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Updated: Jacksons in St. Peters Church Dublin July 21, 2024

1698- William JACKSON. This 1698 probated will may help determine whether William JACKSON of Boston Lincolnshire – a merchant of Dublin - was related to Peter JACKSON (d btw 1772-4) of Dublin. Peter JACKSON was a hackle maker, blacksmith and later a property developer.

·         The family tree of the Peter JACKSON hackle maker of Dublin - Peter JACKSON & Joanna aka JACKSONs of Dublin & Wicklow FairyHill - uses the forename of Peter repeatedly. Where were this Peter’s ancestors from? Possibly Leeds or Boston?

·         A family tree of a family of JACKSONs of Leeds recorded at Familiae Minorum Gentium Vol Istarts with a Peter JACKSON. It also includes an Irish link: Rev. Thomas JACKSON (1672-1708), a minister at Downpatrick Co. Down.

o   Rev. Thomas JACKSON is not included (so far) in the family tree of the Co. Down line of JACKSONs.

o   He has a brother William JACKSON

·         Three mullets (stars on the crest of William JACKSON merchant of Dublin family crest) echo the family crest on the grave marker of James Jackson late provost of Newton, a member of the Co. Down line of JACKSONs.

o   Early in the Co. Down pedigree tree, two lines of JACKSONs merged: Janet JACKSON (1641-1695) married a John JACKSON (1639-1716). We do not know where she came from, although he likely came from Lancashire.

July 18, 2024
Peter JACKSON & Joanna aka JACKSONs of Wicklow FairyHill Peter JACKSON made his start as a hacklemaker in Dublin, and later was described as a blacksmith (although he seems to have been more of a property developer). I suspect his wife Joanna VINCENT may have had Huguenot roots. The family became successful leasing and developing properties in Dublin starting in the mid 1700s. Their descendants lived at Fairy Hill Bray, Co. Wicklow, but also in Tipperary & Dublin. Updated February 9, 2017 Major Update: June 6, & June 18, & July 11 2024 The footnotes include extensive references to leases whch help to track this family July 11, 2024

McMATH-JACKSON. This tree came together based on a few hunches, and my notes of related families deeds, as well as earlier work done on JACKSON connections. Of interest re: JACKSON-McMATH:

·         The marriage of a Sarah Jane JACKSON (1816-1901) to Andew Foulis McMATH (?- bet 1901-1906). Her father James JACKSON was James JACKSON (b. abt 1786) of Clones and Mary KIDD (abt 1786-1860) of Keady (both linen families). SEE: Keady KIDDs. James & Mary married at Armagh Presbyterian in 1796, and had 13 children, but only 6 of them had been named in the available records. Sarah Jane JACKSONs dates are a perfect fit to be one of the unnamed children, as is her family’s social class and presence in Castleblayney.

·         Two of Sarah & Andrew’s children – Mary & Sophia - were baptised in the early 1840s at Creggan Parish Church. Their parents resided at Urker Lodge, home of my family of JACKSONs. One would assume that Sarah had a close family connection to the widow Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH (1788-1880) who lived there in the early 1840s. Who else lived at Urker then? Two of Elizabeth’s daughters Sarah JACKSON (1811-1892) and Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON (1817-1900). Elizabeth’s son David JACKSON (1814-1889) was already married and living with his wife Eliza née OLIVER (1815-1903) at Aughaville, Co. Leitrim while another daughter Margaret JACKSON (1815-1895) had married. Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWN and were likely living at Newtownhamilton. They had married at the Presbyterian Church in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.

·         One of Andrew & Sarah’s daughters – Elizabeth - married a Burton JACKSON of Co. Clare, a line of JACKSONs that may have ties to the JACKSONs of Urker. HUNCH: Since Burton’s father was a Capt John JACKSON (1780-1822), son of a John JACKSON, Burton’s grandfather may be the John JACKSON (b. aft 1744-d aft 1805) of Urker, son of George JACKSON & Margaret O’LAUGHLIN.

·         Andrew Foulis McMATH (1812-1875), as a manager of the Belfast Bank in Castleblayney may have been the family connection which led to Sir Thomas JACKSON (1844-1915) – who grew up at nearby Urker being hired at the Belfast Branch of the Bank of Ireland at age 19 (in 1860).

·         Both the JACKSONs and the McMATHs intermarried with McKEEs and both held leases of land at Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh. Richard JACKSON (1778-1848) of Liscalgot (a townland adjacent to Urker) married Sarah McKEE. Their daughter Sarah, married an Archibald BIGGAM and therefore was not Sarah Jane McMATH.

July 11, 2024
1854 JACKSONS in Griffiths in Dublin – sorted by Parish. This can be a useful tool when used in conjunction with memorials of deeds relating to these people and places. The listings that were recorded under Dublin "City" follow the listings of the lessors of Dublin "County".My primary source was Griffith's Valuations. July 3,2024
Memorials of Deeds 1851-1920 - a major update with hundreds more links and additions. January 18, 2021
1860 March 15 Mary JACKSON of Rockmount, Co. Monaghan Probate. A close read of this will reveals connections between several JACKSONs, who resided in the counties of Antrim, Monaghan & Armagh. Many emigrated to Australia. The testator, Mary JACKSON (?-1860) of Rockmount, was a daughter of a John JACKSON of Banbridge. He in turn was likely connected to and possibly even a son of Rev. Robert JACKSON (b. bef 1750-1788) minister at 1st Dunmurry Presbyterian Church (Dunmurry, Parish Drumbeg (Antrim portion), in the Barony Belfast Upper who in turn was the son of Rev. Henry JACKSON (b. bef 1717-1795), minister 1st Presbyterian/Arian church, Banbridge. More work is needed. They can be found at: JACKSONs of Co. Down who first settled in Dundonald (a page which needs updating). January 15, 2024
JACKSONs of Richhill, Co. Armagh This family begins in about 1801 with a Joseph JACKSON. The question remains: Where did he come from and when did this family first take root in Richhill? . Since businesses and farms often were passed down from father to son,one possible clue is that he was both a leather merchant and a farmer. It will be worth looking for other JACKSONs in related trades: leather merchants, cordwainers, shoemakers. .Another clue may be in following links to GORDONs, the surname of his wife. Her family may connect to the GORDONs who married into the family of JACKSONs of Lisnaboe, Co. Meath. Also, since families in the strong farmer and merchant class tended to intermarry repeatedly in succeeding generations, the connections to the GIRVINs of Roan and Moneyquin, Co. Armagh are worth keeping an eye on. January 11, 2024
Later Deeds-1825-1850 Major update of Memorials of Deeds 1825-1850. Hundreds more records added. January 5, 2024
1739-1810 Notes on a range of leases connected to Coleraine. My primary focus has been the JACKSONs of Coleraine, but there are dozens of families who married into them or who did business with them which are also of interest to me. For anyone who wants more context for many of the people in these leases, I recommend Coleraine in Georgian Times and Coleraine in By-Gone Centuries, both by Rev. T.H. Mullin D.D. December 18, 2023
1739-1810, List from Townland Index - Coleraine. The source for my transcription of memorials of leases from 1739-1810 in Coleraine is at Family Search. December 17, 2023
JACKSONs of Artnagullion & Islandmagee Co. Antrim. The JACKSONs in this tree are also mentioned in leases and other records connected to the JACKSONs of Steeple and Loonburn. The exact link is yet to be nailed down. In time, more links to other JACKSON trees will be proven to either be valid or invalid, or left in the territory of "dunno": SEE: JACKSONS of Coleraine, Dublin, Tobermore and more. December 7, 2023
7 Dec 1839 Probate of Thomas JACKSON of Lavally. This probate will connect to the JACKSONs of Tiratick - but some of the details still need to be nailed down. October 28, 2023
Memorials of Sligo Deeds from 1708-1899. These notes include townland links and other references to other sources. There will be more to come. I wanted to upload this page - albeit in its incomplete state - so that others could start work on some of the data. Soon, there will be significantly more hyperlinks to various family trees and also links to other info. NOTE: Some of the townland links to townlands.ie are based on my best guesses as I follow the names of many of the townlands as they shifted over time (sometimes significantly). October 25, 2023
Robert JACKSON (1728-1821) of City of Armagh and environs. I have yet to learn who his ancestors may have been, but they were likely connected to the merchant class and more specifically to the linen industry. One of my next steps will be to order copies of deeds in order to compare the actual signatures (and if lucky – family seals) in order to determine whether they might be a match with other Robert JACKSONs from the same time frame. September 30, 2023
1875 Oct 12 - Will of Richard JACKSON of Derryloughan, Co. Armagh. The annotations to this will are in the exploratory phase as I try to discern which branch of JACKSONs this Richard JACKSON (1832-1875) may or may not belong to. From his marriage certificate, we learn that his father was Joseph JACKSON – but which Joseph JACKSON? The jury is still out, but the strong association with the Orange Lodge indicates a likely association with the JACKSONs of Tartaraghan. This is still a work in progress. September 10, 2023
These 1802 letters concern the fate of Elizabeth JACKSON, the widow of the United Irishman Rev. William JACKSON (abt 1737-1795). He had committed suicide while in the dock of a Dublin Court awaiting sentencing for his “treasonous” acts. His rationale for committing suicide had been to avoid his assets being seized should he be sentenced to capital punishment. These two letters, seven years after his death, concern Elizabeth's so far unsuccessful attempts to secure financial help and support in France for their two children. The wealth which she had previously enjoyed was no more. There is much more to learn. What happened to the properties that Rev. William would most likely have inherited from his JACKSON and GORE ancestors? Were there actually any properties that Elizabeth had rights to? If yes, where were they and who benefited? It always helps to follow the money (or in Ireland's case - follow the land). September 1, 2023
ROD: Notes relating to Co. Antrim. Because of the size of these files, they have been broken into two pages:
Registry of Deeds Notes from Books 1-499 and
Registry of Deeds and Notes from Books 500-end.
These notes focus on several families of JACKSONs, McCULLAGHs (spelled many ways) and OLIVERs, I have also noted the holdings of some of their relations, neighbours and business associates. The result is an idiosyncratic set of notes of many families with land links to Co. Antrim who were either “strong” framers, successful entrepreneurs and/or members of the merchant class. By including hyperlinks to many of the lands mentioned in the Memorials in the Registry of Deeds, my hope is that it will assist myself and others to better digitally search where these people either lived and/or leased land.
August 9. 2023

Significant updates on the Creggan Church of Ireland records. NOTE: The transcriptions became too numerous to post on a single page, so I broke them down into into the four categories beneath:

May 12, 2023
Richard ALLEN (1810-1881) of Liscalgot & of Dublin. This page will be updated in the spring, after I get back from my next trip to Ireland. The ALLEN-JACKSON marriage connection remains a mystery, one that will likely soon be solved. The last bits of info will likely have to wait till I can get to PRONI. January 31, 2023
Jackson Family - Five Generations. The ancestor of this family in Ireland came from co. York in Cromwell’s Army, and was granted lands in co. Carlow for his services. This estate, called Mount Leinster, was sold in 1745 by his descendant, George Jackson, who settled at Urker, Crossmaglen, co. Armagh. SOURCE: Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage Baronetage and Knightage Privy Council & Order of Precedence. 99th Edition. 1949. London.The Jackson family is associated with the townland of Urker, and with the house Urker Lodge, in the civil parish of Creggan.Urcher is sometimes referred to in earlier records as Urker. Updated: January 30, 2023. A significant update with hundreds of new links and footnotes included - still more to do. January 30, 2023
January 31, 2023
JACKSONs of North Strand City of Dublin. These 28 deeds involve a Richard JACKSON and leases or mortgages for lands at the Strand or North Strand. I know nothing about him, nor who his family might have been. Once I can get a copy of at least one of the memorials and see his signature, that may help me make the link. Update: Jan 31, 2023. The connection of the Richard JACKSON of Strand to the Richard JACKSON of Lower Ormond could be a breakthrough. January 26, 2023

Major update to Notes on Deeds (more than 200 new pages):

  1. Books 1-30. Updated Dec 31, 2022.
  2. Books 31-75. Updated Dec 31, 2022.
  3. Books 76-150 Updated Dec 31, 2022.
  4. Books 151-249 Updated Dec 31, 2022.
  5. Books 250-339 Updated Dec 31, 2022.
  6. Books 341-409 Updated Dec 31, 2022
  7. Books 410-499 Updated Dec 31. 2022
  8. Books 500-619 Updated Dec 31, 2022
  9. Books 620-750 Updated Dec 31, 2022
  10. Books 751-899 Updated Dec 31, 2022
  11. Later Deeds - starting 1825 Updated Dec 31, 2022
December 31, 2022
1656 Marmaduke JACKSON probate. This transcription is thanks to the work of Jan Waugh. Also thanks to her research, is much of the info in the footnotes. This will interests me because a Marmaduke JACKSON - an unusual name in Ireland - was named in the Ormonde Papers in Sir William FLOWER's 1662 Muster Roll. December 30, 2022
BRERETON-GRATTAN-JACKSON. This is a DRAFT tree – much more needs to be added, and I have not annotated it. Yet. Still, it is enough to illustrate the connections between JACKSONs and GRATTANs aka GRATTENs. See also: JACKSONs of Santry This tree has subsequently been merged into the JACKSONs of Derbyshire, Berkshire, America & Dublin. December 20, 2022
1659 "Census" of Ireland - JACKSON mentions.This falls short of being a true census since it only notes the tituladoes aka the big landowners of the day. Even so, it does us back to pre-1708, the date when leases were first recorded in the Memorials of Deeds. As a result, it strengthens some of my hunches and takes us further back in time. My footnotes will likely get added to – when I can get to it. December 14, 2022
JACKSONs of Shinrone, Camblin & Roscrea. These Kings Co. JACKSONs of Camblin (aka Camlin), Roscrea, and of Shinrone are likely to be connected to other JACKSONs who resided in either Kings Co (aka Offaly) or Tipperary. The earliest JACKSON that I have a record for in Kings Co. is a Francis JACKSON who received a Grant recorded in the Down Survey. More work needed. Deember 12, 2022
JACKSONs of Co. Clare & Galway. The JACKSONs in this tree begin in Kilrush, Co. Clare. They were well connected both in terms of the leases to townlands that they held as well as the importance of the positions that they held in both the military and the police, and later in the medical profession. The first John JACKSON sr. is unlikely to be the first member of the family to reside in Ireland. Future generations settled in Galway, Co. Galway and the City of Dublin December 3, 2022

JACKSON Probates from National Archives Ireland etc. I have made a start on interpolating data from PRONI into the JACKSON Probates (beneath) that are recorded at National Archives, as well as info from death certs, censuses, and other sources. I have already linked a lot of this extra material in some of the Counties, while for other Counties I have much more to do. I also plan to include links to known JACKSON family trees. Since this will take weeks to complete, it may be worth checking in from time to time. NOTE: This approach has already helped me to find critical links for a family tree which started with a Capt John JACKSON at Kilrush, Co. Clare in the mid-1700s, and then led to his sons in Co. Tipperary and Co. Galway, and which finally connected up to a JACKSON family in Shinrone, Kings Co. None of this was what I had expected. SEE ALSO (on my website):

November 17, 2022
Memorials of Deeds from Londonderry aka Co. Derry & Coleraine with a focus on JACKSONs. November 2, 2022
This idiosyncratic list of my notes on Memorials of Deeds565+ pages with notes on 775 memorials - helps me to track various families and places in Co. Armagh of interest to me: JACKSONs, OLIVERs, McCULLAGHs and others. NOTE: Massive update includes hundreds of hyperlinks. September 22, 2022
Major updates to previous pages of John Monteagle BROWNE and two of his sons Hugh and John. July 21, 2022
The Monteagle BROWNEs of Ardglass and Knock, Belfast. In 2004, I received a couple of lengthy and informative letters from Norway from Raymond Douglas Monteagle BROWNE, and we followed up with a few phone calls. His oral history and that of his mother fits with the facts I have found so far. In the late 1950's, as a teenager, I visited Raymond's mother and father, and felt an immediate and deep fondness for both of them. July 17, 2022

JACKSONs of Armagh BMDs. These three tables of BIRTHS, Marriages, DEATHS include hundreds of BMDs that are part of the 1,000+ JACKSON BMDs that I have recorded so far from a range of counties. Bit by bit, I will be uploading all of them to my web site. This batch of Armagh JACKSONs is also not yet complete. More to come in the months ahead.

If errors are spotted, I welcome the chance to make corrections. Additions are also welcome.
June 19, 2022
DRAFTAncestors & family of Thomas Jonathon “Stonewall” JACKSON (still a work in progress). This family tree focusses on the JACKSONs who lived in the Parish of Tartaraghan and who first settled at Coosh in the early 1600s, in the townland of Ballynarry. Several members of this family emigrated to America, Australia and Canada. My focus here has been on the ones who stayed in Ireland. One person of interest - specially to Americans - is the relationship to this family to Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, so I included his part of the family tree. June 3, 2022
1722 PRONI D654 Gilbert JACKSON deed. NAMES: Rev Thomas KENNEDY; John THOMPSON; Gilbert JACKSON (tanner); William JACKSON (bridler); Widow HAZLETT; James Thompson (Merchant); James ORR; Richard RIDDEL; James [CONNELL?]; Robert BOYD; John [HALE?]; John McKERRAL; Gilbert ORR. PLACES: Ballantrea; Newtown, Ballerogan [Ballyrogan] , Co. Down. SEE: Jacksons of Co. Down. May 6, 2022
1860 Jan 31 In this letter, Eliza JACKSON writes to her daughter Bessie JACKSON, age 17, of money disagreements between Eliza and her husband, the limits of female power and the need for women to have financial autonomy. March 24, 2022

This idiosyncratic list of my notes on Memorials of Deeds – 450 pages with notes on 775 memorials - helps me to track various families and places in Co. Armagh of interest to me: JACKSONs, OLIVERs, McCULLAGHs and others.

