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Richard ALLEN (1810-1881) of Liscalgot & of Dublin. This page will be updated in the spring, after I get back from my next trip to Ireland. The ALLEN-JACKSON marriage connection remains a mystery, one that will likely soon be solved. The last bits of info will likely have to wait till I can get to PRONI.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 31, 2023

Richard ALLEN of Liscalgot


I am beginning to close in on who this Richard ALLEN of Liscalgot might have been and what his connection to the JACKSONs of Urker might have been.


Thomas Andrew JACKSON (1930-2007) shared these photos that his family had saved. Thomas was a grandson of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929), and Eliza Emily GILMORE (1846-1938) and had been largely raised by his grandmother and aunts after his mother died when he was two years old, after giving birth to his younger brother.


Mr Allen & his son Richard
NOTE: A Richard ALLEN was a lessor at Liscalgot at time of Griffiths Valuation.

Mrs Allen


One lease of interest – that leas us to look in Dublin:


ROD: 1873-3-71. Image 423 Jan 17 1873 Richard ALLEN Esq. of 20 Sandforth Rd., Dublin of 1 pt & David JACKSON of Urker, Co. Armagh farmer of other pt. Lease of 76a 20p in Liscalgot. Curiously this lease is witnessed by John JACKSON of: “Antrim Co. Armagh” (surely, it has to be either Antrim or Armagh), farmer and Edward JOHNSTON of 20 Sandforth Rd., Dublin, Mercantile Clerk.


In 2015, Eugene Lynch asked me if I had ever heard of the Cashels in Liscalgot associated with JACKSONs, and then drove me to them, just off Liscalgat Road. This led me – the very next day - to the notes in T.G.F. Paterson’s notebooks at the Armagh Museum


TGF Patterson Notebook 284 Vol 3.: CORAGH OS Sheet No 8 JACKSON’S FORT The rampart of the ring of this earthwork has been levelled into the trench all the way round with the result that the ring sits several feet high above the surrounding fields. It is now (1931) in use as an orchard. Mr. Allen, the present owner of the farm states that his family settled in the adjoining townland of Ternacreevy in 1616. His mother was a Miss Jackson daughter of the former owner & the Jackson’s held the farm “from the days of Cromwell”. 


TGF Patterson Notebook No 135. LISCALGOT O.S. Sheet No 31There are two cashels in this townland, one on the farm of Mr. Bernard Loy (and known as Loy’s For[th]) and the other on a grazing farm (within a stone throw) belonging to Sir Thomas Jackson. Both are well known locally, Loy’s being perhaps the more “famous” of the two. The cashel on the Jackson property contained a “cave” but it is now (1930) closed. These forts are not shown on the maps of 1855.The Jackson cashel, until a few years ago was a mass of thorns etc. These have now been cleared away but Loys Forth is still very much overgrown. 


At PRONI, I found the link between a will of a Richard ALLEN and lands at Liscalgot (I need to get to PRONI to see it)


PRONI Reference : T810/1 Level : Item Access : Open Title : Volume comprising transcripts of documents Dates : 1637-1905 Description : Volume comprising transcripts of documents deposited by the Land Registry of Northern Ireland, arranged alphabetically by surname.

. (25) Will and Grant of Probate of Richard Allen of No. 21 Windsor Road, Rathmines, Co. Dublin relating to the lands of Liscalgot, Coolderry, Co. Armagh, 25 January 1882.


This led me to his the Probate of Richard ALLEN’s will:


Will Probate: 1882 Jan 25 Richard ALLEN late of 21 Windsor-Road Rathmines County Dublin Esquire deceased who died 13 November 1881 at same place proved at the Principal Registry by Lois Daniel of Valetta Zion-road Rathgar in said Country Merchant and Mary Jane ALLEN of 21 Windsor-road Widow two of the executors. Effects £3,225.12.10 Probate (? Grant) T1230. NOTE: This tells us that he was wealthy, and likely of the Merchant class. I have yet to determine whether Mary Jane ALLEN was his widow, or the widow of a son or some other relation.


In turn, this led me Richard ALLEN’s death Cert:


Death Cert: 1881 Nov 13 Richard ALLEN 21 Windsor Road Dublin age 71 Margaret ALLEN present at death 21 Windsor Road. NOTE: I have not found out who Margaret ALLEN was.


Since this lease happens after his death, it seems that Richard ALLEN had a son named after him.

1897 June 24 Richard ALLEN jr leased to Elizabeth JACKSON land in Liscalgot. SOURCE: Irish Land Commission First Statutory Term

NOTE: I do not recall where I found that page. PRONI? The photo is dated 2016 and is filed: D:\Documents\Genealogy\Reference\Counties\Armagh\ Liscalgot lease JACKSON-ALLEN. The Elizabeth JACKSON mentioned in this document was most likely Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER (1815-1903, wife of David JACKSON (1814-1889)


Then there is an elusive Mrs. JACKSON of Dublin & Janie - another of Thomas Andrew JACKSON’s photos. Is it possible that her daughter married an ALLEN?




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