Mathew Flyer, deed.; sist. Jackson; bro. Mr. Raphe Flyer, his wife and his dau., my goddau., rest of his chn; cos. Ladye Carbet; Res. legs., sons and daus., Wm. John, Mary and Sara Pyott; Exors: son Ricd. Pyott and bro. Wm. Pyott, cit. and grocer of Lond.; Overs: cos. Mr. Thos. Boothbie and sons-in-law Humfry Robinson, Robt. Ducy and Edw. James; customary and copyhold Ids. at Bednall greene in man. of Stebinheath, co. Midd.; Copyhold Ids. in Lowe Layton, co. Essex; Mess, where I now dwell in St. Lawrence Lane in psh. of St. Lawrence afsd. \_Richard Pyott] Wits: John Mayle, Thomas Morley, George Johnson, Samuel Davyes, Robert Prettye. (Pr. 31 Jan. 1619-20.)


136 John Dawson, cit. and grocer of Lond., (^of All Saints the Greats Thames St.*). (Dat. 6 Dec. 1619-20.) Tents, in Burroughes Ashe in psh. of Ockbrooke and Spooneden; co. Derby; sist. Mary wife of Chrisr. Bursey; cos. Mathewe and John Dawson, sons of bro. Michael Dawson; partner, Miles White and his wife Anne; uncle Edward Hollins; frd. Frauncis Taylo; cos. George Portor and John Ottywell; Zacharie Brackneck; cos. Anne Jackson; frd. Michael Dunne; sd sist. Mary, Extx: \_John Da7vson\ Wits: John Leaves, scr., Leonard Bower, Richard Evans, servt. to sd. scr. (Pr. 26 Feb. 1619-20.)


178 John Jackson of Shellande, Suff., gent. (Dat. 3 Feb. 1616-17.) Son John; free and copyhold Ids. in Shellande and Onhouse; wife Frauncis; bro.-in-law Robt. Walthewe, Esq.; daus. Mary, Frauncis, Joanna, Bridgett, Elizth., Anne and Millycent Jackson (all und. 21); son Henry (und. 21); adventure in intended voyage to E. Indies; Exor: frd. John Heyward, one of the King's Chaplains; Overs: Robt. Walthewe, Esq., Richd. Pretiman of Bawton, Suff., gent., and Humfrey Pye of Lond., scr. John Jackson] Wits: William Bowyeare, Thomas Bannester, Senr. , John Taylor, servt. to sd. Humfrey Pye, scr. (Adm. gr. to Frances Jackson, rel., 24 Feb. 1619-20.)


274 Richard Buckingham of Lymington, co. Southton., carpenter. (Dat. 16 Aug. 1617.) Sist. Temperance DioU als. Sansome; Jo. Pateson; Anthonie Bosnell; Thos. Atteron; Rd. Jones; John Jackson; John Baignham, carpenter; wages for service and goods in the "James;" Extx: eld. sist. Alice Cooper {gu. Croperf). \.R. B.I Wits: Tho. Doughter. (Pr. 27 Mar. 1620.)


315 John Newton, the eld., cit. and mercer of Lond., aged 77. (Dat. 17 Feb. 1619-20.) Bur. in chan. of St. Dunstan's in the E., Lond., wh. I was a pshr., wt. late wife Julian; my son, John Newton, the yr.; hou. in Myll Lane, St. Olave's, Southwark, co. Surr., wh. Michael Morer now dwells; tents, nr. St. Olave's gate, in ten. of George Foster, John Cooke, Gilbert Rosse, John Lawe, Wm. Odell, Joan Sparrowe Hawke, wid., Wm. Matthewe, Edw. Wilson and Wm. Coliyer; tent, called "The Blue Anchor" in ten. of George Gopsell; tents, let to Hayeward in occ. of Audrey White and John Scruton, all in psh. of St. Olave's nr. Battlebridge; Martha, dau. of Jane Evans; lease of "Cole wharffe" and tents, in Stone Lane, nr. Pickleherring and Horsy Down, co. Surr., held of Wm. Welden of Shottesbrooke, co. Berks., esq.; son, Henry Newton; hou. called King's Arms in the occ. of Sparrowhawk; tents, in occ. of Edw. Morgan, brewer,  Sutton, Edw. Jackson, decd.; dau. Julian, wife of Daniel Bambrig; Id. called Whistlers close, in ten. of Lawrence Browne, in Horsy Downe, co. Surr.; Mary Clemens; Jas. Barnett; Humfrey Peate; George Jackson; poor chn. in Christ's Hospital, nr. W. Smithfield, Lond.; Peter Holloway; my maid Ellen; Dorothy Yeardly; Judith Attwood; Martin Bowsser; Thos. Digby; Earl of Cumberland; Exor: son John Newton. \_John Newton] Wits: William Bookley, Isaacke Michell, Martin Bowser, Edward Charnicke, scr. (Pr. 6 Mar. 1619-20.)
NOTE: It is likely that the George JACKSON mentioned is the son of the deceased Edward JACKSON. Edward JACKSON of St. Olave's Southwark had a will dated 1620 and also had a son George JACKSON baptised in 1576. Thanks to Jan Waugh for this.


