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NOTE: There is much more to learn here. I suspect this line of JACKSONs will be merged with other lines as I learn more.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 21, 2013
March 20, 2014. Updated with info from The Bengal Obituary.
February 1, 2016. All future updates will be in the Rootsweb tree. Several errors have been fixed, and new material added.


Descendants of John JACKSON


NOTE: This tree includes members of previous trees that were associated with several JACKSONs of Waterford, Ahenesk & Glanbeg. See also a Detailed tree of JACKSONs of Waterford & Cork.



1-John JACKSON b. Abt 1577, d. of Lismore, Parish of Ballyduff, Co. Waterford


     --2-Thomas JACKSON b. 1612, d. Between 1668 and 1672, of Ballyduff and

         Glanbeg, Co. Cork

    +Anne KING b. of Cork, m. 1634, Roscommon, Ireland

     --3-John JACKSON b. Abt 1647, d. of Glanbeg and Ballyduff

       +Anne NORTON

          --4-Thomas JACKSON b. Abt 1676

          --4-George JACKSON b. Abt 1678

             +Mary WALLIS b. of Westwood, Co. Cork, Ireland, d. 13 Jan 1761

               --5-John JACKSON b. of Glanbeg and Ballyduff

                  +Ellen COCHRAN d. 1837

                    --6-Lieut John JACKSON b. of Glenmore, d. After 1789

                       +Mary TROUGHEAR

                         --7-George Holmes JACKSON b. Abt 1780

                          +Margaret MELVILLE b. 1791, d. 20 Jun 1829

                              --8-Capt. George Melville JACKSON b. 1817, d. 1876


                              --9-Auber Melville JACKSON b. 1858, Jersey, d. 1936,

                                  Tunbridge Wells


                                  --10-Adhemar MELVILLE-JACKSON b. 1885, d. 1954


                                   --11-Adhemar Auber MELVILLE-JACKSON

                                   --11-George Holmes MELVILLE-JACKSON b. 1919, d.    +Unknown

                                       --12-Andrew MELVILLE-JACKSON

                    --6-George JACKSON d. of Middle Temple, London, England

                       +Susanna BENNETT b. of Ballymore, Co. Cork, m. 1781

                         --7-Joseph Henry Jackson BENNETT b. After 1781, d. of

                             Ballymore, Co. Cork

                            +Theodosia SMITH

                              --8-Joseph Henry BENNETT b. abt 1813, d. Jul 1843

                         --7-George Bennett JACKSON b. After 1781, d. After 1819, of

                             Glanbeg, Co. Waterford

                         --7-Rev. Thomas JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Rosa POOLE b. of Ballyanchor

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON

                         --7-John JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Edward Bennett JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Unnamed GRIER

                              --8-Unnamed JACKSON d. 1837, Bombay

                         --7-Georgina JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Charlotte JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +Richard MARTIN Esq. M.D. b. of Co. Somerset

                         --7-Anne JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Anne JACKSON b. After 1781

                         --7-Maria JACKSON b. After 1781

                            +William SMART

                         --7-Elizabeth Warren JACKSON b. After 1781

                    --6-Ellen JACKSON

                    --6-Ellen JACKSON

               --5-Rev. George JACKSON

               --5-Henry JACKSON

               --5-Elinor JACKSON

          --4-Edward JACKSON b. 1680, d. 20 Jun 1760, of Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary,


             +Lucy ROWLAND d. of Cork

               --5-Rowland JACKSON (1721-1784) Esq. d. of Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

                +Frances PERREAU b. of Carmanthanshire

                    --6-Edward Rowland JACKSON d. Between 1795 and 1797, of Castleview

                        Co. Cork

                       +Phoebe TUTTING (1761-1785) She died in Bengal, India.

                         --7-Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON Esq. d. 1851, Castleview,

                             Co. Cork

                            +Anne D'ALTON b. of Grenanstown, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

                              --8-Edward Rowland John JACKSON b. Abt 1852, d. 29 Oct 1893,

                                  late of Curroy, Ballina, Co. Mayo

                              --8-William Oliver JACKSON Esq. d. of Ahanesk and

                                  Castleview, Midletonco. Cork, Ireland

                                 +Cherry LONGFIELD d. 19 Mar 1862, Wiesbaden, Germany

                                   --9-Edward Rowland JACKSON d. 22 Nov 1893, of Ahanesk and

                                       Castleview, co. Cork, Ireland

                                      +Elizabeth Maraquita GRAVES

                                   --9-William Oliver JACKSON d. Abt 1881

                                   --9-Cherry Roma Anne JACKSON

                                    +Henry SADLIER

                                 +Millicent Anne ROSE b. of Home, Inverness-shire, m. 1841

                                   --9-Harry Albert JACKSON d. Bef 1875

                              --8-Albert Francis JACKSON

                                 +Mary DUNCOMBE b. of Bryanstone Square, London, England,

                                  d. Bef 1875

                              --8-Mary Alicia JACKSON

                               +Henry JOHNSON d. of Boehampton, Co. Surrey, England

                         --7-Frances JACKSON

                            +Robert TURTON

                         --7-Sarah JACKSON

                          +Henry George HOUGHTON d. of Kilmonnock, Co. Wexford, Ireland

                       +Margaret COLES m. 17 May 1792, Glanmire Church near Cork

                    --6-John JACKSON

                    --6-Unnamed JACKSON

                   +Unnamed BLENNERHASSET

          --4-Elizabeth JACKSON d. 1767

          +Francis BARKER m. 18 Feb 1748, Holy Trinity, Waterford

         --5-Mary BARKER

            +Robert EDMESTON m. 1773

         --5-Samueli BARKER

             +Unnamed HASSARD m. 18 May 1778




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