March 24, 2022
My Links to Deeds page has been significantly updated with approximately 1,200 new notes added to the memorials of deeds that I track. For two decades now, I have been following certain family names (including far flung relations) and sometimes also their neighbours. Nick Reddan's Deeds site remains the best go-to site. NOTE: My approach is more idiosyncratic and the numbers of deeds that I have recorded is much (much!) smaller. What I do contribute that is hopefully of use is links to family trees, townland hyperlinks and often other background info which can offer more context. March 14, 2022
1890 September 11 Will of John JACKSON of Richhill, tanner. His father was Joseph JACKSON (see 1867 May 3 Will of Joseph JACKSON of Richhill aka Rich Hill, Co. Armagh. He died August 23, 1868. He was a Leather Merchant and Farmer.). I have yet to take the family further back than this so far. Added info on marriage of Lucina Catherine JACKSON May 29, 2022
1901 Census: Jacksons of DED Richhill, Co. Armagh. These notes are to help me build connections between various families, and also to rule out ones which are unlikely. February 17, 2022
1867 May 3 Will of Joseph JACKSON of Richhill aka Rich Hill, Co. Armagh. He died August 23, 1868. He was a Leather Merchant and Farmer. February 16, 2022
Probates of JACKSONs in Co. Armagh are helping me to pin down various families of JACKSONs in Co. Armagh who may or may not be related – even distantly – to each other. I started with the probates index at the National Archives of Ireland, then added links to townlands from townlands.ie for Armagh, and then added data from the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland. Finally, I added details from notes on those wills where there was an available image at PRONI. February 8, 2022
JACKSONs of Legar Hill. The early JACKSONs of Co. Armagh continue to present a mystery - where did they come from? These records of three graves at Legar Hill may help to provide a clue. January 17, 2022
Old Urker Furniture. Likely date: 1903-1942. This document links various items of furniture to the ancestors of David JACKSON of Urker and his wife Eliza OLIVER. It includes many mentions of COULTERs and BRADFORDs. DRAFT version January 1, 2022
JACKSON family Crests. This page still needs more work to make it flow better, but the significantly updated table of descriptions of arms with hyperlinks to family trees and other sources is a big enough step forward that it is worth noting. The info that I had included before on the arms of Sir Thomas JACKSON of Stanstead has been removed from this page. That material has been expanded and posted on my blog post site. SEE: JACKSON of Stansted House: Baronial Arms. December 10, 2021
December 30, 2021
Jacksons in Oxford Alumni. SOURCE: British History. My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family. The JACKSONs of Coleraine were definitely connected to the Clothworkers part of the plantation settlements in the early 1600s, but more is still to be learned of them. They were also not the only line of JACKSONs to settle in Ireland in this time frame, although it is not unlikely that other lines will turn out to have some tangential relationship with them. Leeds, Westmorland and Yorkshire were specific places that many of them hailed from. December 9, 2021
JACKSONs of East Bridgford aka Bridgeford aka Briggford, Co. Nottinghamshire. This family starts in Nottinghamshire, and has descendants in Derbyshire, Chester, Northumberland and also Co. Cork & Co. Monaghan. Their family crest was mentioned in A Genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain and Ireland: Jacksons of Barton. Arms: Gules a fess between three sheldrakes argent. Crest: A sheldrake rising proper. Seat: Barton Hall, Preston, co. Lancaster. NOTE: There hints at connections with several Irish JACKSONs December 9, 2021
December 10, 2021
Talk recorded on YouTube. “This sometimes-irreverent tour of The Letters and Papers of Eliza Jackson née Oliver (1815-1903) begins by describing how I came to find more than seventy of Eliza's letters from several sources. The earliest letter is from 1860 and the last one was dictated by Eliza to a niece in 1902 when Eliza was 87 years old and totally blind. She covered a range of topics – including her faith, her family, her life on the farm, the price of turnips, her (fervent) politics and her frequent concerns over money. July 4, 2021
JACKSONs mentioned in various editions of the Gentleman and Citizen’s Almanac- with my idiosyncratic notes – all for purposes of easy reference when researching JACKSONs. My focus was on the legal and clerical appointments. June 25, 2021
St. Michan's Parish, Dublin: Records of JACKSONs in the Registry. This parish intrigues me because of its connection to the JACKSONs who were involved in the United Irishmen. It may very well be that these JACKSONS were also related to some of the earlier JACKSONs mentioned in the Parish Register. Most of the data on this page, albeit not all of it, came from Irish Church records at Irish Genealogy The Irish government truly deserves to be thanked for their support of this intiative. June 14, 2021
1876 May 15. This letter is from Eliza JACKSON (1815-1903) to her son-in-law Thompson BROWN re: court cases looming over various land transactions.This page is not brilliantly formatted, but I wanted to share it quickly because it follows up on aspects of a talk I recently gave to the Armagh Historical Society. May 21, 2021
Links to Memorials of Deeds. About 300 notes on memorials of deeds have been added since the last major update about two years ago. Also more details have been added to many of them. April 24, 2021
Purefoy Family Tree: Basil, Peter & Arthur were brothers who were granted lands in Ireland after 1641, and their cousin Lt. Col. William PUREFOY (1584-1659) was also granted lands. He died sans issue and his lands went to William PUREFOY (1622-1699), a brother of Basil, Peter & Arthur. April 20, 2021
PUREFOY family deeds I started this page of deeds seeking to understand why a Capt. Francis JACKSON had been awarded the townland of Clonsast after 1641 and before 1670. This grant was unusual for a few reasons, but significantly, it was smack in the middle of a cluster of townlands awarded at about the same time to the Col William PUREFOY (1584-1659). Was there a connection between the two men or their families? So far: No. ... Sigh … My vain hope is that all this research may be useful to others. April 15, 2021
Mentions of Francis JACKSON in Indexes to Irish Court Records - compiled by Dr Francis Crossle and his son Philip Crossle in the late 19th century. March 20, 2021
PRONI T808 - My notes on documents relating to JACKSONs as recorded by Tenison Arthur GROVE (abt 1863-1938). His work was based on documents dating from 1650-1900, many of which have since been lost. March 6, 2021
Ancient Freemen of Dublin sorted by date. I will add more NOTES as I learn more. Connections to the JACKSONs named in the London Rolls is likely.SEE: JACKSONs in the London Rolls February 28, 2021
Dublin Directory 1647-1708. Because these dates predate the start of the Deeds Registry (1708), these are useful for tracking those who followed in the next generation. The JACKSON-JONES link may also be a clue worth pursuing. February 22, 2021
2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow variously sourced. NOTE: The connection of William JACKSON (1819-1880) born at Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh is of special interest to me. He went back and forth between Ontario, Canada; Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh; and even (at one point) Roscomroe, Kings Co. February 8, 2021
Jackson Probates at National Archives CAVAN. Added more links and information. January 15, 2021
Betham Abstracts. Update January 15, 2021 Many more annotations and links have been added. The focus here is on JACKSONs with hundreds of names of those connected to them. January 15. 2021
Probates for JACKSONs held at the UK National Archives. Many of these JACKSONs were in the merchant class, and had links to JACKSON families who held land in Ireland. More work is needed to determine all the links, but this page is a start.
November 26, 2020
One line of Jacksons from Tipperary, Kings Co & Co. Kildare. The oral history associated with this tree is that a Capt JACKSON of Ballyboy was granted lands by Cromwell and was granted a dwelling, farm and outhouses situated on the Silver River, nr Frankford (Kilcormac), Co Offaly (aka Kings County). He had served in Cromwell’s army along with a Major Whitford who was granted a mountain (Mountore) in Tipperary. This land is still in the hands of Whitfords. The first known generation of this tree begins with a Grace WHITFORD. She would likely be a descendant of that Major WHITFORD. November 26, 2020
Kings County aka Offaly material. I have uploaded several new pages of data connected to Kings Co., and have also significantly updated other pages. November 21, 2020
1717 Feb 11. These notes will need to be updated once I finish more work of deeds concerning JACKSONs of Kings Co.. This deed concerns a lease of John JACKSON of Monasteroris, Kings Co. SEE: Family Tree of Ballygibbon JACKSONs. November 16, 2020
Memorials of Deeds in Kings Co. There are several lines of JACKSONs in Kings Co. that I suspect will link to JACKSONs in Dublin as well as JACKSONs in other counties such as Queens, Wicklow, Tipperary and Kildare. Likely others. November 14, 2020
1762 Nov 8 James JACKSON's will written in 1661 and probated in 1662 shows that he belongs to the JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkeiran.. The forenames of the males in this family echo the forenames of the Jacksons of Co. Down: Robert, Henry, & James. Also of possible significance is the attention paid to this line by Tenison Arthur Groves (abt 1864-1938), a researcher whose main focus was on families from Northern Ireland. November 14, 2020
JACKSONs in the London Rolls. Updated significantly. Because sons of the JACKSONs of  Kirkby Lonsdale served as apprentices in the Clothworkers, Drapers and Goldsmiths Companies, and then settled in Coleraine, Londonderry, Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland, there are likely clues that will prove to be helpful in linking them. There is every indication that the JACKSONs had connections in Ireland during the Elizabethan era, if not before. For more clues for JACKSONs: Cumberland and Westmoreland papers.   August 9, 2020
Updated significantly..Register of Scholars Admitted into Merchant Tayors' Schools My purpose with these notes is to help trace JACKSONs who were connected to members of the Drapers Company and/or Clothworkers who may have been awarded lands in Londonderry and/or Coleraine in the mid-1600s. August 1, 2020
Lancaster Church Register records of JACKSONs. The Parish Church of Lancaster includes mention of 603 members of the JACKSON family. They are of interest not only to those who can trace their Ancestry to that area, but likely also to Ireland, to Kirkby Lonsdale and other Westmorland JACKSONs as well as to those who had members of the family in various London guilds. More work is needed. July 20, 2020
WARD-JACKSON family tree. This family, based in Yorkshire, is often referred to as the Jacksons of Normanby Hall. Co. York (near Guisborough). Their family crest included three sheldrakes. It is likely that William JACKSON (1732-1804), Chief Justice of Jamaica was a member of this family, but this needs more work before it can be either verified or disproven. March 6, 2020
1725 Nov 12. Probate of Anne MAY née ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726) - an aunt of Jane JACKSON. Jane ALDWORTH (1641-1746), a sister of Anne ALDWORTH, married Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeston, Oxfordshire. SEE: Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree: February 27, 2020
1779 Aug. 2 probate of will of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779) of Tichfield, Hampshire, England but earlier of Cuddeson, Oxfordshire, England. He is included in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
1772 Oct 10 Probate of Ann JACKSON née COOTH (?-btw 1770-1772). She also married a Mr. WILLOUGHBY before she married Richard JACKSON (1709-1796) who is in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
1796 Oct 3 Probate for Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796), rector of Dunhead, St. Mary, Wiltshire but earlier of Cuddeson, Oxfordshire, England. He is included in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
Descendants of Thomas JACKSON of Dublin & Wicklow. Thomas JACKSON was a printer based in Dublin, but through his wife, and possibly through other connections, had ties to Co. Wicklow. Three children were born in his first marriage, but we have no records of them – whether they were sons or daughters, nor how long they lived. I suspect that one of them may have been named Thomas because in his second marriage, none of his sons were given his forename. Given usual naming patterns, this would have been unusual. Baptismal records of Delgany were key in identifying the children of his 2nd marriage. At present, I do not know his ancestry, although the presence of Zachariah JACKSON in the printing trade in Dublin in the same time (and on some of the same streets) raises the possibility that they were related. So far, I cannot trace the ancestry of Zachariah JACKSON. Several Quaker JACKSONs – including Robert JACKSON (1748-1793) and his sister Rachel Maria JACKSON (1755-1836) - played a significant role in printing in Dublin in this era, although this Thomas JACKSON does not appear to be a Quaker, nor does Zachariah JACKSON. February 9, 2020
JACKSONs in Delgany Parish Co Wicklow BMD. Thomas JACKSON, husband of Charlotte TUDOR and ancestor of most of these JACKSONs mentioned, had a residence in Dublin. February 7, 2019
Descendants of Thomas JACKSON of Athgarvan & Kineagh, Co. Kildare. I have completed a major update of this page - dozens of new names and sources February 1, 2020
Jackson probates in Co. Longford NOTE: I believe that Alicia and Anne JACKSON are daughters of John JACKSON and Hester aka Esther JACKSON. See: January 30, 2020
Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson. This JACKSON family - first based in Lincolnshire and then in Cuddeston, Oxfordshire - is connected by marriage to other land-owning families in Co. Sligo. It may be significant that their family crest includes three birds that resemble the ones in the arms of the JACKSONs of Coleraine, Forkhill and Creggan – the latter two families were based in Co. Armagh.
A key source used to compile this tree was from a transcription of a family bible included in: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884. Another useful site was: British 1820 Settlers to South Africa. Also, for the PILFOLD connection, SEE: Burkes General Armory of England Scotland Ireland and Wales. 1884
January 19, 2020
Updated Feb 27, 2020
Jacksons of Canterbury & Nantwich England and Co. Cork, Ireland. This Family tree starts in Lancashire with the 1571 birth of Rev. Thomas JACKSON. He became the prebendary of Canterbury Cathedral and was a grandfather of Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall Co. Cork who served as a customs and paymaster in the mid-1600s. In the 1640s, Rev. Thomas experienced financial set-backs and had to retrench. The financial circumstances of his family was like many of their class whose sons lived in Ireland and worked as merchants, military, clerics, or government officials. January 15, 2020

The 1647 Probate of Will of Rev Thomas JACKSON Canterbury coupled with the 1658 March 14 Probate Will of Elizabeth JACKSON, his wife, lead us to their grandson Lodowick JACKSON and to understanding his connections to County Cork in the mid-1600s. It is likely that some of his descendants rooted there. For example, the ancestry of Alderman Ambrose JACKSON has yet to be taken that one step back to connect to likely roots in Britain.

January 15, 2020
JACKSONs from Co. Cork - Will Probates. In time, I will match these up with deed records, BMDs, the 1801 census and other records. Several of them had connections, families and residences in other counties. January 9, 2020
JACKSONs in Sligo BMDs. NOTE: Bit by bit, by process of elimination, I am seeing how these JACKSONs fit together. There will be updates. Perhaps others will offer correction. December 12, 2019
Descendants of Thomas JACKSON of Co. Sligo - of Coloony, Lavally, Gortlownan & Teretick etc. NOTE: Several male forenames show up repeatedly in this tree: Thomas, John, Alexander, George, William. & James. These names also show up repeatedly in the family tree of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs as well as in the JACKSONs of Co. Down who first settled in Dundonald. All the members of these family trees share a similar level of prosperity based at least in part on successful farming. It is also possible that there could be links to Jacksons of Steeple & Loonburn & Islandmagee - Antrim or to the JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland and Coleraine, Londonderry or to the Jacksons of Tobermore. December 12, 2019
Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Coloony, Lavally, Gortlownan & Teretick etc. December 12, 2019
Descendants of William JACKSON of Sligo– A line of Methodist JACKSONs who resided in the Parish of Emlafad, So. Sligo. Several of the more recent descendants emigrated to Canada. December 12, 2019
JACKSONs and some relations in Co. Sligo memorials of deeds. This is very much a work in progress. December 12, 2019
LINKS to Place Index - Memorials of Deeds in Co. Sligo. Focus on JACKSONs. These are volumes that I have looked at as well as townland names that I have focused on to date. December 12, 2019
1897 April 9 Will of Eleanor JACKSON proved. Eleanor ACHESON married James JACKSON in 1830. He was a son of Thomas JACKSON. November 29, 2019
JACKSON probates in Co. Sligo. This chart helps to clarify where some townlands mentioned in leases were likely located - specially Collooney, & Gortlownan. November 29, 2019
Jacksons of Co. Longford, Dublin & Kings Co. A blog post on my blog site. The starting point for the Co. Longfort Jacksons comes from Bethams Abstracts, where Richard Jackson was described as being of Tinenane, Co. Longford. August 21, 2019
Longford GORE and JACKSON 1708 to 1738 - From Land Index. The purpose here was to follow connections between the GOREs and JACKSONs of Co. Longford. For other names see a more complete list at: Longford: ROD,1708-1738 from, IGP August 9, 2019
Leitrim Land Index 1708-1810. My focus was to find connections between the GORE, SALE and JACKSON families. There are hundreds of other names included. Many had connections by marriage. I have yet to run them all to ground. August 9, 2019
Co. Wicklow Leases and selected notes. My purpose on this page was to track the leases of GOREs and SALEs and JACKSONs near Mountkennedy and to add notes where useful to my quest to tease out the connections between these families. August 9, 2019
Co. Wicklow Land Leases 1708-1810: These only include leases in Co. Wicklow that caught my attention because of where they were or the names of the grantor or grantee. Aug 9, 2019
Combined notes of Land Index Town of Sligo: 1708-1739 & 1739-1810 My purpose in researching the Town of Sligo was to seek evidence of connections of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1795) to particular properties in Sligo where his family supposedly held leases. His mother was Anne GORE, daughter of Col. Francis GORE and Elizabeth TINDALL. NOTE: I have also completed significant updates to:
Bethams Abstracts GORE, Updated August 26, 2019
GORE and SALE aka SALL deeds
, Updated August 26, 2019
Mentions of GOREs in the Crossle Genealogical Abstracts.

