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NAMES: Rev. Leonard JACKSON of Tatham, Lancashire; Richard JACKSON, son; BRIGGS – likely Rev. John BRIGGS & Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Vigessima BOUCH[E] née JACKSON; Elizabeth DAWSON née BOUCHE; Josias DAWSON; HUTTON; William HUTTON; Jane wife of Roland WALLIS; Widow SLATER of Whittington;  Widow LAURENCE; Bryan DOWNIE aka DOWNEY; Elizabeth JACKSON née WOODS; [cousin WADE, wife & daughter & son Benjamin WADE; nephew FOXCROFT; Richard JACKSON, Dublin & daughter (Susannah JACKSON?); cousin [Bolder?] JONES of Westhouse; James JACKSON; William BUCKLEY; Cousin ASH and her daughter BRIGGS; wife of cousin [WITHER?] of Evertown; Mr. SHARP (probably a minister); godson Leonard JACKSON; Robert MAYER Schoolmaster of Wray; Robert JACKSON nephew of Rev. Laurence JACKSON; Thomas CHARNLEY; Isaac ATKINSON.

Sharon Oddie Brown. October 11, 2018
SEE: JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland and Coleraine, Londonderry


1726 Nov 5th Will of Leonard JACKSON


In the name of God Amen. I Leonard Jackson[1] of Tatham[2] in the County of Lancaster, Clerk, Rector of the parish Church and parish of the said Tatham being of perfect mind and memory praised be God for the Same Do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form following. Hereby revoking all other former will or Wills by me heretofore made first and principally. I bequeath my Soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer to receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins. And my body I bequeath to the earth from where it came to be buried in Christian burial in the chancel of the said parish Church of Tatham near the Communion table (Viz) on the South side of the Grave stone which lyeth over the place where my dear son Richard Jackson[3] lyeth interred and as [?] my Real and personal Estate, which God Almighty hath pleased to bestow upon me. I hereby give bequeath devise and dispose of the Same in Manner and form following. That is to say, Impremis It is my Will and mind, and I order and direct that all my just Debts Legacies and funeral expenses to be paid and discharged. Item I give and bequeath to my brother Briggs[4] One Guinea to buy him a ring. Item for my sister Briggs[5] Ten pounds. Item to my sister Bouch[6] Ten pounds. Item I give and bequeath to my niece Dawson[7] ffive pounds, where with to buy her a Suit of Mourning for my godson Dawson[8] ffive pounds to my niece Elizabeth Dawson[9], One Guinea. Item I give and bequeath to my niece Hutton[10] ffive pounds to buy a suit of mourning or my godson William Hutton[11] ffive pounds. Item to Jane[12], wife of Roland Wallis[13], of Kirkby fforty shillings. Item to her Two daughters Twenty shillings apiece. Item to cousin Slater[14] widow of Wittington Ten shillings Sixpence. Item to widow Laurence[15] Twenty shillings. Item to cousin Bryan Downey’s son[16], One Guinea and to his sister[17] Twenty shillings. Item to my sister Jackson[18] of [Burley?][19] ffive pounds. Item to Cousin Wade[20] Twenty Shillings to his wife[21], a Guinea to his daughter[22] ffive pounds and to his son, Benjamin[23] 20 shillings. Item to my nephew Foxcroft[24] ffive Guineas. Item to my nephew Richard Jackson[25] of Dublin, a Guinea to buy a Ring. Item To his daughter[26], whom I christened ffive pounds. Item to cousin [Bolder?] Jones[27] of Westhouse ffive shillings. Item I give and bequeath to my niece Jane Jackson[28] Two hundred pounds of lawful British money and ffive pounds to buy a suit of mourning. Item to my nephew William Buckley[29] Ten pounds, of lawful British money. And to his wife my niece ffive pounds to buy a suit of mourning. Item to Cousin Ash[30] two Guineas and her daughter Briggs[31] a Guinea. Item to Cousin [Wither?][32] of Evertown’s wife[33] one Guinea to buy a ring. Item to Mister Sharp[34], one Guinea he preaching my funeral Sermon. Item to my godson Leonard Jackson[35] ffive pounds. Item to the Schoolmaster and parish Clerk of Tatham Ten shillings sixpence. Item to the Sexton ffive shillings for making my Grave. Item to the Reader at Tatham Chapel Ten shillings. Item to all the servants, I shall have at my decease ffive shillings apiece. Item I give to fforty of the most indigent families in Tatham one shilling apiece. To be distributed by the overseers of the said parish. I give to the parson of Tatham and Sidesmen and their appointed Successors forever the sum of ffforty pounds to be paid to them by my Executor hereinafter named at the end of the Twelve months after my Decease and my will and mind is And I Direct Order and Appoint that the said parson  and Sidesmen and their Successors shall and do put the said fforty pounds out to interest or lay the same out upon land And that they pay the Interest Increase and profits of the same yearly and every year to the parson  that then shall be appointed to read the prayers of the church of England upon the Lord’s day commonly called Sunday in Tatham Chapel with in the parish of Tatham aforesaid. Item I also give to the said parson and Sidesmen of the said parish of Tatham and their Successors the sum of Twenty pounds to be let out upon Interest or laid upon land and I do direct Order and Appoint that the Interest Profits and Increase thereof shall be paid yearly forever to the Schoolmaster of the School near Tatham Park in the lower end of Tatham aforesaid. Item I give to every poor widower and widow in the parish of Whittington One shilling apiece. Item I give to Robert Mayer[36] Schoolmaster of Wray One Guinea. Item I give bequeath and devise All that my Messuage tenement and hereditaments with the Appurtenances lying and being in the parish of Whittington aforesaid And also all my houses lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever lying and being with in the liberties and territories of Kirby Lonsdale unto my nephew Robert Jackson[37] and to his heirs and assigns for ever. Item I give bequeath and devise All the rest of my lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever and all the rest of my goods [Cattalls?] Chattels and personal Estate whatsoever both in this Kingdom and the Kingdom of Ireland unto my said nephew Robert Jackson his heirs and assigns forever and I do hereby Nominate Constitute And Appoint him my said Nephew Robert Jackson sole executor of this my last will and Testament hoping that he will faithfully and punctually fulfill the same. In witness whereof I the said Leonard Jackson have hereunto sett my hand and Seal this fifth day of November in the year of our Lord God 1725.


