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Documents relating to Co. Donegal - mostly relating to JACKSONs.
Sharon Oddie Brown.

Some JACKSON holdings in Co. Donegal. This page is just a start. I did it to better understand some of the inter-relationships of JACKSONs who held lands in Co. Donegal & Co. Londonderry. I do not yet know how Beresford JACKSON (1668-bet 1723-1730) came to own these lands in Co. Donegal.. They may have come from his wife Isabella, or from his mother Susan BERESFORD (?-1706). At present, I doubt that they came from his father William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Coleraine. There will be likely clues in my Draft Beresford Family Tree because there are links there also to the WRAY family. February 2, 2019



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