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This is my first crack at sorting out the OLIVER connections to Ballynahone Beg, a townland near Milford just south of the Monaghan Rd. - a couple of miles east of Armagh City.
The names in order of appearance are: Blin BROWN, Amy LLOYD, James HEWITT, Alicia OLIVER, John OLIVER, Elizabeth RYDER, David OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER(of Ballinahonebeg), Arthur OLIVER, Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY, George Lord SHIRLEY, John MAXWELL, Andrew PRENTICE, Joseph OLIVER (of Tullymore), Joseph LEE, John PRINGLE, Leonard DOBBIN, Thomas APPLEBY, William BROTHER[S] and Robert LIVINGSTON.

Sharon Oddie Brown, July 20, 2007
Updated July 25, 2007. Three more leases, 31 more footnotes & other new material. New material added is highlighted in blue. NEW names include: James, Jane & Lucy DOBBIN, Charles JACKSON, Benjamin KIDD, Agnes OSBOURNE, Robert WILSON jr & sr., John McDAD, John, Mary & Elizabeth OLIVER, John SCOTT, William GARVIN, John PRENTICE, William SLOAN.
Sept 25, 2007: Corrected a Deed reference number for WALKER-HUTCHINSON
April 8, 2008 Added info on John JACKSON moving from Ballinahonebeg in 1845

Ballynahonebeg OLIVER Leases  (SEE also SEAVER-OLIVER-JACKSON page)



There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.

Donald Rumsfeld.


I am being a bit cheeky quoting Rumsfeld in this context, but I couldn’t have mangled it better myself. It is where we are with respect to the OLIVERs of Ballinhonebeg. As it stands right now, I don’t know whether Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg will turn out to be a brother of David OLIVER (d 1800) of Ballyrea or a brother of his son David OLIVER (d. 1806). Nor do I know how they will all tie into oral histories of the OLIVER family. Certainly, there does seem to be a strong likelihood of a connection between Arthur & David OLIVER. Going from the information in the SEAVER-JACKSON leases, this would also lead us to suspect a link to Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney and from there a generation or two earlier to William OLIVER of Lislooney.


And there is another thread that connects to Ballinahonebeg. According to Blin BROWN, the Eliza OLIVER who married David JACKSON was a cousin of the Rector of Loughgall and he built Rookford for his son [1] . Interestingly, there is a Rookford Road just a short distance east of the town of Milford, Co. Armagh. Rookford House still shows on current maps on Rookford Road, just south of Monaghan Road. On the 1830s maps, this intersection is right at the juncture of Ballynahone Bridge and at the top end of the townland of Ballynahonebeg at a bend in the road that has been taken out since then.


There is a connection here to an aspect of Amy LLOYD’s [2] history which alleges: Lady Lifford was a cousin to Elizabeth Oliver. Elizabeth Oliver had one sister, Maria who married Vincent (sic "Viscount") Lifford*, Dean of Armagh, and two brothers. Benjamin lived at Ballanahode, Rookford, and William.


Part of Amy LLOYD’s information seems to be inaccurate. Viscount Lifford did not marry a “Maria” (unless that was a middle name). Instead, the 2nd Viscount Lifford AKA James Hewitt [3] who was the Dean of Armagh [4] married a second wife named Alicia OLIVER [5] She was the daughter of the Venerable John OLIVER [6] & Elizabeth RYDER [7] .


According to Burke’s Irish Family Records, Alicia OLIVER had two sisters: Susanna OLIVER (1764-Aug 31, 1830 unmarried) & Elizabeth OLIVER (1770-1848) m. William DISNEY and secondly Robert Rogers ALDWORTH. She also had brothers Rev John OLIVER (who emigrated to Leicestershire, England), Admiral Robert Dudley OLIVER, Charles Deane OLIVER (1771-1829), Richard OLIVER (1776-1791) and Rev. Silver OLIVER (1778-1851), Rector of Loughgall, Co. Armagh (1778-1851).


