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Links to research that I have done that focus on specific
townlands, parishes, counties, etc. See also Links to other sites.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 18, 2018
NOTE: Initially I had all the links on this one page. I have now placed each County on its own separate page. There was too much to scroll through. March 2018.


Counties, Parishes, Townships & Such


February 23, 2018


February 23, 2018
Carlow-docs February 24, 2018
Cavan-docs March 18, 2018
Clare. No docs as yet. SEE: Clare Roots - a volunteer group.  
Cork-docs January 8, 2020
DERRY aka LONDONDERRY SEE: Derry-docs March 20, 2018


March 20, 2018
Dublin-docs March 20, 2018
Kildare-docs March 30, 2018
Kilkenny-docs January 12, 2019
Kings-docs aka Offally March 30, 2018
Leitrim-docs March 30, 2018
LONDONDERRY - see under DERRY Derry-docs  
Longford-docs March 28, 2019
Louth-docs March 30, 2018
Meath-docs March 30, 2018
Monaghan-docs March 30, 2018
Sligo-docs June 15, 2019
Tyrone-docs March 30, 2018
Wexford-docs March 30, 2018
Wicklow-docs March 30, 2018
Monaghan, Cavan, Meath & Dublin - Maps of the Holdings of Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706). In the 1705 Will of Samuel JACKSON, tthere are links to all of the land holdings that he owned at the time. These maps make it easier to locate them. Many of the JACKSONs from Lisnabo in Co. Meath moved north to Co. Monaghan to townlands near Ballybay. According to my family’s oral history, the Jacksons of Ballybay and the Jacksons of Urker in Co. Armagh are related. Also, the Jacksons of Coleraine and Londonderry are supposedly related to the Jacksons of Urker. These maps make it appear possible that the JACKSONs of Ballybay and the JACKSONs of Coleraine are also related. Proof is still required on all these fronts, but these maps are an indication of where to look next. November 9, 2018
Place Names of Note in Ireland This an alphabetical listing of Townlands and place names of interest. It is how I started ordering the information but by now it is getting so cumbersome that I don't plan to maintain it. Rather, I will be laddering my information into the page beneath: Irish Counties matched with Family Names. Or, one can go directly to the specific Townlands beneath for more detailed family information - as I collate the data and get their pages up. This page is long outdated - I have not kept it up since the information is elsewhere on the site. May 20, 2010 June 24, 2003
Irish Counties matched with Family Names I have listed all the counties with the townlands of interest and the surnames of the appropriate families indicated. This page is long outdated - updated information is elsewhere on the site. May 20, 2010 October 15, 2004
1766 Religious Census – JACKSONs NOTE: I have yet to post research on the JACKSONs of Tyrone & Fermanagh – and will include links when I do. June 13, 2019




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