GORE family of Ireland - Family Tree. Updated August 26, 2019
July 24, 2019
2019 Palace and Dame Street deeds work. These notes were compiled in the hopes of being able to prove where Hyde’s Coffee shop was located and also to follow up on the possibility of others on Dame Street or Palace Street who may have had business and/or family ties to either HYDEs or JACKSON’s. July 12, 2019
Registry of Deeds Land Index: Sligo Town 1708 to 1739. I transcribed this set of deeds in the hopes of narrowing down the GORE-JACKSON Sligo relationships. I learned a lot, but not as much as I had hoped. June 28, 2019
JACKSONs in Sligo Tithe applotments. I have just begun my work on this with hopes of tracing back to earlier JACKSONs. More to come.  
JACKSON BMDs from the Belfast Newsletter. This 9 page chart also includes a fair bit of me thinking-out-loud as well as a lot of verified facts and relationships. June 14, 2019Added another table of pre-1800 notes - many from Antrim and elsewhere. NOTE: I cannot find a source yet that has these on line for me to look up. June 14, 2019
1766 Religious Census – JACKSONs NOTE: I have yet to post research on the JACKSONs of Tyrone & Fermanagh – and will include links when I do. June 13, 2019
JACKSONs recorded in 1775 Dissenters' Petitions. June 9, 2019
JACKSONs mentioned in York Mercers and Merchant Adventurers. June 9, 2019
JACKSONs in 1st Monaghan Presbyterian June 9, 2019
JACKSONs in 1740 Census Just a list of Protestant Householders that does not do much on its own, but along with other sightings may prove useful. June 6, 2019
JACKSONs in Kelly's Handbook to the Titled Classes. 1982 ed. My interest is mostly with those who had some connection to Ireland, so I have added notes to indicate their connections. June 6, 2019
1782 Jan 22. ROD: 344-144-230471 JACKSON – HOYLE. This memorial of a deed sheds light on Anne JACKSON, widow of William JACKSON of Mill Street, one of the descendants of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff April 5, 2019
1770 Dec. 1. ROD: 279-552-184235 Tuckey - Jackson. This memorial of a deed sheds light on William JACKSON of Mill Street, one of the descendants of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff April 5, 2019
Deeds mentioning JACKSONs & POOLEs. This was compiled as part of my research to connect the POOLE and JACKSON families of Co. Longford, Dublin & Kings Co. April 4, 2019
JACKSONs of Drogheda - this is just a stub of a tree. See also: Jacksons of Drogheda - Detcetive work as well as: Council Book of Drogheda - Jackson references and Jacksons of St. Peters Church, Drogheda. April 2, 2019
Descendants of Richard JACKSON of Tinenare, Co. Longford. Tinenare is probably a sub-denomination of Culloge, Parish of Mostrim, Barony of Ardagh. SEE ALSO: JACKSONs of Co. Longford Memorials of Deeds as well as a Blog Post. March 28, 2019
JACKSON connected deeds from Co. Longford. A family of JACKSONs lived and farmed at Culloge and Monadarragh both in the Parish of Mostrim, in the Barony of Ardagh from the early 1700s until well into the 1900s. Where the original Richard JACKSON came from is still a mystery. SEE: Family tree of JACKSONs of Co. Longford as well as my Blog post. NOTE: In Griffiths Maps, there are indications of a couple of Forts in Culloge as well as a couple more forts in Monadarragh. There is also a record of the Old Corn Mill, mentioned as early as 1722, in the townland of Monadarragh. County Westmeath is on the south-western border of Monadarragh. March 28, 2019
Two new pages: Books 1-30 and Books 31-75 Memorials of Deeds. These notes on memorials are the result of dozens of visits to Dublin’s Deeds Registry, and more recently thanks to the scans available at Family Search.. If you notice mistakes, I really do appreciate being informed. I can be quite blind to my own errors, and do appreciate being able to make corrections. February 20, 2019
Some JACKSON holdings in Co. Donegal. This page is just a start. I did it to better understand some of the inter-relationships of JACKSONs who held lands in Co. Donegal & Co. Londonderry. I do not yet know how Beresford JACKSON (1668-bet 1723-1730) came to own these lands in Co. Donegal.. They may have come from his wife Isabella, or from his mother Susan BERESFORD (?-1706). At present, I doubt that they came from his father William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Coleraine. There will be likely clues in my Draft Beresford Family Tree because there are links there also to the WRAY family. February 2, 2019
Beresford Family Tree - DRAFT. The BERESFORDs were related to the JACKSONs of Coleraine and Co. Londonderry in many ways, both through direct intermarriage, and also through inter-marriages with other collateral lines: ROWLEY & McCULLAGH to name two of them. This is my first stab at organizing the BERESFORDs into a tree. There may be errors and omissions. Updates will follow. February 2, 2019
JACKSONs mentioned in The Great Parchment Book. In 1639, after prolonged proceedings in Star Chamber, Charles I claimed as forfeit the Irish estates of The Irish Society and the City companies in Northern Ireland. A Commission under the Great Seal was instituted to survey the forfeited estates, consolidating all contracts and particulars of the affected rental lands and enrolling their details into one volume. The “Great Parchment Book” is the result, and includes invaluable information about the County of Londonderry in the early 17th century. February 2, 2019
1737 Will of Isabella JACKSON - widow of Beresford JACKSON. NAMES: William GAGE (one of them from Coleraine, and one of Tyrone), George CROOKSHANK, merchant of City of Londonderry, Elizabeth CROOKSHANK, Alderman Arthur CHURCH (d. bef 1737), Deborah HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Female BENNETT, Isabella MOORHEAD, Jane MOORHEAD, Esther MOORHEAD, Margaret MOORHEAD alia CALDWELL, Robert CALDWELL, Esther MOORE, Thomas LEE, Mary STRAWBRIDGE, Alexander PATRICK, Nancy WEST, Anne WEST, Esther WEST, Thomas WEST, Mary DENT, William DENT, Mary BARON [more likely BACON aka BACAN], William LEE, Ralph LEA, Susannah GRAHAM, John RAINES, Ralph BOOTH. PLACES: City of Londonderry, Waterside, Aghadowey, Magilligan, January 30, 2019
JACKSONs arrived in Co. Londonderry at least as early the early 1600s . This is an attempt to not lose our sense of the forest (or forests) for the trees. In the 1639 Great Parchment Book, there are already descriptions of the holdings of William, Richard and Peter JACKSON. Richard JACKSON is a carpenter of Magharafelt. It would not surprise me if he turns out to be related to the JACKSONs of Drogheda. The Richard JACKSON of Elaugh Castle in the County of Donnagall gent. is likely to be related to the JACKSONs of Coleraine. The Peter JACKSON on the eastern side of Coleraine is likely to be related to the Richard JACKSON (son James) who was a butcher. It is also possible that he was related to the JACKSONs of Steeple and Island Magee. These are all conjectures at this point. January 23, 2019
The JACKSONs of Newtownlimavady are of interest when it comes to verifying the ancestry of President Andrew JACKSON. Bob Forrest kindly transcribed all the JACKSONs he could find of the Roe Valley. So far, we can find no link to President Andrew JACKSON. This does not mean that there may not be a credible link, but so far it is elusive. Perhaps others can build on our work. January 19, 2019
Descendants of Alexander McCULLAGH. NOTE: In this family tree, I have recorded most of the variant names as McCULLAGH (including McCULLA, McCULLOH, McCULLOGH etc). It makes them easier to track, and sometimes several variations are included in a single document. January 15, 2019
James JACKSON's will written in 1661 and probated in 1662 shows that he belongs to the JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkeiran.. The forenames of the males in this family echo the forenames of the Jacksons of Co. Down: Robert, Henry, & James. Also of possible significance is the attention paid to this line by Tenison Arthur Groves (abt 1864-1938), a researcher whose main focus was on families from Northern Ireland. January 14, 2019
Jacksons of Kilkenny Family tree. The land grants to Edmond JACKSON at Corluddy, Portnascully, and Dungooly, all in Co. Kilkenny were key to assembling this tree. Bethams Abstracts filled in some of the gaps. Was he the Capt. JACKSON who had been dislodged from Co. Antrim? Was he a Royalist, or was he one of those who was caught up in the sweep when the government was transporting all Presbyterians from Antrim & Down in 1653? There is much that I do not know here. January 12, 2019
1653 Presbyterian removals - Comparing two lists. Declaration by the Commissioners for the settling and securing the Province of Ulster; dated at Carrickfergus, the 23rd of May, 1653. NOTE: The 1653 policy, which originated in Dublin – not London, to transport Scots from Antrim and Down was directed at close to 300 Presbyterians. Many of them had identified with the Royalists instead of the Cromwellians. This preceded the policy to transport Catholics to Connaught. There are two versions of this list, so I have compared them to make sure that I do not miss anyone ( I have not seen the original - these are both from secondary sources). January 12, 2019
1748 Feb 25. This deed contains the only known primary source to reference one of the three wives of the Dr. Joseph JACKSON (1690-1782?) of Newtownards– who may be the grandfather of President Andrew JACKSON. I had done notes on it a few years ago and am thankful for Robert Forrest who not only transcribed it in its entirety but recently helped me to recognize its significance. The footnotes are mine, and I welcome correction. January 5, 2019
JACKSONs in Belfast Newsletter BMDs - I have added a few dozen more names. January 4, 2019
Young's Castle, Oxmantown, City of Dublin. Young Castell aka Young’s Castle was located on the east side of Old Church Street near the intersection of Kings Street. The castle itself was destroyed sometime between 1669 and 1690. Whether it was rebuilt after 1690, or whether the subsequent references in leases are merely to the land it stood on, I am unsure. At least by 1721, there were dwellings and a stable on some potion of the land. Given the status of the resident, Richard JACKSON (1673-1730), they would have been of good quality. January 1, 2019
JACKSONs mentioned in the Irish Records Commission - 14th & 15th. Nailing down the whereabouts of townlands that various JACKSONs took ownership of  post 1641 is the first step to being able to connect them to later JACKSON leases, as well as to future possible interconnections between the various lines of JACKSONs. The Irish Records commission coupled with records on the Trinity University Down mapping project has been revealing. January 1, 2019
Diary #1 - kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD née JACKSON (1874-1962) tracing the genealogy of the DARE-PARKE side of her family. Amy was the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) and was one of several family members who showed great interest in our shared family history. December 10, 2018
A Diary kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD née JACKSON (1874-1962) tracing the genealogy of the TOLLAMACHE-DARE side of her family. Amy was the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) and was one of several family members who showed great interest in our shared family history. December 10, 2018
A Diary kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD née JACKSON (1874-1962) tracing the genealogy of the DARE side of her family. Amy was the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) and was one of several family members who showed great interest in our shared family history. December 10, 2018
A Diary kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD née JACKSON (1874-1962). She was the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) and was one of several family members who showed great interest in our shared family history. Although I was in England while she was still alive, regrettably we never met. NOTE: The footnotes are incomplete. I still do not know who all these people are. December 10, 2018
Register of Scholars Admitted into Merchant Taylors School. My purpose with these notes is to help trace JACKSONs who were connected to members of the Drapers Company and/or Clothworkers who may have been awarded lands in Londonderry and/or Coleraine in the mid-1600s. November 28, 2019
Londonderry Drapers Company Parishes: My curiosity in the lands allocated by the Drapers Company is because Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) of first Kirkby Lonsdale and then Dublin apprenticed with the Drapers Company in 1657. Samuel’s grandfather William JACKSON (1575-1626) had also been a member of the Drapers Company. I have found no evidence that either of them held lands here, although it is quite likely that William JACKSON (1575-1626) did. Samuel JACKSON’s older brother William JACKSON (1628-1688) was apprenticed with the Clothworkers Company and had other holdings, initially in Coleraine. November 23, 2018
Register of JACKSONs at Grays Inn Some of these JACKSONs listed beneath are known to have held leases and/or resided in Ireland, and others are quite likely to have. Other names associated with Coleraine JACKSONS: incl ROWLEY, BRERETON... There were also several marriages recorded. I did not note them. November 22, 2018
1677 John JACKSON will - house in Coleraine Of interest to me is that several of the JACKSONs of Kirby Lonsdale were also resident and active in Coleraine at this time. One of them, Capt. William JACKSON (1628-1688) had held leases in the Clothworkers Proportion from 1663. He was a son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). Rev. Richard had a brother John JACKSON (b. abt 1609). There may or may not be a connection. Although the lots 9 & 10 in Coleraine were willed to Paul JACKSON, a brother of John JACKSON, I have yet to find a record of him there. November 22, 2018
JACKSONs in the London Rolls. Because sons of the JACKSONs of  Kirkby Lonsdale served as apprentices in the Clothworkers, Drapers and Goldsmiths Companies, and then settled in Coleraine, Londonderry, Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland, there are likely clues that will prove to be helpful in linking them. There is every indication that the JACKSONs had connections in Ireland during the Elizabethan era, if not before. For more clues for JACKSONs: Cumberland and Westmoreland papers.  NOTE: The word “Callender” is used in conjunction with Clothworkers. A callender stone is used to polish fabric. In time, I will update this chart with other links as I learn more. The names of the Masters who had JACKSON apprentices is also of interest – names such as GORE and BELLEW, for example. November 19, 2018
MITCHELBURN vs JACKSON. These notes lead to documents that shed light on Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706), his sister-in-law Susan BERESFORD (d. 1706) and her second husband, John MITCHELBOURNE (abt 1647-1721).
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 15, 2018
November 15, 2018
Maps of the Holdings of Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706). In the 1705 Will of Samuel JACKSON, there are links to all of the land holdings that he owned at the time. These maps make it easier to locate them. Many of the JACKSONs from Lisnabo in Co. Meath moved north to Co. Monaghan to townlands near Ballybay. According to my family’s oral history, the Jacksons of Ballybay and the Jacksons of Urker in Co. Armagh are related. Also, the Jacksons of Coleraine and Londonderry are supposedly related to the Jacksons of Urker. These maps make it appear possible that the JACKSONs of Ballybay and the JACKSONs of Coleraine are also related. Proof is still required on all these fronts, but these maps are an indication of where to look next. November 9, 2018

Jacksons of King Street near Stephens Green, Dublin. Samuel JACKSON died January 19, 1706. [See 1705 Will] Nine months after his death, Richard JACKSON, his nephew, assigned two pieces of land on King St. near St. Stephen's Park to Joseph WORTHINGTON.
One lease included a house on Kings St, and the other included a Waste piece of ground leading from Love Lane to Kings St. In 1699, an earlier deed involving Samuel JACKSON had also referenced land here on Kings St.
Samuel JACKSON had also built a Stable here sometime between 1699 and 1706. After the death of his nephew Richard JACKSON (1673-1730), the land was then owned by Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) of Forkhill, Co. Armagh, a grand-nephew of Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706)

November 1, 2018

Daughters of Rev. Richard JACKSON. In the 1705 December 4 - Will of Samuel JACKSON , there are bequests to 4 children – described as nieces or nephews - probably children of his sisters (unless they are grand-nephews or grand-nieces):

  • Nephew Wm EMPSON of Dublin
  • Nephew W. MADDEN of Killmon [Could this be Killmaconnell, Parish of Macosquin, Coleraine?]
  • Niece Mrs. Mary GILES NOTE: This is her married name. She could be a daughter of a brother of Samuel JACKSON or a daughter of one of his sisters.
  • Nephew James HAMILL
October 12, 2018

Family Tree of JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale. This branch of JACKSONs starts in Yorkshire/Westmorland/Lancashire and connects to the JACKSONs who became successful merchants initially based in Coleraine, and then participants in the Siege of Derry, as well as representatives in the Irish House of Commons. Their behaviour was not always defensible by today's standards, or even by the standards of their own time. NOTE: Their descendants also include Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co. Armagh.

October 12, 2018
1726 Nov 5th Will of Leonard JACKSON NAMES: Rev. Leonard JACKSON of Tatham, Lancashire; Richard JACKSON, son; BRIGGS – likely Rev. John BRIGGS & Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Vigessima BOUCH[E] née JACKSON; Elizabeth DAWSON née BOUCHE; Josias DAWSON; HUTTON; William HUTTON; Jane wife of Roland WALLIS; Widow SLATER of Whittington;  Widow LAURENCE; Bryan DOWNIE aka DOWNEY; Elizabeth JACKSON née WOODS; [cousin WADE, wife & daughter & son Benjamin WADE; nephew FOXCROFT; Richard JACKSON, Dublin & daughter (Susannah JACKSON?); cousin [Bolder?] JONES of Westhouse; James JACKSON; William BUCKLEY; Cousin ASH and her daughter BRIGGS; wife of cousin [WITHER?] of Evertown; Mr. SHARP (probably a minister); godson Leonard JACKSON; Robert MAYER Schoolmaster of Wray; Robert JACKSON nephew of Rev. Laurence JACKSON; Thomas CHARNLEY; Isaac ATKINSON. October 11, 2018
1695 July 29 - Will of Jane JACKSON NAMES: Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Rev Leonard JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON (later Wife of William BUCKLEY and then of Sir Oliver CROFTON); Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Agnes HOLDEN; Rebecca MOON; John JOHNSON sr.; Henry JOHNSON; James BORDRIGGE; John JOHNSON. PLACES: Whittington. October 10, 2018
1679 Jan 15 Rev Richard Jackson Will NAMES: Rev. Richard JACKSON; Mary SLATER; William JACKSON, mercer; Thomas WILKINSON; William JACKSON of Coleraine; Susan BERESFORD;  Richard BAYLEY of the Biggens, Kirkby Lonsdale;  Leonard JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON; Vigessima JACKSON; & Ruth JACKSON; Richard JACKSON (grandson); Hellen JACKSON; Dorothy WALKER née JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS; Hannah BOND; Sir John OTWAY. OTHER PLACES: Whittington, Co. Lancashire, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland October 10, 2018
Leases mentioning Sandymount Co Wicklow. The purpose of this page is to help me to find the ancestors of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1794) - the famed (or infamous) United Irishman. In the hope of protecting his estate for his wife, he took poison in the hours after his conviction and died in the court before sentencing could be pronounced. His wife was pregnant with their 2nd child and lived in France for the next 20 years.
It has been slim pickings when it comes to readily available evidence about either of them. So far, I have been unable to find a first name for either his father or mother. My starting point was that his mother was a member of the GORE family, and an aunt of his was married to Dr. Edward SALE, a lawyer. I will soon be posting a blog piece on my progress with this mystery.
August 28, 2018
ASHEs of Ireland. My purpose in researching this line is to see what I can learn about some of the collateral links to both JACKSONs and GOREs. SEE ALSO:
  • GORE family of Ireland. There are 264 members of the GORE family listed here - as well as hundreds of other people. This is my first stab at creating this family tree, and there are bound to be errors. Correction is always welcomed - please email me at Contact link above. My purpose in assembling the tree was to find the mother of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1795) - the well known United Irishman. I still do not know the surname of his matrnal grandmother - and would love to find out.
  • Jacksons of Tobermore. This is a start on making sense of the likely ancestry and connections of the JACKSONs of Tobermore - possibly connected to JACKSONs of Coleraine  as well as several lines of JACKSONs in Co. Down. If new evidence comes to light, some of my assumptions may need to change. I look forward to learning from the insight of others.

NOTE: On the premise that birds of a feather fly together, connections to Co. Kildare are likely worthy of more attention, as are connections to Drogheda. Also, intermarriages to the BALL and CROFTON families. The JACKSONs of Coleraine shared marriages with these two families in the late 1600s and early 1700s.

