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I am getting tantalizingly close to being able to click a number of these people into a family tree. At present, I have a stub of a tree including a number of JACKSONs from Woodfield aka Woodfieldglen in Co. Wicklow. If readers know more, it shouldn't take much to make a larger leap.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 14, 2013.
Major Update: September 1, 2021. Cross-referenced with a lot more data, plus a few more probates added.

Jackson Probates at National Archives: JACKSONS who died in Co. WICKLOW

Calendars of Wills and Administration 1858-1922

NOTE: See the bottom of this page for more research info.


Name of Deceased





County Died


Thomas Jackson

4 May 



Thomas JACKSON effects under £5 late of Kyle, Co. Wicklow farmer d. 4 May 1839 at Kyle (left unadministered by Mary JACKSON his widow) granted to John JACKSON of Spinans Wicklow, son, one of the next of kin.

NOTE: Kyle, Parish Kilcommon, Barony of Ballinacor South. Also See Jacksons in Co. Wicklow Deeds.. I also suspect there is a connection to the John JACKSON mentioned in this gravemarker: Donoughmore Church of Ireland This tablet was erected/ by John Jackson Esq. Spynans/ as a token of affection/ to the memory of his Father and Mother/ John Jackson/ who died 6th of December 1848 aged 90 years/ Mary Jane Jackson/ who died 17th September 1850 aged 76 years/ and his daughter Margaret Caroline Jackson/ who died 18th  January 1856 aged 4 1/2 years. NOTE: Spynans aka Spinians  is at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.

John Jackson

7 Oct



John JACKSON effects under £20 late of Ahowle Co Wicklow d 7 Oct 1859 granted to Thomas JACKSON of No 45 Jervis St., letter carrier, son of deceased, the universal legatee.

·  Aghowle Lower (Achadh Abhall Íochtarach) , Rathnew Civil Parish, Barony of Newcastle, Co. Wicklow 326 A, 3 R, 33 P

·  Aghowle Lower (Achadh Abhall Íochtarach) , Aghowle Civil Parish, Barony of Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 786 A, 1 R, 6 P

·  Aghowle Upper (Achadh Abhall Uachtarach) , Aghowle Civil Parish, Barony of Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 555 A, 1 R, 13 P

·  Aghowle Upper (Achadh Abhall Uachtarach) , Rathnew Civil Parish, Barony of Newcastle, Co. Wicklow 491 A, 1 R, 0 P

John Jackson

25 Mar 



John JACKSON effects under £450 late of Croneyhorne Co Wicklow, farmer deceased d 25 Mar 1877 proved by oath of John JACKSON of Croneyhorne, farmer.

·         Croneyhorn Lower Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 645 A, 3 R, 12 P

·         Croneyhorn Upper, Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 900 A, 3 R, 18 P

William Jackson

23 Aug 



Administration of the estate of William JACKSON late of Castlequarter, Kiltegan Baltinglass, Co Wicklow Farmer who died 23 August 1881 granted at Dublin to Richard JACKSON farmer Effects £233.

·         Castlequarter, Parish Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown

Judith Jackson

1 Nov 



Judith JACKSON effects £207 5s 3d late of Wicklow spinster d 1 Nov 1883 at same place.

NOTE:  Death Cert: Judith JACKSON (1798-1883). age 85, Gentlewoman. Church Street, Wicklow.

John Jackson

13 Jun 




John JACKSON effects £170 late of Kilmorray, Baltinglass, Co Wicklow, farmer d 13 June 1888 proved by Joseph William JACKSON farmer, sole executor.

NOTE: Death cert: age 75 (b 1815). Married farmer, son Joseph William JACKSON present. Probably Kilmurry Lower, Parish Baltinglass, Barony Upper Talbotstown

NOTE: 1901 Census Joseph William JACKSON age 48, wife Ann age 35. Three children. Kilmurry Lower, Talbotstown. In 1911 Census he was a widower.

John Jackson

28 Feb 



John JACKSON effect £795 late of Croneyhorn, Co Wicklow d 28 Feb 1890 at same place proved by Sarah J. JACKSON of Croneyhorn, widow.

