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NOTE: The dates beside descriptions of pages indicate when they were last updated. Many annotations to deeds and letters and such need revisiting. I do as much as can and depend on the kindness of strangers to alert me when my annotations are incorrect.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 14, 2009


SEARCHES - I haven't installed a search engine on this site, but the Google site search works well.

HOME PAGE - This page simply welcomes you. Hello. The contents of the hyperlinks, which stretch horizontally beneath The Silver Bowl on this first page, are described beneath.

BIOGRAPHIES - On this page, I have already posted close to 100 biographies (not yet polished writing - most in early draft form). Some of them are quite brief while others stretch to a dozen pages or more. As I proceed, I will keep entering more hyperlinks so that you - the reader - can click back and forth between generations and such.

HISTORY- This is where I place historical stories - ones that situate our family members within the larger history of their times. WARNING - some of these pieces are not much more than me thinking out loud and may need revisiting. I do try to identify where I am working merely from hunches and where I am working from reasonably solid data. Within some of the family name histories, there are links to other sources, charts and hyperlinks to other documents held elsewhere in the site.

TIMELINES - This part of the site has a makeshift look to it right now but it will start to come together as I enter in more data and then link the data to other parts of the site. I have inserted family member's births and deaths into the timelines of notable historical events (and this is only a very small start!).

MAPS - This link connects to more than just maps. There are charts of data and photos as well. Personally, I find it helpful to place people in a geographical context and hope my visitors will too.

DOCUMENTS - This link connects to other links to assorted photo albums, news clippings, wills, leases, marriage agreements - you name it. The Birthday Book of Jeannie Moorhead is worth noting. She received it at age 12 in 1890 and it has more than 300 entries in it, representing the social circle which she inhabited at the time, rich by anyone's measure. The Register of the Royal School of Armagh is also a most useful document. I have transcribed the entries that relate specifically to our known family. Amy Lloyd's History done in 1951 is also a cracking good read. Also not to be missed are the Will and Will Abstracts. And there is more.

LETTERS - There are hundreds of pages of letters linked to this page - all footnoted so the reader has a reasonable chance of figuring out who is who (although, I could be wrong on a few of them - this is as much an art as a science). These letters are invaluable for shedding light on the intertwined nature of our family relations in the late 19th Century as well as some of their personal and business dealings.

FAMILY TREES - The dozens of trees, but they may not all be up to date. The most up to date information in family tree form can be found at http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=silverbowl

MISC - This is that special place where I am tucking all the tidbits that have no other obvious home. The most important tidbit is quite possibly the growing list of family members in the 19th century who were part of the story of commerce in the Far East and in particular, the success of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. This is the story that I expect to focus on over the next year or three.

We can blame The Silver Bowl.EMAIL ME ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Since I have never designed a web site before and am also fairly new to the whole pusuit of family history, I still have a lot to learn from those who have put in considerably more time in the trenches (or more correctly, the microfiche!).I do try to respond to all those who write, but if your email has a block on it, then my replies get bounced. If I get deluged from time to time, please forgive me if it takes me some time to respond. Thanks. Sharon Oddie Brown, December, 2003

PS. My own bio is on the biography page - I'll leave you to find it on your own. Cheers!

This site would have been impossibile without the excellent instruction from my friend Morgan Hay on how to design a site nor without the advice from my niece Korina Stark on how to do parts of it even better (some of which I have yet to implement!).
It is also true that once built, this site would have been an empty cupboard were it not for the remarkable research tenacity of Wendy Jack of Australia and Tina Staples of HSBC Archives in London. Many of the pictures and text come from family members such as Ian Jackson (South Africa), Brian McDonald (England & Ireland), Dorothy Robertson (Richmond, Canada) and Mim Moorhead (Vancouver, Canada). Not that these are the only people - but they are the ones whose time and resources were essential to the success of this venture. I cannot thank them enough.
Sharon Oddie Brown, July 15, 2003

Since I started, I would be remiss were I not to mention Christine Wright of Gilford Castle who moved my research forward immensely; also Peter McWilliams, Dr. Tom McNeil, Eilie McBride, Venetia Bowman-Vaughan, Annabel & Stanley Meadows, and several others who have asked to remain anonymous. And there are countless more!



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