318 Robert Robinson of Springfield, co. Essex, yeom. (Dat. 29 Mar. 1617.) Humfrey Moninges, elk., preacher, late schoolmaster to chn. of Sir Thos. Mildemay of Barnes, Kt.; poor of Springfield, Chelmesford, Mulsham hamlet, Wydford, Much Baddowe, Sandon, Danbury, Little Baddow, Boreham, Little and Much Waltham, Bromfield, Roxwell, Writle, Chicknall St. James, Chicknall Smeley, Pleshey, Gt. Burstead, Billerica and Harvardstock; John Feild's hou. against the Ch, at Springfield; Joan Ballard; my cos. Henry Burkyn, Margt., his wife, his sons, Robert and Henry Burkyn, and his 2 daus.; Margt., Thomasine, Henry and Christr. Sturgion, chn. of Thos. Sturgion; Robt., son of John Cakebreade; Margt. Terry, wid. and her dau.; Thos. Jackson of Chelmesford, butcher, Eliz., his wife, and Robt., his son; Isabell Pinchon; cos. Edw. Gates, his 4 chn. and his bro.; my servts. John Smyth, Audrey Smyth; my godchn., Robt. Pake, Robt. Brewer, Robt. Rochell, son of Lawrence, and Joan Gardener; my late servt., Joane Archer; Fraunces Harris; Eliz. Bechinge, wife of John Seeley, and her 4 chn., John the yr., Thos., Rd. and Alice Seeley; Sentleger Bechinge of Chelmesford, scr., (grfath. of 10 chn.), and his 3 sons, Anthony, Jeremy and Sentleger Bechinge, the yr.; Anthony and Eliz. Bechinge, chn. of sd. Anthony Bechinge, of E. Barfoulde, Suff. ; my godch., Daniel White; Sir Henry Mildemaye's 3 daus. (und. 18); Walter Mildemaye, esq,, and his son Walter; Henry Brand, appr. wt. Chas. Biglande, of Chelmesford, mercer; Robt. Goudge; Rd. Freeman, gent., and his wife, Judith, his 3 sons, John, Rd. and Thos. Freeman, and Penelope his dau. -in-law; Grace, wife of the sd. Chas. Biglande and his 4 chn., Chas., Grace, Nathl. and Margt. Biglande; Anne, wife of John Risley; Wm. Taylor, elk., and his wife; cos. Wm. Grafton, a trumpeter, and his son, my godch. (und. 21); Wm. Pake of Springfield; Edw.


372 Thomas Plumstede of Edmonton, co. Midd., gent. (Dat. 10 July, 161Q.) Poor of Plumsted, co. Norf., wh. I was bo.; neph., John Plumsted; dau. Anne Plumsted (und. 18), jewels which were her moth's., her godmoth., my aunt Colvile; Mr. Edw. Vaughan; a trunk wt. plate at Mr. John Gooche's hou. in Holborn; my eld. son, Frauncis (und. 21); tents, in Wood St., Steyninge Lane and elsewhere in city of Lond; tent, at Enfield Chaseside, Edmonton; 2d son, Edw. (und. 18); gilt bowls given my son Frauncis by his godfath. and godmoth.; Sir Thos. Hobart; gold ring with my seal of arms; lease of cottage held of St. Paul's in ten. of Lawrence Stephens; son Edw's. godfath., Mr. Vernon; Exors: my cos., Mr. Joseph Jackson and my frds., Mr. Jas. Desmaisters and Mr. John Gooch; \_Th07nas Plumsted] Wits: John Mathewe, Joyce Plumstede, Thomas Gardiner, John Rislingbury {mark); Lord and Lady Hobart; sist. Plumsted; cos. Jo. Plumsted of Oxford; neph. Barthol Plumsted; sist. Daine; sist. Clarke; bros. John, Robt. and Rd. Plumsted; cos. Perne; Mr. Gelsthroppe; Henry Gardiner; cos. Thos. Plumsted; Anne Perne, servt. ; my man, Jo.; my md., Isbell; my kitchen girl, Mary; Mrs. Morewood and her son; poor of Winchmore hill. (Pr. 20 Apr. 1620, by Joseph Jackson and Jas. Desmaiters; John Gooch, ren.)


415 Richard W^arfeild rect. of Dry Dayton, co. Camb. (Dat. I June, 1619.) Bur. in Ch. chan. nr. wife; free Ids. in Barford, co. Beds.; dau. Eliz., wife of Anthony Wood, of Little Hadham, co. Herts., and her dau. Mary; my 3d son Thos. (und. 21); my 2 yr. daus., Grace and Mary (both und. 21); uncle Mr. Thos. Anscell of Barford, esq., and my aunt, his wife; my bro. -in-law Mr. Rd. Hunter of Colmeworth, co. Beds., rect., and his wife, my wife's sist.; my 2d son Roger; Id. in Dry Drayton; my youngest ch. John; my books; my eld. son Rd-; my sists. Mrs. Susan Smithe and Agnes Norris, both of Lond., wids.; moth. -in-law Mrs. Mary Carter; sist. Mrs. Anne NichoUs of Lond.; gold ring wt.-my seal; Exor: my 2d son Roger; Overs: Mr. Tho. Anscell, Mr. Rd. Hunter and Mr. Thos. Carter, my wife's eld. bro., of Barford, gent. \_Richard Warfeild\ Wits: John Jackson, James Bridgman. (Pr. 20 May 1620.)