·         Croneyhorn Lower Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 645 A, 3 R, 12 P

·         Croneyhorn Upper, Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 900 A, 3 R, 18 P

James Jackson

29 Aug 



James JACKSON effects £84 14s 6d late of Moretown Co Wicklow farmer d 29 Aug 1892 at same place proved by Francis J. MINCHIN of Athy, Co Kildare, chemist.

NOTE: Death Cert: Age 86 (b. 1796). Nephew John JACKSON of Kyle present at death. See 1839 Probate above. This John JACKSON was likely a son of Thomas JACKSON, hence Thomas & James were brothers.

NOTE: Moretown possibly Moorstown, Parish Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown

Henry Vincent Jackson

13 Mar 



Henry Vincent JACKSON late of Galtrim Bray Co Wicklow Esq. J.P. d 13 Mar 1896 granted at Dublin effects £18,646 18s 11d

NOTE: b. 1842.

·  Bray (Bré) , Bray Civil Parish, Barony of Rathdown, Co. Wicklow 438 A, 3 R, 8 P

·  Bray Commons (Coimín Bhré) , Old Connaught Civil Parish, Barony of Rathdown, Co. Wicklow 69 A, 2 R, 12 P

NOTE: Galtrim House was originally called Fairy Hill. See: Descendants of Peter & Johanna JACKSON.

Emma Ruth Jackson

26 Jan 



Emma Ruth JACKSON late of Killarney House Bray Co Wicklow widow d 26 Jan 1900 granted to Susan L Hope Spinster effects £1,650 10s 1d

NOTE: Death Cert: age 63 (b. 1837), widow of landed proprietor. She was Emma Ruth HOPE widow and 2nd wife of William Henry JACKSON (1811-1877) of Tipperary & Dublin.

See: Descendants of Peter & Johanna JACKSON.

Richard Jackson

2 Jan 



Richard JACKSON late of Woodfield Baltinglass Co Wicklow Constable RIC d 2 Jan 1902 granted to Eliza JACKSON wife of John JACKSON effects £210 1s 7d NOTE: I have placed him as Richard JACKSON (1860-1902) - in tree I have started concerning Kiltegan JACKSONs. It appears that Eliza is his aunt. I have no record of him being married. Baltinglass has several JACKSON references:  

NOTE: A John JACKSON of Woodfield was married to Eliza CRAMPTON (source 1882 birth cert of their son William). SEE: Jacksons of Woodfield.

NOTE: The death cert of Richard JACKSON (age 43 – b.1859) has his father John JACKSON present at his death.

NOTE: Woodfield, Parish Baltinglass, Barony Upper Talbotstown

·         Mount Lucas, Baltinglass was the residence of a Capt. Jackson, commanding extensive mountain views and the scenery of the valley.

·         In the year 1820 there were two breweries in Baltinglass; but they had disappeared before 1830. One was owned by a William Jackson, who was known by the name Dandy Jackson; he always wore solid gold buttons on his coat and knee breeches.

William Jackson

26 Jul 



Probate November 8, 1906  of the Will of William JACKSON late of Woodfield Baltinglass Co Wicklow Farmer who died 26 July 1903 granted to Ann

JACKSON the widow. Effects £146 12s.

SEE: Jacksons of Woodfield.

NOTE: Woodfield, Parish Baltinglass, Barony Upper Talbotstown

NOTE: Anne JACKSON née OVINGTON (1845-1907)

NOTE: In the 1901 Census, William JACKSON (age 60, a farmer b. Co. Wicklow, hence b. 1841) lives with his wife Anne JACKSON (age 50, b Co. Wicklow, hence b. 1851) and their 3 sons : William (age 18); Robert (age 16) and John (age 14), and sister Susan (age 12). They reside at house #10, Woodfieldglen, Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow. In the 1911 Census, neither parent is mentioned and two of the brothers William (now age 30) and John (now age 26) live with their sister Susan (age 23). They are all CoI and all single.

