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NAMES: William OLIVER of Killynure; William COUSER; William MENARY; Edward LITTON; T.P. LYNCH; Marshall CLARKE; Unnamed BELL. PLACES: Enaugh, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 24, 2015.
1875 Apr 28


28 April 1875 Belfast Newsletter

Wednesday, 28 April 1875 Belfast Newsletter






THE bill in this case was filed for the administration of the real and personal estate of William Oliver[1], late of Killynure, in the County Armagh, deceased who by his last will and testament, bearing date 11th October, 1873, bequeathed all his property to William Couser[2], the plaintiff, and William Menary[3], whom he appointed trustees and executors.  Previous to making his will, the testator being entitled to the lands of Killynure and Enagh[4], under a lease dated December, 1870, from the vicars choral and organist of the abbey or college of the church of St. Patrick[5], in Armagh, at the yearly rent of £84 14s, he accepted an offer made to him by the Commissioners of the Church Temporalities in Ireland to purchase the fee of said lands for the sum of £2,118.  In respect of this matter the bill prayed that the trusts of the will might be carried out.

               The VICE-CHANCELLOR made a decree in accordance with the prayer of the bill.

               Mr. Edward Litton[6], Q.C. (with whom was Mr. T. P. Lynch[7]), appeared for the plaintiff.  Mr. Marshall Clarke[8] and Mr. Bell[9] for the defendants.


[1] William OLIVER (abt 1810-1873) was a farmer, unmarried, of Killynure, son of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) & Elizabeth BRADFORD (1785-1825). His sister was Eliza OLIVER (1815-1903).

[2] William COUSER. The COUSERs (There were several of them – William, jr. & sr., Joseph and John) held about 13 acres under lease in the 1870s, at a time when William OLIVER held about 55 acres. I suspect that at some time I will find an OLIVER-COUSER intermarriage, but I haven’t - yet.

[3] William MENARY (1838-1874) was the husband of William OLIVER’s niece, Mary JACKSON, and also a “next door” neighbour of William OLIVER. Menary’s death four months after the death of William OLIVER would not have been expected since he was only 36 years old, but he was obviously already dead by the time of the court case.

[4] Enagh Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh was one of the townlands farmed by William OLIVER and his brother Thomas OLIVER.

[5] The Vicars Choral and Organist of the Abbey or College of the Church of St. Patrick had long been the landlord of most of the lands leased by Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831).

[6] Edward LITTON

[7] T.P. LYNCH

[8] Marshall CLARKE

[9] Unnamed BELL



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