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7 Dec 1839 Probate of Thomas JACKSON of Lavally. This probate will connect to the JACKSONs of Tiratick - but some of the details still need to be nailed down.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 28, 2023

7 Dec 1839 Probate of Thomas JACKSON of Lavally Co Sligo



639 Thomas JACKSON[1] of Lavally[2], Co. Sligo. Farmer.

Date of will 16 Jul 1839.

Executor Guy BLEAKLEY[3], Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Gent.


Proved at Prerogative Court 7 Dec 1839 £646.



NOTE: Based on this document, it is possible to see a small branch of a family tree which will likely connect to other JACKSON of Sligo family trees. The connection of the BLEAKLEY family of Enniskillen to James JACKSON of Tiratick is particularly intriguing:

1.      Thomas JACKSON of Lavally, Co. Sligo

a.       George JACKSON d. aft 1839

                                                  i.      Thomas JACKSON d. aft 1839

b.      Elizabeth JACKSON d. aft 1839 + FOSTER

c.       Anne JACKSON d. aft 1839 + McKIM

d.      Mary JACKSON d. aft 1839

e.       Jane JACKSON d. aft 1839 + CRAIG


Note: The 2nd table should be attached to the left of the 1st table, but that makes it too hard to read.




To whom in Trust

For what Purpose

1.      An Annuity of £20 charged on the lands of Cullydian[5]

2.      An annuity of £10

3.      An Annuity of £10

The lands on which these Anns are charged do not appear to be disposed of by the Will. 2y The Tenure of said Lands? It is stated in the Inventory that Testor did not die possessed of any Leaseholds

Elizabeth JACKSON otherwise FOSTER

For the support


& after his said death sd Anny


& after her death

4.      The farm of Drumduff[6]

5.      The Lands of Lavally. The Farms of Lugdoon[7] & Rhunk[8] [?] & Houses and Ground belonging to Testor in Ballintogher[9]




2y Tenure

6.      The Lands of Ballinagreen[10] and Patchtown[11]

7.      £100 in the hands of Owen PHIBBS

Not included in Inventory


(to be paid by Mary JACKSON & G. BLEAKLEY when they think proper)

8.      Stock of Cattle, Furniture in Testator’s House at Lavally[12], Rents & Debts due to Testor & £500 in the hands of Abraham MARTIN[13]





Hd Goods : £20.0.0

Securities £500.0.0

Stock: £80.0.0


To be divided among:

9.      £500 £200 therof in the hands of Thomas JONES & £300 in the hands of James JACKSON




Upon what contingency, or if in Succession of equal rate

What deemed



For life provided the lease of said lands so long continue ½ yearly on the 1st May & 1st Nov the 1st payment to be made on whichever of those days shall next happen after the Testor’s death


The aforesaid Elizabeth JACKSON otherwise FOSTER


To be disposed of as she may think proper


Anne JACKSON otherwise McKIM


For life provided to be as above




To be disposed of as she may think proper


Jane JACKSON otherwise CRAIG


For life provided [?] as set forth at No 1


Elizabeth JACKSON otherwise FOSTER


For life provided [?] as set forth at No 1








“during the term”



[1] Thomas JACKSON died btw 16 Jul 1839 and 7 Dec 1839.

[2] Lavally aka Lavilley, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill.


·         Searched BLEAKLEY Names Index Bi-Bo starts at Image 459..

·         1834 Jul 1. ROD: 1834-13-55--GRAHAM-JACKSON. Image 35. BTW Mathew GRAHAM of Nory, Co. Fermanagh farmer administrator of will of Thomas GRAHAM deceased and also Administrator of James GRAHAM deceased of 1st pt; Mary GRAHAM otherwise BLEAKLEY his wife, Mathew GRAHAM and Eleanor GRAHAM his wife; Catherine GRAHAM and Jane GRAHAM spinsters all of Norey of 2nd pt and James JACKSON of Teeratic, [Tiratick, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill], Co. Sligo Gent of 3rd pt. Reciting that Mathew GRAHAM granted to said James JACKSON part of lands of Nory in Barony Magheraboy Co. Fermanagh … WITNESS: William QUINTON of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh & Alexander BLEAKLEY of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Gent. Mathew GRAHAM [SEAL]

[4] Anne?  – is she the wife of Guy BLEAKLEY?

[5] Cullydian : possibly Cuiltydangan, Parish Ballynakill] Barony Tirerrill

[6] Drumduff, Parish Killanummery, Barony Drumahaire Co. Leitrim on eastern border of Sligo. Associated with Stonebridge.

[7] Lugdoon, Parish Templeboy, Barony Tireragh, Co. Sligo

[8] Rhunk may be a sub-demonination of Lissananny Beg. The Lands of Runk are mentioned in a lease 27 Oct 1804 from William Harloe PHIBBS to Thomas JACKSON and Robert TRUMBLE of “That part of the Lands of Runk containing 10 acres, or thereabouts for lives of William TRUMBLE, James JACKSON (the present tenant), and John GILMORE, at the yearly rent of £14 late Irish currency. The said James JACKSON is the only surviving life in said Leases. SOURCE: Lot 16 Lissananybeg. [Lissananny Beg, Parish Emlaghfad] Barony Corran] Landed Estate Court 10 Dec. 1876. Inquiries to Owner Major Thomas JONES, Ballina; to Captain Oliver Vaughan JACKSON Carramore, Ballina. NOTE: Although I have not yet noted the 1804 lease, there are many PHIBBS leases noted here which tie the PHIBBS to JACKSONs: Memorials of Sligo Deeds from 1708-1899.         

[9] NOTE: Tiratick is in the ED of Ballintogher East

[10]  I could not find Ballinagreen. One possibility is Ballygrania, Parish Kilross, Barony Tirerrill

[11] Possibly Patch, Parish Kilmacshalgan, Barony Tireragh.

[12] Lavally aka Lavilley, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill],

[13] Abraham MARTIN is the brother of Elizabeth MARTIN who married Francis JACKSON (1769-1834) son of George JACKSON and Jane CUFFE. Elizabeth MARTIN and Thomas JACKSON had a child named George Francis JACKSON. Also of interest when it comes to JACKSONs of Sligo, is James JACKSON (1765-1825, a brother of Francis JACKSON, about whom I know nothing. The MARTIN family were a major merchant family in the Town of Sligo. SEE: JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo




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