August 28, 2018
Mentions of GOREs in the Crossle Genealogical Abstracts. The Crossle genealogical abstracts were created by Dr Francis Crossle and his son Philip Crossle in the late 19th century. I have only followed up on the items that interest me in my quest for the ancestors of Rev. William JACKSON. July 27, 2018
GOREs of Ireland. There are 264 members of the GORE family listed here - as well as hundreds of other people. This is my first stab at creating this family tree, and there are bound to be errors. Correction is always welcomed - please email me at Contact link above. My purpose in assembling the tree was to find the mother of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1795) - the well known United Irishman. I still do not know the surname of his maternal grandmother - and would love to find out. July 25, 2018
Dublin Memorials of Deeds - 1708-1725. This is a long document - some 270 plus pages. My main focus is on the memorials with JACKSON family links. For some of my notes, I am deeply indebted to the volunteer transcribers who upload their notes to Nick Reddan's Deeds Index Project. NOTE: These notes will be added to as I do more work in this area. July 24, 2018
Benthams Abstracts GORE. My purpose in compiling this selection of notes on GOREs was to better understand the family connections between GOREs, SALEs (aka SALLs) and JACKSONs – specifically Rev. William JACKSON (abt 1737-1795) of Dublin. July 13, 2018
2018 GORE and SALE aka SALL deeds. My purpose in compiling this selection of notes on deeds was to better understand the family connections between GOREs, SALEs (aka SALLs) and JACKSONs – specifically Rev. William JACKSON (abt 1737-1795) of Dublin. He was the (in)famous member of the United Irishmen who died in the Court while awaiting sentencing. He had deliberately taken poison in order to die before sentence was passed, and thereby save the rights to his estate for the benefit of his pregnant wife. July 13, 2018
Updated outline tree for JACKSONs of Lisnaboe, Co. Cavan and Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. I have also updated info on Lieut. Charles JACKSON on various related pages. NOTE: I have had no way of either updating or deleting the tree at rootsweb since December 2017. Ancestry has yet to fix that particular glitch. July 10, 2018
Links to Deeds. I have updated and uploaded all my current deeds research. The recently added transcriptions can be accessed on this page. April 12, 2018
John JACKSON of Cargeen Co. Kildare and Sarah LUCAS of Rathdaniel, Co. Carlow Bethams Abstracts were key to putting these relationships together. In the next couple of months, I have a lot more in other records such as deeds to add. That will have to wait until my return from Ireland – I will get to it then. April 12, 2018
Bethams Abstracts. My focus here has been on JACKSONs, with a few strays caught up in my net because they belong to collateral family trees that interest me.  I have made a start on cross referencing these entries with deeds etc. In June, I will be able to upload all the new information that I will have compiled, and will also upload all the changes to the pertinent family trees. April 11, 2018
The JACKSONs of Edenthorpe, in Yorkshire, England also have connections to Nottinghamshire & Kent. Also to Hickleton in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. In a future update, I will add their various connections to Ireland. April 10, 2018
BALL Family Timeline. I am including the townland of Tullyvallen in this timeline of the BALL family of Creggan because it may turn out to be the glue that holds the story together when it comes to BALL-JACKSON connections. For the same reason, I am also including the BALLs of Drogheda. March 18, 2018
BALL family leases. The various branches of the BALL family intermarried – more than once - so it is worth looking sideways when trying to make sense of the land transactions of the various BALLs of Co. Armagh. My personal interest in tracking the BALL leases is because of their connections to the JACKSONs of Urcher [aka Urker] in the Parish of Creggan as well as Tullyvallen in the Parish Newtownhamilton (Tullyvallen was previously included in the Parish of Creggan). The BALLS were landlords to generations of the JACKSONs of Urcher and were also related to the JACKSONs of Coleraine - who in turn are possibly related to the JACKSONs of Urker March 6, 2018
1641 Creggan Parish Holdings of Sir Henry O’Neil This chart was created to help me navigate the outcome of the forfeiture of townlands which had been held by Sir Henry O'NEILL up to 1641. They were seized and used to pay soldiers for their arrears of pay during the Civil War, as well as the costs of "Adventurers" - aka investors - who had financed the war. The 1670 Landlords includes many of those who had been promised land in Ireland in return. That was how wars were funded at that time - not by taxes. February 27, 2018
2018 Armagh Additions from the Land Index 1708-1738 The names that I have been following are OLIVER & JACKSON as well as any collateral lines and their landlords. In the Barony of Fews, BALL is a significant name to follow, as are MURPHY, JOHNSTON, TIPPING & GRAHAM. February 27, 2018
Freeholder Records for ROCK aka ROCKS of Armagh. These are of special interest to me because of the marriage on May 8, 1863 of a Margaret ROCK (abt 1837-1905) to a John OLIVER (abt 1841-1909). These OLIVER-ROCKs lived and farmed at Ballycrummy in the late 1800s. Their descendants still live there. The forenames of Patrick, Bernard & Francis are of special interest (The names of John & Margaret's other sons - James and John - could just as easly have been OLIVER forenames). The DNA of the Ballycrummy OLIVERs is a close match to my own. February 24, 2018
JACKSON marriages from Downpatrick Registry & Parish records: This is part of my recent “cluster approach” to unraveling the various JACKSONs who may or may not be related to each other in the townlands east of Saintfield. Apparently, thanks to recent DNA postings, I am distantly related to some of these people, Exactly how I may be related continues to elude me. I will continue to update this page with more data and links as time permits. The most important link will be to a family tree of JACKSONs of Killinchy & Kilmore. January 11, 2019
JACKSON deaths from Downpatrick Registry and elsewhere. This is part of my recent “cluster approach” to unraveling the various JACKSONs who may or may not be related to each other, and who had ties to the townlands east of Saintfield. Apparently, thanks to recent DNA postings, I am distantly related to some of these people, Exactly how I may be related continues to elude me. I will continue to update this page with more data and links as time permits. The most important link will be to Some JACKSONs of Killinchy & Kilmore. January 11, 2018
JACKSON births. Births of Jacksons from the Parish of Raffrey and from several townlands between there and Saintfield. Many of these families seem to be related. Most of them seem to be the descendants of JACKSON farmers who held leases in the area from at least the mid 1700s. December 26, 2017
1890 Christine JACKSON will. NAMES: Christine JACKSON; Gawn JACKSON; John JACKSON; William JACKSON sr; William JACKSON jr.Eliza McROBERTS née JACKSON; Mary JACKSON; Gawn JACKSON jr.; Annes JACKSON; Lizzie JACKSON; Jane CLELAND née JACKSON; Samuel WILSON; James MATIER ( aka MATEER?) PLACES: Clontaghnaglar, Barnamaghery , Killinchy in the Woods. December 24, 2017
Some Jacksons of Parishes of Killinchy & Kilmore. The Townlands that these JACKSONs are associated with are in alphabetical order. More townlands and names will be added. So far I have: Ballyagherty and Barnamaghery and Clontaghnaglar and Lisdoonan and Lisowen and Lisdoonan (I believe I have been confusing these last two with each other, but will fix this in the next draft) and Raffrey. NOTE: This is a 1st draft – there are likely to be errors. December 5, 2017
The JACKSONs of Ballygrainey, Co. Down is a work in progress. I suspect they will click into the JACKSONs of Dundonald, Co. Down when I learn a bit more about them. For now, this is as far as I can get today. Update Nov 25, 2017 November 23, 2017
JACKSONs of Co. Down who first settled in Dundonald Major update.This tree starts with a John JACKSON of Lancashire and his son Robert JACKSON who may have been born 1619-1624 in Ecclestone, Lancashire, England. He was supposedly a brother of two influential Irish Quakers: Richard & Anthony. My interest in the JACKSONs of Co. Down is to determine their connection in the late 1600s and early 1700s to the JACKSON families of Co. Meath, Ballybay, Armagh, and Londonderry. This tree also includes the known ancestry of President Andrew JACKSON.
The trade of tanner that some of the early members of this family are engaged in is of interest to me since there are JACKSONs in the same time frame in Drogheda, Athy, Monaghan and Dublin who are also connected to the tanning trades.
November 22, 2017
JACKSONs in PRONI T619. T619 was deposited at PRONI in 1933, and was a Pedigree of the Jackson family of Tartarghan, Co. Armagh, 1681-1933. It is allegedly the family tree of Thomas John "Stonewall JACKSON" .The tree beneath is based on that material and was done in 2011. I have not updated it nor have I entered sources. I cannot vouch for its accuracy. There is a tree of Quakers from Queens Co. that also alleges a connection to Stonewall JACKSON. November 22, 2017
1828 April 22. NAMES: James JACKSON of Clontaghnaglar; John JACKSON (son of James Sr.); James DUNNIGAN; Isable JACKSON (daughter of John JACKSON); Sarah WIGHTMAN; Samuel JACKSON; James JACKSON jr. of Clontaghnaglar (son of Samuel); Eliza JACKSON (daughter of Samuel); Martha HARRIS; Mary JACKSON (widow of Samuel); Robert JACKSON (son of James sr.); Elizabeth THOMPSON (widow of Robert); Martin JACKSON of Barmaghery. Significant update. November 3, 2017
1831 April 20 NAMES: John CUSACK; Edward SPROULE; John JACKSON late of Crieve; John JACKSON of Co. Antrim; John CUNNINGHAM of Crieve; Right Honorable Clotworthy the Lord Viscount Massereene; Alexander MONTGOMERY; William ARMSTRONG; Thomas BRUNKER; William BRUNKER; Thomas KINGSBERY; Arthur WOLF; Alexander CRUICKSHANK; James NIXON; John JACKSON Junior; John JACKSON Senior; Robert KER; Andrew KER; Tatlow JACKSON; Alexander JACKSON; Nevin HAWELL; Rev. Robert SMITH; Andrew OLIVER; William JOHNSTON; John JOHNSTON; George THOMPSON; William BEEBY [should this be BREAKY?]; James BREAKEY; William YOUNG; William PRESLEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Crieve, Co. Monaghan; Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan, Breyart [could this be Brecart, Parish of Duneane?], Co. Antrim; Carnaveagh & bogs of Carrickavetty [Carrickaveilty] and Mullynenrall; Carnavagh orwse Carricknavagh. October 2, 2017
Quaker JACKSONs of Cork, Dublin & Tipperary.This is a first stab at a tree for this branch of Quaker JACKSONs who were known as successful farmers and merchants in a number of locations in Ireland. They intermarried with STRETTLEs, DEVONSHIREs, and TUTHILLs. September 16, 2017
JACKSONs of Spinians and Baltinglass. This is just a start for this particular tree. I have a bit more deeds work to do. I expect that soon, I will be able to attach these JACKSONs to JACKSONs - one line based in Co. Carlow & Co, Wicklow. Details of many of these deeds as well as other research (grave inscriptions etc) are already entered in my Rootsweb tree. September 14, 2017
1788 May 26. NAMES: Arthur OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Nicholas JOHNSTON; Andrew OLIVER; Alexander McELLORY [aka McILORY?]; PLACES: Ballinahonebeg; Lyshluny aka Lislooney aka Lisloony; Woodpark aka Wood Park aka Ballynameta. August 5, 2017
1828 April 22. NAMES: James JACKSON of Clontaghnaglar; John JACKSON (son of James Sr.); James DUNNIGAN; Isable JACKSON (daughter of John JACKSON); Sarah WIGHTMAN; Samuel JACKSON; James JACKSON jr. of Clontaghnaglar (son of Samuel); Eliza JACKSON (daughter of Samuel); Martha HARRIS; Mary JACKSON (widow of Samuel); Robert JACKSON (son of James sr.); Elizabeth THOMPSON (widow of Robert); Martin JACKSON of Barmaghery. July 29, 2017
1818 Feb 28 William WALLACE – John McCULLOUGH NAMES: William WALLACE; Mary WALLACE otherwise IRWIN; John McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; Jane OLIVER otherwise McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; William OLIVER; Margaret VOGAN otherwise McCULLOUGH; John James 2nd Earl of Farnham;  John WAUGH; Charles HUDSON and wife Ann HUDSON; Berresford BURSTON; Joshua McGEOUGH; Samuel HOUSTON; George PERRY; Elizabeth TURNER née CUST; Henry CUST; Annarita CUST; Richard Gervas KER; William McCLEAVE & Thomas APPLEBY. PLACES: Iskeamedy  aka Iskymeadow, Parish of Keady, Barony Armagh; Lisnafeedy, Parish of Eglish, Barony Tiranny; Tullynichol, Parish of Eglish, Barony Armagh; Pallinagh aka Pollnagh, Parish of Tynan (north-west of Killylea); Ballymacally Bog – either Ballymacully Lower or Ballymacully Upper; Killylea Bog, Parish of Tynan. July 28, 2017
1825 Sep 27 William OLIVER. This lease concerns a lease contracted by John McCULLAGH before his death in 1818. His brother-in-law William OLIVER was executor. His wife was Jane OLIVER. NAMES: William WALLACE; Mary WALLACE otherwise IRWIN; John McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; Jane OLIVER otherwise McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; William OLIVER; Margaret VOGAN otherwise McCULLOUGH; John James 2nd Earl of Farnham; William BLAIR; Maxwell BLACKER;  Rev. Matthew FOX; John WAUGH; Robert McCANN; Andrew BOYD. PLACES: Iskeamedy aka Iskymeadow, Parish of Keady, Barony Armagh; Lisnafeedy, Parish of Eglish, Barony Tiranny; Tassagh, Parish of Keady; Killyreavy, Parish of Derrynoose; Tullynamalloge, Parish of Keady; Tullynichol, Parish of Eglish, Barony Armagh; Pollnagh, Parish of Tynan (north-west of Killylea). July 27, 2017
OLIVERs of Farmacaffley, Ennislare, Ballyrea, Killynure, Brootally and elsewhere. This tree includes the five earliest generations of OLIVERs known to have resided in Co. Armagh who are directly connected to my family line. July 27, 2017

Hearth Money Roll for the Barony Ardmagh 1663-1665  I have done a significant update, both in terms of notes and functionality (hyperlinks to originals, for example). NOTE: I have not yet been able to find modern versions of all the townand names, but I have at least made some progress. I look forward to learning from others.