Richard Jackson

3 Feb 



Probate of Will of Richard JACKSON late of Barraderry, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow, retired farmer who died 3 February 1903 granted at Dublin to John Gregory R.I.C. pensioner. Effects £107 18s 3d. NOTE: I suspect he is the Richard JACKSON in the 1901 Census living at House 6 in Banaderry West, Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow. He was age 76, a famer & CoI, and living alone with an aged servant, Anne MAHER, age 80. He was b. Co. Wicklow.

NOTE: Death Cert: Bachelor, age 82 years b. (1821). Jane GREGORY present at death.

·  Ballinderry Lower (Baile an Doire Íochtarach) , Rathdrum Civil Parish, Barony of Ballinacor North, Co. Wicklow 232 A, 1 R, 3 P

·  Ballinderry Upper (Baile an Doire Uachtarach) , Rathdrum Civil Parish, Barony of Ballinacor North, Co. Wicklow 329 A, 1 R, 27 P

Thomas Jackson

14 Mar 



Probate November 8, 1906 of the will of Thomas JACKSON late of Boley Baltinglass Co Wicklow farmer who died 14 March 1906 granted to farmer John JACKSON Effects £238 15s 6d.

NOTE: Death Cert: Age 82 (b. 1824), married, son Joseph JACKSON present at death

NOTE: His wife Susan JACKSON died Dec 17 1906, age 72.

NOTE:  In the 1901 Census Thomas JACKSON (age 76, hence b.1825) is living with his wife Susan (age 62) and daughter Hannah (age 28), son John (age 26) and son Joseph W. (age 24 as well as grandson George W. MULHOLLAND (age 6) at House #2, Boley, Eadestown, Co. Wicklow. He is a farmer. He and his children were born in Co. Wicklow, his wife in Co. Carlow and his grandson in Kings Co. In the 1911 Census, John, Hannah and Joseph William JACKSON are living with their nephew George William MULHOLLAND at the same place. No parents are mentioned. All are unmarried.

NOTE: Woodfield, Parish Baltinglass, Barony Upper Talbotstown

NOTE: In the Saint Mary Churchyard in Baltinglass, a number of the family members are buried:

Jackson, Elizabeth, d. 20 Feb 1953, age: 85yr, sis/o Hannah and Joseph, [AR]
Jackson, Hannah, d. 7 Jul 1924, age: 50yr, sis/o Joseph and Elizabeth, Boley, [AR]
Jackson, John, d. 22 Nov 1948, age: 75yr, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Jackson, John, d. 3 May 1952, age: 81yr, h/o Susan, [AR]
Jackson, Joseph, d. 25 Jan 1945, age: 69yr, bro/o Hannah and Elizabeth, [AR]
Jackson, Margaret, d. 21 Dec 1942, age: 63yr, w/o John, Woodfield, [AR]
Jackson, Samuel, d. 15 Sep 1991, age: 50yr, s/o Susan and John, [AR]

In Griffiths, a Thomas JACKSON holds lands in Boley. NOTE: see deeds below.

·  Boley, Baltinglass Civil Parish, Barony of Upper Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow 226 A, 3 R, 36 P

·  Boley (An Bhuaile) , Aghowle Civil Parish, Barony of Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 668 A, 2 R, 29 P

Jane Elizabeth Jackson

15 Jun 



Probate of Will of Jane Elizabeth JACKSON, May 4, 1906, late of Ellerslie-villas, Novarra Ave., Bray, Co. Wicklow, Spinster who died June 15, 1906 granted at Dublin to Mary L. KINGSLEY married woman and Stewart JOYCE Paymaster G.N.R.I. Effects £10,442 8s 4d.

NOTE: Death Cert age 68 (b.1838), a Lady.

NOTE: In the 1901 Census her sister Anna JACKSON age 60 lived with her. Both were born in America.

Elizabeth Jackson

27 Jul 



Probate December 22, 1915 of will of Elizabeth JACKSON late of Tubberbeg, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow widow who died July 27, 1908 granted at Dublin to Anne HARMAN married woman. Effects £30.

