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This letter is from Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON, a nephew of Sir Thomas. There are several letters of condolence posted concerning his untimely death.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 15, 2014



Share and General Brokers                                        Hongkong 26th July 1916

Telegraphic Address


P.O. BOX 442



1st and 2nd EDITIONS

“A1” & A.B.C. 5th Edition.





My dear Mother[5],

            Had a letter some time ago from you but cannot lay my hands on it at the moment. The “firms” are both well and business is fairly good. I hope it will continue to be so & there might be a prospect of being able to spend declining years at home. One drawback to starting on our own is that I can’t say when I will be able to get home & I feel the need of a rest badly. The weather is shockingly hot & will be for another two months, but what can’t be cured must be endured. There is no news here which would interest you. I have not heard from Davy since he went to Calcutta but take it that he is alright. The old war seems to be going in our favour now. I hope it will soon finish. Most people expect it to be over by then end of the year. Our night guards & endless drills[6] will then cease & few of us will be sorry. It is absurd on the part of the authorities to make us drill in this heat but they insist upon it. There seems to be more trouble looming ahead for poor old Ireland. When will people get sense – never! I suppose. I hope you are better by now & that you are well & doing well. Take care of yourselves. Love to all

                                                                        Your fond son,



[1] Wright & Hornby was founded by James Francis WRIGHT & T.W. HORNBY.

[2] I would love to learn how telegraphic addresses were assigned. A.H.G. Jackson’s mother was often referred to as a model of “rectude”.

[3] Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON. (1881-1918), He was a nephew of Sir Thomas JACKSON, and a son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON and Eliza Emily GILMORE.

[4] P. Tester. I suspect this is Percy TESTER: See Hong Kong Cemetery inscriptions: In memory of/ Percy Tester/ born 19th June 1879/ died 23rd April 1950/ on urn : with love to Daddy/ from/ Joyce Iris JohnWm Nodes Ltd # 10562

[5] Eliza Emily JACKSON née GILMORE (1846-1938)

[6] When I visited his grave marker at Happy Valley Cemetery in 2012, I photographed the Commonwealth Graves Commission marker on the side of it. He and his brother David both served in the volunteer regiment at Hong Kong during WWI.




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