So now, to link Amy LLOYD’s history with Blin BROWN’s version, we can see that Alicia OLIVER who was the wife of Viscount Lifford was also the sister of Silver OLIVER, Rector of Loughgall and also they had a sister named Elizabeth OLIVER – but there was no mention of either a Benjamin or William OLIVER (although these two names are associated with Ballinahonebeg in this time frame). Did that Elizabeth OLIVER marry a Benjamin or William? This can’t be ruled out. Also worth noting, Alicia, Elizabeth & Silver OLIVER were respectively niece and nephew to Robert OLIVER and Jane SILVER of Castle OLIVER, Co. Limerick (which also ties into Blin’s descriptions of family connections) [8] . Clearly, the nature of these relationships still requires more research and they may or may not prove to be true – although the link of Rookford to Ballinahonebeg makes these conjectures even more tantalizing.


Other links to Ballinahone include

  • the DOBBIN family. In 1785, a James DOBBIN (wife Jane – no known maiden name) of Ballinahone had a daughter Lucy baptized [9] . This is long after James DOBBIN married Mary OLIVER in 1711 – but may be a subsequent generation. Even later – in 1844, a Mary Jane DOBBIN from Ballinahone, daughter of John DOBBIN & Mary was baptized [10] .
  • Also, a Charles JACKSON of Ballynahone Bridge was interred in the St. Patrick’s Cathedral graveyard on May 5,1756 [11] (SEE also: SEAVER-OLIVER-JACKSON page – he may be connected to Robert JACKSON).
  • I suspect a connection between this John JACKSON and Robert JACKSON of Ballinahonebeg (SEE also: SEAVER-OLIVER-JACKSON page.) The move seems to have been related to agrarian unrest in the region. "HAVING been favoured with instructions from JOHN JACKSON, Esq., of Ballynahonebeg House, to announce to the public that the entire set of his Household Furniture, which is principally new, select, and fashionable, Plate, Plated Ware, choice and valuable selection of Oil Paintings, prime Beds, Bedding, Carpeting, House and Table Linens, &c. &c., will positively be Sold by Auction, without reserve, about the middle of the month of August next, the particulars of which due notice will be given, as Mr. JACKSON and family are about to remove to a more congenial climate." Armagh Guardian. Armagh, 1st June, 1845.
  • Blin BROWN mentioned a KIDD-OSBOURNE connection to the OLIVERs [12] . Osbourne KIDD who resided at Armagh had a lease at Ballinahonebeg [13] . The Landlord was the Executors of Benjamin KIDD. There was also a Thomas KIDD resident at Ballinahonebeg who had a lease at Umgola. Again, the owner was the Executors of Benjamin KIDD. A web page has a family history indicating: Benjamin Kidd was born 1745. Benjamin died 1823 at 78 years of age. He married Agnes Osborne of Armagh [14] . This would fit quite nicely. IGI records show her father to be Ralph OSBOURNE and that she was born abt 1749. She married Benjamin KIDD (son of Benjamin KIDD & Jane ABBOT) who had a will dated June 5, 1823. Also of note, see DEED 532-524-350700 a 1795 deed between Benjamin KIDD of Keady & Ballymorran and Wm. OLIVER jr. of Ennislare. Another OSBOURNE connection can be seen in Deed 462-370-295062 between the executor of Thomas OSBOURNE late of Ballymorran, farmer and Andrew OLIVER of City of Armagh, Chandler.  

I have footnoted the deeds beneath. As I learn more, I expect that many of the entries concerning OLIVER relations will change. Also, even though it is cumbersome, I have annotated each deed separately since I need to also post them that way. It does result in some rather tedious repetition of footnotes.