NOTE: Tubberbeg aka Toberbeg, Parish Dunlavin, the Barony Lower Talbotstown,

NOTE: This may be her: Death cert July 15 1908 Eliza JACKSON age 96 (or 94?) Toberbeg widow daughter Mary TREACY.

James McCreight Jackson

14 Mar 



Probate of will of Rev. James McCreight JACKSON, October 5, 1912, with one codicil. Late of Florence Terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Clerk who died March 14, 1912 granted at Dublin to Basil ORPIN Esq. and Cecil ORPIN M.D. Effects: £10,630 7s 10d.

NOTE: IN the 1911 Census James McCreight JACKSON (age 69, born Co. Down abt 1832) is residing with his wife Mary Jane (age 62) and 2 servants at #8 Florence Terrace, Bray, No 2, Wicklow.. He is superannuated CoI Clergyman. His marriage settlement is at the National Library. In the 1901 Census, he and his wife are in Co. Cavan Residents of a house 20 in Bridge Street Lower (Belturbet, Cavan).

NOTE: Rev. James McCreight JACKSON (1841-1912) was the son of Rev. Thomas James JACKSON (1815-1881) of Co. Cavan.

Mary Jane Jackson

28 Mar 



Probate Aug 13 (with one codicil) of Mary Jane JACKSON late of Braemar Bray Co. Wicklow widow who died March 28 1914 Granted at Dublin to Basil ORPIN Esq. and William H. HALPIN Solicitor EFFECTS £5,322 19s 2d. NOTE: See Husband Rev. James McCreight JACKSON above. They had been married 37 years, and no recorded children. She was born in Galway, Mary Jane MASON (1849-1914).

Peter Jackson

24 Dec 



Probate April 18 1917 of Peter JACKSON late of Bortlebeg , Co. Wicklow d. 24 Dec 1916 Farmer granted at Dublin to Thomas DRIVER Farmer. Effects £409 12s.

NOTE: Death Cert, age 82, farmer, son Isaac JACKSON present at death.

NOTE: Marriage of Peter JACKSON (1835-1916) of Bortle son of William JACKSON to Charlotte Jane MOODY Jun 7 1866.

NOTE: In the 1911 Census, he is a farmer, b. Co. Wicklow age 74, hence b. 1837. He is residing with his wife, Charlotte Jane JACKSON, age 64 (b. 1847); daughter Hannah (age 32 – b. Dec 15 1875), son Isaac (age 28 -b. Sep 1, 1880 at Borkle); son Peter (age 26; grand-daughters Charlotte WILLOUGHBY (age 15) & Charlotte Jane DRIVER (age 5). They are CoI and living at House #8, Borkhill Beg, Rathdangan, Co. Wicklow. The children and grandchildren are all single and born in Co. Wicklow. The parents, also born Co. Wicklow have been married 43 years, and had 9 children, 7 of whom are living. I suspect that Thomas DRIVER is married to Sarah JACKSON and they are the parents of Charlotte Jane DRIVER since they have 6 living children, but only 5 at home at the time of the 1911 Census. They live at House #3 Toorboy, Ballinguile, Co. Wicklow.

NOTE: Borkill Beg, Parish Kiltegan, Barony Upper Talbotstown

John Jackson

24 Mar 



Probate November 8, 1916 of John JACKSON late of Woodfield Glen Co. Wicklow, Farmer who died March 24, 1916 granted at Dublin to Eliza JACKSON the widow. Effects: £473 7s 6d.

NOTE: In the 1901 Census, he is residing at House #8, Woodglen, Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow, age 64, a farmer & CoI. In Griffiths Valuation, a John and a Joseph JACKSON each hold land in Woodfieldglen.

SEE: Jacksons of Woodfield. John JACKSON (1837-1916) and wife Eliza CRAMPTON (1842-1916)

NOTE: Woodfield, Parish Baltinglass, Barony Upper Talbotstown



Over the course of a few hundred years, there continued to be a multi-generational presence of JACKSONs in Co. Wicklow. Many of the known family trees may turn out to be connected to each other. The families mentioned in “Spinian JACKSONs” will likely tie into the family related to the Thomas JACKSON of the first probate, as well as the JACKSONs at Boley, Eadestown. More work is needed. The family tree at JACKSONs of Wicklow tree is continuing to evolve as I add more info.


