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Timelines. This document has not been updated in several years, but one day I will get back to it. I also plan to prepare other timelines and then link them to maps. In the fullness of time. June 25, 2003
Far East & Hongkong Shanghai Bank Connections The story of HSBC and Hong Kong as well as Yokohama and other cities in the region are all connected to Sir Thomas Jackson in one way or another. April 2, 2014
Sharon Oddie Brown's Blog. I have written a few hundred pieces for my blog site. This link is to an index which includes the ones relating to family research.  
History of Ireland: Free ebooks. This is an excellent site. February 7, 2017
Documents Organized by Family Names
BIRCH of Birchgrove This page shows the ways that the BIRCH family links in to the JACKSON family. It is a pretty boring page, unless you are really dedicated. October 10, 2004
Bradford family of Co. Louth The BRADFORDs of Co. Louth that connect to the family tree of Sir Thomas JACKSON reach back to the early 1700s. At this stage, I have more questions than answers. September 30, 2008
Bradford, Samuel & events connecting him to Cavananore This page details the links between Samuel BRADFORD and Cavananore. It was a multigenerational saga of family conflict. January 17, 2010
BROWNE Family Crests and Clues to our Origins August 4, 2004
BROWNEs in Rossory Graveyard, Enniskillen This memorial includes members of our family (as long as my original data is accurate). I have created two tables beneath for easier analysis. The first is sorted in order of the names mentioned. The second is sorted by date. It would be wonderful if anyone going to Enniskillen could get a photo of this so we can see the crest. January 21, 2009
BROWNE - Ancestry of Thompson BROWN (1837-1915) Working backwards from the pretty well known to the less thoroughly known and then back in time to utter darkness, here goes. I have a suspicion that my great-grandfather Thompson BROWN[E] (1837-1915) may be related to Daniel Gunn BROWNE (1808-1892) who was an uncle by marriage of Thompson BROWN’s wife, Elizabeth JACKSON. By following the trail back, I hope to either prove or disprove this notion. All help will be appreciated. August 26, 2008
BROWNs of 1st Ballybay. My interest in these BROWN families is because my g-grandfather Thompson BROWN was born in 1837 in Ednaferkin aka Edenaferkin in Co. Monaghan, son of Samuel BROWN. Samuel BROWN was a merchant on Dame Street in Dublin in the mid-1800s, otherwise, I know little more other than his wife was Mary STEENSON February 7, 2014
The Battle for Cavananore This is the story of various legal challenges over Cavananore that stretched over more than a hundred years. The family names of the main players are:COULTER, BRADFORD, McCULLAGH and JACKSON. May 12, 2010
John Charles COULTER (Nov 1840 – bet. 1914-1917) - the mystery surrounding his death and an exploration of his possible family connection to the COULTERs of Carrickastuck. The knowledge of the story is thanks to a series of emails in 2009 from Lainey (Elaine) Machovsky. Updated info on Ann TRACY. Updated info on John Charles COULTER. March 2, 2010
March 21, 2010
June 22, 2011
See also Obituary of George Mildmay Dare obituary for William Ramsay Scott obituary for obit for wife of George Mildmay Dare - Annie Earnshaw .  
History by George Mildmay Dare This is the family history of the DARE-JULIUS family as compiled by George Mildmay DARE somtime before his death in 1907. It was clearly also used for the history that Amy Oliver LLOYD prepared in 1951. The footnotes on this piece are mine. April 4, 2011
JACKSONs - Fishing for JACKSONs Various tables of information about JACKSONs from Ireland. NOTE: There are hundreds of pages of data that can be accessed through this hyperlink. There are three separate tables: Jacksons from specific Counties in Ireland; JACKSONs mentioned in other internationasl sources (primarily England); miscellaneous bits of research that I have done on JACKSON that are not county-specific.  
