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Jacksons of Creekstown Co. MeathThere is a story here that is itching to be told about these JACKSONs. I keep scratching, but so far have not got to the bottom of it. These documents might help others put the pieces together.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 18, 2014


Jacksons of Creekstown Co. Meath



Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24.

1690 Aug 13 Extract of the Will of John Jackson, Macelern, County Meath, Gent. Will administered 13 August 1690. Wife Catherine Jackson. Brother Richard Jackson. Children James Jackson, Catherine Jackson, Anne Jackson and Maria Jackson. NOTE:  The townland of Macetown (in the Barony of Screen) is just one townland north-west of Creekstown (in the Barony of Ratoath). This is quite the smoking gun. The Ann JACKSON who married Col Adam DOWNING was a daughter of John JACKSON (b 1630 at Kirby Lonsdale). We have no death date for this John JACKSON, nor the name of a wife, but he does have a brother Richard JACKSON (1635-?). Hmmm.

1741 Extract of the Will of Robert Jackson married daughter of John Wilson, Crookstown, County Meath, Farmer,

1750 Dec 3. A will for a Thomas JACKSON Esq. of Creekstown [aka Crickstown] was probated. His daughter Elizabeth was the wife of (Henry __ ?).

1771 An error in Betham Prerogative Will Extracts to 1800. Ref. T/559/24 Page 170 of Volume 24  annotation relates to Page 243 of Volume 17. Henry Jackson married 1791 [should be 1771] to Eliz daughter of Mark Magrath.   


Also pertinent is an entry in The Belfast Newsletter 1754 Feb 12 Mrs. JACKSON at Drogheda, widow of counsellor JACKSON late of Creekstown in the County of Meath. Since the Urker JACKSONs had enough of a link to Drogheda that one of them would pay to have the family crest erected on City Hall, this one is worth pursuing.


Memorials of deeds connected to Creekstown.




1726 Dec 30 BALL-JACKSON (Notes not transcript) UPDATE A memorial of indented Deeds of Lease and Release bearing date Respectively the thirtieth and thirty first day of December: one thousand seven hundred and twenty six made and perfected between John BALL of Loghross, Co. Armagh, Esq. of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. Of the other part. By which said deed and release the said John BALL for the consideration therein mentioned Did give grant bargain sell, Release & Confirm to Thomas JACKSON in his actual possession by virtue of the said lease all that tate of the old Castle of Creckstown [aka Creekstown] & 106A 1R 34P of the land thereunto adjoining in the Barony of Ratbath, Co. Meath inders Rents Issues and Profitts of the same. To have and to hold the said premises with the appurtenances the said Thomas JACKSON and his heirs yielding and paying therefore and thereout unto the said John BALL his heirs and issue for ever the yearly rent of five shillings sterling per acre for every of the said acres and after that rate for the said one Rod and thirty four perches in half yearly payment viz on every first day of May and November the first payment to be made on the First Day of May next ensuing the Date of the said Deed of Release. Which said Deeds of Lease and Release were duly perfected on the said thirtieth and thirty first Days of December one thousand seven hundred and twenty six. WITNESS: William CHURCH of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, Gent; John DOWNING of City of Dublin, Gent; Henry ARKWRIGHT, City of Dublin. NOTE: Lieut. Thomas Ball, of Fleetwood's Regt., , the father of John BALL, received grants of land in several counties of Ireland, which were confirmed under the Act of Settlement. In Crickstown, [aka Creekstown] barony of Ratoath, he received "a mansion house, orchard, garden, and groves,''. They were same BALL family with leases at Urker and elsewhere in Creggan Parish. Dorothy JACKSON (1696-1760) married John BALL.It is likely that this Thomas JACKSON was her uncle (1680-1750-51)




1730 Feb 23-24 UPDATE The John BALL (1702-1764) of this lease was a 1st cousin once removed of the Thomas BALL (1727-1798) who held leases with George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Urker. I suspect that this is the Thomas JACKSON (1680-1750) who was the uncle of the Dorothy JACKSON mentioned in the deed. He was the son of William JACKSON and Susan BERESFORD. In 1715, he married Margaret BERESFORD, and they had three children. In 1727, he held a seat in the Irish House of Commons for Coleraine. NOTE: There are some puzzling aspects to the name of Thomas JACKSON’s wife. There is a Thomas JACKSON who died in 1751 who was of Creekstown, Co. Meath, whose widow was named Anne – not Margaret. Given the family land connections to the BALL family, who owned the lease for this land, this would seem to be the same person. Perhaps there was a 2nd wife, as yet unknown.




1746 May 30 NIX & WIFE-BOLTON UPDATE lease btw Alexander NIX of Creekstown Co Meath Gent of 1st part; his wife Catherin NIX als McEVERY & Richard BOLTON of 3rd pt map 30 May 1746 24A 2R 2P




1751 Nov 27 BOLTON-COCKING UPDATE Revd Richard BOLTON of Lagore Co Meath of 1 pt & Rev. Ralph COCKING of Rahenny Co Dublin of other part… 6A 2R 20P part of Creekstown, Barony of Ratoath, Co Meath lately in occupation of Thomas JACKSON Esq. deceased described in a Map to the said deed of release annexed. Lands leased from BOLTON to COCKING.




1753 Jun 30 BALL & WIFE & ORS- BAYLEY & ORS UPDATE John BALL of Three Castles Co. Kilkenny Esq. Dorothy BALL otherwise JACKSON his wife [abt.1696-1760]; Jane JACKSON of the town of Drogheda widow & sole executor of Thomas JACKSON late of Crickstown in the Co. of Meath Esq deceased Luke VIPOND and Gorges Edmond HOWARD of the City of Dublin Esq. & Thomas SMITH of the City of Dublin Gent of the one pt & Joseph BAYLY of the City of Dublin Gent & Rev Abraham SANDIP of Killmoon Co Meath of the other part and the release made between John BALL Dorothy of the first part Jane JACKSON of the 2nd part the Rev Ralph COCKYN [variant spellings may be useful: COCKAINE] of Raheny in the Co Dublin & Ann COCKYN otherwise LEVESY otherwise JACKSON his wife of the 3rd part & Rev Bigoe HENZEL of Creekstown Co Meath of the 4th pt said Luke VIPOND and Gorges Edmond HOWARD of the 5th pt and Thomas SMITH of the 6th pt and said Joseph BAYLY and Abraham SANDIP of the 7th pt… land sold for one year.




1763 May 12 COCKING & wife-GOODBODY 1763 May 12 UPDATE Btw Rev Ralph COCKING of Rakeny Co Dublin & Ann COCKING otherwise JACKSON his wife one of the daughters and coheir of Thomas JACKSON late of Creeckstown, Co Meath deceased of the one pt transfer lands in Creekstown, Barony of Ratoah, Co Meath




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