·         1774, Sept 24. Memorial: 301-451-201905  James JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow farmer of the one part & Thomas JACKSON of Spinans Gent of the other part...111 acres Plantation Measure in Barony of Talbot, Co. Wicklow.... for lives of said James JACKSON & Hanna his daughter & William JACKSON 2nd son of sd James JACKSON

·         1775 May 20. Memorial: 307-615-206407 John BOURKE, Druggist of Dublin City and Rachall NEEDHAM orse JACKSON, widow of Dublin City to marry shortly; Rachall NEEDHAM seized of considerable fortune.  If Rachall NEEDHAM to die before it, it shd be lawful for her to dispose of £150 for purposes she shd think fit & in case she does die, same amt to go to child of marriage, if none, WITNESSES: Thomas BRENNAN, carpenter & wife Margaret BRENNAN; William KELLY, Gent. NOTE: 6 Feb. 1769. Married Mr. James Jackson of Spinans, co. Wicklow, to Miss Rachael Needham. She died 1779.

·         1777 May 4 Memorial 323-79-211938 Samuel JACKSON of Spinans, Co Wicklow Gent

·         1789 May 28 Memorial: 403-460-268903Lease Between Thomas JACKSON of Hammonds Lane City of Dublin, Grocer of 1 pt & Thomas JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow farmer of the other part whereas the said Thomas JACKSON leased to Thomas JACKSON land in his actual possession  for consideration mentioned all that part of Spinans commonly called the Hill farm containing 24A 3R Plantation measure in Baronony of Talbotstown, Co Wicklow during the natural life of Jacob JACKSON son of Thomas JACKSON of Spinans.. WITNESSES: William BOLGER jun & Frederck HURST both of City of Dublin, Gents.

·         1789 Jun 25 Memorial: 408-171-269449 Deed of 1783 Mtg  btw Thomas JACKSON late of Collierstown, Co Dublin but then of City of Dublin Gent of 1 pt & Hall LAMB of said City Esq… for sum of £725.1010 due by LAMB to JACKSON has been paid… part of town and land of Spinans  Barony of Talbotstown Co Wicklow…

·         1792 Dec 13 Memorial: 460-489-295100 Btw Thomas DRY of Weavers Sq. Co Dublin Clothier & Mary DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife & John DRY of Weavers Sq Dublin, Clothier  and Jane DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife ... said Mary & Jane are two of three children of Alexander JACKSON formerly of Strabane, Co Tyrone, Gauger dec’d of 1st pt Harvey FAIRBROTHER of Sweeneys Teneters in Co of Dublin woollen stover & Scourer & Mary FAIRBROTHER otherwise JACKSON relict of sd Alexander JACKSON dec’d of 2nd pt & Thomas RORKE of Meath ST City of Dublin Wool Merch of 3rd pt...reciting deed 1771 Nov 25  James JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow did demise to sd Alexander JACKSON son of James... town and lands of Eadestown 154 acres Plantation Measure, Barony of Talbotstown, Co Wicklow... for lives of Hannah DAWSON otherwise CRAWTHORNE otherwise JACKSON wife of Richard JACKSON of Baltinglass, Co Wicklow farmer & Mary Anne PARKE otherwise CRAWTHORNE wife of Robert PARKE Tallow Chandler & James JACKSON grandson of afssd James JACKSON dec’d