1770, Oct 31 OLIVER-OLIVER DEED: 282-336-183301. A Memorial of deed of assignment bearing date of thirtyeth day of July one thousand seven hundred and seventy between David OLIVER [15] of Ballyrea [16] in the Parish and County of Armagh farmer of the one part and Arthur OLIVER [17] Balinahone Beg [18] in Said Parish and County of the other part. Whereby the Said David OLIVER for the Consideration of the sum of three hundred and forty six pounds three shillings & eight pence to him the said David OLIVER did grant bargain sell alien & release unto Arthur OLIVER all his right & title in & to a lease for lives of the Lands of Laragh [19] & Carnacaraff [20] in the Co. of Monaghan which he holds under [________] Lowry CORRY [21] Esq. Also the mill of Creevy [22] with Eight acres of Land which he holds under the right Honorourable George Lord Shirley [23] also a part of the lands of Ballymogonan [24] in the Country of Dorone [25] which he holds by lease under John MAXWELL [26] Esq. To hold to the said Arthur OLIVER his heirs execs admons & assigns during the lives and years in said lease mentioned which said deed is witnessed by Andrew PRENTICE [27] of the City of DUBLIN Gent & this Memorial is also witnessed by the said Andrew PRENTICE & Joseph OLIVER [28] of Balinahonbeg in County of Armagh. Arthur OLIVER [SEAL] ... sworn in Armagh 29 day of October 1770.


1770, Apr 26 DEED: 282-337-183302 A Memorial of a deed poll bearing date of 26th day of April one thousand seven hundred & seventy between David OLIVER [29] of Ballyrea [30] of the Parish and County of Armagh of the one part & Joseph OLIVER [31] of Balinahonbeg [32] in said Parish and County aforesaid of the other part whereby said David OLIVER set unto said Joseph OLIVER one hundred acres of land situate in the west side of the Townland of Laragh, Parish of Agnnamullen [33] & Co. of Monaghan therein possession of said David OLIVER & his undertenants. The said Joseph OLIVER is also to have the full one half of the water fall from the Corn Mill up & and to have Liberty of cutting a race between the Premis and Longhegis of the Dimensions therein mentioned & to fix a sluice for preserving Water   Said David & Joseph OLIVER to be at equal expense in making said sluice & watercourse subject to the yearly rent of sixty-three pounds Sterl to hold for the space of Twenty Six years or three lives mentioned in said David OLIVERs Grand Lease & also for all future renewals which said David might be entitled to by virture of said leases & said Deed Poll is witnessed by Arthur OLIVER of Balinahonabeg [34] in said County of Armagh & this Memorial is also witnessed by Arthur OLIVER & Andrew PRENTICE [35] of the City of Dublin Gent: Joseph OLIVER [SEAL] ... signed at Armagh 29 Oct 1770


1789 April 15 DEED: 505-49-322470 WILSON -OLIVER

NOTES: Deed of Assignment between Robert WILSON [36] the younger of Tandragee [37] in Parish & County of Armagh Cloth merchant of the one part and Arthur OLIVER [38] of Ballinahonebeg [39] in the Parish & County  aforesaid, Farmer of the other part. Wherin is recited that Robert WILSON the elder of Tandragee aforesaid deceased did by deed bearing date 1st August 1765 in consideration of the sum of £370 did sell unto Benjamin OLIVER [40] his exec ... all that part of Ballinahonebeg containing 10 acres 2 roods together with the mill and water dam and water course leading from same to the River Callan ... & a liberty of washing rubbing and beetling all cloth in said  Mill which he the said Robert WILSON [41] the elder or Robert WILSON the younger his son shall have bleaching each day in case of an insufficiency of water there and said deed witnesseth that said Robert WILSON the younger in consideration of £5 sterling to be paid by Arthur OLIVER did sell transfer and make over unto the said Andrew OLIVER his exec ... all the liberty of Beetling, Washing & rubbing cloth at said mill of Ballinahonebeg which his father Robert WILSON the elder hd resd to hold to the said Arthur OLIVER his exec ... every right title, etc. in said Mill which he might have and claim which assignment is witnessed by Joseph OLIVER [42] & John OLIVER [43] both of Ballinahonebeg aforesaid Gentlemen and this memorial witnessed by the said John OLIVER & John McDAD [44] of Lehnacollum [45] in Co. Armagh, millright. Robert WILSON [SEAL] Signed in Armagh 9 May 1796.