July 25, 2017
1892 will of James OLIVER of Urney The Will of James Oliver late of Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 14 February 1892 at same place was proved at Londonderry by John James Oliver of Creggan Farmer and the Reverend Matthew Neil of Sion Mills Presbyterian Minister both in said County the Executors. Effects £187 July 24, 207
Family Tree of OLIVERs of URNEY-1This is a family of OLIVERs who were based in the Parish of Urney, Co. Tyrone for at least 100 years. They earned their living as farmers and tradesmen. They were also generally associated with the Church of Ireland, and are not to be confused with a nearby family, also of the Parish of Urney, who were Presbyterian. To confuse things even further, this other family was connected to another James OLIVER (abt 1807-1892). July 22, 2017
1899 Will of James OLIVER of Urney. Annotated. Probate of the Will of James Oliver late of Glentown Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 20 January 1899 granted at Londonderry to The Reverend Thomas Oliver of Garston County Lancaster England Clerk. Effects £388 2s. 6d. July 22, 2017
Olivers of Armagh in the 1901 and 1911 Census. I have now placed just about all of these OLIVERs into family trees (although some tree look more like shrubs than trees). It is a small step in organizing the OLIVER forest. July 11, 2017
1841 Census of Olivers of Tyrone & also Griffiths valuations for OLIVERs of the Parish of Urney. July 8, 2017
OLIVERs of Marbletown, NY, America. My purpose in assembling this tree is to be better able to figure out which one of the several branches of the OLIVERs of Armagh they might be related to. I do not yet know, but if there are descendants of this family, it may prove to be helpful. Given the prominence of these OLIVERs – Andrew OLIVER was one of the signatories of the Articles of Association, it is likely that someone will trace themselves back to him July 3, 2017
John Andrew OLIVER Family Tree – based in Limavady. This GEDCOM for this branch of Northern Irish OLIVERs is thanks to the years of diligent research done by John Andrew OLIVER (1913-2006). It is based on data in his manuscript: Girl Name Forgotten.  This 91 page typescript volume contains notes on the history of the Oliver, Morrell, McMullan and Sherrard families of Limavady, Magilligan and Dunboe, Co Londonderry. It can be found at PRONI D3000/16/1 July 1, 2017
Births to mothers of OLIVER children as recorded in the Armagh & Dungannon Registries. I have compiled the information in this manner because sometimes, it is hard to see the trees for the forest (the opposite of not being able to see the forest for the trees). This approach - of following the mothers - has clarified many lines of OLIVERs for me, but there are still a few strays. I also suspect that in time that we will find out that most if not all of these OLIVERs are related to one another. June 30, 2017
OLIVERs of Keady, in Tynan Parish, Co. Armagh. This is just a start on the descendants of Benjamin OLIVER b abt 1800. Until recently, I had another Joseph OLIVER (1830-1884) linked as a son of this Benjamin OLIVER(b abt 1800). He was a shoemaker of Killilea, and while he may be connected to this family in some way, the evidence now strongly lines up for him to be the Joseph OLIVER who married Elizabeth STEWART. June 28, 2017
Lessees & Lessors in Liscalgat in Griffiths and Valuation Revisions. I have used the 1901 and 1911 census, as well as available wills, to shed some light on the inhabitants of Liscalgat in the late 1880s. My purpose in assembling this information, is to learn more about the nearby neighbours of the JACKSONs of Urker and the GILMOREs of Liscalgat. June 25, 2017
Lessees and Lessors in Urker in Grifffiths & Valuation Records. I have used the 1901 and 1911 census, as well as available wills, to shed some light on the inhabitants of Urker in the late 1880s. My purpose in assembling this information, is to learn more about the nearby neighbours of the JACKSONs of Urker. Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) had a deep and abiding affection for the families who were part of his experience as a child growing up at Urker. Had his wife been amenable, he would have retired there. After he was successful as a banker in Hong Kong, he gave money to help some of old childhood friends build and/or repair their houses. June 25, 2017
This chart of Jackson Baptisms in Co Down is just a start. I will update it after I get back from my spring 2017 trip to Ireland. More to come. March 25, 2017
JACKSONs of Co. Down - a Townland sort. I have interpolated many of the records of JACKSONs recorded in the Belfast Newsletter BMDs, with as many of the memorials of deeds that I can find notes on [based on my 2016 update – more to come]. March 20, 2017
JACKSON BMDs from the Belfast Newsletter. This 9 page chart also includes a fair bit of me thinking-out-loud as well as a lot of verified facts and relationships. March 20, 2017
Early JACKSONs at Trinity College. Major update of notes - more to come. March 7, 2017
Quaker Tree #3. Richard JACKSON (abt 1626-1679) was one of the early Quaker JACKSONs in Ireland. It is said that he served as a soldier in the Parliamentary Army in England before emigrating to Ireland. His descendants include Stonewall JACKSON aka Thomas Jonathon JACKSON. This tree is also included in the Quaker JACKSON tree. The most up-to-date version will always be included in my Rootsweb tree. February 20, 2017
1761 Oct 2. NAMES: William BAILLIE of Dromore, Co. Monaghan; William WALLACE of Newry; Elinor WALLACE née BAILLIE; Elizabeth BAILLIE, wife of William BAILLIE; Ezekial BULLOCK of Dublin; Matthew MURPHEY of Dundalk. OTHER PLACES: Lurganmore & Tullyarnot aka Tullanacrunat, both of Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan. February 16, 2017
These are the grantors in the Memorials of Deeds that I am currently focused on, working from images downloaded from: Family Search , The ones which are indicated as Done have been transcribed and shared with Nick Reddan’s deeds site, and are also posted on my own web site. February 9, 2017
JACKSONs from the Grantors' Index 1708-1799. I have also also shared these transcriptions on Nick Reddan’s Deeds Project. About 1/4 of these references are new to me - ones that I did not have until I did this latest batch of transcriptions. This batch includes every image on the Family Search page of grantors that mentions JACKSON grantors 1708-1799. I have marked the new ones with an X. The rest of them had already been included in the tables of memorials that I have already uploaded. February 8, 2017
Armagh Corporation 1708-1810 Memorials of Deeds from the Townland Index The Armagh Corporation was a geographical area in the Barony of Armagh that roughly encompassed the city of Armagh boundaries. My interest is in the families that did business with or intermarried with the OLIVERs. January 16, 2017
1842 Nov 17 NAMES: William OLIVER; David LESLIE; Armour Lowry CORRY; George CRAWFORD; Thomas CRAWFORD; Andrew CRAWFORD; David OLIVER; Joseph OLIVER; John DUFFY. PLACES: Laragh, Aughnamullen, Monaghan; Leslie Hill Co. Monaghan; Cornacarrow. November 25, 2016
Jacksons mentioned in Ships' Manifests: The frequent journeys by JACKSONs from England to Ireland in the 1630s is interesting. At present, I have no knowledge about if or how these people in the chart beneath may or may not be related. There are certainly a few tantalizing mentions of JACKSONs in Coleraine prior to the 1630s, and their eventual full time settlement in Ireland happened soon after – if not before. November 18, 2016
Jacksons of Tobermore. This is a start on making sense of the likely ancestry and connections of the JACKSONs of Tobermore - possibly connected to the JACKSONs of Coleraine and/or Co. Down. If new evidence comes to light, some of the assumptions may need to change. I look forward to learning from the insight of others. September 11, 2016
Leases of land in Dublin with known connections to JACKSONs of Coleraine.The earliest memorials of leases of land in Dublin connected to the JACKSONs of Coleraine involved Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706). He was related to most if not all of the JACKSONs mentioned in the leases in the table beneath. Bit by bit, I am entering this data into my Rootsweb version of the family tree. August 27, 2016
Jacksons of Crooked Staff, Dublin. The most up-to date version of this tree will always be on my Family Tree at Rootsweb. I had previously posted (but have not updated with all the info that is on this page) a detailed tree of the descendents of Robert JACKSON. August 24, 2016
Michael JACKSON, Clothier of Pimlico. It is important to be wary of some of the links in this tree. They depend on hunches. I began with the parish registers of St. Catherine’s Dublin, and then interpolated information from deeds, and maps to look at other likely relationships. At present, I do not know where these JACKSONs came from, but links in Lisburn and Coleraine are potential places which have me curious. As to where these JACKSONs went, since they do not seem to have stayed in Dublin after a few generations, one likely place would be to look at Michael JACKSON (1740-1803) in Graigue, Queens Co, whose son Adam (1784-1858) and daughter Frances JACKSON (1791-1851) are strong contenders to be descendants. OTHER SURNAMES: McCRACKEN; MATTHEWS. August 22, 2016
JACKSON representatives in the Irish House of Commons. For at least a century, there was an almost unbroken line of very closely related JACKSONs serving in the Irish House of Commons 1692-1800. During this century, there were several other representatives who were closely related to them by marriage, GORGES and BERESFORD chief among them. See also: Wikipedia Irish House of Commons. August 18, 2016
Peter & Joanna JACKSON family tree. Their descendants were at Fairy Hill Bray, Co. Wicklow, and also in Tipperary & Dublin. August 18, 2016
1726 Dec 30-31 NAMES: Thomas JACKSON of Creekstown & Dublin; John BALL of Loughross & Three Castles Co. Kilkenny; William CHURCH of Coleraine; John DOWNING of Dublin; Henry ARKWRIGHT of Dublin. August 18, 2016
Family Trees of Jacksons of Steeple & Loonburn & Islandmagee. Update August 17, 2016. I have added a complete new branch of JACKSONs. They are from Castlegore and Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. They are inserted with a table. I will reformat the page later when time permits. August 17, 2016
Snippets of JACKSON-CLARK connections. There is a JACKSON-CLARK[E] connection in Co. Antrim that I have yet to nail down August 16, 2016
JACKSONs of Steeple. There are a number of JACKSONs who are linked to Steeple by either land holdings or marriage - or are connected on the basis of my hunches. Many of them owned sizable land holdings in Steeple, Holywell & the town of Antrim – all very close together, as well as some holdings in nearby Loonburn Co. of Antrim. August 16, 2016
1713 December 13. NAMES: Henry ARKWRIGHT of Dublin & Coleraine; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin & Coleraine; John REILLY, Brewer of Proper Lane aka Phapper lane aka Fapper Lane, Oxmantown, Dublin; Terrance REILLY; Whitfeld BOYNE; Michael DOYLE; Thomas COOK; William PARRY. August 5, 2016
1753 May 21 Will of Charlotte PRINGLE nee OLIVER * Major update - all new footnotes. I do not know who these people are, but there are many deed connections between the OLIVER and PRINGLE families in Co. Tyrone & Armagh (and in particular with John PRINGLE). The PRINGLE family were known to be English. Of particular note is the mention of the parents of Charlotte Pringle née OLIVER, Dr. William & Elizabeth OLIVER, as well as her sisters, Susan and Caroline (both unmarried at the time of the will) and Elizabeth who had married ACLAND, Harriet who had married SPRAGUE, a brother William OLIVER. Other names: Ralph ALLEN, David BARTLEY, Randolf MARRIOTT or HARRIOT, Thomas CLARK, Mrs. GRAVES, Mrs. ADKINS, Mr. and Mrs. CHOYNES, Lady WALLACE[?], James SPARROW, Henry WRIGHT and Edward HOUSE. Dr. William OLIVER, executor was living at the time of the will. August 2, 2016
Memorials of Deeds of Coleraine. This is my first stab at making sense of the many Coleraine JACKSONs by using information in of deeds. In the process, I uncovered several errors in my initial notes which are posted on my web site. Correcting them means totally redoing the tables, so I will update those as soon as I can get to it. Please let me know if you have anything to add or correct. PS: One helpful tool that helped to prevent me becoming utterly lost was the article by Bill Macaffe: Map of the Baronies and Civil Parishes of Co. Londonderry. July 13, 2016
GRIFFINs of Newry. The intergenerational wobbly bits are noted in the notes on each name. They can be found in my Rootsweb tree. There is also more detail in the GRIFFIN tree which starts in the mid-1800s. July 7, 2016
1836 April 18 NAMES: John KIDD; Philip GRIFFIN; Trevor CORRY; Samuel REID; Mary PATTERSON; Richard Jebb BROWNE; John CORBETT- all of Newry. NOTE: I have also included extensive quotes from grave markers to indicate how closely some of the neighbours were. July 6, 2016
1773 January 31 NAMES: Alexander GILLESPIE of Kells, Co. Meath; William BREAKEY of Drumskelt, Co. Monaghan; Widow POULSON of Ballybay, Michael POULSON, of Ballybay; Thomas SMITH; John ROGERS; William SCOTT. July 5, 2016
A lengthy blog post on Killynure - the life of a house. July 4, 2016
I have done a significant update of the page on Deeds of Co. Kildare - adding more deeds, links and facts, July 4, 2016
1806 Dec 29 NAMES: James STEPHENS & William McWILLIAMS of Town of Armagh; James MACKEY aka MACKAY of Kennedies; Leonard DOBBIN of Armagh; John PRINGLE of Lime Park, Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Francis PRINGLE of Lime Park; Mary OLIVER and Elizabeth OLIVER of Armagh City; Joseph OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg; John ORR; Thomas WALSH; John MATTHEWS; James BIRCH. July 4, 2016
1774 Mar 23. NAMES: William LECKY aka LECK aka LACKEY of Corryhagan Parish of Aghnamullan, Co. Monaghan; Isaiah BREAKEY of Millford; Elinore LECKY; Thomas LECKY; John MONAGHAN; John CHERRY; Arthur IRWIN; Joseph WARREN. July 4. 2016
1761 October 2. Marriage settlement. NAMES: William BAILLIE of Dromore, Co. Monaghan; William WALLACE of Newry; Elinor WALLACE née BAILLIE; Elizabeth BAILLIE, wife of William BAILLIE; Ezekial BULLOCK of Dublin; Matthew MURPHEY of Dundalk. OTHER PLACES: Lurganmore & Tullyarnot aka Tullanacrunat, both of Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan. July 3, 2016
1750 Sept 7. NAMES: Thomas VERNER of Dublin; David BREACHY aka BREAKEY of Corduffles, Co. Monaghan; James McKNIGHT; John BELL of Corryhagen; John LECKY jr son of John LECKY of Corryhagen; Hugh FOREMAN son of Robert FOREMAN of Corryhagen; William BREACHY son of Joseph BREACHY of Corryhagen; James WILSON of Ballybay; John MULLAN of Corryhagen; July 2, 2016
April 6 1840 Marriage Agreement. NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Enagh, Co. Armagh aka Andrew Bradford OLIVER; Mary Jane OLIVER nee HAYES; William OLIVER jr. of Killinure; James HAYES of Maghery, Co. Armagh. Thomas MOORHEAD; David SCARLET; Thomas APPLEBY; John Robert HAYES; John McKINSTRY; John DAVIDSON. June 26, 2016
1833 March 26 NAMES: James BOWES Jr. & James BOWES Sr. & John BOWES of Newbliss. Robert McCULLAGH & Jane McCULLAGH of Kilnamuddy; John McCARTER of Drumgriston; Robert MARTIN of Newbliss; Rev. Andrew JOHNSTON of Newbliss; James WRIGHT & John WRIGHT of Clinto; Mary BARTLEY otherwise BOWES & James BARTLEY of Ballybay. NOTE: See also: ROD 1838 22 6. 1838 Oct 25. Rev Andrew McCULLOGH-Marianne FISHER marriage article. June 26, 2016
1854 May 20. Will of Robert McCULLA of Armagh City. NAMES: Robert McCULLA; Anna Maria McCULLA; Philip West WALKER; George McCLELLAN; Peter WIlliam FITZGERALD; John McCLELLAN; William McCULLA; Robert Wallace McCULLA; Sarah McCULLA; William McCULLA jr.; Catherine McCULLA; Jane McCULLA; Henry McCULLA; Frederick McCULLA; Eliza McCULLA; Robert TEMPLE; John RITCHIE; William BOYD; William Jacob JENKINSON; Robert CAMPBELL; Robert MOON. June 25, 2016
McCULLAGH Connections. Not all these McCULLAs, McCULLOHs, or McCULLAGHs or what have you are known to be related. I have assembled this table as a first step to determining what if any relationships there may be between those McCULLAGHs who lived in Antrim, Armagh, Monaghan and Down. NOTE: In my family tree, I have recorded most of the variant names as McCULLAGH (including McCULLA, McCULLOH, McCULLOGH etc). It makes them easier to track, and sometimes several spellings of the surname are included in a single document such as my Rootsweb tree. NOTE: This is a work in Progress. June 24, 2016
A massive updating of my notes on memorials of deeds. There are now about 4,500 deeds that I have some level of notes on, including complete transcriptions for a few hundred. SEE: Links to Deeds. June 23, 2016
McCULLAGH mentions in PRONI Freeholders. NOTE: This chart that does not include landlords, rates and where registered (which I have in a chart too complex to load). I have also included some but not all variant spellings included. There are also a few other names included because of their suspected relationships with McCULLAGHs. Also, some of the documents were hard to read and I may have made errors of transcription. Cross-referencing this chart with other documents is always a good idea. June 10, 2016
1672 January 17. Will of Agnes JACKSON widow of Rev. Francis JACKSON NAMES: Agnes JACKSON née WHITTRIGGE; Rev. Francis JACKSON (deceased); Alan PRICKITT aka Alan PRICKETT; John HADWEN; Stephen WHITTRIGGE; Henry WASHINGTON; Elizabeth PRICKETT née WHITTRIGGE; Christopher BATEMAN; Mrs. DUCKETT; Richard DUCKETT; George (?)AFE; Robert BANNISTER.. PLACES: Kirkby Kendal; Warton; Watland; Hutton; Kirkby Lonsdale. March 26, 2016
1733 Jan 21 Probate of Rev. Robert JACKSON. NAMES: Rev. Robert JACKSON; Abigail BUCKLEY née JACKSON also CROFTON; Richard MANSERGH; John OVEREND; Samuel PEPLOE; Rodger REMMINGTON; Isaac LETOUSSEY; John PHILIPSON. PLACES: Tatham, Lancashire. March 21, 2016
1784 November 26 Will of Miles North. NAMES: Miles NORTH; Edward Jackson NORTH; William BORDRIGGE; Oliuver NORTH; Anthony ATKINSON; Richard Tomlin NORTH; Lieut. Miles NORTH; Mary Anne NORTH; James COCK; Mrs. HALL aka REMINGTON; Reginald REMINGTON; Elizabeth NEEDHAM; Frederick Richard NEEDHAM; Croaslane MOLONY; John PARKINSON; John WATKINSON; Robert LUCAS. PLACES: Manor of Whittington; Jackson Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale; Co. Meath lands; Casterton, Westmorland. March 16, 2016
1695 July 29. NAMES: Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Rev Leonard JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON (later Wife of William BUCKLEY and then of Sir Oliver CROFTON); Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Agnes HOLDEN; Rebecca MOON; John JOHNSON sr.; Henry JOHNSON; James BORDRIGGE; John JOHNSON. PLACES: Whittington. March 11, 2016
1679 January 15. Will of Rev. Richard JACKSON. NAMES: Richard JACKSON; William JACKSON; Richard BAYLEY; Rev. Leonard JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON; William BUCKLEY; Sir Oliver CROFTON; Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Ruth JACKSON; Richard JACKSON jr.; Hellen JACKSON; Dorothy WALKER née JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Hannah BOND née JACKSON; Sir John OTWAY; Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Bryan DAWNEY aka DAWNIE; John JOHNSTON; Henry JOHNSTON; Nathaniel WATERMAN; Leonard TOWNSON; Rev. John BRIGGS aka BRIGGES. William SLATER; PLACES: Kirkby Lonsdale; Whittington; Coleraine; Biggins. March 10, 2016
1594 Will of Leonard JACKSON. NAMES: Leonard JACKSON; Alice JACKSON; Roger JACKSON; Christopher JACKSON; Christopher HEWSON aka HEWITSON; John LUNDE; William MOORE; William HOLME; Nicholas GARNETT; Thomas JACKSON; Henry JACKSON. PLACES: Casterton; Kirkby Lonsdale. March 3, 2016

JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale and Lancashire. This tree includes the famed blacksmiths who did much work that still stands in Kirkby Lonsdale today. My personal interest in this tree is twofold:

·       I am curious to find out whether this branch is connected to William JACKSON (abt 1575-1626) of Kirkby Lonsdale (the lands he once owned included the land where the current Royal Hotel can be found). This line of JACKSONs had several sons who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s: Coleraine and Dublin, as well as elsewhere.

·       This branch may also be connected to the JACKSONs who were active in Drogheda in the mid-1600s. They were part of the emergent yeoman, merchant, tradesman class (there seem to have been overlaps).