McCULLAGH mentions in PRONI Freeholders. NOTE: This chart that does not include landlords, rates and where registered (which I have in a chart too complex to load). I have also included some but not all variant spellings included. There are also a few other names included because of their suspected relationships with McCULLAGHs. Also, some of the documents were hard to read and I may have made errors of transcription. Cross-referencing this chart with other documents is always a good idea. June 10, 2016
McCULLAGH Connections. Not all these McCULLAs, McCULLOHs, or McCULLAGHs or what have you are known to be related. I have assembled this table as a first step to determining what if any relationships there may be between those McCULLAGHs who lived in Antrim, Armagh, Monaghan and Down. NOTE: In my family tree, I have recorded most of the variant names as McCULLAGH (including McCULLA, McCULLOH, McCULLOGH etc). It makes them easier to track, and sometimes several spellings of the surname are included in a single document such as my Rootsweb tree. NOTE: This is a work in Progress. June 24, 2016
MENARY - Families in Northern Ireland in 1800s & 1900s Page in process This page includes links to information on the MENARY families of Northern Ireland other than that which is merely connected to the JACKSON, OLIVER or CALVERT families. July 20, 2005
This page is grab bag of bits about NOBLE family members who might have been connected to George Edward NOBLE - but at best, only tangentially. May 11, 2013
Tables of Olivers. There are links to a few dozen tables of BMDs, and more.  
OLIVER Family - Early Detective Work This page is focussed on the OLIVER families from Ulster. The following page picks up where it leaves off. January 22, 2007
OLIVER-DOBBIN Family Connections in Co. Armagh AKA Ancestors of Eliza OLIVER - my great-great-grandmother I have posted this page - as a rough draft - in the hopes that others may know of other bits of the puzzle and can set me right. I will update the page from time to time - so watch for the update notice in red font. I'm looking forward to learning more. I have noted in red where the information on this page has since proven suspect. In the three years since I wrote it, I have learned a lot and will undertake a major rewrite. There is still much more to learn. December 5, 2004
Sept 26, 2007
OLIVER-JACKSON-SEAVER The names mentioned in these deeds include (in order of their mention): Charles SEAVER, Sarah SEAVER, Nicholas SAVER, David VERNER, HUTCHESON's, Richard SEAVER, Robert JACKSON, Thomas CARR, Matthew or Michael SEAVER, Samuel JOHNSTON, James DOBBIN, Leonard SIMPSON, Arthur OLIVER, Thomas VERNER, Henry HALL, Elinor HALL, Edward TIPPING, Benjamin OLIVER, John BURGES, James BRADFORD, James SWANZY, Wm GEOGH, John COANDE. Other Deeds connected to Ballinahonebeg also mention connections between JACKSONs & OLIVERs. As well, Robert JACKSON was also involved in various Monaghan leases with David OLIVER of Ballyrea. I will be getting to them soon. July 17, 2007
Oliver connections to Ballinahonebeg, Co. Armagh This is my first crack at sorting out the OLIVER connections to Ballynahone Beg, a townland near Milford just south of the Monaghan Rd. - a couple of miles east of Armagh City. The names in order of appearance are: Blin BROWN, Amy LLOYD, James HEWITT, Alicia OLIVER, John OLIVER, Elizabeth RYDER, David OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER(of Ballinahonebeg), Arthur OLIVER, Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY, George Lord SHIRLEY, John MAXWELL, Andrew PRENTICE, Joseph OLIVER (of Tullymore), Joseph LEE, John PRINGLE, Leonard DOBBIN, Thomas APPLEBY, William BROTHER[S] and Robert LIVINGSTON. Updated July 25, 2007. Three more leases, 31 more footnotes & other new material. New material added is highlighted in blue. NEW names include: James, Jane & Lucy DOBBIN, Charles JACKSON, Benjamin KIDD, Agnes OSBOURNE, Robert WILSON jr & sr., John McDAD, John, Mary & Elizabeth OLIVER, John SCOTT, William GARVIN, John PRENTICE, William SLOAN. Added Armagh Guardian report on the 1845 move of John JACKSON from Ballinahonebeg.