Signed, sealed published and declared by the testator Leonard Jackson

 to be his last will and Testament in the presence of us who have subscribed

our names as witness thereto in the sight and presence of the said testator


Thomas Charnley[38]

Isaac Atkinson[39]

Robert Mayer

Leonard Jackson

[1] Leonard Jackson.

·       In 1705, he was mentioned in the will of his brother Samuel JACKSON, a merchant of Dublin.

·       Tatham St. James the Less church Leonard Jackson was instituted as Rector on 3 Feb 1699/1700 by Mary, Lady Morley, &c. upon the death of Thomas Sharpe. SOURCE: British History.

·       Jackson, Leonard: son of Richard : born at Whittington, Lanes. School : (1) Lancaster, under M'' Holden : (2) Kirkby Lonsdale, under M"' Garthwaite for a few months. Admitted sizar under M"' [Chris.] Bainbridge [who held his Fellowship till Mids. 1669] 20 May 1668. Age 17. B.A. 1671/2; M.A. 1677. Born 21 April 1650, of Jane the second wife of Richard (matd 1619) rector of Halton, then of Whittington near Kirkby Lonsdale: half-brother of Francis (1649). Ordained deacon, Chichester, 1673 May: priest, York, 1676 May. Rector of Claughton in Lonsdale, Lanes. 5 Sept. 1678: held it till 1681, when according to Croston-Baines (5. 534) he died : but he pretty certainly is the same who resigned the vicarage of Sheriff Hutton before April 1700: and on 3 Feb. of the same year he became rector of Tatham near Wennington. Added a steeple to the church tower 1722. Died 1734: or 1726 (Croston-Baines, 5. 555) when at all events he ceased to be rector, Robert Jackson succeeding. (Information from B. N. North, Esq., Kirkby Lonsdale. NOTE: This was Bordrigge North NORTH (1862-1936), a descendant of the NORTH family who purchased Jackson HALL) SOURCE: Biographical Register of Christs College 1505-1905.  Vol II 1666-1905 Compiled by John Peile. Cambridge University Press. 1913.

