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Undated Flood at Banff, Alberta, Canada

Perhaps someone who knows the topography could orient me as to what mountains are in the background.

In response to the note above, I received an email from Joe Owchar January 23, 2006. He tells me that the peak on the left is looking west to an unnamed peak of the Sundance Range; Mt Bourgeau and Mt Brett are to the right. He guesses that it would be May or June which makes sense given when the spring freshet would be. Mt Bourgeau is near Sunshine Village - I am guessing this photo is looking east. See:  http://www.peakfinder.com/peakfinder.ASP?PeakName=mount+bourgeau
Mt Brett also near Banff can be seen here: http://www.dave-stephens.com/scrambles/banff/brett/brett.htm

This is a washout in front of the Banff CPR Station.
Obviously the cart from Banff Meat Market had seen better days! Joe Owchar in his email also deduces that since the water can only be moving toward the camera in the meat wagon photo,that "it's one of the those 1/100 year events when 40 Mile Creek burst its banks".  His great grandfather, Edward BROWN came to work in Bankhead around 1900. 

Banff Springs Hotel Reconstruction

NOTE: I will write about this in the next week or so. Thomas Jackson BROWN was in charge of the reconstruction as part of his duties as Divisional Civil Engineer for the CPR Western Division. The reconstruction occurred between 1926-1928 and would likely be the time that the family lived in the house named "Hiawatha".

Robert Brown and relatives in Banff, Alberta, Canada

From left to right: Dorothy BROWN (m. ROBERTSON), Robert BROWN (her uncle), Thomas Jackson BROWN (her brother) and probably David BROWN (her younger brother) and an unknown child. This is likely in Banff, approx 1926-28
Robert BROWN on a bridge near Banff. NOTE: He was said to always wear a suit - even when camping!

Family photos from Banff

Dorothy Violet Edgar BROWN and her brother Thomas Jackson BROWN in front of their parent's home on
Otter Street, Banff, Alberta c.1926
Jeannie Edgar BROWN and friend, presumably at one of the cabins on Otter Street, Banff, c. 1926.(NOTE: Jeannie was about 5'2" - so this friend must have been quite short!


This is one of those mystery photos. Taken where or when - I don't know. If anyone recognizes the skyline, perhaps they can help. Update: November 24: An email from Tim Dueck saw this skyline in an old postcard, and he is right - it is the same from a slightly different perspective.


This is an early camping trip. Jeannie (aka "Jane" aka "June") Edgar BROWN is wearing the white sweater. It has been suggested that they were likely camping at Sanka, currently a very small settlement on the shores of the Kootenay Lake, BC. The suggested date is 1915. The family would have been living in Cranbrook, BC at the time. The other people are yet to be identified. Sharon Oddie Brown, August 2003.




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