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This document adds three new children to Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) and Dorothy OTWAY of Kirby Lonsdale: Nathaniel Jackson; Hannah JACKSON and Dorothy JACKSON. This Rev. JACKSON was the father of a number of JACKSONs who emigrated to Ireland in the mid-1600s. I have updated my Rootsweb family tree to include these new additions.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 28, 2013
Thanks to Iam MacRae May 26, 2013.

Betham Funeral Entries - 1688 William JACKSON[1]
NOTE: Included in this document was also a rendering of the JACKSON-BERESFORD combined family crest. On the JACKSON side of the crest, were three birds, as one would expect in any crest that had to do with the JACKSONs of Coleraine.

Jackson in Beethan Funeral  Entries



William Jackson[2] of Coleraine in the County of Londonderry first Son of the reverend Richard Jackson[3], Minister of Whittington, in Lancashire, which Richard Jackson had to wife Dorothy Otway[4] Sister to Sir John Otway[5] by whom he had issue surviving at the time of the said William’s death, three sons and two daughters [?] John[6], Nathaniel[7] and Samuell[8]. Hannah[9] married to Major Bond[10], and Dorothy[11] married to Thomas Walker[12] of [Leeds[13]?] Merchant. The first mentioned William Jackson took to his first wife Elizabeth[14] daugtr of Sr Thomas Staples[15] of the County of Derry Bart by whom he had issue Six Children all died. He took to his second wife SusAnna, daughter of Sr  Tristram [?] Beresford[16] of Coleraine aforesaid Bart, by whom he left issue, Nine Children [viz?] William[17], Richard[18], Beresford[19], John[20], Thomas[21], Samuel[22], Otway[23], Rose[24] and Jane[25]. The said firstmentioned William departed this mortall life at Coleraine afforesaid the twenty-fourth day of July one thousand six hundred eighty and eight, and was inter’d the one and thirteenth day of the same month in the Parish Church of Coleraine. The truth of the premises is testified by the Subscription of the above names Samuel Jackson brother of the Defunct, who returned this Certificate to be recorded in the Office of Sir Richard Carney Knt Ulster King of Arms of all Ireland the 22nd day of September Anno Domini 1688.

[1] This may be the same document that is also at: Genealogical Office. MS 96; p.79. Funeral certificate of William Jackson of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry died July 24, 1688. I have not seen this version.

[2] William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Coleraine. See: The Silver Bowl Rootsweb Tree.

·        18 Sept 1688 of Commission to swear Susanna JACKSON widow & executrix of will of W. JACKSON of Coleraine esq in trust for his minor children William, Richards, Beresfors [probably “Beresford”], John, Thomas, Dorothy, Rose & Jane directed to Richard LYNAM, Patrick GORAN & Henry ARKWRIGHT - all of Coleraine.).  SOURCE: (1) Probated Will., (2) T.G.F. Patterson, Notebook # 5 Page 21 –

·        He was the MP for Londonderry. William Jackson stood in the 1697 by-election for county Londonderry which followed the death of George Philips MP. Although the election was won by James Lennox, Mayor of Londonderry, Jackson overturned the result and had himself declared MP for the county SOURCE: http://www.lynx2ulster.com/Siege/newinfo.php?PersonalID=65

·        Coleraine, County Londonderry; fun. Established 1688, William Jackson, son of Rev. Richard Jackson of Whittington County Lancaster by Dorothy Otway wife, daughter of Sir John Otway knight of Ingmire. Gu a fess betw. Three cormorants ar.SOURCE: The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.Vol II. Bernard Burke. NOTE: Burke's made an error in attributing John OTWAY as Dorothy's father. Thanks to Jan Waugh for noticing.

·        TGF Paterson Notebook #5 held at Armagh Museum:

Per will made 24 January 1686/7 proved 29 Oct 1688

Wm Jackson of Coleraine, Londonderry

Settlement of 23-24 June 1679 of estate in England & Ireland on eldest son William charged with £500 for 2nd son Richard when 21 altered now by ordering that Richard should have lands in Manor of Kirby Lonsdale in England

£500 to each younger child

My leases of Manors of Mercers & Clothworkers

Wife to be guardian of children till sons be 21 & daughters 18

& to be executrix & to her use of Mansion House [?]

[?] my brother Samuel Jackson & Henry Arkwright

The latter if in my service

Probate 29 Oct 1698 to Susan Jackson widow Executrix tetstator

Probate 6 May 1694 since Susan has married again [NOTE: She married Col John MITCHELBURNE]

Robert Staples of Liss Co. Londonderry [?] saving rights of

Jn Otway of [?] Co. York Kt Jn Bayley of Dublin City [Merchant?]

Tho Skipton of Skipton Hall, Co. Londonderry

[3] Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681).

[4] Dorothy OTWAY (1605 bet 1632-1641) NOTE: She was actually a half-sister of Sir. John OTWAY. Parents: Roger OTWAY and Anne HEBBLETHWAITE.

[5] Sir John OTWAY (1620-1693) Parents Roger OTWAY and Anne MAYER (the 2nd wife)

[6] John JACKSON (1630-?)  On a site by John Cameron Ward, 8 children were ascribed to him. Since he would have been 8 years old at the time of the first child, I have discounted most of these. The last one is a possibility: John JACKSON Christening: 8 JUL 1654,  Kirby Lonsdale,Westmorland, England. Anne JACKSON, wife of Adam DOWNING (1666-1719) is also said to be a child of his. DOWING family research has compelling evidence that the wife of Adam DOWNING was Ann JACKSON, daughter of John JACKSON -not Margaret, daughter of Thomas as is alleged in some of the genealogies such as Burkes. This information is on the Downing family vault at St Tida’s Church, Bellaghy Co. Londonderry. In his will, Adam Downing referred to his wife as Ann. NOTE: The John JACKSON (1666-?) – if he is a son of the John JACKSON (1630) is a possible father for the Daniel and Sarah JACKSON who were minors at the time of their father’s death, when their estate in the Parish of Creggan Armagh was held in trust by John BALL.