186 187

561 Richard Salisburye, elk., pars, of Raunston als. Ravenston, co. Derb. and Leic. (Dat. 3 Feb. 1619-20.) Bur. in chancel of Paunston (jzV.) nr. wife Kath.; chn., Nathl., Saml., Sarah and Abigail; Joane Weaver; my now wife Frauncis; hou. wh. Wm. Steevens dwells; wife's fath's. will, her sists. Eliz. and Anne; Mr. Thos. Wightman; Replingham; Raphe Mann; Saml. Wightmann; Wm. Brocke; bro. in-law Wm. Bem; son Barwell, his fath.; my bro. Wm. at Tambworth fair; Mr. Dunckombe; Mr. Craftes of Peckleton; Mrs. Glover; bro. Wm's. ten., Robt. Jackson als. Paulphriman, deed., his wid., his suit against Naton and Bocheston; Nuneaton fair; sist. Alice Baker, my bro., her husb.; Henry Biddle; John Roe; Mr. Orgell; Mr. Vate of Heather; Exor: son Nathl. Salisbury; Overs; Mr. Beale and Rd. Salisbury; poor of Raunston; bro. Ambrose Salisbury's tithes; tithe of Colepit; Mr. John Digbie's close; Roger Barwell's mossell close; Drakelye's, bot. of Mr. Cuny; John Burton's close; goodwife Johnson; Mr. Thos. Digbye; rent of Brackley close; goodwife Barwell; tithe of Mildelands close. Richard Salisbury] Wits: Nathaniell Salisbury, George Brees {,mark), Richard Reade {mark). (Adm. gr. 17 May 1620, to Frauncis Salisbury, rel., Nathl. Salisbury ren.)

205 206

614 Symon Hanson of Ashbourne, co. Derb., gent. (Dat. 13 May 1619.) Poor of Ashbourne and of Ilara; goddau. Eliz. Churlesworth; eld. son John (und. age); Ids. in Ashbourne, Offcott and Underwood; close nr. Ashbourne chyd. assigned to me by Wm. Heathcote; my dau.; my late wife; Ids. in Mappleton, Ham, Aldwarke and Musden Graunge sold to Mr. Thos. Eyre, esq. and Edw. Peg, gent.; sons Rd., George and Symon (all und. 21); daus. Sence, Prudence and Rachell (all und. 18); frd. Mrs. Jackson of Ashbourne; Exors: frds. Wm. Hull, clk., Edw. Pigg, gent., Gilbert Warde, gent., and my bro. Wm. Hanson; my servt. Anne Bainford, Kath. Bolsover; Overs; Sir John Harpur, Kt., and John Millward, esq.; Mr. Gilbert Warde to have care of one of my yr. daus. ..Sy: Hanson] Wits: Gilbert Warde, Walter Edge, Edward Pegge. (Pr. 10 May 1620.)


740 William Younge of Yealdinge, co. Hunts. (Dat. 4 Dec. 1619. ) Bur. in chyd. of Yealdinge; son Thos.; son Frauncis; dau. Grace, wife of Robt. Swetman, and her chn., Wm. and Eliz. Swetman (both und. 21); Exor: eld. son Wm.; my md. Agnes Jackson; kinsw. Ellen Scott. {_mark\ Wits: Leonard Nightingale, John West. (Pr. 10 June 1620.)