1796 April 1DEED: 510-33-328019 OLIVER –SCOTT Indenture of Lease between John OLIVER [46] , Mary [47] & Elizabeth OLIVER [48] son and daughters and also admons of Joseph OLIVER [49] late of Ballinahonebeg aforesaid Gent, deceased on the one part & John SCOTT [50] of Umgola, Co. Armagh [SEE Deed 328019 - same agreement extra details] 10 acres  roods 15 perches with the Mansion House and offices & all lands [?] & all other buildings and improvements thereon: Garden, Bleach Green, Bleaching Utensils & Machinery theron said premises all water & water courses, mill dams, mill tail race & waste water course & also that small park on the other side the River opposite said Bleach Green containing 3 acres & 17 perches more or less to hold for 19 years from 1 Nov ... yearly rent of £62. Witness Andrew OLIVER [51] & Thomas PRENTICE [52] both of City of Armagh, Gent. John SCOTT [SEAL] Jan. 1797.


1797 Jan 17 DEED: 506-95-328017 OLIVER - SCOTT

NOTES: A memorial of a deed bearing date 17th Jan 1797 made between John OLIVER [53] Mary OLIVER [54] and Elizabeth OLIVER [55] both of Ballinahonebeg, Co. Armagh and John SCOTT [56] of Umgola, Co. Armagh. Reciting that the said John, Mary & Eliza OLIVER had deemed part of the lands of Ballinahonebeg aforesaid with the bleach mills, Mill dam, weir and water course therto belonging with several other things - Reserving thereat Liberty to convey the water from the Mills in the lands of Kennedies [57] then in the possession of William GARVINs [58] [well?] And reciting that it was intended by said parties to said lease that the Current of Water in said dam should be Contd to flow and run in the same bed it now occupies so that the Mill is said demise be not injured by any decision or [?] there of. Whereby the said John and Mary & Eliza OLIVER to prevent misconstruction of this said recd Lease and in consideration did agree with the said John SCOTT ... [water rights] Witness: John PRENTICE [59] & William SLOAN [60] , both merchants of Armagh. John SCOTT [SEAL]



1807 OLIVER – LEE [61] To the register appointed by act of Parliament for the public registry of old deeds leases etc. etc. etc. A Memorial of an indented deed of mortgage bearing date the sixth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and seven and eight between Joseph Oliver of Tullamore [62] in the county of Armagh Gentlemen of the one part and Joseph Lee [63] of the city of Armagh Innkeeper of the other part. It recited a lease dated the twenty fourth day of April in said year one thousand eight hundred and seven whereby John Pringle [64] of Caledon in the County of Tyrone Esquire Demised unto said Joseph Oliver all that and those that part of the Townland of Kennedys [65] situate lying and being in the County of Armagh aforesaid then in the tenure and occupation of the said Joseph Oliver containing by estimation ninety four acres and thirty perches English measure be the same more or less all of all which said demised Lands and Premises are Meared and Bounded as follows that is to say, on the East by the lands of Ballynahone, on the West by Kennedys on the North by the Lands of Ballyrath and on the South by the Road leading from Armagh to Monaghan with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging in any wise appertaining as particularly described in the map thereoff to said Lease annexed To Hold unto said Joseph Oliver his Exors Admons and Assigns from the first day of May then last past for the term of Twenty Years Subject to the Yearly Rent of one hundred and seven pounds two shillings and nine pence payable half yearly. In which Lease is contained a Toties Quoties [66] Clause or Covenant for the Renewal thereof from twenty years to twenty years successively as long as the said John Pringle his Exors Admons and Assigns shall hold and enjoy under the Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh [67] the several denominations of land and appurtenances of which said demised premises are part and parcel upon the terms and conditions in said Lease expressed. And by the Deed of which this is a Memorial said Joseph Oliver Granted his Interest in said demised Premises in Mortgage to said Joseph Lee Subject to Redemption on payment of six hundred pounds Stg with legal Interest for the same on the first day of August then next ensuing which Deed ------------ Witnessed by Mr. Leonard Dobbin [68] Merchant and Mr. Thomas Appleby [69] Scrivener both of said City of Armagh, and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Thomas Appleby and by William Brother [70] of said city of Armagh Writing Clerk