·       Leonard Jackson, a son of Richard Jackson, rector of Whittington, was educated at Christ's Coll., Camb.; M.A. 1677. He was a benefactor. In 1722 the churchwardens reported to the Bishop of Chester that the rector was in constant residence and held no other benefice; he was diligent in his duties and administered the Lord's Supper three times a year—at Easter, Michaelmas and the New Year. There was a duly licensed curate. SOURCE: British History.

·       An earlier Leonard JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale was married January 19, 1561, and he was probably the same one whose son was the Christopher JACKSON born 1564. There is likely a familial connection. His will was dated 1594.

[2] Tatham, Lancashire. See British History on Line.

·       In 1682, there was a will recorded for a Roger JACKSON of Tatham. SOURCE: A list of the Lancashire wills proved within the archdeaconry of Richmond, and now preserved in Somerset house, London from A.D. 1475 to [1748]. ed. Lieut.-Colonel Henry Fishwick. 1886. Since Leonard had a brother named Roger, it is tempting to suspect a connection. Further corroborating evidence is that Roger was not mentioned amongst the siblings in his brother William JACKSON’s will in 1688.

[3] Richard JACKSON (?- bef 1726). I have no record of a birth or death for this Richard JACKSON, nor do we have any record of a marriage for Rev. Leonard JACKSON.

[4] John BRIGGS was a brother-in-law – husband of Mary JACKSON.

·       1696 14 July. John Briggs, vicar of K. Lonsdale, and John Firbank, schoolmaster of K. Lonsdale, signed the anti-Jacobite "Association," formed throughout the Kingdom, for the protection of William III. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724. SOURCE: British History – Kirkby Lonsdale.

·       A Johanna BRIGGS signature is on the probate page of this will. Could this be John BRIGGS? Notes on the Parish Church of Kirkby Lonsdale. By the Rev Canon Ware. The old bells were Ja. Graham, Thos Godsalve, Esq., Leo. Jackson, Rector of Tatham, John Briggs, Vicar, 1724.  John BRIGGS was the Vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale 1676-1737.

·       Given the propensity of families to intermarry more than once, it may be relevant that a Jacob JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale married a Mabellae BRIGGS in 1617. Also, a William JACKSON married an Agnes BRIGGS on May 19, 1690 at Kendal, Westmorland. She was from Stramongate. SOURCE: Family Search.

[5] Mary BRIGGS (probably the Mary JACKSON born 1660). She was mentioned in the 1679 will of her father, Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681).

[6] Vigessima BOUCH[E] née JACKSON (1657-1734), daughter of Rev. Richard JACKSON & Jane CARTER, sister of Rev. Leonard JACKSON, and wife of Rev. Thomas BOUCH[E] who succeeded her father as Rector of Whittington..

[7] Elizabeth BOUCHE was the daughter of Rev. Thomas BOUCHE and Vigessima JACKSON (1657-1734). She married William DAWSON. Bunbury Family History. Thanks to Turtle Bunbury.

·       William Robinson IV was born in Linton Parish in 1708, a year before his Grandfather Peart died. On 24 September 1737, he was married at Arncliffe to Sarah Dawson (9 Dec 1713 - c. 1793), the eldest daughter of William Dawson, tailor, of Halton Gill by his wife Elizabeth Bouch. Sarah's siblings were Josias Dawson (1710-48), Elizabeth (1715-76), Thomas (who died as a child, 1717-29) and William (who died as an infant in 1721). [NB: A piece of trivia that diehard Bunbury genealogists might enjoy ... Elizabeth Bouch was a granddaughter of the Rev Richard Jackson, rector of Whittington Lancs. Another of the Rev. Jackson's granddaughters, albeit from a different line, was Rose Jackson who married Thomas Bunbury of Cloghna, County Carlow. Just to clarify, the Rev. Jackson's daughter Vigesima (1657-1734, by his later wife Jane Carter) married the curate Thomas Bouch (c. 1660-1716, who succeeded his father-in-law as rector of Whittington in 1680) and they were parents of Elizabeth Bouch. Thanks to Tom Robinson for this].

[8] Josiah DAWSON (1710-1748), son of William DAWSON & Elizabeth BOUCH.

[9] Elizabeth BOUCHE wife William DAWSON of was the daughter of Rev. Thomas BOUCHE and Vigessima JACKSON (1657-1734).