742 John Gibson of Butterwicke, Holland, co. Linc, yeom. (Dat. 31 Jan. 1619-20.) Bur. in chyd. of Butterwicke; minster of Lincoln; poor of Freeston and of Butterwicke; John Giltentoe; Henry Jackson; Thomas Sturton; Robt. Smeton; my wife Joan; Smeton; Jenkinson; Agnes Beele, dau. of John; George Burton the eld.; Michaell Packharnis of Kyrton; Agnes Pishy, wife of Peter; my bro. Wm. Pishy; Anne Packharnis, wid.; Isabell Pinchbeck, wife of John, the yr., and his son, Ambrose; Peter Dockin, son of Edmund and Kath. Dockin, dau. of sd. Edm.; Francis Wheeler; George Bowis; Symon Pedder, son of Peter; Peter Ben, son of Symon; Thos. Keeleby; Symon Clarke; Edw. Androwe, his son and dau., Thos. and Sara; Isabell, late wife of Wm. Hinchsey; chn. of John and Rd. Mawer; Wm. Smith of 'Boston; Andrewe and Wm. Burton, sons of Frauncis, and his dau., Alice Burton (und. 2i); Mary Wake, wife of Mathewe; Anne and Margt. (und. 21), daus. of Rd. Packharnis; Anne Kirckbye, wife of Thos., and her chn.; Mildred Westland; Peter Braden; John Cuppum; Thos. Scuppum; my servts., John Greene and Jane Barker; Agnes Giltentoe, wife of Peter; Eliz. Wright, wife of Joshua; Id. at Leuerton called Horsecrofte, late bot. of Frauncis Burton, at Butterwicke hills, bot. of Thos. Pishye, and at Benington, late bot. of Thos. Wilkinson; Wm. Packharnis, son of Peter; Peter Packharnis, my sist's. son; Id. called Pingles at Indicke, at Butterwick Inges and at the Northfeild, bot. of Wm. Aclay; Peter Packharnis, son of Rd.; Id. called Crumme in the Seafeild; Id. called Boyham and Gundam rig, in Butterwick Inges, in the Dayles; Id. at Ingdicke, bot. of Wm. Aclay; Id. called Gayrig, Cote Croftes; Anthonye Ingoldsbye, elk.; John Cleaton; Robt. Cleaton; godson John Smith; Exor: sist's. son, Peter Packharnis; Overs: Robt. Megson. \.John Gibson] Wits: Robert Megson, the writer, George Burton the eld., R. M. (Pr. i June 1620.)


795 Robert Jackson, the eld., of Burton upon Trent, co. Staff., baker. (Dat. 22 Jan. 1619-20.) Indr. 9 Oct., 16 Jas. I., betw. sd. Robt. Jackson and Walter Smythe of Burton, felmonger, and John Knighte of Burton, clothier; mess, and tents, in Burton, nr. to Barre Yates; only dau. Margerie Jackson; sons Robert and John Jackson (und. 21); Mary Whildon, servt.; sist. Jane Jackson; Extx: wife Isabell Jackson; Overs: frds. Henry Fisher of Derby, baker, and Frauncis Sanbroke of Brethie, gent. ImarJkl Wits: Henry Ensor, Marie Wheldon (mark), Thomas Huishe. (Pr. 27 June 1620.)


873 Elizabeth Fennell of Haverell, Suff., wid. (Dat. 13 April 1610.) Greh. Wm. Crane, eld. son of Wm. Crane of Bumpsted, Essex, husbm., lately deed., (und. 18); Dorothy Crane, dau. of sd. deed. Wm. (und. 18); Thos. Crane, 2d son of sd. Wm., and Edwd.Crane, his youngest son; my eld. son, John Fennell; son Wm. Fennell; John Fennell, son of my son John; my dau. Ann Crane; Exor: Thos. Bendish of Bumpsted, Esq.; Riehd. Miller of Haverell, yeom.. Supervisor. \jnark\ Wits: He. Gent, Bryan Bendysh. (Pr. 25 July 1620.) 874 Phillipp Wilson of Bednall greene. Stepney, Midd., gent. (Dat. 27 June 1620.) Term of years in Ids. and man. place of Bishopshall, eo. Midd.; son Philip Wilson; son Thos. and 2 daus. Elizth. and Margt. Wilson (all 3 und. 21); 3 mess, called 'the pounde' in Brayntree, Essex; to my son Thos. a seal ring; to my dau. Elizth. my wife's wedding ring; bro. John Wilson's ehn.; the chest with drave tiles; moth.in-law Elizth. Weldinge; uncle Hogge; bro.-in-law Jas. . Baynes; sist. -in-law Jane Weldinge; frds. John and Mary Archer; servt. John; poor almsmen at Mile end; frd. Mr. John Newett; Exors: sd. moth. -in-law and uncle Thos. Hogge. {^Phillipp Wilson] Wits: John Archer, Richard Archer. (Pr. 24 July 1920.) 875 John Cooper of Skerbecke, Line., yeom. (Dat. 15 Apr., 18 Jas. I.) Daus. Margt. and Anne (und. 21); Extx: wife Ruth; freehold tents in Skerbecke in ten. of Myles; Ingge grd. in Sibsey Ingges; hous. in Skerbecke in ten. of Jackson and Bushey; Id. there bot. of John Tannerd; tent, in Boston in ten. of one Waltham; frds. Mr. George Tharold and Wm. Pishey. \_no sig:'] Wits: Geo. Tharold, Robte. Turpin, Tho: Tharold. (Pr. 6 July 1620.)


