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The Silver Bowl: Miscellaneous

I am using this page to refer readers to items that don't naturally fit into any particular category. Many of them are in here because although they are referenced in an article elsewhere on this site, they wouldn't be found otherwise by the casual viewer.

Description of Item Last Revised
The Silver Bowl This is as much of the story of the Silver Bowl that I know at this time. September 17, 2003
The Brown(e) Family Crests August 27, 2003
Photo Album: Brown Family Photos at Banff c. 1926 August 16, 2003
Japanese Community in Mission: A Brief History
This is a reference to a book with an excerpt relating to my own biography.
June 27, 2003
Some Become Flowers: Living With Dying at Home
This is a reference to a book which I wrote and was published in 1993.
June 27, 2003
CDLS: A Personal Essay Cornelia DeLange Syndrome has touched our family, so this essay is included here in the hopes it may help others. July 15, 2003
How the Irish Saved Civilization - Book Review by Sharon Oddie Brown
This a book review which I wrote some years ago.
July 11, 2003
The Pirates and Mrs Dare. Two months after giving birth to her second son, John Julius Dare (later known as “Julius”) at a boarding house kept by “Mrs. Clarke at the south west corner of North Bridge Road and Middle Road” Sarah Shrieve DARE nee PARKE sailed on the Viscount Melbourne with a nursing baby and a toddler in tow – to join her husband in Macao. June 6, 2014
1854 September 23. Testimony of Captain George Julius DARE. He was the father of Amelia Lydia DARE, and hence the father-in-law of Sir Thomas Jackson. Although he died long before TJ arrived in Hong Kong, his business and family connections were of considerable use to TJ, and hence to HSBC. His Singapore ship chandler business was situated about 100 metres away from where HSBC built its main Singapore office decades later, in 1892. His sons carried on after his death, based at first at Yokohama, and then at Singapore. One of his sons, Alfred Henry DARE was the last junior to be recruited for HSBC from the region. July 31, 2015


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