[7] Nathaniel JACKSON. Now included in The Silver Bowl Rootsweb Tree.. He died before the 1705 will of his brother Samuel JACKSON. .. son of my dead brother Nathanial of Leeds in Yorkshire  I have not tracked him down, but of considerable interest is: Estate of Jackson family of Burley, Leeds: 1/4 messuage in Birkby; house, garden, orchard and 12 closes (59a.), Keddingley (Nathaniel Jackson; Eliz. Jackson; Benj. Wade). National Archives, UK.  D4762/4  1690-c1730.  They are held at the Gloucestershire Archives: archives@gloucestershire.gov.uk and I have contacted them to order the document.

[8] Samuel JACKSON (-1705). Most of what I know about his was gleaned from notes done by Tenison Arthur Groves of the 1705 will of Samuel JACKSON. He served as a Member of Irish Parliament representing Coleraine.

[9] Hannah JACKSON. Now included in The Silver Bowl Rootsweb Tree..

[10] Major BOND. At present I know nothing of him.

[11] Dorothy JACKSON Not previously included in The Silver Bowl Rootsweb Tree..

[12] Thomas WALKER. Is it possible that he was a brother of the George WALKER of Siege of Derry fame?

[13] Leeds is in West Yorkshire. I would suspect that learning more about Nathaniel JACKSON will lead to learning more about Thomas WALKER.

[14] Elizabeth STAPLES (NOTE: I believe that Elizabeth STAPLES was a daughter of Alexander STAPLES, who in turn was a son of Sir Thomas STAPLES. Elizabeth's marriage to William Jackson took place on 26 Nov 1657 in St Columb's Church, I would assume that she had the children in quick succession, since William’s 2nd marriage would have been abt 1665: PRONI D668/2  Conveyance in trust of Rent between Wm Jackson, Killowen and SirTristram Beresford, Coleraine. Charge of £200 p.a. following a marriage settlement with Susana Beresford of part of Clothworkers Manor, Barony of Coleraine. 4 January 1665

[15] Sir Thomas STAPLES (-1653) Thomas STAPLES had originally come from Yate Court, near Bristol in Southwestern England, in about 1610 as part of the plantation of Ulster. He settled in the town of Moneymore (then being constructed as part of the terms of the Plantation Grant to the Worshipful Company of Drapers [NOTE: Same as the JACKSONs] who had been granted large swathes of the new County in 1611) in County Londonderry and his stone house is marked in a map of 1635as in the centre of the town beside the Market Cross.

[16] Sir Tristram BERESFORD (-1673) for more detail see: Wikipedia as well as The Silver Bowl Rootsweb Tree..

[17] William JACKSON(abt 1665-1712) Captain in Army. Will proved 1712. m. Elizabeth GORGES 1690 (or 1695, depending on which source one credits – both are secondary sources) MP of Londonderry. He seems to be a minor in his father's will. Notes of his will in TGF Paterson Notebook #5 held at Armagh Museum:

Per will made 28 Feb 1711/12 proved 28 May 1712

Wm Jackson of Coleraine Co Londonderry [?] to be buried in KillowenChurch West Coleraine

All real estate to eldest son Wm Jackson 2nd son Gorges Jackson isunder 21

5 d[aughters] Elizabeth, Jane, Susan, Dorothy, Araminta under 16

Wife Elizabeth £10 to poor of Killowen & Danboe parishes

Executors wife Elizabeth & son William

Witnesses Tho Jackson [?] Rowe Chas Church Griffin Howard

Probate to Wm saving right of Elizabeth.

[18] Richard JACKSON (Aft 1658-1730) married Elizabeth BOYD. It is likely that he was the Ensign Richard JACKSON who was under the command of Col. MICHELBURN at the siege of Derry. SEE: Defenders of Derry. Anne BATE was his first wife:


Near this place lieth the body of Ann

Wife of Richard Jackson, second

Son of William of Coleraine

In ye County of Derry, in ye Kingdom

Of Ireland Esq. Daughter of Thomas

Bate of Ashby Gen. And Dorothy his

Wife, who departed this life the 13th

Of July, in ye year One thousand six

Hundred and ninety eight.

In ye twenty-fourth year of her age

Having had issue two sons

William and Thomas

& one daughter Susanna

Who only survived her.

Above are painted arms (gules, a fesse between three shovellers

[19] Beresford JACKSON (aft 1688-1730) His death date is based on his will probate date. It could be earlier.

[20] John JACKSON (aft 1688-)  According to Coleraine in Bygone Centuries he died young. This is possible. It is also possible that he was the John JACKSON who was the deceased father of minors Daniel and Sarah who were left lands in Creggan Parish in trust with John BALL.

[21] Thomas JACKSON (1680-1750). In 1727, he served as a Member of Irish Parliament representing Coleraine. It is possible that he had a 2nd wife named Anne.

[22] Samuel JACKSON (bef 1668-?)

[23] Otway JACKSON (aft 1668-?)

[24] Rose JACKSON (aft 1668-Feb 1738) she married Thomas BUNBURY (1673-1743). They had two sons.

[25] Jane JACKSON (aft 1668-1744) She married Henry WRAY (-1737) of Castlewray, Co. Donegal. They had 2 sons & 2 daughters.



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