889 Edward Trippe of Barton upon Humber, co. Line, yeom. (Dat. 13 Oct. 1617.) Bur. in St. Peter's Ch., Barton; Lincoln Cath.; St. Marie's Ch. there; poor of Barton and Horkestow; wife Elizth.; farm wh. I dwell, called Kettlebye's farm; son Martin Trippe; tent, in ten. of Edw. Johnson; tent, next South Coatgarth, bot. of fath. -in-law Thos. Blythe; son Goddard Trippe; mess, in Burgate in ten. of Thos. Jackson, bot. of Wm. Webster; parcel of Phillipp Rockliffe's farm, bot. of Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Booth; son Wm. Trippe; mess, in Market lane, bot. of Wm. and John Uppulbie; mess, in market place in ten. of Matt. Brigges; tents, in ten. of Leonard Arnold and Ann Preston, late Kendall's; tent, in Newporte in ten. of Thos. Wainman; Henry and Wm., the 2 sons of my son Henry Tripp; John Hanshaw's farm; Edwd. and Henry, the 2 sons of the sd. Henry {sic.) (und, 21); every of chn. of sd. Henry; dau. Elizth., wife of Wm. Smith of Goxehill; tent, in Newporte called Chaunt hou., in ten. of wid. Sergeant; copyhold of Barton man.; tents, in Beverlye; chn. of son Thos. (und. 21); son Edwd. Tripp of Beverley; Edwd. and Wm., the 2 sons of my son Wm. (und. 21); Exors: sons Martin and Goddard Tripp; Overs: Geo. Booth of Goxhill, gent., Wm. Becke of Saxbie, gent., and Wm. Grimsbie of Boubie, yeom. \_Edward Tripp] Wits: Michaell Page, elk., Thomas Duckle, Christopher Yonge, Robert Tompson. (Pr. 7 July 1620.)

302 303

909 Abraham Blanchard of Lowth, co. Line, gent. (Dat. 24 Dec. 1619.) Bur. in Lowth psh. Ch.; cos. Jane Chapman, her son and my godson, Abraham; Margt. Pincebecke; Anne Kilborne; my old servt. John Tayntan, his wife; bro. Sir Peter Chapman; bro. Mr. Robt. Cammocke; bro. Mr. George Smythe, my sist. Smythe and his son, George Smythe; bro. Samuel Blanchard; farm in South Somercoates wh. John Vinter now dwells; hou. wh. I now dwell; son Wm. Blaunchard; lease of pasture held of the warden, in South field, Lowth, next the Brickkiln close; son George (und. 21); daus. Faith Blanchard and Frances (both und. 21); dau. Anne Blanchard (und. 21); son Saml. (und. 21); hous. in Lowth occ. by John Cordwin and Wm. Huggard; sist. Margt.; Blanchard; Sike close in South field, Lowth; garner hou. in Kydgate nr. Quarry Lane; 3 cottages in Mayden Rowe; son John (und. 21); pasture called Toftes and Hardhill in Grantherope, 2 hous. in Lowth, occ. by Nutting and Farra; pasture in South field nr. Lowth wood, occ. by Wm. Ellis; lease of farm in Granthrop, occ. by Thos. Cheales; daus. Dyson and Whelpdale, their husbs.; Mr. John Melton; dwelling hou. bot. of Mr. Bracksholme; shop occ. by Robt. Odling, draper; pasture in East field, Lowth, wch. was late Wm. White's; 3 closes in Hare Garthes, occ. by George Righton and John Teynton; closes occ. by Robt. Kent, Guye Kilborne, Thos. Maye and Anne Lavender, wid.; windmill in Lowth, wood called Pryor wood; pastures in Granthrop called the Gestes and Cavell Croft; leases of Great Haregarths, Siscrofts and Lowth Wood; son Martin; hou. in Lowth bot. of bro. Mr. John Blanchard, occ. by Rd. Eagleston; my Chauntry lease; Id. in Lowth bot. of Christopher Sympson; son Abraham; hou. in Lowth, bot. of COS. Rd. Brighte; Id. in South and North fields, Lowth,  SOAME, FOL. 76. 303 bot. of bro. Rd. Blanchard; pasture in Winthorpe; hou. in Lowth occ. by Wm. Taylor and Robert Prestman; farm in Sommercoates occ. by Scupholme; Id. called Cootegarth in Granthrop; shop occ. by cos. Jackson; Extx: wife Frances; COS. Mr. John Bradley, Supervisor, [no si'g:] Wits: John Bradley, William Barker, William Wardall, John Wardall, William Wrighte. Cod. (9 May 1620.) Hou. in Lowth bot. of George Smythe of Lowth, gent, [.no si£:'\ Wits: as above. (Pr. 7 July 1620.)


1026 Agnes Browne of Sutton St. James, co. Line, wid. (Dat. 26 Oct. 1618.) Bur. in chapel yd. of St. James; moth. Ch. of Line; son Edw. Mettcalfe; bro's. son John Hodgeson (und. 21); bro. Rd. Farmer; bro's. dau. Agnes Foxe; Wm. Foxe and Agnes, his wife; Jane Ingrum and John Ingrum, her fath.; Robt. Ingrum and his dau.; Wm., son of Walter Wilson; Rd., Walter and Jane Wilson, chn. of Walter Wilson; godch. Mary Farmer and her fath. Thos. Farmer; John and Mary Pennitt, chn. of John Pennitt; Rd., Robt. and Margt. Reade, chn. of sist. Ellin and Robert Reade; Robt. Hargrave; Jas. and Agnes Hargrave; Cath. Jackson; Symon Farmer; Thos. Newton's wife; Priscilla, wife of Robt. Gibson; my servt. Alice Perkins; grch. Isabell Browne (und. 21); Exor: son Clement Browne; Overs: bro. Rd. Farmer. \mark\ Wits: John Downeham, John Richardson, Henrye Curtes. (Pr. 13 Oct. 1620.)