                                                                                                                                         Joseph Oliver[SEAL]

Signed and Sealed in Presence of

Thomas Appleby

William Brothers


The above named Thomas Appleby maketh oath and saith he is a subscribing Witness to the Deed whereof the above Writing is a Memorial and also to the above Memorial and that he saw said Deed duly executed by both the parties thereto and that he saw said Memorial duly executed by the above named Joseph Oliver the granting party to said Deed and that the name Thomas Appleby's subscribed as Witness to said Deed and Memorial is this Depd proper name and handwriting


Sworn before me at arm on the County of Armagh this 10th day of February 1808 by virtue of a Commission to me directed for taking affidavits in said County and I know the Deponent


Robert Livingston [71]

Thomas Appleby



There are also four deeds that I have yet to look at that may prove to be pertinent (especially the WALKER connection since a Susanna WALKER married the David OLIVER who died in 1806):



































[1] 1938 letter by Blin BROWN

[2] Amy LLOYD née JACKSON, daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia DARE.

[3] Janes HEWITT (b. 27 October 1750, d. 15 April 1830 at Ranfurly House, Co. Down)

[5] Alicia OLIVER (b. circa 1760, d. 15 March 1845).

[6] John OLIVER  (b. abt 1728 in Ardagh- d. Nov 23 1778)

[7] Elizabeth RYDER (b. abt 1740 – d. May 1, 1822

   SOURCE: George Naylor, The Register's of Thorrington

  SOURCE: A rootsweb tree called “Military Caste” by Susan Watkins http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=DESC&db=militarycaste&id=I24069 shows John OLIVER & Elizabeth RYDER having three children – none called Alicia. John OLIVER (according to this site) was the son of Robert OLIVER and Susannah KNIGHT. His siblings were Robert OLIVER (who married Jane SILVER who had a son, Silver OLIVER); Philip OLIVER; & Jane OLIVER (m. Boyle ALDWORTH). OLIVER-RYDER did have a grand-daughter named Alicia Susanna OLIVER (1814-1874) who married St. Leger ALDWORTH.

[9] St. Marks Parish Records – the baptism would most likely have been at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland.

[10] St. Marks Parish Records – the baptism would most likely have been at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland.

[11] St. Marks Parish Records – the baptism would most likely have been at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland.

[12] 1938 letter: a cousin of grand mother's was Rector of Loughall . He lived in [Tully???] Park and built Rookford for his son. This son married a Miss Osborne of Killylea. They were not productive, & after his death Mrs Oliver went to live with her sister Mrs Kid, & that family got the Oliver silver.. NOTE: I think Tullymore Park is just across Monaghan Road from Rookford House. I have a memory of seeing a sign there. Need to revisit.

[13] 1832 Freeholder List PRONI ARM/5/2/17.

[14] Holmes à Court Family History.  http://holmesacourt.org/d4/i0004958.htm

[15] David OLIVER. (d. 1800) This would be the father of David OLIVER (1765/66-1806) & William OLIVER(1765/66-?) These relationships are(verified by their mention in leases. There also seems to be some sort of relationship to Joseph OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg, Arthur OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg, Benjamin OLIVERof Lislooney (and connected to leases of Ballinahonebeg) as well as Andrew (from where?)

[16] Ballyrea is a townland in the Parish of Armagh and the home of David OLIVER (d. 1806) and his wife Susanna Walker (d. 1808) as well as his father, David OLIVER (d. 1800).

[17] Arthur OLIVER. I still cannot place him, but he also appears in leases dealing with the SEAVER family & Ballinahonebeg. Because of this, I would guess there is a connection to Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney.

[18] AKA Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill.

[19] Laragh is the townland where David OLIVER first signed a set of leases in 1764 to set up mills.

[20] Carnacaraff possibly AKA Cornacarrow is a townland on the northern border of one of the townlands called Laragh.