·         The deed above relates to one much later:  1836 Apr27 Memorial 1836-8-51 Bwt Joseph DIXON of Mount pleasant, Co. Dublin assignee of the estate and effects of William JACKSON of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, and insolvent debtor & the said William JACKSON of the 1st par; Anne JACKSON orse RIGGS wife of the said William JACKSON & Robert SHAW of Baltinglass, builder & William PAGE of Leinster St., Dublin Gent of 2nd pt Robert SHAW of Baltinglass afsd & Hannah SHAW orse JACKSON his wife, Alicia SHAW,and Esther SHAW both of Baltinglass spinsters of 3rd pt; Rev. Thomas Francis GREENE of Kilrandagh, Co. Wicklow Clerk…others..reciting lease of May 22 1746 btw Rev Richard BALDWIN, D.D. &Provost of Trinity College, & James JACKSON then late of Eadstown but then of Ffunary, Co. Wicklow ffarmer of the other part… Baldwin demised to James JACKSON all that part of Eadestown in possession of James JACKSON containing 154 a 1r land in Barony of Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow… reciting lease July 12 & 13, 1765 btw James JACKSON of 1 pt & William JACKSON of Baltinglass, butcher, son of James JACKSON… town and lands of Eadestown ..  reciting lease Nov 24 & 25 1771 James JACKSON leased to Alexander JACKSON… interest of William JACKSON became vested in his son Thomas JACKSON late of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow deceased; ..reciting lease Apr 1 1801 Thomas JACKSON set to Thomas Eves GREENE half part of undivided t Eadestown.. indenture of settlement William JACKSON and his wife Anne JACKSON orse RIGGS Dec 5 1831 … complicate deed…Rev James SAUNDERs, & William JACKSON …intermarriage of Rev. James SAUNDERS Augusta Sophia Lloyd WILLIAM Nov 17 1828 …… Morley SAUNDERS. NOTE: There was a court case with Morley SAUNDERS that I need to pull into this at some point.

·         NOTE: Memorials of the Dead details several family links to the family of a John JACKSON: Carnew Church of Ireland All Saints. http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinphillips/4257222294/
Three Memorial's side by side, from a) right to c) left
A) In loving memory/ of Thomas Jackson/ of Cronyhorn Carnew who died 20th May 1884/ aged 53 years also his sister/ Mrs. Mary Jane Frederick/ widow of James Frederick Esqre./ of 39 Grosvenor Sq., Dublin/ she entered into rest 9 July 1899 Peace Perfect Peace.
b)Erected/ by/ John Jackson of Tomacork [a townland in the Parish of Carnew] in memory/ of his son Joshua Jackson who depd this life/ October 26, 1834 aged (12?)years also his beloved son Rich(ard) Jackson who depd this life July 6th, 18(4?)7 aged 19 years/ also the above named John Jackson/ (who departed) this life March 25th, 1877/ (aged ...) years and also his wife/ ...... (Ja)ckson depd this life ...... (1)887 aged 80 years/ (also his s)on John Jackson/ who depd this life 28th February 1890 aged 63 years.
c) Erected by James Jackson of Carnew/ in memory of his wife Catherine/ Jackson who depd this life the/ 22nd of June 1837 aged 42 years/ prayer.

·         NOTE: Thomas JACKSON (1831-1884). Bachelor, draper, died at Dundrum, Co. Dublin.

·         NOTE: Mary Jane Frederick née JACKSON, (1841-1899) sister of Thomas JACKSON, in death cert: Lady, age 58 d. at Courtown Harbour, District Gory Co. Wexford. John W. E. JACKSON present at death.

·         NOTE: John JACKSON (1793-1877). Age 80 at time of death. Married. Death proved by another John JACKSON, occupier of Croneyhorne (likely his son).

·         NOTE: John JACKSON (1827-1900), 28 Feb 1890, age 63, farmer, Sarah Jane JACKSON widow present at death. (She might be his mother?)

·         Croneyhorn Lower Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 645 A, 3 R, 12 P

·         Croneyhorn Upper, Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow 900 A, 3 R, 18 P

·         Tomacork [aka Tomnacork, aka Tom an Choirce], Parish Carnew, Barony Shillelagh


  • Which tree?: Susan JACKSON b. 1891 Nov 1 dau of John JACKSON & Margaret Elizabeth POLLARD, Crossnacole, Parish Kiltegan, Upper Talbotstown Co. Wicklow






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