1088 Katherine "Watson of St. Giles without Cripplegate, Lond., wid. (Dat. 29 May, 1620.) Bur. in the sd. psh. Ch., nr. son-in-law Wm. Lewknor; Wm. Lewknor, son of my dau. Bridget, and his sist., my goddau., Ursula Lewknor (und. 21); Edw. Toose, his fath., Alexr. Toose's hou. in Stokelane, co. Somst.; Gartrud Toose, dau. of sd. Alexr., and her moth., Kath. Toose; linen marked P. and W.; dau.in-law Jane Watson, linen wch. was her moth's.; late bro.'s son, Barthw. Feilde, Darkis Silliarde, his sist., and anoth. of his sists., Joane Gale; Mary Winch; cos. Sir Harbottell Grimston, Kt. and Bart.; cos. Sir Henry Grymston, Kt.; Mrs. Mary Cornewallis; cos. Mr. Thos. Hall; godson Bartw. Hall; Kath, wife of Robt. Brewer; John Bates; Saml. Brymsmeade; my servt., Joane Sels and her husb.; Mr. Jackson, par. of St. Albans, Gt. Wood St., Lond.; Extx: dau. Bridget Lewknor; Overs: cos. Sir Henry Grymston and Mr. Rowlande Deacon, gent, [mark] Wits: Henr: Grimeston, Samuell Brynsmeade, Christopher Longley. (Pr. 2 Oct. 1620.)


1163 Thomas Kempe of Twinsted, co. Essex, yeom. (Dat. 9 Jan. 1618-19.) Exor: eld. son Thos. Kempe; Ids. in Twinsted; dau. Silvester, wife of John Sparpointe of Sudbury; tents, in Sudbury wh. sd. Sparpointe now dwells, his chn., John, Eliz., Alice, Thos., Joseph and Peter; tent. wh. wid. Jackson and Lassett now dwell; dau. Phebe, wife of Wm. Clarke of Maplested; goddaus. Eliz. Clarke and Margt. Hunt; Joane Hunt, sist. of Margt. [tnark] Wits: William Strutt, Gyles Bagwell. (Pr. 10 Nov. 1620.)


1175 Edmond Stampe of Ribie, co. Line, yeom. (Dat. 15 May 1620.) Bur. in Rybie chyd.; moth. Ch. of Lincoln; Libie Haynton (und. age); bro. Wm. Stampe, deed.; sist's. dau., Eliz. Woodliffe (und. 21); Exor: son Robt. Stampe; sist's. dau., Sara Guddin, and her bros., Wm. Guddin and Frauncis Guddin; my sists., Guddin and Woodliffe; sist's. husb., Robt. Woodliffe, his oth. chn.; sist. Jackson; her daus. Margt. and Mary Faunte, her sons, Wm. and Thos. Faunt, and her dau., Margery Jackson (und. 16); kinsm. Thos. Stampe of Haber and Humfrye Stampe; Anne Johnson of Rybie, her bro. Rd.; Marye Odlin of Asbye, dau. of Frauncis Odlyn, deed.; son-in-law Wm. Holmes, his chn.; dau. -in-law Cicely Humers, her chn.; servts., Hillington, James Barne and Marye Fayrbarne; Thos. Mossey of Rybie; Wm. Weatherhogge; Marye Cotcher of Rybie; my miller; my Idlord., Mr. Taylor; Mr. George Auton; Sir Edw. Hussey's eld. son; Mr. Michaell Hollinworth; Mr. Lion Shittleworth of Lincoln; Sarah Johnson, her sist., Jane Johnson; Dorothie Johnson of Braydley, her chn.; Overs: kinsm. Jas. Stampe and Edw. Belle, minister of Rybie. [mark^ Wits: Edward Bella, Frauncis Lacon, Edmond Goodwine. (Pr. 16 Nov. 1620.)


1180 Thomas Shepheard of Benington, co. Line, yeom. (Dat. 8 June 1620.) Bur. in chyd. of Benington; Lincoln minster; godson Thos. Pedder (und. 18); Id. in Millfeild; John, son of John Shepheard the eld.; Id. in Wharldall at Blackster hill next Leverton Inges; godson Rd. Shepheard; Id. at Gallygatt; Alice Pedder, dau. of Rd. Pedder; my eld. dau. Eliz. (und. 18); sist's. son, John Warde; Id. in Boston and Toft; Robt. Wilkinson, his son Wm. and his dau.; Id. in Benington; godson Thos. Shepheard and his bro. Symon; Id. called Sawell Green; Id. at Sowter pit; Eliz. Sturteyne, dau. of Rd. Warde, and his dau., Dorothy Warde; Rd. Pedder; Thos. Rumsbottum; Thos. Goodrick; my sometime man, Wm. Smith; John Smith; George Willingame; Wm. Pedder; Eliz. Elwyn; my boy, Person; John Jackson; hou. to be built in Loyden green; Rd. Robson; Thos. Wilson; Rd. Tattershall; Extx: wife Eliz.; Overs: John Ward and Rd. Pedder. [mark.'\ Wits: Richard Whit {mark), Robert Lea {mark); John Marshall of Boston; Thos. Wilson. (Pr. 19 Nov. 1620.)