[21] [?] Lowry CORRY – Probably Galbraith Lowry-Corry, 7th Earl Belmore. SOURCE: Wikipedia Galbraith Armar Lowry-Corry, 7th Earl Belmore (April 14, 1913 - July 20, 1960) was an Irish nobleman and the son of Major Adrian Lowry-Corry, himself the son of Admiral the Hon. Armar Lowry-Corry (the second son of Armar Lowry-Corry, 3rd Earl Belmore).He was educated at Lancing College in Sussex and then at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst in Berkshire. He fought in the Second World War and was wounded in action and later gained the rank of Major in the service of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.. He was involved in a Deed dated 1769, April 20 that also involved lands of Laragh.

[22] Creevey is a townland that has the name “Oliver” on it on the townland map that I have. It is south of another townland named Laragh..

[23] George Lord SHIRLEY – a prominent Monaghan landlord.

[24] Ballymagonanan probably AKA Ballymagowan, Parish of Clones, Co. Tyrone.

[25] Dorone – I am assuming this to be Tyrone.

[26] John MAXWELL. Probably John MAXWELL of Fellows Hall (see Deed dated 1769, April 20). It is likely that one of his daughters married a HAMILTON, given the name James Maxwell HAMILTON mentioned in the marriage jointure of 1804. There are also earlier MAXWELL-HAMILTON marriage links. The MAXWELLS of Fellows Hall show up in a lineage posted at: http://www.stirnet.com/HTML/genie/british/mm4ae/maxwell03.htm

[27] Andrew PRENTICE?

[28] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg.  I am wondering if he might be a brother of David OLIVER (d. 1800) of Ballyrea. I am basing this hunch on the date of the lease and presuming Joseph to be an adult and given that David OLIVER’s known sons David & William were twins born in 1765/66.

[29] David OLIVER. (d. 1800) This would be the father of David OLIVER (1765/66-1806) & William OLIVER(1765/66-?) These relationships are(verified by their mention in leases. There also seems to be some sort of relationship to Joseph OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg, Arthur OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg, Benjamin OLIVERof Lislooney (and connected to leases of Ballinahonebeg) as well as Andrew (from where?)

[30] Ballyrea, Parish of Armagh – a home to OLIVERs for more than one generation.

[31] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg. SEE: Footnotes on David OLIVER.

[32] AKA Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill.

[33] Townland of Laragh, Parish of Agnnamullen. This is part of a series of leases dealing with these lands.

[34] Arthur OLIVER. I still cannot place him, but he also appears in leases dealing with the SEAVER family & Ballinahonebeg. Because of this, I would guess there is a connection to Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney.

[35] Andrew PRENTICE?

[36] Robert WILSON the younger of Tandragee?

[37] Tandragee this is probably the one in the current Parish of Ballymore, although it could be the one in the Parish of Lisnadill.

[38] Arthur OLIVER – I suspect a link to Benjamin OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg and also Joseph OLIVER.

[39] Ballinahonebeg AKA Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill.

[40] Benjamin OLIVER – NOTE: since he had the lands of Ballinahonebeg at the time mentioned in this deed (1765), he was likely an adult then. There is a probate for a Benjamin OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg in 1770. In the 1782 Sept 7 DEED: 242429 concerning SEAVER-JACKSON and Ballinahonebeg mentions a Benjamin OLIVER deceased. This all seems to link up. It is also interesting that this is the same year that David OLIVER made his forays in leases at Laragh. There might be a connection. Perhaps a family death released some money? Perhaps both lands had complementary uses?

[41] Robert WILSON the elder?

[42] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg – father of John, Mary & Elizabeth.  He died before 1796. His wife may have been Jane OATES (m. 1764 SOURCE: National Archive 2007 notes)

[43] John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg – he may be the John OLIVER who was the son of Joseph OLIVER

[44] John McDAD?

[45] Lehnacollum AKA Latmacollum, Parish of Lisnadill, CO. Armagh. This is a little bit south-east of Ballinahonebeg – a few townlands removed.

[46] John OLIVER, son of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[47] Mary OLIVER, daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg.

[48] Elizabeth OLIVER daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[49] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg – father of John, Mary & Elizabeth.  He died before 1796. His wife may have been Jane OATES (m. 1764 SOURCE: National Archive 2007 notes)

[50] John SCOTT of Umgola?