March 3, 2016
1626 Apr 20 Will of William JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland. This William JACKSON was the father of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) of Kirkby Lonsdale. This son gave this William at least 20 grandchildren, many of whom settled in Ireland. NAMES: William JACKSON; Frances or Francis JACKSON (?); Nicholas BORRETT; Jane BORRETT née WILSON; Mary JACKSON née SLATER; Francis JACKSON; Christopher GRIDDARD (or GILDARD); John JACKSON; Henry RICCI[?]GY; Wilson?; Agnes JACKSON;  Thomazen TINDALL (?);  Christopher GOUGH; Edward WILSON; William [BERKERS? HERBERT?]; John SPENCER; John [JAXON?]; James SMYTH; Anne TRAYNER(?); PLACES: Kirkby Lonsdale; Underly Hall; Nether Levens Hall; March 2, 2016
1647 probate of will of Richard JACKSON of Middleton, Westmorland. NOTE- The inventory of his assets was dated 1641, although the probate cover sheet says 1647, and the will itself was dated 1638. The BAINBRIGGE family, mentioned in this will, intermarried with various branches of the JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale families - notably,with an OTWAY and a NORTH intermarriage. There were likely others that we will unravel in the fullness of time. NAMES: Richard JACKSON; Mrs. JACKSON; John JACKSON; Isobel JACKSON; John THIRNBECK; Thomas BAINBRIGGE; Richard BAINBRIGGE; John BAINBRIGGE; Edward BAINBRIGGE; Alice BAINBRIGGE. PLACES: Middleton, Kendal, Westmorland. March 2, 2016
Middleton in Lonsdale, Westmorland Parish Register. The purpose of this post is because I am tracking JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmorland and environs. Many of these JACKSONs settled in Ireland in the 1600s, and their descendants put down long-term roots. This is part of an attempt to sort them out. I have appended two wills beneath showing in the late 1500s: Hugh JACKSON=Isobel BAINBRIGGE, children: Miles JACKSON & Margaret JACKSON March 1, 2016
JACKSONs of Kings Co. aka Offaly. The main purpose of this page is to explore the links between various JACKSONs of Grange, Parish of Sierkieran, Kings Co. The clusterings of parishes where JACKSONs can be found is likely meaningful in terms of familial connections. February 27, 2016
Index of Jackson Family Trees. There are now more than three dozen JACKSON family tree posted to my web site. My interest is in tracing the connections of JACKSONs from England and Scotland who settled in Ireland, as well as the interconnections between the various lines of JACKSONs who lived in Ireland. I am also interested in those whose family arms included the image of three birds, preferably shovellers or sheldrakes aka shelducks. There is a strong likelihood – albeit proof is a work in progress - that these JACKSONs are all related - albeit distantly. February 27, 2016
JACKSONs of Knockbreda. The early roots of this line of Jacksons in Co. Down – presuming there are earlier roots to be found in Co. Down – may be connected to the James JACKSON of Ballymiscaw, Parish of Dundonald. That James JACKSON was a son of Gilbert JACKSON, and his likely dates would make him to be in the right time frame to be a grandfather of Robert Jackson (1815-1884) beneath. The tree for that line of JACKSONs is at The Jacksons of Co. Down. The names and dates are all based on evidence prepared for Oinri Jackson. Sources are available on request. December 15, 2015
1874 Oct 8 probate of Will of Margaret BRADFORD (1786-1874) NAMES: Margaret BRADFORD; Mary REID née M’CULLAGH; Rev. Wiliam REID; James McCULLAGH; Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH; Sarah McCULLAGH; PLACES; John McCULLAGH; Andrew Bradford OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER; Margaret OLIVER; Eliza NORRIS née Eliza OLIVER; George NORRIS; Margaret JACKSON; Sarah JACKSON; David JACKSON; James JACKSON; Bessie BROWN née Elizabeth JACKSON; Thompson BROWN; Mary MENARY; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON; James JACKSON; Mrs. John DONALDSON née Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON; Mary Jane OLIVER; Alexander DICKIE; John DICKIE. PLACES: Derryvalley; Urker; Cavananore; Roachdale aka Annaghavackey. December 1, 2015
Kane Graveyard in the townland of Kane, Parish of Kane, Barony of Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth. This was a graveyard in County Louth where Presbyterians from nearby were buried. The versions contributed by Mr. P. Crossle, and published in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, Vol. VIII. no. 4 (1911) have been included with Noel Ross’s transcriptions when the two versions differed (probably because of further erosion of the stones that occurred between the first and last transcriptions). November 22, 2015
1749 Feb 24 & 1759 July 26 (two deeds) NAMES: Anne ROBINSON nee JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Rev. Daniel JACKSON; James GRATTAN; Jane JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Francis EVANS; Catherine GUNNING; Robert ROBINSON; Peter SHEE. PLACES: Drumloren; Markethill. NOTE: There is more work to do on this part of the family tree. I suspect there are a few lurking errors. October 10, 2015
William OLIVER b abt 1800 - probably of Cavanagarven.. At present, it is hard to say where this William originated from, or who his parents were. There was a presence of OLIVERs in the region – at Lislooney, mentioned in a deed in 1718. The family farmed there until the mid-1800s. There was likely a connection. Also, the OLIVERs living closer to Armagh – Ennislare, Ballynahonebeg, Ballyrea etc – had leases to mills nearby in Derryhaw in the late 1700s and early 1800s. October 1, 2015
Henry OLIVER (1803-1884) of Ballymoran descendants. Because Ballymoran is on the eastern border of Ennislare – where a William OLIVER (1730-1816) held land, and is also on the southern border of Farmacaffley (aka SherranmcAghully) where Andrew OLIVER held land in 1664, I suspect this family will turn out to have a connection to these OLIVERs. Ballymoran is also just one townland east of Ballynahone, where William OLIVER (bef 1700-aft1730) and Elizabeth HARDY lived. Henry OLIVER (1803-1884) was a member of a family that remained Church of Ireland. October 1, 2015
Working from OLIVER death certificates in Co. Armagh. I have used date from a range of sources to locate where these deaths fit within known family trees. There is always more to learn. October 1, 2015
The only portion of the 1766 Religious Census for Co. Armagh - that survived - was the part from Creggan Parish, some of which is on my site. None of the pages for Co. Monaghan have survived. In this census, the term “Protestant” included the names of men who were both Church of Ireland and Protestant dissenters, such as Presbyterian. September 25, 2015
OLIVERs from Armagh in British Military: The name "David" from parish of Tynan is particularly interesting to me. September 23, 2015
These are the OLIVERs who signed the 1912 covenant to indicate that they opposed Home Rule. The people who signed this covenant all wanted Ulster to remain part of the UK. Their signatures on this document can be useful when matched with instances of their signatures on deeds. It is interesting as much for those OLIVERs who signed as for those OLIVERs who didn't (It wasn't completely along sectarian lines). NOTE: If anyone can add to My notes, this would help me to sort out which ones are near relations to each other. Thanks. September 22, 2015
Eliza Oliver's (1815-1903) handwritten history. These two pages were amongst several documents which Christine Wright recently discovered at Gilford Castle. I first saw them on May 7th, 2015. Based on both the handwriting and the content, they were written by Eliza Oliver (1815-1903). It is most likely that they were written for her granddaughter Mary Menary. This is the oldest written version of Oliver family history that I have been able to find so far. September 22, 2015
1893 December 1 Freemans Journal John Oliver sen. (1841-1909) was 52 years old when he took on these two Orangemen, and defended his 25 year old son, John Oliver jr. (1868-?). The case against them was dismissed by a judgement delivered by the Resident Magistrate and three Justices of the Peace. These men were predominately, if not entirely, Protestant. At present, I know nothing about Joseph Prentice and John Burdon, other than they were Orangemen who were under the influence of drink. September 18, 2015
OLIVERs in St. Peter's Church records: Thomas OLIVER b, 1655; Thomas OLIVER d 1657; Benjamin OLIVER b. 1669, son of Richard OLIVER. Septmebr 18, 2015
OLIVERs of Armagh. This chart captures all of the deeds research and newspaper transcriptions that I have done to date that concern the OLIVERs of Armagh. More are to come, but I am sharing them now so others can get a leg up with their lines. NOTE: This file exceeds 80 pages in length. Septmber 11, 2015
Hearth Money Rolls for Armagh 1664. I have worked from two main sources: Fáilte Romhat and Sean Ruad in order to suss out what their contemporary name might be. My hunches are based on the sounds of names as well as which page they show up in the Registry (which may be misleading) as well as connections in later deeds. NOTE: This is reformatting of an old page that had glitches. September 11, 2015
1829 February 27 & 1831 Mar 11 Belfast Newsletter. I have posted them on the page of newspaper links, although I have not put them in their own separate page as yet. September 1, 2015
Oliver Probates: National Archives Index. As you can see from the blanks, there is still more data to add, but I thought it might help if I posted what I had so far. By matching them with census data, it makes it easier to get a fix on who some of these people are. August 30, 2015
Olivers of Lislooney. There is mounting evidence that the OLIVERs of Lislooney were closely related – at least at the 1st cousin level - in the early 1700s to the OLIVERs of Farmacaffley aka Sherranmcaghully, Parish Of Eglish, Co. Armagh and to the OLIVERs of Tattykeel, Parish Of Kildress, and hence to several other lines - including the OLIVERs of Killynure. I will be writing a post about the suspected links, and their implications for future research. August 29, 2015
Olivers starting in Tattykeel, Co. Tyrone in the mid-1600s. I would caution to reader to take the first few generations of this OLIVER tree with a grain of salt. It is my first serious attempt to begin to make some sense of this line. August 29, 2015
1825 Feb 24 Dublin Evening Post NAMES: The bankruptcy of James OLIVER, son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh; James WALLACE & Sons. August 28, 2015

Freehold Records for OLIVER NOTE: PRONI's freeholders records come from a variety of sources. They include registers of men who had registered to vote (excluding all those whose land status prohibited them from voting) as well as poll books which showed the lists of voters and who they voted for.

August 27, 2015
1851 May 9 Dublin Evening Mail NAMES: Mary Campbell; James OLIVER; Letitia OLIVER; William BROOKE; John McKINSTRY. PLACES: Lisluney aka Lislooney aka Lisloony. August 25, 2015
1852 November 30 Dublin Evening Mail NAMES: Mary CAMPBELL of Portinaghy, Co. Monaghan; Robert KILLEN; James OLIVER son of Benjamin OLIVER; Letitia OLIVER; Benjamin Robert OLIVER; James WALL; James Scott MOLLOY; Henry George JOHNSTON; Joseph MATTHEWS; John McINSTRY; John VOGEN. PLACES: Lislooney, Parish of Tynan; Cavanapole. August 25, 2015
1869 February 26 Ulster Gazette. John OLIVER is charged with stealing potatoes at Tullymore, Co. Armagh. This is a most curious case, one I have never seen the like of. Once can only guess at the circumstances which precipitated it. August 25, 2015
1880 July 17 Belfast Morning News. NAMES: John OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; William COUSER; William OLIVER; David JACKSON; Elizabeth OLIVER; Thomas JACKSON. PLACES: Lisdrumard; Knockagraphy; Drumgar. August 24, 2015
1875 April 28 OLIVER vs COUSER. NAMES: William OLIVER of Killynure; William COUSER; William MENARY; Edward LITTON; T.P. LYNCH; Marshall CLARKE; Unnamed BELL. PLACES: Enaugh, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. August 24, 2015
William OLIVER & Elizabeth HARDY. The first 6 generations of William OLIVER and Elizabeth HARDY. Oral history places them in the area near Ballynahone before the Battle of the Boyne. This makes it exceedingly likely that they were related to the other OLIVERs who show up in the region in the 1670s. Oral history dating back to the mid-1800s also claims that they were Huguenots. This makes it likely that they settled in Ireland sometime around the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. August 21, 2015
1854 September 23. Testimony of Captain George Julius DARE. He was the father of Amelia Lydia DARE, and hence the father-in-law of Sir Thomas Jackson. Although he died long before TJ arrived in Hong Kong, his business and family connections were of considerable use to TJ, and hence to HSBC. His Singapore ship chandler business was situated about 100 metres away from where HSBC built its main Singapore office decades later, in 1892. His sons carried on after his death, based at first at Yokohama, and then at Singapore. One of his sons, Alfred Henry DARE was the last junior to be recruited for HSBC from the region. July 31, 2015
The TOLLEMACHE-PARKE-DARE family connections as they relate to Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944). This is a work in progress - but already the original text and footnotes run to 9 pages. I decided that it was time to stop going down a rabbit hole, and to share what I have so far in the hopes that others - especially my cousins - will be able to help me to learn more. I have also done an updated family tree based on the research that I have done so far relating to this document. See: MURRAY-TOLLEMACHE-PARKE. July 13, 2015
Jacksons in Co. Kildare townlands. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Much of this data is in various other documents on my site, so this is simply another way of looking at it. Perhaps with a fresh perspective. All three of these Jackson family trees deserve more attention, as do the strays who are yet to be connected. I have also included a map. June 28, 2015
A sigificant update of the Jacksons of Co. Kildare deeds. This page does not include all notes on deeds relating to Co. Kildare - only the ones who were involved in leasing or owning lands in that County. The probates page was also updated. June 28, 2015
Jacksons of Clounagh, Parish of Drumcree, Co. Armagh and later of Lisburn. This family starts with a couple of Ralph JACKSONs in Co. Armagh, then a Roger JACKSON who seems to have started at Clounagh, but then set up house in grand style in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. June 18, 2015
Ceylon, Malta and Emeu passenger lists. This page is a companion piece to the letters which describe Thomas JACKSON's first trip from Marseilles to Hong Kong. June 13, 2015
1870 April 22 Thomas JACKSON is writing from Shanghai to his Aunt Mary Jane OLIVER at Cavananore. He mentions his sisters: Bessie (aka Elizabeth), Mary, Sally (aka Sally) and Margaret (aka Peggy) June 10, 2015
1868 February 2 Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) at Shanghai to Mary JACKSON (1844-1921) at Urker near Crossmaglen, South Armagh, Ireland. June 9, 2015
1865 April 15 TJ to Mary JACKSON. Thomas Jackson is writing from Hong Kong, after being in the employ of the Agra Bank for three months. He is twenty-three years old. A friend, Lane, is on the staff and the two of them live at the Agra Bank House with the Manager. The manager is not named, but Henry NOBLE (1833-1866) was the manager of the Agra Bank at this time. His wife, Catherine Isabella Haywood NOBLE, died on November 15th, 1865 in the Agra Bank House, Hong Kong, I presume that she and her husband and their three children: Henry Haywood Noble, Ada Catherine Noble and Edith Isabella (who was born in Hong Kong on October 24, 1864) also lived there. I need to confirm this. June 7, 2015
1865 January 14. On this dayThomas Jackson arrived in Hong Kong for the very first time. He was 23 years old, and had a contract to work for the Agra and Masterman's Bank. He started work an hour and a half after first setting foot on shore. June 7, 2015

1864 December 13. Sent from Bombay. On November 12th, 1864, a month before Thomas Jackson wrote this letter to his sister Mary, he had signed a contract with Agra and Masterman’s Bank to work in Hong Kong. He had received £137.10 for Passage Money and Travelling Expenses.

June 6, 2015
1864 September 2. Thomas Jackson had his last day as a clerk at the Belfast branch of the Bank of Ireland on Wednesday August 30tht, and this letter was written three days later on Friday. June 5, 2015
2015 Additions to Deeds research. I am still incorporating these new additions to my deeds research, but since that will take weeks (there are 46 pages of transcripts here – and several family lines to pin them to), I thought that perhaps we all might benefit by sharing what we know before then. Some of the inevitable spelling errors will be thanks to my typos (I go like a bat out of hell when I take down these notes – my time is so limited). Other errors may have been in the record that I was working with. June 5, 2015
1863 September 23This is the earliest letter that we have that was written by the future Sir Thomas JACKSON - all thanks to Christine Wright. At the time of writing, Thomas is 22 years old, and a bank clerk in Belfast. He is writing to a much loved and respected 80 year old great-aunt. Given the political discussion, it is worth revisiting letters from the husband of this aunt which throw light on the DONALDSONs political involvements with key players in the United Irish movement of the late 1700s June 3, 2015
I have assembled a number of Luke JACKSONs (mostly of Antrim) into a table, and sorted it by date to see what perks up. There are several strays that I suspect will be solved by further work in the Deeds Registry. March 23, 2015
These are deeds starting in 1825 that I have either read, or else tagged for further attention. They focus on family names of interest to me, but of course, many other fish are caught in such a net. The document is at least 55 pages long, so hopefully is not too cumbersome for most readers. March 23, 2015
Ballyprior Graveyard, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim. These Jacksons all tie into the JACKSONs of Islandmagee and trace back to the JACKSONs of Loonburn and possibly the JACKSONs of Steeple. March 19, 2015
Family Trees of Jacksons of Steeple & Loonburn & Islandmagee. It seems likely that the George JACKSON (1773-1797) in the first tree, whose ancestors owned land at Steeple, Parish of Antrim is a good possibility for the George (or Luke) JACKSON (b. abt 1775) in the second tree who owned land at Loonburn. The date for the latter is a hunch based merely on the birthdate of his first known son. I will be researching this further when I am next in PRONI (April 2015). March 19, 2015
The Jacksons of Steeple page has had a significant edit - maps and more tables have been added. March 19, 2015
There are only bits of the 1851 Census available. Here are some JACKSON bits - from Larne, Co. Antrim. March 18, 2015
These are the OLIVERs in Ireland who were high enough up in the social register to be referred to as "Gent". March 18, 2015
The Jacksons of Loonburn, Co. Antrim are connected to the JACKSONs of Steeple, Co. Antrim. Part of my work this spring will be figuring out how they connect. NOTE: I have included some Islandmagee JACKSONs because they are descendants of the Loonburn and likely of the Steeple JACKSONs and hence will turn out to be pertinent. March 18, 2018
Many of the JACKSONs of Christ's College are members of families who resided in Ireland. March 18, 2015
Jacksons in A Directory to the market towns, villages, gentlemen’s seats and other noted Places in Ireland. This is a smattering of JACKSONs who qualified to be called "Gent" in 1814. March 18, 2015
The records of Millrow First Presbyterian Church reveal a number of JACKSONs from a number of townlands surrounding the town of Antrim. There were also other JACKSONs in these townlands, and they likely attended the Church of Ireland. March 18, 2015
The Probates of JACKSONs in Co. Antrim reveal a remarkable level of interconnections. Most of the ancestors of these families are likely to have been in Antrim since the mid-1600s. I have assembled this using probates available from the indexes at National Archives - sorted by date and have annotated then with additional information from Census and other sources. March 18, 2015
The Book of Dignities. These are some JACKSONs of note in the British Empire. March 8, 2015
1659 August 5. Will of Robert JACKSON. NAMES: Robert JACKSON of Kirkby Kendall, Westmorland; John ARCHER; Jane JACKSON; Grace JACKSON née SANDS; Grace JACKSON (daughter); Robert JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON of Whitehaven; John NEWTON; Thomas MACKERETH; Arthur FISHER; George FISHER; Dorothy RAWLINSON; Jenet ROBINSON; Thomas STAINBANKE; Agnes WARDE; Thomas SANDES; Thomas BRATHWAITE; Mathers RICHARDSON; George BIRKHEADE; Robert HARRISON; George JOBSON; Miles ESKRIGGE; Roger ASKERED. OTHER PLACES: ; Ambleside, Cumberland. February 20, 2015
Amy Lloyd's History Transcriptions from her Notebook. This is a section of one of the notebooks kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD (1874-1962), daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915). Most of it is accurate, but not all. For example, she notes that Sir Thomas had 8 children, when he had 9 - including her twin Edith Bradford JACKSON who died as an infant. February 20, 2015

My intention is to shed light on several lines of JACKSONs who ended up in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s. They may or may not be related, but many of the mid-1600s English settlers in Ireland (especially around Coleraine) were alleged to have originated from Westmorland. This is what makes the Parish of St. Mary’s Kirkby Lonsdale so intriguing. There were not only many JACKSON families included in their parish, but several who were known to have settled in Ireland. The frequency of certain naming patterns leads me to suspect that they may be related. SEE: Christenings; Burials; Marriages.

