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NAMES: Arthur OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Nicholas JOHNSTON; Andrew OLIVER; Alexander McELLORY [aka McILORY?]; PLACES: Ballinahonebeg; Lyshluny aka Lislooney aka Lisloony; Woodpark aka Wood Park aka Ballynameta.
Sharon Oddie Brown August 5, 2017

Update August 25, 2017. Thanks to Carolyn Hendry, corrected typo (HARDY not HARVEY). Also updated footnote #5 thanks to Sean Barden.


1788 May 26   ROD: 398-441-263358

Image 248

NOTE: Benjamin & Arthur OLIVER are both sons of Benjamin OLIVER (abt 1724-1770) – the name of their mother is unknown. They are also grandsons of William OLIVER (bef 1700 – aft 1730) & Elizabeth HARDY. SEE: OLIVERs of Ballyrea-Killynure, Co. Armagh  


A memorial of a deed of assignment btw Arthur OLIVER[1] of Ballynahonebeg[2]. Parish of Armagh, Linene Draper of the 1 pt & Benjamin OLIVER[3] of Lysluney [aka Lisloony][4] Parish of Tynan, Co Armagh Gent of the other part by virtue of a deed Feb 6 1788 Nicholas JOHNSTON[5] of Woodpark[6], Co. Armagh Esq. demised to Arthur OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER all that part or parcel of land in townland of Lislooney in the estate of Woodpark and Manor of Caledon then in the possession of Arthur & Benjamin OLIVER together with the one acre of turf bog containing by estimation 46 acres two roods for three lives therein mentioned[7] [NOTE: the lives weren’t mentioned] – Benjamin and Arthur OLIVER being joint tenants and each of them entitled to  one undivided moiety of the whole of said demised premes. The said deed of assignment witnesseth that the said Arthur OLIVER for and in consideration of five shillings to him paid by the said Benjamin OLIVER demised his share to Benjamin OLIVER of lands and premes in Lislooney & bog or moss in Cavanaghpole and premises with the appurtenances so devised as aforesaid to the said Arthur OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER by Nicholas JOHNSTON . WITNESS: Andrew OLIVER[8] of Armagh, Co. Armagh Chandler & Alexander McELLROY[9] of Armagh, Co. Armagh Carpenter. Benjamin OLIVER [SEAL]


The map beneath shows where Ballynahonebeg is - on the border of Farmacaffley where an Andrew OLIVER was recorded in the 1664 Hearth Rolls. Subsequently, other family members held leases to land in adjacent townlands.
Farmacaffle & Ballinahonebeg
Lislooney - in blue beneath - was a townland in the Parish of Tynan where a William OLIVER held a lease in 1718. The Benjamin OLIVER of this lease is a likely relation.
Lislooney environs


[1] Arthur OLIVER (abt. 1744- abt. 1798)

·       SEE: 1738 February 6 Arthur and Benjamin OLIVER shared: all that part or parcel of land in the townland of Lissluny in the Estate of Woodpark and Manor of Caledon then in the possession of the said Arthur OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER together with one acre of Turf  Moss then in their possession in the Moss of Cavanapole

·       SEE: 1770 April 26 he was a witness to a deed involving David OLIVER. It involved 100 acres on the west side of the townland of Laragh, Co. Monaghan as well as some water rights.

·       SEE: 1770 July 30  David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh sold his lease rights for Lands of Laragh & Carnacaraff. - both in Co. Monaghan - as well as the Mill at Creevey (also Monaghan) with 8 acres of land and lands in Ballymogonan in Co. "Dorone" to Arthur OLIVER of Balinahone Beg, Co. Armagh. NOTE: Ballymogonan in Co. "Dorone" is probably  Ballymagowan, Parish of Clogher, Co. Tyrone.

·       SEE: 1770 October 31  echoes 1770 July 30 .

·       SEE: 1782 Sept 7  Robert JACKSON was paid £850 by Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER & set over to Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER all the lands of Ballynahonebegg in Parish of Armagh possessed by Thomas VERNER. Thomas VERNER was the executor of the deceased Benjamin OLIVER – who I believe was the Benjamin OLIVER (1717-1770), father of Arthur & Benjamin. NOTE: I am curious about whether there may have been a marriage relationship between the OLIVERs and SEAVERS.