108 109

1253 Nicholas Plant of Gt. Bourton, co. Oxon., yeom. (Dat. 17 June 1617.) Bur. in Cropredye psh. Ch., co. Oxon.^ son Mathewe; tent, in Gt. Bourton in ten. of Rd. Austen and Wm. Jackman; kinsm. Thos. Plant; Ids. in Gt. and Little Bourton; tent, in Warrington, in ten. of Wm. Clerridge; Ids. in Harley, co. Oxon.; lease by Rd. Couper of Warrington, and Thos. Cooper to fath., Thos. Plant, for term of 5,000 years, dat. 10 Aug., 14 Eliz.; colt at Williamscott; dau. Avis Plant; wife Eliz.; Rebecca Horseman (und. 10), dau. of Barnabie Horseman; Exor: sd. son, Thos. Plant; tent, in Gt. Bourton, wh. I now dwell; lease dat. 16 Jan., 9 Jas. I., by Wm. Plant, my bro's. son; Overs: kinsm. John Wyng of Banburie, co. Oxon., mercer, Martyn Tustian of Banbury, gent., and son-in-law Barnabie Horseman of Tysoe, co. Warw. \_mark\ Wits: John Lovell, Thomas Gardener, Martyn Tuftian (su.). (Pr. 9 Nov. 1620.)


1348 Thomas Pettus, cit. and aid. of Norwich. (Dat. i May 1620.) Bur. in Ch. of St. Simon and Jude, Norw.; wife Ciceley; tent, known as Mallard's, in Catton, co. Norf. ; free and copyhold Ids. in Catton and Sprowston, co. Norf.; tent, known as Stallworthie's, in Sprowston, and Ids. in Beiston next Norw., in occ. of John Childe; tents, in Catton in occ. of Wm. Wattes and Reeve, joiner; tent, late Greene's in Catton, wh. Fludd, gent., now dwells and wh. Robt. Ederiche late dwelt; Ids. in Hellesdon; tent, late Myles Jackson's, gent., in Catton, wh. John Stanstead now dwells; son Wm. Pettus; son Thos. Pettus; mess., etc., late in occ. of Manser, now in occ. of Balderston, in St. Saviour's, Norw.; tent, called Muckley in Aylisham, co. Norf.; Ids. in Stanfield, Wymondham and Keteringham, co. Norf.; tent, called "the Bull," in Litcham, co. Norf., and Ids. there and in Beiston next Litcham; tent, in Hoult, co. Norf., and Ids. there and in Lawrensett; lease of orchard in Christchurch, held of Dean and Chapter of Norw.; meadow next Holmestreete in Norw.; meadow next Dean's meadow in liberty of Christchurch; sons Edw. and George Pettus; tent. wh. Jas. Gogle of Aylesham, innholder, dwells; son Theodore Pettus; tent, in Pockthorpe, co. of city of Norw., late Huggons, now in occ. of Camforthe, baker, and late in occ. of Wm. Exham, worsted weaver; son Henry Pettus (und. 21); dau. Frances Pettus; tent, called "the Cocke," in Magdalene St., in psh. of St. Paul, Norw.; copyhold Id. wt.out Pockethorpe Gates, bot. of Nichs. Bradforthe, gent., deed., of man. of Pockthorpe; dau. Christian Pettus (und. 21); tent, called "the Lyon," in sd. Magdalene St.; dau. Anne Pettus (und. 21); tent, in Magdalene St., psh. of St. Saviour, Norw., nr. theStumpte Crosse, wh. Frauncis Murrye, stranger, now dwells; tent, in sd. psh. of St. Saviour, wh. Lemmon, weaver, now dwells next to chyd.; tent., late Cozens, in Pockthrope; son-in-law, Nichs. Sadler; Mr. Crowe; poor of Fybridge ward, Norw., wh. I am aid.; poor of Bridewell, psh. of St. Andrew, Norw.; grch. Thos. Mighte (und. 21); daus. (und. 18 and unm.) of my sonin-law, Jeffery Mighte, gent.; grchn. Thos. and John (und. 21), chn. of son Wm. Pettus; daus. (und. 18 and unm.) of my son Wm.; chn. (und. 18 and unm.) of son-in-law, Nichs. Sadler; poor of Guildhall and Castle, Norw. , and the poor lazarhouses about Norw. gates; cos. Lady Salterstone; cos. Humfrey Style's wife, his son, my godson, Humfrye Style; bro.in-law, Wm. Greene, his wife, my sist. Greene; cos. Cicelye Jacob, dau. of bro. Debney; Exors: wife Ciceley and son Wm.; Overs: bro. -in-law Mr. Robt. Debney, aid.; dau. Mighte; dau. Sadler; poor of St. Simon and Jude, Norw.; grd. in Lawrensett, co. Norf., bot. of Curston. \_Thomas Fettus] Wits: Robert Debney, Robert Clarke, William Folkingham and Clement Deynes. Cod. (31 May 1620). Mansion hou. wh. I dwell at Norw.; poor orphans in hou. late appointed in Norw. by will of Mr. Thos. Anguishe, late cit. and aid. of Norw., deed. [.Thomas Fettus] Wits: Robert Debney, William Fordelie, Clement Deynes. (Pr. 22 Nov. 1620, by Wm. Pettus, pow. res.)