February 11, 2015
1655 will of Thomas JACKSON, schoolmaster of Penrith, Co. Cumberland. I did some work on this on the offchance he may tie into other JACKSONs in the area who were connected to Ireland in the early 1600s. February 11, 2015
John JACKSON & Samuel PEPYS connections. I will be doing more work on this, but a connection has turned up between the JACKSONs of Clapham, Surrey, England with the BRABAZON family, Earls of Meath. January 23, 2015
BAILIE- Annotated Prerog Chart. This annotated chart of BAILIEs (and other variants of the surname) is to help find links to the BAILIEs of Co. Louth - in part by the process of elimination. December 3, 2014
BAILIE - Probate abstracts. An annotated chart of BAILIEs who seem to tie into the BAILIEs of Co. Louth - wills noted at PRONI. December 3, 2014
Jacksons of Killyman Parish. These JACKSONs of Killyman, Co. Armagh are not "my JACKSONs" - at least as far as I know, but I am curious about migrations of early JACKSONs in Ireland. I am sharing this in the hopes that we can all learn more. NOTE: This page was made possible thanks to transcriptions by Peter McWilliam. December 3, 2014
1899 August 19. A letter to Thomas Jackson from the Institute of Bankers in Ireland. November 20, 2014
1864 August 30. This letter is to Thomas Jackson on the day he left employment in Belfast at the Bank of Ireland. November 20, 2014
Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Creggan, County Armagh. 1864. This is a work in progress. I am collating what I know about various family members in the Parish of Creggan. As a side bit, I also looked at holdings where the lessors or lessees were women. The beauty of a table format, is that it is possible to sort it either by name or townland. October 16, 2014
1841 May 6. Apprehension of murderer of William HILL. NAMES: Hugh IRWIN aka HARRISON; CALLAGHAN; William HILL (husb. Esther COULTER); Gordon S. HOLMES. PLACES: Ballsmill. October 7, 2014
1775 June 11thBelfast Newsletter. NAMES: Major Thomas JOHNSTON; Angel WRAY; Henry JOHNSTON. PLACES: Camilly aka Camly; Plattin aka Coolford. September 29, 2014
1874 April 27. Irish Times. Notice re: probate of William MENARY of Maghery, Co. Armagh. I note that the lawyer Alexander McCOMBE had offices on Dame St., which were near where Thompson BROWN's father also had an office. September 28, 2014
1851 May 5. The Belfast Newsletter. The murder of Samuel COULTER (1810-1851) of Shortstone. September 28, 2014
1781 March 2. Belfast Newsletter: Andrew OLIVER at Newtownhamilton lease under Dean HAMILTON. September 28, 2014
1779 October 26-29. Belfast Newsletter. NAMES: Thomas JACKSON (murdered); Gawen McBRATNEY; William & Patrick JACKSON; James JACKSON; Jannet JACKSON; John JACKSON; WIlliam JACKSON. PLACES: Ravera; Ballynahinch; Raffrey, all in Co. Down. September 28, 2014
1730 August 17. Lease of land. NAMES: Edward TIPPING; Richard JONES; John JOHNSTON. PLACES: Lissaraw; Drumbally; Coolderry; Mount Hill; Dollardstown; Killock. September 28, 2014
December 25, 1915. This letter gives a touching description of the funeral of Sir Thomas Jackson. It is part of the family news from Alfred Markham TOWNSEND (1847-1939) to his daughter Effie STABB. September 24, 2014
The Fight for Killynure. Andrew Bradford OLIVER (1818-1877) the youngest son of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) of Killynure contested the will of his older brother, William OLIVER (abt1809-1873). The problem lay in the will of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) which had not been rewritten since the birth of Andrew, his youngest son. When Knockagraphy was sold in 1880, legal opinion was that “Ben and John OLIVER” should have each received a third. One assumption (based on a great deal of circumstantial evidence) is that Ben was a son of Andrew Coulter OLIVER. This is likely true, but I still do not know who John was. My hopes is that by setting this in a chronological format, others can take these kinds of questions one step further. September 24, 2014
1915 December - paper unknown. This account complements the account written in the London and China Telegraph, December 24, 1915. It adds a few more names of those in attendance, especially of TJ's daughters at the Stanstead funeral. It also gave more detail on a few others, some of which I have included in the annotations of that version. September 5, 2014
1967 May 16. The Montreal Gazette. Sir Arthur MORSE was another of the Irishmen who served as managers of HSBC. September 5, 2014
1863 November 26. This article is of particular interest to me since Thomas Jackson made his first voyage to Hong Kong via the Overland Route with P&O a year after this sailing. It is a list of complaints by passengers who arrived on the Oriental Steamer Salsette on October 27, 1863. The details are delicious. Their experience, less so. September 5, 2014
1915 December 24. The London and China Telegraph obituary with accounts of both the Funeral at Stanstead and the Memorial Service held at All Hallows September 1, 2014
1911 February 27. A brief snippet about Sir Thomas Jackson from the Morning Post reprinted in 1936. August 10, 2014
1748 February 20. This deed links Andrew TODD with several JACKSONs and Hugh REA. A couple more deeds in this vicinity and timeframe would be helpful. Until then, this is the best that I can do. See also The Jacksons of County Down, as well as 1711 February 18. August 5, 2014
1923 September 6. The Massive Earthquake in Yokohama in 1923 leveled a good part of the town, and killed and wounded thousands. A preliminary list in the September 6th, 1923 edition of the Oakland Tribune in California gives the names of known victims and survivors. Included are the ones associated with banking, and in particular HSBC. August 2, 2014
JACKSON Freeholders of Castlereagh. Extracted from PRONI Freeholders records (with a few others thrown in). I searched for John JACKSON, and picked up a few others in the by-catch. July 3, 2014
Probates of JACKSONs of Co. Down. I have also done a tree of the JACKSONs of Co. Down which includes many of these people, and there are many more of them in my tree who are also likely to be connected. This is just a start. There are also later abstracts which can be found at PRONI Will Calendars Search. July 3, 2014
Jacksons and others in Parish of Knockbreda, Barony of Castlereagh Upper. Griffiths valuations. July 3, 2014
BMDs of Co. Down, Parish of Knockbreda register gleanings. My focus was on JACKSONs and names known to have married into the family. It is by no means exhaustive, in part because the films I was working with varied in quality - as did my vision, depending on the time of day. July 3, 2014
Jacksons of Rathe, Co. Meath. These are just some random snippets which will hopefully end up being helpful to connect people into older family trees - in particular, those associated with Lisnaboe, Co. Meath & Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. June 19, 2014
1764 May 30 NAMES: Jane INNES, née Mary Jane JACKSON; Colonel James INNES; Robert ACKLAND; Dudley ACKLAND; Mrs. DELAMAIN; Mrs. JAMES; Mrs. DEACON; Mrs. M'LOUGHLIN; Araminta CAULFIELD née JACKSON; Susanna HAMILTON, née JACKSON; Dorothy SHINTON, née BALL; John BALL; Richard JACKSON; Mary HERON; John STEWART; Suzy TAYLOR; Nicola THOMPSON; J. McALESTER; William KENTON. PLACES: Jackson's Hall, Coleraine; Killowen Church. June 14, 2014
Jacksons of Creekstown Co. Meath. There is a story here that is itching to be told about these JACKSONs. I keep scratching, but so far have not got to the bottom of it. These documents might help others put the pieces together. April 18, 2014
1850 Sept 2 Armagh Guardian. This a very short snippet - included because it would have involved people who were well known if not related to JACKSONs and OLIVERs. Apriul 17, 2014
1912 February 16. NAMES: James HALE of Crossmaglen; Dr. William Scott McBRIDE; Eliezer GILMORE; Hugh CORR; Norman McCLEAN; John DONALDSON; Sir Thomas JACKSON; Joseph HALE of Crossmaglen; John J. JOHNSTON of Woodvale, Ballsmill; Rev. Samuel MAYES; John F. JOHNSTON [?]; John T. JOHNSTON [?] John O'CONNOR; Robert J. SCOTT. OTHER PLACES: Cregganban. The memorial references an indenture of February 28, 1882 concerning about 70 acres in the townland of Cregganbane Glebe, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. April 11, 2014
Sharon Oddie Brown's Blog. I write informal pieces which I post on my blog as often as I am able to. The table on this page includes links to all the ones that are connected in one way or another to the research on The Silver Bowl. That way, you don't have to troll through recipes for cocktails and other irrelevant pieces. April 7, 2014
Pieces on my Blog - Far East related. The table on this page includes links to all the pieces on my blog which are connected in one way or another to family connections in the Far East. April 7, 2014
A table of BOLTONs in the Far East.Capt. Charles James BOLTON was Captain of the Glenartney, and was in the employ of Jardine Matheson. Some of the other BOLTONs mentioned may be relations. April 3, 2014
1886 July 29. It is interesting to see this level of attention paid to this level of local politics in England. It concerned William Ramsay SCOTT, a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON, and his stance on Home Rule with respect to Ireland. The 1886 Home Rule bill as proposed by Gladstone was defeated. April 2, 2014
1916 Apr 13. Given that Thomas JACKSON's sister Mary GRIFFIN lived on at Urker, Parish of Creggan until her death in 1921, it is significant that the property did not pass to her, but rather to TJ's son, Thomas Dare Jackson. The valuation documents do not distinguish between the two Sir Thomas JACKSONs. The properties in the Parish of Creggan would have included lands at: Annaghavacky aka Rochdale; Cavananore ; Urcher; and Liscalgot. April 2, 2014
1902 June 26, Thomas JACKSON had already left a month earlier for England, otherwise I suspect there would have been even more festivities to celebrate his baronetcy, as well as the knighthood of Sir Chatchick Paul CHATER, and the companion of the order of St. Michael and St. George for Dr. Ho Kni. April 2, 2014
1902 May 10. This article recognizes Thomas JACKSON's 25 years of service to the Chamber of Commerce. Other names mentioned: C.S. SHARP; Mr. POAT; R.C. WILCOX. April 2, 2014
1903 July 27. David JACKSON's obit: "Of a genial, hospitable, and open-hearted nature, Mr. Jackson was one of the most popular men in Yokohama, and was highly respected by the Japanese, only recently receiving a decoration from the Emperor for his services in connection with the last loan." April 2, 2014
1905 September 27. Statue News. "Sir Thomas is looked upon out in the Orient as the strongest man of his day.  Besides his duties with the corporation he devoted much time and attention to the finances of the Chinese Empire, to whom the Peking officials turned when they found it necessary to negotiate loans for the public good." April 2, 2014
1906 January 23. Of interest in this article, aside from news of the stature for Thomas JACKSON, is the mention of his membership in the Carlton and Thatched House club. I have linked the Club mention to a Wikipedia article - the list of members is fascinating. The Club is also described on its own website: The Carlton Club. Also, Thomas' interest in golf is mentioned in this article. April 2, 2014
1915 December 23. This article gives an account of a speech by Governor Sir Henry MAY on the occasion of the death of Sir Thomas JACKSON. April 2, 2014
1901 November 28. News about JACKSONs settling at Stanstead. Thomas JACKSON to leave Hong Kong for England in March or April 1902. April 2, 2014
1901 December 10, Thomas Dare JACKSON was A.D.C. to Col George Elliot BENSON. When you notice that there was a death rate of 123/160 in one charge, it is easy to appreciate the level of anxiety that the parents of Thomas Dare JACKSON would have felt while their son was engaged in this war. April 2, 2014
1901 November 5. Thomas Dare JACKSON, son of Sir Thomas JACKSON served with British forces in "The South African War". An extensive account of his military career was written by Brian McDonald, and is included in my biography of Thomas Dare JACKSON. April 2, 2014
1899 November 20. This article describes the decay of City Hall in Hong Kong, and includes a most desultory recognition of Thomas JACKSON's gift of a portrait of Queen Victoria. I wonder where it ended up? April 2, 2014
1900 June 7. This is the shortest of reports about Thomas JACKSON and his political views. For a complete version of the speech see: transcription from Journal of American Asiatic Association April 2, 2014
1899 October 31. Sir Henry BLAKE honoured Sir Thomas JACKSON at a private Tiffin Party at Givernment house, and presented him with the letters patent for his knighthood. His accomplishments were grouped with two other Irishmen: Sir John McLeavy BROWN, and Robert HART. JACKSON points out that 2/3rd of his life was lived "here". He referred to the Bank as his No. 1 wife. April 2, 2014
1896 October 29. Thomas JACKSON's cat was killed and eaten by coolies, two of whom were arrested and received a sentence of six weeks hard labour. April 2, 2014
1887 September 9. Thomas Jackson observed an eclipse at Chiuzenji, Nikki. I have not researched and annotated the names of others present: Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood, Colonel Anderson, Mr. AF Satow, Mrs. and the Mrs. Mauran. April 2, 2014
1886 April 12. China Mail version. This article mentions Thomas JACKSONs work in both Hong Kong and the Bank as well as his work with the Legislative Council, and the Victoria Recreation Club. Mention also of William KESWICK. April 2, 2014
1872 Clippings from The Japan Weekly Mail The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 3 I have noted the references to Thomas JACKSON & members of the DARE family. I particularly enjoyed that Thomas JACKSON’s pony, which always finished out of the money in races, was called Dismay March 31, 2014
1873 Clippings from The Japan Weekly Mail The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 4 Of particular interest in the news items included here are references to Thomas Jackson's leadership with respect to his philosophy of assuming personal responsibilty for calls on public generosity. March 31, 2014
JACKSONs in India. NOTE: Not all of the JACKSONs mentioned in The Bengal Obituary have been transcribed and posted on this page. The links to the JACKSONs of Ahenesk are interesting. March 20, 2014
ALLEN - Misc records. These are probates, deaths or appointments with connections to India, or elsewhere in the “Far East”. My purpose is to see if there are any connections to Whitworth Allen (1835-1899). March 20, 2014
1916 July 26. This letter is from Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, a nephew of Sir Thomas. There are also several letters of condolence posted concerning his untimely death. March 15, 2014
Happy Valley Cemetery. In November 2012, I visited Happy Valley Graveyard in Hong Kong. I went specifically to see the graveyard of Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, but also photographed others that fit into the narrative of The Silver Bowl, or else seemed to me as if they might. I will load them onto this page, bit by bit, as time permits. March 15, 2014
ALLENs in London Marriages 1521-1869. I have highlighted bits worth following – for example, the parish of St. Dunstan. I have yet to make a start on the notes. There are also many more names to add to make this a really useful tool, but I have yet to add the marriages of all the ALLEN daughters. There are dozens of them, as well as the remarriages of widowed wives. March 12, 2014
JACKSONs in London Marriages 1521-1869. Some of the JACKSONs who settled in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s are likely to be noted in the entries in this table. I have only made note of two, but will add more as I have the time to research them all. March 12, 2014
Misc SCOTT obits Singapore News & other sources. March 7, 2013
The link between Sir Walter SCOTT- famous poet, and William Ramsay SCOTT, a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON. March 7, 2014
Mentions of SCOTT men (women were not included) in the 1877 and 1879 Trade Directories of China, Japan, the Phillipines &c. Hong Kong. I am curious how many of these SCOTTs are related, in one way or another, to William Ramsay SCOTT (1838-1909). He was a brother-in-law of Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915). My interest is as much with their business connections as it is with their famililial ties. March 7, 2014
Creggan on The Peak. Creggan was the name of Thomas Jackson’s home built in the very early days of construction on The Peak in Hong Kong. It was built sometime between 1877 and 1880. The family went back and forth between England and Hong Kong several times. During the winter, when the weather was more hospitable, they often stayed in HSBC accommodation closer to the bank. I have assembled the following table to help pin down when the Jackson family was in Hong Kong and more precisely when Creggan was built. March 6, 2014
ALLENs in the Far East - a table. Not all of these ALLENs are related to the story of the Silver Bowl. Some are included not only for the purposes of elimination, but also in the hopes that others may find the information to be of use. March 5, 2014
September 8, 1874. This letter was sent to Thomas Jackson the day after the death of his daughter. The theology of the sender, his uncle the Rev. Joseph BARTLEY, was not the kind of theology that Thomas had any respect for in later life. Whether this was true then, I cannot say. February 25, 2014
1891 February 2 Hongkong Daily Press. Years ago, I noted this clipping, but did not know which paper it came from or what it referred to. Now I do. Thanks to Trade Directories, I can also identify the gentleman who was responsible for the decorating. February 13, 2014
1888 Hong Kong Directory of The Peak This is my 3rd transcription of Directories of the listings of the residents of The Peak in Hong Kong. February 10, 2014
1887 Hong Kong Directory of The Peak. Sir Thomas JACKSON was one of the first to build and have his family live on The Peak. He bilt some time between 1877 and 1880. 1887 is the first directory of The Peak where the residents are listed separately from the main directory. February 7, 2014
BROWNs of 1st Ballybay. My interest in these BROWN families is because my g-grandfather Thompson BROWN was born in 1837 in Ednaferkin aka Edenaferkin in Co. Monaghan, son of Samuel BROWN. Samuel BROWN was a merchant on Dame Street in Dublin in the mid-1800s. His wife was Mary STEENSON. I have cobbled together a page of sources showing the BROWN connections to Ednaferkin. February 7, 2014
1889 Peak Directory This annotated version of the 1889 Peak Directory is part of my research connected to the writing of The Silver Bowl. Updated Feb 7, 2014 January 30, 2014
Oliver Photos. Hopefully more will surface, and the links between some of the branches of the Olivers of Armagh will become clearer. January 29, 2014
Photos of the Ruins of Urker Lodge. This page is best viewed in conjuction with two Blogs, not on this site.The first blog shows what I learned from maps showing aspects of the townland of Urker. The second blog piece shows what I learned about the construction of the actual house. December 5, 2013
Leases owned by JACKSONs connected to Urker & Liscalgot. Following the JACKSON leases in the Barony of the Fews, Co. Armagh will likely be a key to several unanswered questions. It came out in court case concerning the murder of George M’Clean on Dec 4, 1846 that a long lease held by Eliza JACKSON was cancelled: One cause assigned for the murder is that Mrs. Jackson was dispossessed of a large farm a few days ago, on the expiration of a long lease, and part of the lands were given to one Middleton, bailiff to the property, and who is nephew to the deceased . Since we do not know which lease it might have been, all are worth investigating. The ones that I know about so far include: Urcher, and Liscalgot in the parish of Creggan; Tulleyagallaghan, Cashel, Ummerinvore, and Tullyvallen in the parish of Newtownhamilton. Updated December 5, 2013 - a dozen new entries and more hyperlinks added. November 22, 2013
December 5, 2013
A significant update on the 1787 indenture re: Tullygallaghan and David JACKSON. The location of the land in question is described: all that farm of land known by the name of Tullyagomore bounded in the West by part of Tulleyagallaghan on the north by Curromonon on the south by Mr. Reed’s farm. Tullyogallaghan is in the Parish of Newtownhamilton, in the Barony of Upper Fews, and the current townland of Dorsey (Macdonald) aka Carrickrovaddy is on its western border. The townland of Cavanakill is on the northern border of Dorsey and is in the parish of Ballymyre. Perhaps back then, it was named Curromonon, or perhaps Curromonon was in the current townland of Dorsey. This is significant, since this David Jackson lease may link back to the JACKSONs of Tullyvallen in the mid-1600s. Based on a deed of 1817, I am guessing that Tullagomore ended up being included in Tullyogallaghan - unless it got included in Dorsey. Regardless, we are within spitting distance of locating the land in this lease. 1817 August 11th is the last date that the family is mentioned in connection with this townland in the documents that I have to date. There are likely more documents to find. November 22, 2013
Jacksons in Co. Tyrone in Griffiths Valuation. More needs to be done to learn more about the family links between these JACKSONs. November 21, 2013
Townlands in Tyrone lease - Thomas JACKSON 1743 July 25. Most of these Tyrone townland names do not appear anywhere else, other than in this lease, in Google searches. The extent of the holdings mentioned in this list of 66 townland names and their alternate names is significant. I have been trying to determine where they all are as part of a clue to unravelling the ancestry of various JACKSON lines. Some of my guesses are pretty far-fetched. I am hoping that people who know more about Tyrone townland names can set me straight, or perhaps add to what I have found out thus far. November 21, 2013
Indented Deed April 10, 1795. NAMES: Andrew MOLLER, Merchant of Dublin; Henry JACKSON, merchant of Dublin; Robert SMYTHE,merchant of Dublin; Richard MOLLEEN (perhaps Richard MOLLER); Joseph HIGGINSON; Andrew FULLER; Robert GRAY; Henry VERNON; John MOORE, Deputy Registrar. PLACES: The lot measuring 84'X221'6" was bounded by Sir John Rogerson's Quay on the north, Kings Watch House on the east; Cody's lane on the south, and Bracken's Lane on the west. October 29, 2013
JACKSONs in the Down Survey. I will add more links to these 5 men as I learn more. For now, knowing the names of the townlands is a great help in moving forward. I intend to look for them next time I am in the deeds registry (nect spring). NOTE: All acreage is in Plantation measure. October 21, 2013
Some Jacksons of Waterford, Ahanesk, Glanbeg & Cork. This tree represents a substantial update of three earlier trees: The Jacksons of Ahanesk, Glanbeg & Waterford. I may have made errors in the merge, so I do hope that eagle-eyed readers will catch them and let me know. October 21, 2013
Major update of Jacksons of Doncaster. I have highlighted the names of those individuals who have a birth, death or marriage connection to Ireland. Although the earliest presence in this tree - so far - seems to be in the late 1700s, it would not surprise me if earlier branches of this family also had major connections with Ireland. The main basis for my suspicion is that the family crest of the JACKSONs of Doncaster included three shovellers (ducks) as did the family crest of the JACKSONs of Coleraine. October 18, 2013
JACKSONs of Woodfieldglen, Co. Wicklow. I have done a major update of a family tree that focuses on the JACKSONs of Woodfieldglen aka Woodfield Glen, Co. Wicklow. I suspect that we are spitting distance from being able to integrate a number of JACKSONs family trees of JACKSONs who have origins in the region, not only in Co. Wicklow. Once that is done, this tree would quickly pop back a generation or two. October 16, 2013
1794 September 26. NAMES: George BINNS of Dame St., ironmonger; James JACKSON of Essex St., China Merchant; Joshua CONNOLLY of Essex St., China Merchant; John CONNOLLY, Deceased; Thomas ADAMS of Dublin, Silversmith; Edward DRAKE; Mister FARRELL; Joseph DICKENSON; John GERAGHTLY and Thomas GERAGHTLY of Golden Lane, Dublin; James CROCKER; John MOORE. October 7, 2013
1794 March 21 Indented deed. NAMES: Nathaniel JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co.; Rachel Maria JACKSON of Meath St., Dublin; Townley AHMUTY; William BRUNTON of Truck St (now Brabazon Ave); Leonard KITSON of Combe St.; Nathaniel JACKSON jr. October 7, 2013