[10] HUTTON It may relate to Leonard being: pretty certainly is the same who resigned the vicarage of Sheriff Hutton before April 1700

[11] William HUTTON. There was a William HUTTON of the Manor House, Whittington.

[12] Jane WALLIS née ? A Jane JACKSON, sister of Leonard, died in the first year of her life.

[13] Rowland WALLIS of Kirkby. NOTE: In 1722, a Rowland WALLIS was listed in Witherslack Parish (Beetham)

[14] ? SLATER:

·       Mary SLATER was the grandmother of Rev. Leonard JACKSON. In a will dated July 31, 1657 (and probated much later), a Sir Thomas SCLATER (1615-1684) referred to his cousin John JACKSON a citizen now or late of London [that he [Henery SCLATER] shall pay unto my cozin John Jackson now or late of London citizen one hundred pounds and fifty pounds. …. Also my will is that the bill penall made to mee from my Cozen John Jackson of London & Andrew Heateley may not bee prosecuted against my Cozen John Jackson if in law itt can be ordered soe that it may bee recovered of Mr. Heateley.], as well as a cousin John OTWAY of Gray’s Inn. SOURCE: P 384 Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol 1. 1874. John OTWAY of Gray's Inn was most likely Sir John OTWAY (1620-1693), who was a reader at Gray’s Inn. He was also a half-brother of Dorothy OTWAY, the first wife of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). The John JACKSON (1609-aft 1626) which the will also left a bequest for, was probably the younger brother of Rev. Richard JACKSON. I believe that this John JACKSON married Hellen SIDGEWICKE in 1641 in Kirkby-Lonsdale, but otherwise, I know nothing else about him. NOTE: Does this mean that Mary SLATER was a near relation of Sir Thomas SCLATER – possibly his aunt?

[15] ? LAURENCE.

[16] A Bryan DOWNIE aka DOWNEY was a church warden at Whittington. He had a son Bryan born 1655.

[17] ? DOWNIE

[18] ? JACKSON. Leonard JACKSON had several unmarried sisters (plus one who married another JACKSON) but the reference is likely to his widowed sister-in-law, Elizabeth WOODS, wife of Nathaniel JACKSON (1640-1698), Based on her marriage registration, it seems that her family came from Burley and that her husband Nathaniel settled there.

[19] Burley

·       Pavers Marriages Nathaniel Jackson, gen., 30, Leeds, and Eliza Wood, spinster, 24, Burley - at Leeds or Headingly. [At Leeds 15 Feb 1671-2]

·       Estate of Jackson family of Burley, Leeds: 1/4 messuage in Birkby; house, garden, orchard and 12 closes (59a.), Keddingley (Nathaniel Jackson; Eliz. Jackson; Benj. Wade). National Archives, UK.  D4762/4  1690-c1730.  They are held at the Gloucestershire Archives

[20] Cousin WADE. I do not know if this was John WADE (who had a son Benjamin) or whether it was Benjamin who may also have had a son named Benjamin.

·       The family pedigree is on p 226 of Dugdale ‘s Visitations of Yorkshire.

·       The WADE family had land dealings with JACKSONs in Leeds (see above).

·       In 1632, a Benjamin WADE was Mayor of Leeds, and in 1633, Francis JACKSON was mayor of Leeds SOURCE: The Biographia Leodiensis;

·       Wade, (or Warde) ot New Orange, near Leeds, an ancient and respectable family. Benjamin Wade rebuilt the family seat of New Grange; gave 200l forever. towards the maintenance of a curate, for the chapel at Hedingley; and the ground; whereon the chapel was erected, was given by the famous sir John Saville, and his son Thomas. Benjamin Wade was so warm in the royal cause, that he considerably involved his estate to support it. He sold an estate of 500l per annum, and spent not less than ten thousand pounds in the service of Charles. Was this the major in our siege? SOURCE: The History of Pontefract, in Yorkshire.

·       See also Leeds Archives on WADEs.

·       The Publications of the Thoresby Society, Volume 2. Marriages at York Minster. 1703. March 28.—Benjamin Wade, of Leedes, and Dorothy Jackson, Of Headingley.

·       Benjamin, son of John Wade, gent, (brother of Anthony Wade, mayor of Leeds in 1677), by Hannah, daughter of John Milner, esq. SOURCE:  THE YORKSHIRE Archeological and Topographical JOURNAL, VOLUME II.

