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The purpose of this post is because I am tracking JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmorland and environs. Many of these JACKSONs settled in Ireland in the 1600s, and their descendants put down long-term roots. This is part of an attempt to sort them out. I have appended two wills beneath showing in the late 1500s: Hugh JACKSON=Isobel BAINBRIGGE, children: Miles JACKSON (b 1588) & Margaret JACKSON. NOTE: there was also a child named George JACKSON (b 1580) who was not mentioned in the will) SEE: Thomas Langdon and his Tradition of Learning. Rev. R. Percival Brown, Vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale April 23, 1925, p.46.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 2, 2016

The registers of Middleton in Lonsdale JACKSONs

NOTE: Thirnbeck, Otway, Fawcett, Garnet, & others with business and/or familial relationships with Jacksons were also recorded in this parish register, as were other families with connections to Kirkby Lonsdale.Also, many of the families of Middleton associated themselves with the Parish Church of Kirkby Lonsdale rather than with the church of Middleton. Their records could be in either place.




1689 Mar 31 Christopher, son of Thomas Jackson, baptized


1689 May 18 John son of Thos Jackson, baptized


1694 Aug 27 William son of Robert Jackson de Holme, baptized


1696 Mar 6 Robert son of Robert Jackson de Holme, baptized


1703 Apr 10 Sowrmire and Jane Jackson marriage


1721 June 13 Robert Jackson of Firbank, batch., and Mary Dawson of Midleton spr. Both of this parish. NOTE: One line of the BAINBRIGGEs of Firbank saw themselves as cousins of JACKSONs. SOURCE: 1638 will of Richard JACKSON of Midleton.


1732 Sept 12 Mr. Giles Moore and Sarah Jackson


1733 Apr 16 James Taylor of Kirkby Lonsdale and Ellen Holme of Casterton


Dec 25 1688 Elizabeth Jackson. Burial


1694 Apr 21 Thomas son of Thomas Jackson, burial


1694 May 6 Alice Bainbrigge widow, burial. NOTE: This was a freqent name associated with the BAINBRIGGEs of Firbank.


1698 Oct 20 John s of Thomas Jackson burial


1699 Mar 21 Thomas Jackson buried


1701 Jun 24 Robert son of Thomas Jackson, buried


1713 Dec 30 Thomas Jackson buried


Feb 27 Jane wife of Thomas Jackson, buried


1714 Apr 26 Robert son of Robert Jackson, buried


1715 Jan 7 William son of Robert Jackson, buried


1718 Dec 6 Robert Jackson husbandman, buried


1722 Apr 16 Thomas Jackson widower, buried


1764 Mary Jackson buried


Two wills are interesting with respect to JACKSON-BAINBRIGGE connections in Middleton (dating back to the mid 1500s):

Dated 2  Dec., 1609.
[Archd. of Richmond: Lonsdale Deanery].
I desire to be buried in the parish church of Kirby Lonsdale.  I bequeath to my wife Eleanor Bainbrigge the house where I now  dwell and all other my houses for life and the third part of my  goods. To my daughter Isabel Jackson 6 13s. 4d. To Margaret  . . . . son [hole in MS.] I brought up 6s. 8d. To my son in law  Hugh Jackson my best hat. To his son Miles Jackson my best  cloak. To George son of John Bainbrigge my best hose and  doublet. To George son of Miles Bainbrigge a great meal ark a table etc. after my wife's death. Residuary legatee and executor  my son John.   Supervisors my cousin Mr. John Warde and my son in law Hugh Jackson. Witnesses : John Ekrigge, Robert Noddall.  Codicil of 1 March, 1609/10.
I bequeath to Isabel and Eleanor Bainbrigge my son Myles daughters 10s. each. To Anne Bainbridge daughter of my son John  20s.  and to his other daughters 10s. each.
Inventory taken 14 March 1609/10 of the goods of George Bainbrigg of Gillfoot
valuation £24.Proved  21  April, 1610

Dated 25  April, 1623.  [Archd. of Richmond : Lonsdale Deanery] .  I desire to be buried in the parish church of Kirby Lonsdale.  I bequeath to my daughter Isabel Jackson a pair of sheets,  2   pairs  of blankets and a coverlet. To her daughter Margaret Jackson a  feather bed. To George Bainbrigge son of my son John 15s. and  a silver spoon. To Thomas Bainbrigge 5s. and a silver spoon.  To Ellen Bainbrige daughter of John my best gown and 5s. To  Isabel Bainbrige 5s. To Mary Bainbrige 5s. To Ellen Bainbrige  daughter of Miles Bainbrigge deceased a red petticoat. To  Isabel Aykrigg my best ruff. To Thomas Wright   2s.   6d. To  Mabel Barker 6d.
Residuary legatee and executor, my son John Bainbrigge
Supervisors, Edward Bland, John Aykrige. Witnesses : George Bainbrigge, John Aykrige, Robert Noddalle.
Inventory taken 19 Aug., 1623
valuation 8 16s. od.





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