1366 William Vawer of Bristol, merch. (Dat. 14 Sept. 1619.) Bur. in chyd. of St. Nicholas, in tomb wh. wife lies; grd. on the Weare, city of Bristol, in occ. of Thos. Michell, whitetawer; Wm., son of son Thos. Vawer, deed., to have his uncles, Phil: Langley and John Vawer, as guards., and 2 days after bur. they shall ride to Lond. to obtain wardship of him, and to certify that my son died in debt 500/. and left 5 small chn.; man. of Birdcombe and Lane Close and tent, in Tickenham entailed to Wm., son of Thos. Vawer; John Vawer (und. 21), Thos. Vawer, William, son of Jenkin Vawer, and James Vawer in tail male successively; debt of Sir Wm. Gorge, to wch. there is confession by Mr. Popham,  SOAME, FOL. 120. 461 late Queen's Atty., reed, in the Exchequer, 32 Eliz., contained in 278 roll; son John Vawer; Custome hou. on the Backe of Bristol; tent, next same, wh. Maurice Edwardes dwells; stable adj., now in ten. of Miles Jackson; oth. tent, on the Backe, wh. goodwife Kirkland now dwells; stable at Counterslippe, wch. Edw. Pearce, draper, holds; son Jas. Vawer; chapel on Bridge of Bristol; David Cecill's hou. in St. Thomas St.; Thos. and John, sons of son Thos. Vawer; dau. Margt. Barlowe; dau. -in-law Anne Vawer of Byrdcombe; garden and lodge in Redcrosse St., now in occ. of Thos. Bourkett, baker, and Roger Eclocke, held of Sir Rafe Sadler, Kt.; goodwife Tucker's tent, in Naylsey, co. Somst. ; Wm., son of late son Jenkyn Vawer and Joane Vawer, his dau. their moth, Joane Vawer; Mr. Miles Jackson, gent.; evidences of Id. to be brot. to St. George's Chapel, Bristol, and there kept; gowns to 30 poor men; bro. Sir John Benet, Kt. ; kinsm. Owen Howell; Co. of Cardmakers, Bristol; cos. Anne Ware; servt. Thos. Crase who lives at my hou. at Birdcombe Courte; goddau., dau. of Mr. Bawle, preacher, dwelling sometimes at Estington, co. Glouc. ; 2 leases of Coll. Id., held of Dean and Chapter of Bristol; Mary and Margt. Vawer (both und. 21), daus. of son Thos. Vawer; 2 tents, at Naylesey; lease of tavern called The Horseheade; 2 oth. tents, in High St., held of Dean, etc., of Bristol; Walter Owfeild; Thos. Taylor's wife; the claim of Boydell's chn.; frd. Mr. Porter, who did follow the suit in my behalf; Sir Laurence Hide, mr. of Wards and Liveries, to be solicited about wardship; Ids. wch. fath. left me in Haverforde West, for maintenance of 6 poor men; Exors: Mr. Phil: Langley, gent., Mr. John Gonninge and Mr. John Tomlinson, merchs.; Overs: frd. Mr. Wm. Porter; bonds of Sir Edw. Gorges of Wraxall and Sir Edw. Gorges of Lond., relating to man. of Birdcombe. [ IV^. Vawer] Wits: William Carye, draper, William Addams, Richard Carye, Edm: Watts, Thomas Carye, Richard Griffeth, scr. (Pr. 28 May 1620, by Phil. Langley, esq., John Gonnynge and John Tomlinson ren.)
NOTE: This is interesting in terms of Ireland connections – other names that I have bolded.


Jackson, ,40, 875, 909, 1163, 1175 nir., 1088 Mrs., 614 Agnes, 740 Anne, 136, 178 Bridgett, 178 Catherine, 1026 Edward, 315 Elizabeth, 178, 318 Frances, 178 George, 315 Henry, 178, 742 Isabell, 795 Jane, 795 Joanna, 178 John, 178, 274, 415, 795, 1180 Joseph, 372 Margery, 795, 1175 Mary, 178 Miles, 1348, 1366 Millicent, 178 Robert, 318, 795 Thomas, 40, 318, 889 Jackson als. Paulphriman Robert, 561




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