·       Dugdales Visitation Of Yorkshire. Benjamin Wade of Leeds 1712, mar. Dorothy, dau. of . . . Jackson, at York Minster 28 Mar. 1703, and had issue — Mary.  Anne.

·       Estate of Jackson family of Burley <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burley,_Leeds>, Leeds: 1/4 messuage in Birkby; house, garden, orchard and 12 closes (59a.), Keddingley (Nathaniel Jackson; Eliz. Jackson; Benj. Wade). National Archives, UK.  D4762/4  1690-c1730.  These documents are held at the Gloucestershire Archives. There is also the mention of a William JACKSON of Burley marrying an Ann Hartley of Hedingly on May 23, 1628. SOURCE: The Registers of the Parish Church of Leeds from 1612 to 1639 Third and Fourth Books.

·       [l63°. March 16.] Enfranchisement to Christopher Pawson of Leeds Kirkgate yeoman for l7£ of four cottages in the Marsh lane, Townend closes, Greave closes, Holt Ing, Brakenhill, Peeflatt in Knowstropp, etc. from Thomas Metcalfe Esq. Alderman, John Harrison, Samuel Casson, Richard Sykes, Joseph Hillary, Benjamin Wade, dz Francis Jackson of Leeds, Esquires, William Sykes, youngest son of the said Richard Sykes, William Marshall the younger, William Skelton, William Marshall the elder, John Thwaites, Henry Watkinson, John Wade, dz Richard Simpson, of Leeds Gentlemen, Lords of the Manor of Leeds, which by virtue of an Indenture made 5 October 15 James between His late Majesty King James and Sir John Walter kt, Sir James Fullerton [?] Sir Thomas Trevorkt, at the rent of 58£ l5s.l2d. and half a farthing, is come to them. Witnesses: John Fawcett Richard Kitchingman. The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 3

·       [l682. June 20.] lndenture. Thomas Jackson of Leeds, Gentn. of the first part ; Hen. Atkinson, Esq. of Leeds of the second part, and William Atkinson of Kirskill Hall, C0. York, Gent., of third part. Covenant to sue out writ of disseisin of the ninth part of the Manor of Leeds, a tenement next the Bear in Briggate, divided into three, occupied by George Neale, M.D. Samuel Hobson, Apothecary, and Ed ward Tildesley Grocer, Gardens, Cottages in Boar Lane, Messuages in the Shambles, Briggate, Cut and Feather in Kirgate, in tenure of Oliver and Lawrence Breres, Gents, Claypit Lane Close, lands in Shipscar, Woodhouse lane, Timble Beck, Marsh Lane, Pitfall Mills, and the ninth part of seven messunges 40 a. of land, 20 a. of meadow, 20 n. of pasture &c. Consideration, £530 to William Rooke, and £1060 paid by William Atkinson. The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 3

·       [1684—5. Feb. 24th and 25th.] Thomas Jackson, William Atkinson, and William Rooke, to Elizabeth Atkinson, widow of Henry Atkinson (lately dead, leaving his son and heir Henry an infant). Conveyance of premises in Deed of June 20th, 1682, and the Common Recovery. Said Elizabeth Atkinson had paid debts to William Rooke and Thomas Jackson. Her son Henry to act as Trustee, and Joint Lord of the Manor of Leeds. The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 3

·       [l689. March 28. 1 Will. dz Marya] Probate of the will of Elizabeth Atkinson, widow and relict of Henry Atkinson, late of Leeds, Esq., deceased. Gives to Mr. William Atkinson, her Father-in-law, Edward Atkinson of Leeds, Esq., dz Robert Garnett of Leeds, Gent., in trust, all her lands dz messuages, & the undivided ninth part of the Manor of Leeds she purchased of Thomas Jackson late of Leeds, Merchant, 6: all the lands held as Administratrix of her late deceased husband, being either Mortgages in fee or for years, to be equally divided amongst Benjamin, John, William, Rowland, Richard, Elizabeth, Alice, & Judith Atkinson her children—“ In case my eldest son Henry shall die before 2 l, then my son Benjamin to be excluded— him that shall be heir-at-law to my deceased husband to be excluded. If only one daughter live, she shall have 1200£.” Son Benjamin 50.£, son Henry all her Library dz Books—-he to be Executor—her F athcr-in-law Mr. William Atkinson, dz her friends Mr. Edward Atkinson & Mr. William Calverley to be Tutors. The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Volume 3

[21] His wife: Dorothy JACKSON?