July 20, 2007
July 25, 2007
April 8, 2008

Olivers of Mullinture and Tullysarren There are lots of longshots here, but this is the nature of trying to inch forward with ancestors born before the 19th century. The names mentioned in the following Deed extracts and such are (in order of appearance): various OLIVERs; James DOBBIN; John & Jane McCULLAGH; George McCULLAGH; Elizabeth VANCE; William & James DOBBIN: James HOLMES; Catherine WHITESIDE; John & Alexander KANE; George & William COCHRAN; John MOSSON; William SCOTT; Henry HUTCHINSON; Samuel KNIPE; Unnamed CALDWELL; John TROTTER; John Lloyd SAUNDERSON. Rebecca OLIVER July 25, 2007
July 26, 2007
SherranmcAghully info added
December 7, 2007
OLIVERs of Farmacaffley, Ennislare & Killinure NAMES MENTIONED (in order of appearance in deeds): James NORRIS of Torreg; Charles NORRIS of Lardkeen; Andrew OLIVER of Tynan; Sarah OLIVER dau of Andrew; Margaret HAMILTON; Benjamin OLIVER of Farmacaffley; John CALDWELL; Robert BRENAN; William OLIVER of Ennislare; Frances OLIVER dau of William; Thomas WHALEY; James OLIVER of Ennislare; William OLIVER jr.; Francis PRINGLE; John & Samuel DOBBYN; William OLIVER jr. of Ennislare Linen draper; James OLIVER, linen draper; Robert MAXWELL of Fellowshall; Elizabeth CLOGHER; William OLIVER of Armagh Chandler; John KERR; Andrew OLIVER; Samuel CARSON; Thomas MOORHEAD; Dillon POLLARD; Richard McCONNELL of Mullavilla; Joseph McCONNELL of Maymount; Thomas APPLEBY; John CORNELL; Michael MAGEE; Benjamin KIDD; William JOHNSTON of Armagh; Arthur IRWIN; Catherine GRAHAM; James & William BARNES; ? MURPHY; Samuel KIDD; James OLIVER, linen draper; William OLIVER of Armagh Soap Chandler; Jane McCULLAGH née OLIVER; William JOHNSTON; Richard WALSH; Mary OLIVER of Ennislare; John RICHARD, Chandler; Leonard DOBBIN; John PRINGLE; Michael LYNCH; ? CORY or CORY ?; Arthur HUGHES; Michael McGEE; William CARSON. Sept 26, 2007
OLIVERs of Ballyrea & Laragh This document is 21 pages long, includes 184 footnotes and so the names and places referenced are too numerous to list. CAUTION. It may be slow to load - particularly with dial up access. The 18 deeds included can be viewed separately on the wills and deeds pages. In time, I will be reworking all the various OLIVER pages on this part of my site. Until then, I beg your patience. November 11, 2007
OLIVERs of Brootally, Co. Armagh Three of the four deeds referenced in this piece had already been posted, although footnotes have been updated. There is no doubt that these OLIVERs are related directly to the OLIVERs of Ennislare and Killynure and hence in all liklihood to the OLIVERs of Mullinture. WHen I am able to complete my deeds work (early 2008, I hope), then I will revisit this and similar pages and do a rewrite to include updates on all the various interconnections. Until then, please regard this as a page in progress. December 7, 2007
Olivers of Lislooney, Co. Armagh The names of these OLIVERs link up to the OLIVERs of Killynure and hence to Ennislare and likely also to Farmacaffley, Co. Armagh. In a couple of months, I expect to have made enough progress to be able to show the actual links. December 12, 2007
Links between OLIVER-KIDD-OSBORNE families near Milford, Co. Armagh. NAMES INCLUDED: Osburn Aka Osborne; Oliver; Kidd; Mccrum; Abbot; Arbuthnot; Young; Boyd; Malcomson; Graham; McCann. April 8, 2008
OLIVERs and Thinking Out Loud This DEED 316-107-210086 1775 dated January 25th has the Sherriff seizing goods and chattles belonging to David OLIVER. July 1, 2009
Oliver Family Crest - the quest to find it This is a work in progress - posted in the hopes of learning more October 26, 2009
These are the OLIVERs in Ireland who were high enough up in the social register to be referred to as "Gent". March 18, 2015




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