[51] Andrew OLIVER – this could be the one from Newtownhamilton or not.

[52] Thomas PRENTICE – any relation to John PRENTICE – merchant of Armagh?

[53] John OLIVER, son of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[54] Mary OLIVER, daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[55] Elizabeth OLIVER daughter of Joseph OLIVER deceased of Ballinahonebeg

[56] John SCOTT of Umgola?

[57] Kennedies is the neighbouring townland to Ballinahonebeg both in the Parish of Lisnadill. The OLIVERs also held leases here as well.

[58] William GARVIN?

[59] John PRENTICE merchant of Armagh? Any relation to Thomas PRENTICE of Armagh? Likely.

[60] William SLOAN – merchant of Armagh?

[61] The relationships here are currently unknown, but there are some enticing clues about where to look next. In 1797 there was an Armagh Presbyterian record of a son James Oliver LEE born to John LEE and Margaret OLIVER. To increase the intrigue, in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY there was also a mention of Oliver LEE, ironmonger of Thomas Street. Interestingly, there was also a William OLIVER, farmer of Thomas Street mentioned in this directory. This address is of interest because there was an Andrew OLIVER of Thomas Street who had a lease dated 1774 that was renewed in 1793. This Andrew OLIVER was described as a chandler. The occupation of chandler also comes up for another OLIVER in another deed.

[62] Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore was likely the son of David OLIVER (d. 1806) of Ballyrea and the husband of Jane HAMILTON.  as well as the husband of Catherine (last name unknown) and father of John Eliot OLIVER (1831-1850). Interestingly, A John OLIVER also of Tullymore married a Catherine WHITESIDE of Tyrone. It is not impossible that Joseph took her as a second wife after the demise of John OLIVER (who may have been a brother). He lived from 1764-1837 and was a linen draper with a house substantial enough to be included along with five other houses in Lewis’s description of Co. Armagh in A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland as a “principal seat”. It would be useful to check his obituary in The Belfast Newsletter (see: 1837, Nov 17)

[63] Joseph LEE. I know little about him. There is a record: On the 6th inst [May 1818], at Armagh, Monsieur Henry DE GUERIST, french professor at the College of Armagh, to Jane Louisa daughter of the late Mr Joseph LEE of the same place.

SOURCE: http://members.webone.com.au/~nickred/newspaper/np_abst24.htm

There were also several records in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY (which are interesting since he was an innkeeper):

Elizabeth LEE Hotelier Scotch Street Roe Buck Malcolm Lee Publican English Street

John LEE Grocer Spirit Dealer Scotch Street

Oliver LEE Ironmonger Thomas Street

John LEE N&G Charter School Lane

[64] John PRINGLE had various subleases from Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh.

[65] The OLIVER family had many leases in townlands near The Kennedies.

[66] TOTIES QUOTIES. A legal term meaning: “As often as the thing shall happen”.

[67] Vicars Choral and Organist of St. Patrick's Cathedral of Armagh was a major landholder of the region. NOTE It would be useful to consult PRONI: DIO/4/29-40 Papers relating to the archdiocese of Armagh. #33 Title-deeds and inquisitions (relating to the lands of the archdiocese and of ecclesiastical institutions within the archdiocese).

[68] Leonard DOBBIN was an illustrious citizen of Armagh and his names shows up on many OLIVER leases.

[69] Thomas APPLEBY. I believe there is no family connection.

[70] William BROTHER[S]?

[71] Robert LIVINGSTONE. The 1832 Freeholders list [ARM/5/2/17] indicates that a James and Robert LIVINGSTON had leases at the Kennedies (beside Ballinahonebeg) while in 1816, a Robert LIVINGSTON lived in Armagh [PRONI ARM/5/2/7]

[72] The deed number was illegible. It may be significant because a James OLIVER, a son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, married Letitia SIMPSON on June 17 1830 Belfast Newsletter. At Killeen cottage on Thursday 17th inst by the Rev P. S. HENRY, James OLIVER of Lislooney to Letitia, younger daughter of the late William SIMPSON of Cavancaw




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