[22] Probably Mary WADE – but I would need to check her birth dates. The youngest sister was born after this will was written.

[23] Benjamin WADE.

[24] FOXCROFTs of Leeds are related to WADEs. Although this is not a fit (we need a male FOXCROFT), a Martha FOXCROFT married a Lawrence JACKSON at St. Peters Leeds. 26 Aug 1701. There is a John FOXCROFT in the Whittington Registry (daughter An FOXCROFT 29 May 1665 bap).

[25] One nephew was Richard JACKSON (1673-1730) of Dublin, son of William JACKSON (1628-1688). His son Richard JACKSON was the famous Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) of Forkhill.

[27] ? JONES.

[28] Jane JACKSON. I haven’t a clue. The one that I know of was married and would have been called Jane WRAY at this point.

[29] William BUCKLEY. He was the husband of Abigail JACKSON (1683-1763), one of his nieces.

[30] Ashe Family History. NOTE: A Sarah ASHE (b Oct 1, 1698) of Magherafelt, Ireland married a John JACKSON. She was a daughter of Lt. Col. Thomas ASHE & Elizabeth RAINEY. The ASHEs had deep roots in Ireland, and in Coleraine. SEE: Jacksons of Tobermore..

[31] BRIGGS. WE know of a Mary BRIGGS, but how this fits in with ASH, I do not know. SOURCE: Family Search.

[32] I do know who he may be, but there was a Robert WITHERs of Kendall who was a Quaker.

[33] ? WHITHER née ?

[34] SHARP – probably a Rev. SHARPE, possibly son of Rev. Thomas SHARPE.

[35] Leonard JACKSON nephew of the Leonard JACKSON who wrote the will.

·       He was probably a son of Nathaniel JACKSON (1640-1698) of Leeds & Elizabeth WOODS. SOURCE: 1705 Will of Samuel JACKSON of Dublin.

[36] Robert MAYER Schoolmaster of Wray

[37] Robert JACKSON nephew of Rev. Laurence JACKSON.

·       Son of Nathanial JACKSON and Elizabeth WOODS.

    JACKSON. The Kirkby Lonsdale family of JACKSON acquired great wealth and owned much property in Ireland and in Kirkby Lonsdale including what is now the Royal Hotel and which was formerly called Jackson Hall; all this passed eventually to the NORTH family, of Newton Hall (q.v.). William Jackson, of Kirkby Lonsdale, mercer, was father of the Rev. Richard Jackson, M.A., Rector of Whittington, Lancs., from 1641-81, whose daughter Janet, or Jennet, married Oliver North, of Newton, in 1674, dying in 1729. He also had two sons, William Jackson, of Ireland, and the Rev. Leonard Jackson, Rector of Tatham. William's daughter Abigail, who married firstly William Buckley of Wennington Hall and secondly Sir Oliver Crofton, Bart., eventually succeeded to all the family property which passed on her death s.p. in 1763 to her cousin, Richard North, of Newton; he gave it to his grandson, Miles North, who resided at Jackson Hall (Pearson, Annals; Chippindall, Whittington). Arms.  SOURCE: A Kirkby Lonsdale Armorial. R.S. Boumphrey. Read at Keswick, April 3, 1971

    ·       Robert Jackson was instituted as Rector on 7 Dec 1726 by Robert Gibson upon the death of Leonard Jackson. SOURCE: British History.

    ·       1710-11. Admitted under Mr Burrell before Lady Day 1707 : kept the Easter term. Matricd. sizar 1707. Resided under Mr Burrell, Mr Bourne and Mr Boldero successively till Michl 1710. Ordained deacon, York, 1712 Dec. One of these names succeeded Leonard Jackson (adm. 1668) as rector of Tatham, Lancs. 7 Dec. 1726 and died there 1733 (Groston-Baines, 5. 555). SOURCE: Christ’s College Records.