1794 September 26. This deed is the linchpin that connects up several other bits, which enable me to place Thomas JACKSON, and his sons James JACKSON and Richard JACKSON in Dublin in the mid to late 1700s. The St. John’s Church in Dublin records, show an Emmanuel JACKSON (d. 1732) of Essex Bridge, a glassmaker. His wife was Elizabeth CANE, and he had a son Thomas born November 1, 1713. He also had a son John JACKSON b. October 21, 1725, as well as daughters Elinor and Mary (who died as an infant).

October 4, 2013
Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff - Descendants. The JACKSONs who were tanners in the late 1600s, are likely related to JACKSONs of Athy, Co. Kildare, and are also likely to be Quakers, or at very least, closely aligned with them through either marriages or business enterprises. See also: An Outline Tree of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff. October 1, 2013
Deeds and such relating to JACKSONs etc. This page is a simply a compilation of a number of documents relating to JACKSONs, HONEs, HUNTs, and VICARs. It is intended to be a help to anyone researching these interconnected families. October 1, 2013
Descendants of Nathaniel HONE - Detailed Tree. The HONE family and the JACKSONs of Crooked Staff had a number of business ties, and at least one marriage. I have also prepared an Outline Tree. October 1, 2013
GENEALOGICAL NOTES OF THE ROSE FAMILY. This document is intriguing because there seem to be links between Josiah JACKSON of Athy and Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Dublin. October 1, 2013
Jackson Marriages in Dublin records. It has been and will continue to be a huge project to track all these people down. Because of other commitments, I must set it aside for a while. Still, I thought it worthwhile to post in its incomplete form since there is already lots of useful material. I am hoping that others can take the bits that I haven’t done, and let me know if they have information to add. I will update this page as time permits. September 24, 2013
1794 July 16 Lease. NAMES: Right Honourable Robert Lord Viscount Wicklow aka Robert HOWARD; Esther JACKSON née SHARP of Coolamanna aka Coolmana aka Nashe's Quarters; Joseph BARKER; Sarah BARKER née SHARP; Samuel ALCOCK; Elizabeth ALCOCK née SHARP; Samuel SHARP late of Knockballystine; Benjamin BURTON of Burton Hall; Robert SHARP of Garretstown; James McNAVIN; John WILSON; William SALE or SALL; John PIRIE; John CAHILL; Edward KANE. September 16, 2013
Jacksons of Co. Carlow. This page pulls together references to deeds and a few other bits that I have surrounding Esther JACKSON and her leases at Coolmana, aka Nashe's Quarter in Co. Carlow. I have also appended a tentative family tree - rather mor of a shrub actually, as well as a similar one for her SHARP family. This is all in the hopes that we may be able to tie them into another tree of JACKSONs. Possibilities include JACKSONs in Carlow, Wicklow, Kildare as well as Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada. September 16, 2013
1794 September 27. NAMES: Francis HUNT, Dairyman of Phoenix St., Dublin; Donald STEWART of Aston's Quay; Henry JACKSON of Pill Lane; William MOLONY; John JACKSON; John MOORE. September 13, 2013
1793 November 3. NAMES: Richard JACKSON of New Row, Coleraine; John SMITH aka SMYTH; Elizabeth JACKSON; Holton TETTLE; James STEWART of Grace Hill; James JACKSON, son of Richard & Elizabeth; John GALT; Charles GALT; James HUTCHINSON; Capt. Holland LECKY; John PARKS; James HAMILTON. OTHER PLACES: Back Lane, Coleraine; Besas aka Bellasses, Parish of Coleraine. September 13, 2013
1790 March 5th Deed. NAMES: Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh; William GIRVIN aka GARVIN of Rowan, Derrynoose, Armagh; Joseph SMITH; Margaret JACKSON of Loughgall. OTHER PLACES: Knockraven aka Knockreven; Ballymaghallagh aka Ballynagallion; Moneyquin. September 13, 2013

1877 April 4. This news article enabled me to connect some of the dots in this family – not that I am related to them, but it did shine light on some tangential folk.

  • John JACKSON (?- bef 1862) of Ballynahonebeg, Co. Armagh married Louisa STAMER in 1823. She was a daughter of Sir. William STAMER & Martha RAWLINS.
  • John JACKSON & Louisa STAMER had at least 3 children: John Stamer JACKSON who died in Australia; Robert William JACKSON who died in America; an unnamed daughter who married a James STANLEY (1812-1873).
  • Their daughter, Louisa Catherine STANLEY married Robert Liddell BROWN, a book-keeper, and they had a son Robert William BROWN born January 15, 1871 in Dublin.

I still do not know which line of JACKSONs this John JACKSON of Ballynahonebeg belonged to. I suspect he had a brother named Robert JACKSON. I also do not know if the John STANLEY who married Catherine Sarah BELL (see my Rootsweb Family Tree) is the same John STANLEY noted in the probates.

August 7, 2013
Isaac JACKSON. Note: This document is significant since the early Quaker JACKSONs who resided in Ireland in the often named their sons Isaac, and yet we do not yet have one in this time frame. For example, an Isaac JACKSON (1655-1751) was the eldest son of Anthony JACKSON (1628-1696), and the name was oft repeated in that family. I do not yet know who the Isaac JACKSON in this document is, but it would not be impossible that he was a brother of the early Quakers Richard JACKSON (1626-1679) & Anthony JACKSON (1628-1696) – who were supposedly brothers. August 6, 2013
Jacksons in China & India. In this transcription, I primarily noted instances of the name JACKSON, but also of some of the known relations of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915). When I learn more about some of these people, I will annotate them. It is most likely that the Mrs. DARE mentioned was Sarah Shrieve PARKE (1817-1879) the mother of Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) who was the wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON. August 3, 2013
Jacksons in St. Peters Church Dublin. I have made a start at interpolating other known facts. Where possible, I have included a link to a known family tree. In future, correlating this data with deeds research will likely be productive. July 10, 2013
Timeline of Jackons of Coleraine. This timeline includes data from web sites, books, deeds, and archives. It is by no means exhaustive, although it already runs to close to 20 pages. June 29, 2013
Research Notes for Jacksons of Coleraine. Hopefully, this rudimentary start may be of help to others researching people in Coleraine. I will likely add to it as I learn more. June 29, 2013
Jacksons in St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Dublin. I am trying to situate these JACKSONs in various family trees in order to determine the extent to which they may or may not be related. As I learn more, I will update this page. June 16, 2013
Links to Deeds Research. I have broken the notes from my deeds research into 13 posts that are each about 20 or so pages long. Whenever the deed has been fully transcribed, I have added a hyperlink to the transcription. In some cases, I have also included a hyperlink to the pertinent family tree. More hyperlinks will be added as time permits. June 7, 2013
JACKSONs recorded in Dublin Probates. I will be adding to the notes on the people in these probates, but decided to post what I have in case others can also help out here in the meantime. My hope is to eventually have all them connected into known JACKSON lines. June 5, 2013
Jacksons in Lancashire and Cheshire Wills. My purpose in constructing this table is to help myself and other researchers track down those JACKSONs who also showed up in Ireland - either as lessees, lessors, and/or residents. May 29, 2013
William JACKSON - 1688 This document adds three new children to Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) and Dorothy OTWAY of Kirby Lonsdale: Nathaniel Jackson; Hannah JACKSON and Dorothy JACKSON. This Rev. JACKSON was the father of a number of JACKSONs who emigrated to Ireland in the mid-1600s. I have updated my Rootsweb family tree to include these new additions. May 28, 2013
Probates of Jacksons of Cavan. I have interpolated census and other material into this chart of probates of Jacksons who died in Co. Cavan.. It helps to situate each person within a larger context. May 26, 2013
Jacksons in Co. Cavan - a preliminary Chart. This chart organizes the JACKSON appearances in Co. Cavan by year. If you cut and paste it into a word document, then you can sort it by townland, parish or Barony - whatever you like. May 26, 2013
Research relating to early JACKSONs in Co. Cavan. Earlier versions are at Version One and Version Two. There is also a page with a map of Cavan, and where I focused on townland names. For a chattier version, and one that may be easier to follow for the first time, see my blog post: Jacksons of Cavan. May 26, 2013
Marriage Settlement NOTE: This page is a work in progress, but it is far enough along that I thought it might be of interest. It is significant that there is a familial tie between the JACKSONs of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan and the JACKSONs of Ballyreagan, Parish of Dundonald, Co. Down. May 17, 2013
JACKSONs in St Peters Drogheda Parish. Although the records span a much larger time frame than my transcriptions might indicate, I transcribed every JACKSON that I could find in Vol 1, and then cherry picked in Vol 2. There did not seem to be any more JACKSONs where I would have expected to see them. It seems likely that they were part of another Parish by the time of the 2nd volume May 17, 2013
Olivers of Ballycrummy and environs. I have included the will of John OLIVER on this page, as well as photos showing his son Simon Francis OLIVER and some of his family. Soon, I will post a family tree, but I want to run it past the family first. The descendants of Simon Francis OLIVER are all Roman Catholic, while I suspect that the generations preceding John OLIVER were all Protestant and were likely descended from Huguenots. May 16, 2013
Kildare Valuations for JACKSONs and LYNCHs. WARNING: These notes were taken at great speed, and need to be double-checked against the originals. In my haste, I did leave off the identifying dates of the books that the entries were transcribed from. Their use is primarily as a starting point. NOTE: Valuation books contain the revisions of ownership recorded after the Griffiths Valuations which took place in the mid-1850s. May 15, 2013
Probates of Jackson who died in Co. Wicklow. I am getting tantalizingly close to being able to click a number of these people into a family tree. At present, I have a stub of a tree including a number of JACKSONs from Woodfield aka Woodfieldglen in Co. Wicklow. If readers know more, it shouldn't take much to make a larger leap. May 15, 2013
Jacksons of Woodfield and Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow. Much of this tree is based on hunches and scant records. The annotated version is included beneath the outline version, and is worth checking to see the basis on which the link was made. May 15, 2013
I have transcribed, annotated and posted the probates of JACKSONs of Co. Meath. May 13, 2013
I have transcribed, annotated and posted the probates of JACKSONs of Kings Co. and also as a result I have done a significant update of the family tree of the Jacksons of Ballyboy. May 13, 2013
I have worked on the JACKSONs of Kildare probates from the National Archives, and interpolated material from several other sources. As I result, I also updated the outline tree of the JACKSONs of Co. Kildare. There will be revisions for both these pages in the near future as I learn more from data I recently brought home from Ireland. May 12, 2013
I have done a major edit of the the SEXTON-NOBLE Family Tree as well as a page on George Edward NOBLE and his wife Francesa Marion Bertha SEXTON May 11, 2013
I have completed a major revision of a Family Tree - Jacksons of Co. Carlow & Wicklow, as well as a page that includes probates of JACKSONs of Co. Carlow with links to other data. May 11, 2013
Samuel JACKSONs [1631-1706] links to other JACKSON families. This is the first piece of a series that I will write and post over the next month. As I learn more, it will also be revised. The focal point of this piece is the lands in Co Meath mentioned in the 1705 will of Samuel JACKSON (1631-1706). April 22, 2013
1881 June 16. Eviction involving Hugh NOLAN, Bailiff & the BRYAN family. February 25, 2013
1770 August 17. Leases for Lissaraw, Drumbally and Coolderry, all in the Parish of Creggan. Landlords Edward TIPPING of Mount Hill; Richard JONES of Dollardstown, Co. Meath, & John JOHNSTON of Urker and Woodvale. February 25, 2013
1865. A Hint To Irish Landlords In The Shooting Season. It is obvious that the writer is quite biased, but since the tale is told well, it is useful for illustrating a particular perspective. An excellent article to read for another perspective can be found on line: Early 19th Century Disturbances in Creggan Parish. February 23, 2013
1793 January 28. Robberies. NAMES: Mrs. JACKSON of Forkhill AKA Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON; Mrs. BAILEY AKA BAILIE of Clonaleenan; John BAILEY AKA BAILIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Owen McMAHON. February 22, 2013
1793 January 25 Agrarian Unrest. NAMES: Charles BOLTON; Gabriel BARRETT; John JOHNSTON Jr.; Mrs. STEEL; Mrs JACKSON AKA Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON. February 22, 2013
1793 March. The sale of a Car Man's Inn which sounds like it was the same as the one that Andrew OLIVER owned in Newtownhamilton. Apply to Adam PALMER. February 22, 2013
1793 January 17. Attacks on homes. NAMES: C. JENNY; Simon BAILEY. February 22, 2013
1797 August 28. Letter re: Arrests August 17th of United Irishmen in Armagh. NAMES: Col. John OGLE; Bryan QUINN; John STITT; WIlliam STITT; William DONALDSON; Joseph DONALDSON; Alex CLARK; Pat CONNELL; J. MAFFIT; Frank MACLIN. February 22, 2013
1764 December 11.NAMES: Thomas COULTER, land at Dorsey; Graham JOHNSTON of Roxborough; John JOHNSTON of URCHER. February 22, 2013
1883 June 9. Dundalk Democrat. Obituary of Dr. Samuel GILMORE. I do not know who all the people who attended this funeral are, but I have included what I know. The GILMOREs of Liscalgot and the JACKSONs of Urker were very closely related – with more than one intermarriage tying the two families together over many generations. February 11, 2013
1882 May 30. NAMES: Dr. McKEOWN - probably Rev. Patrick McKEOWN of Claranagh - or someone related to him. February 10, 2013
1842 February 3. NAMES: Christopher ARMSTRONG; Gordon S. HOLMES; Henry McCABE; Widow HUGHES; Thomas POWELL. February 10, 2013
1791 August 18. NAMES: John DONALDSON; Thomas MARTIN. February 10, 2013
1841 September 11. NAMES: James TIPPING and his mill at Ballsmill. February 10, 2013
1840 September 15. NAMES: Richard BARRETT; many members of the MARKEY family. February 10, 2013
1839 March. Jonathon SMYTHE lets 124 acres of Urcher. February 10, 2013
1836 June 18. NAMES: Francis FORDE of Carnally; Hugh O'CALLAGHAN of Cullaville; Robert DICKIE of Roachdale; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD and John BRADFORD of Cavananore; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Thomas CALLAGHAN of Ivy Lodge; John KELLY of Rassan; James STITT of Freeduff; Dr. McPHARLAND; Richard L. SHEIL; William Sherman CRAWFORD. An account of Protestants & Catholics protesting unjust tithes. February 10, 2013
February 11, 1834. I know little about the raids on illegal stills, but I liked the phrase: midnight legislation. February 10, 2013
September 8, 1870 I would be interested to learn more about the printer John MATTHEWS. The Peace Preservation Act in Ireland. Tuapeka Times. February 9, 2013
1881 Mar 12 Cullyhanna Land League article. This article mentions several County Armagh men who were both Orangemen and members of the Land League. Of particular interest to me, is the mention of David JACKSON of Urker near Crossmaglen in South Armagh. He was not only my great-great-grandfather, but also the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON, the focal point of my research. February 9, 2013
1902 May 19. This snippet is fascinating for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tells us that when Sir Thomas Jackson left Hong Kong on 1902, he was accompanied by one of his four daughters. His wife had set up house at Chiselhurst years earlier, but we can tell from photos in the 1890s, that his wife and children continued to visit Hong Kong. Secondly, Thomas Jackson shared a deep commitment with Osbert Chadwick, also travelling on the same boat, to solving the question of what caused the plague. They would have collaborated when Jackson served on the Sanitation Board, and would likely have discussed the topic further while on board. February 5, 2013
Minchin Jackson family tree This tree is tantalizingly close to the tree of the Jacksons of Kings Co. I do not yet know whether it will tie in to other trees I have assembled thus far. The senior George JACKSON would have been born in the latter part of the 1600s, although where, I do not know. Keep tuned in. I will update as I learn more. February 1, 2013
1902 May 19 - a 2nd event. This is the second of many farewell events involving Sir Thomas Jackson as he prepared to leave Hong Kong in 1902. The first was held on May 14, 1902. I am hoping for help from others in learning more about the Chinese merchants who were honoring him, and will add to the annotations as I learn more. January 19, 2013
1902 May 19 The Departure of Sir Thomas Jackson from Hong Kong. A banquet held in his honour by the Chinese merchant community. NOTE: I made a significant update to annotations January 11, 2013 and more a week later. December 10, 2012
January 19, 2013


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