·       SEE: 1784 Feb 10 [refers to] Deed of partition made between Sarah SEAVER & Arthur OLIVER 15 Nov 1783 that Sarah SEAVER (executor etc) would have ½ of all rents and fines issuing out of the part of said premises held by Thomas VERNER Esq. And also ½ rents and fines of part in possession of Arthur OLIVER called the bleach green and half of her late husband’s legacy

·       SEE: 1789 April 15 – he was a farmer at Ballinahonebeg. Robert WILSON the younger in consideration of £5 sterling to be paid by Arthur OLIVER did sell transfer and make over unto the said Arthur OLIVER his exec ... all the liberty of Beetling, Washing & rubbing cloth at said mill of Ballinahonebeg which his father Robert WILSON the elder hd resd to hold to the said Arthur OLIVER.

·       SEE: 1793 February 13 He held a lease to Ballinahonebeg jointly with Sarah SEAVER.

·       SEE: 1853 April 16. This will recites the abovementioned lease of 1788 Feb 6

[2] Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill. There are also numerous references in rental documents relating to Arthur OLIVERs payments to SEAVERs for rent. They are held in the Armagh Country Museum as part of a collection of legal documents relating to SEAVERs.

[3] Benjamin OLIVER (1717-1770)

·       In 1832, a Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney is recorded in the Freeholder records with a lease from Acheson St. George Esq. In all likelihood, he was the Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney who died in 1850, and is also most likely the son of Benjamin OLIVER (1717-1770), hence the brother of this Arthur OLIVER.

[4] Lyshluny aka Lislooney aka Lisloony Parish of Tynan

Lislooney is also mentioned in the following deeds:

1718 June 11

1738 Feb 6

1738 Jun 6

1750 Oct 22

1764 Aug 25

1782 Sept 7

1824 April 6

1788 May 26 ROD: 398-441-263358

Also Referenced in 1853 Apr 16:

1788 Feb 6 to & in possession of Arthur OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER & lately in the possession of James OLIVER refers to lease 6 Feb 1788 renewed 13 April 1829 & a debt judgement 1822 against Benjamin OLIVER for £400 to John BURNS.


[5] Nicholas JOHNSTON of Woodpark, Co. Armagh. I have little on this line of JOHNSTONs. NOTE: I am curious about his wife. There is a possibility that she was Eliza Maria OLIVER.

Here Lyeth the body of | Eliza Maria Johnston | who

departed this life on the | 20 th of Nov | 1789 | aged 60

years | also the body of | Nicholas Johnston Esq re I of

Woodpark in the County of Armagh | departed this life

on | the 26 July 1785 | aged 70 years. SOURCE: Journal of the Association of the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead – Ireland. 1913 Vol. !X, 1

  • Dec 1789 his [Nicholas JOHNSTON’s] sister Mrs. Elizabeth Maria JOHNSTON died at Earls Street [Dublin?]. SOURCE: The Gentleman's and London Magazine: Or Monthly Chronologer, 1741-1794
  • Another Nicholas JOHNSTON died August 1793 at Summerhill, SOURCE: Anthologia Hibernica: Or, Monthly Collections of Science, Belles ..., Volume 2 He was possibly the one born 1724, a son of William JOHNSTON, who did a degree at Trinity in Dublin.
  • Ownership of Ballenamiatagh or Wood Park, Co. Armagh SOURCE: Paterson MS 59 p 128 transcription

    1600 Sir Henry Oge O’Neill
    1613 Con Roy O’Neill
    1624-31 Sir Phelim O’Neill
    1631-41 Robert Hovenden (or Horenden?)
    1641-88 Robert Hovenden (or Horenden?)
    1688-1700 Robert Hovenden (or Horenden?)
    1700-23 George Johnston
    1723-28 Wm Johnston
    1740-92 Nicholas Johnston
    1792-6 Edward Johnston
    1808-17 Nicholas George Johnston

    ?-1817 Capt Cross
    1817 Acheson St. George

[6] Woodpark aka Ballynameta, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh.

[7] NOTE: the lives weren’t mentioned in this deed.

[8] Andrew OLIVER, Chandler of Armagh. I suspect that he was the Andrew OLIVER (b abt 1770) son of William OLIVER (1730-1816) and Elizabeth STEEL. A Rev William Quigley wrote to Maria Beattie in 2005 with some notes from Drumsallan Church, Parish of Eglish. In the marriage registers, he found: Andrew Oliver of Brookley [sic-  Broottally] married Anne Hanna of Tereskane [Rev. Quigley note: between Drumsallan and Armagh but in Eglish Parish] on 22 March 1804. The main thing that gives me pause about his placement here in the tree – and it is significant - is that he was not included in the grave marker for Benjamin OLIVER as other siblings were. Another possibility is that he was a son of the Andrew OLIVER (bef 1717- aft 1738, who was also a chandler.

[9] Alexander McELLORY [aka McILORY?]



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