    ·       National Archives: D16,275 1730. Lease made by Mr. Robert Jackson of town and lands of Castletownmoor near Kells for 31 years to commence from said first May 1730 at said yearly rent of £80 above taxes to Mr. John Pippard and set by Mr. Pippard into holdings, the one to Valentine Elson Senior and Valentine Elson Junior and 65 pounds [?] [?] other to Capt. Bury Irwin at 62 pounds [?s] [?d] said PIPPARD has reserved ye last year of his lease to himself to [?] [?] said right of tenancy. The profit rent is £47 [?] [?] Capt. Irwin has given said PIPPARD £58 to stand as a security for his yearly rent which he forfeits if he suffers himself to be ejected for nonpayment of rent or other ways should leave said lands, but PIPPARD to allow him interest for said sum for said time he holds the same and set profit rent of if last year to go to said Irwin to reimburse him if so long he holds same which reduces [?] 1d said PIPPARD’s profit rent to £47 pounds 10 shillings rent or clear of all deductions.

    ·       His name is on many deeds in Ireland, properties that had been owned by his Uncle Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706). SEE: Samuel JACKSON Detective Work.

    o   1729 Jun 21 JACKSON-MEREDITH Book Index 1708-1729. ROD: 61-155-40941.Rev Robert JACKSON of Tatham of Co Lancaster in Kingdom of Great Britain of 1 pt & Thomas MEREDYTH of Newtown, Co. Meath…. Transfer of land called Reisk 50 A bordering on Carloandstowne also land in Island of Emloguh WITNESS: Francis NORTH of City of Dublin & Wm FORSTER clk to NORTH.

    o   1729 Feb 28 JACKSON-PIPPARD Book Index 1708-1729. ROD: 63-77-42733. A Memorial of a certain Deed Poll bearing date the twenty fifth day of February 1729 whereby the Revd Robert JACKSON Rector of Fatham [aka Tatham] of Lancashire did agree with all covenants speed to perfect a lease to John PIPPARD of the City of Dublin Esq. Of Castletownmoore and the land thereunto belonging with all its appurtenance in as full and  ample manner as then enjoyed  enjoyed by the present tenant Matthew BARNWELL Esq. For the term of 31 years  ... for the yearly rent of £80... to which said deed Poll Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq. By virtue of a power or authority from the said Robert JACKSON recited in the deed poll hath subscribed the name  and affixed the seal of the said Robert JACKSON and the said John PIPPARD hath subscribed his name  and affixed his seal in the presence of Charles HIGGINS of the City of Dublin Gent and James GILLESPIE Servant to the said Richard JACKSON and this Memorial inspected by  the said John PIPPARD in the presence of  Charles HIGGINs & Benjamin JOHNSTON Public Notary in the City of Dublin. 

    o   1735 Mar 26 JACKSON, Jane- PIPPARD ROD: 80-206-55536. Whereby Jane JACKSON & Abigal BUCKLEY als JACKSON sister and heirs at law of the Rev. Robert JACKSON formerly of Tathcon [aka Tatham] in Lancashire ... set to John PIPPARD of Castletownmoor in Co. Meath Esq. Lands of Castletownmoor.

    o   1740 May 20 PIPPARD-IRWIN. ROD: 98-390-68858.Henry PIPPARD of Drogheda  administrator of George PIPPARD of Drogheda deceased  of 1st part & John PIPPARD of Castletownmore of Co of Meath of 2nd & Alexander ERWIN [als IRWIN in same document] of City of Dublin of 3rd pt & reciting that Jane JACKSON spinster and Abigail BUCKLEY als JACKSON widow sisters and heirs at law of Rev Robert  JACKSON formerly of Fathan Co Lancashire did by deed dated 19 Mar 1734 demise to John PIPPARD… town & lands of Castletownmoore

    o   After the death of Rev. Robert JACKSON (abt 1690-1733), his sisters are mentioned in land transfers: JACKSON, Jane- PIPPARD 1730-1745. ROD: 80-206-55536. Whereby Jane JACKSON & Abigail BUCKLEY als JACKSON sister and heirs at law of the Rev. Robert JACKSON formerly of Tathcon [aka Tatham] in Lancashire ... set to John PIPPARD of Castletownmoor in Co. Meath Esq. Lands of Castletownmoor

      • See: Jacksons of Co. Cavan for a map showing a clustering of lands owned by JACKSONs, including this Robert JACKSON. Of special interest – is who was Thomas JACKSON who leased adjacent lands in 1616.

[38] Thomas CHARNLEY

[39] Isaac ATKINSON



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