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Peter & Joanna JACKSON. Their descendants were at Fairy Hill Bray, Co. Wicklow, and also in Tipperary & Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 18, 2016 Updated February 9, 2017 with additional deeds evidence. Also Peter, the eldest son of Peter and Joanna JACKSON has been added. Updated May 30, 2023
  • NOTE: I have posted a number of deeds references for Peter & Joanna, but what led me to put them at the head of this tree was: ROD 486-185-306941. 1784 May 30. BTW Joanna JACKSON of Dublin widow of Peter JACKSON Gent decd & Edward CLARKE of the City of Dublin Gent two of the surities and executors of Peter JACKSON of the one part. Peter JACKSON eldest son & heir of the said Peter JACKSON Gent of the 2nd part & Henry Vincent JACKSON 2nd son of the said Peter JACKSON deceased of the 3rd pt. James O'BYRNE & Mary O'BYRNE orse JACKSON daughter of the said Peter JACKSON deceased and wife of the said James O'BYRNE of the 4th pt.. in consid of 5s pd by James O'BYRNE and the sd Joanna JACKSON further consideration of the sum of 200 pounds pd to her… parcel of ground formerly inhabited by John CLARKE apothecary on the East side of Capel St within the [Liberties?] of the City of Dublin being No 96 and containing from North to South in front of the said Street 37 ft 4 in & from east to west in length 1030 ft and on the north by the lot then of Sackville GARDINER in possession of Jeffrey PENDERGAST Gent and on the south to other lot of Sackville GARDINER then in possession of Peter JACKSON. And Jeffrey PENDERGAST… held under lease of Apr 14, 1764 Hon Francis Lord [Maguire?] to the said Peter JACKSON deceased for life of Joanna JACKSON
  • ROD: 205-0-136735. 1760 Aug 8. A conveyance from Mary VINCENT, widow of Dublin City to Alexander McMAHON, merchant of Dublin City. WITNESSES: Robert CALDERWOOD, Goldsmith of Dublin City; Joann JACKSON, daughter of Mary VINCENT & Thomas McLORINAN, Gent of Dublin City. NOTE: Joann VINCENT married Peter JACKSON, hacklemaker of Dublin (later a blacksmith).
  • ROD: 205-406-136735. 1760 Sep 6. Mary VINCENT, widow of Dublin City. Conveyed lands WITNESSED by Joann JACKSON daughter to said Mary VINCENT. Lands on Capel St.
  • ROD 231-360-150443. 1764 Apr 11. Btw Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin Hacklemaker & Joanna JACKSON otherwise VINCENT his wife of the 1st ... house in Caple St # 16 on east side of Caple St.... descry & other signees....signed Peter JACKSON
  • ROD: 284-438-160556. 1766 Jun 4. Deed whereby Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin smith demised to William EVANS of City of Dublin, perukemaker dwelling house on the east side of Capel Street lately held by Christopher COLEMAN… and also demised the rere gound at the back of said house in Stable lane then held by Thomas SHERWOOD, plumber who had about 6 years before expiration at which time JACKSON expected to come into possession.. WITNESS: Phill GILLARD of City of Dublin, carpenter. And John Peter BOTHONG of City of Dublin, ale draper; William FITZGERALD City of Dublin Gent; NOTE: Peter JACKSON was a hackemaker before he was a blacksmith. He was married to Joann VINCENT. The property had originated with her mother, Mary VINCENT.
  • ROD: 267-168571. 1767 Dec 17. WHITTHORNE Book Index 1758-1768. Deed of Lease and release btw Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin Hacklemaker of the one pt & James WHITTHORNE of the same City watchmaker of the other part…land situate on the East side of Capel Street in the suburbs of Dublin City also known as #17 contianing in from the street 37 feet 4 inches and in depth front to rere 130 feer 4 inches… during the lives of Joanna JACKSON wife of the said Peter JACKSON, Peter JACKSON his eldest son & John JAMES son of John JAMES of the Corp of Dublin Carpenter. NOTE: In other deeds, he was referred to as a blacksmith.
  •  ROD: 301-220-200349. Mar 24, 1774. Whereby Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent for considerations made over to James HART of City of Dublin Grocer messuage or dwelling house on west side of Patrick Street. WITNESS: Joanna JACKSON of Ranelagh (wife of Peter JACKSON) Road, Mr GOODMAN of Pill Lane Grocer & William NOWLAND of Fishamble Street Huxter all of City of Dublin. James HART [SEAL]


1 Peter JACKSON d: Bef 1784 NOTE: What is curious, given the wealth of the later generations, is that this Peter made his start as a hacklemaker in Dublin, and then as a blacksmith.

  + Joanna d: Aft 1784 NOTE: Her mother was Mary VINCENT with property on Capel Street, Dublin.

    2 Peter JACKSON. Eldest son - died after 1784.

    2 Henry Vincent JACKSON d: Aft 1835, of Fairy Hill, Bray, Co. Wicklow

      + Sarah WARBURTON b: 1767 d: 14 Mar 1851, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, par. John WARBURTON Esq. and Unknown

        3 George Ernest Augustus JACKSON b: 3 Apr 1794, Charlemount St., Dublin,  c. St. Peters or St. Kevins, Dublin

          + Emma HARBEN m. 1817

        3 Frederick Adolphus JACKSON Esq. JP b. 1797, of Inane, Co. Tipperary, d. 4 Oct 1872, Inane, Roscrea, Co Tipperary, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

          + Louisa HUTCHINSON b: 1804 d: 25th October 1879, b. 1804, m. 20 Feb 1840, Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland,

    d. 25th October 1879,, 114 Lower Gardiner St., Dublin, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

        3 Peter Warburton JACKSON , of Novarra, Co. Wicklow, d. 8 Sep 1887, Late of the Queen's Hotel, Cheltenham Co., Gloucester, England,     bur. 12 Sep 1887, St Peter, Leckhampton, Glocerstershire, England

          + Anna Burdett NESS b. Abt 1781, m. 12 Nov 1842, Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 3 Feb 1850, Fairy Hill, Bray, Co. Wicklow, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, par. Maj James Burdett NESS and Unknown

          + Louisa HIND b. Abt 1826, m. 16 Feb 1860, Narborough, Leicestershire, England, d. After 1887

        3 William Henry JACKSON b. 1811, d. 4 Jul 1877, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

          + Cecilia WESTROPP b. 14 Jun 1822, m. 5 Apr 1842, St. Peters Church Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, d. 3 Apr 1858, bur. 6 Apr 1858, Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, par. John WESTROPP and Anna Burdett NESS [Do I have an error here?]

            4 William Henry JACKSON [wife’s name unknown so far]

                5 Mary JACKSON

                  + Luke Sweetman CLIFFE m. 30 Mar 1875, St. George Church, Dublin, Ireland

                5  JACKSON

            4 Annie Cecilia JACKSON

              + D'Oyley Cade BATTLEY Esq b. of Belveder Hall, Co. Wicklow, m. 1868

            4 Henry Vincent JACKSON b. 1842, d. 13 Mar 1896, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

              + Arabella EDIE b. 1855, d. 4 Feb 1896, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

                5 Louisa Diana Cecilia JACKSON b. 26 Jun 1876, Ireland, d. 16 Jan 1963, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

                  +  BUCHANAN

                5 Matilda Josephine Marion JACKSON b. 6 Oct 1877, Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland, d. 3 Jul 1962, bur. Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin

                  +  NEVINS

                5 William Henry JACKSON b. 1 May 1880, Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray, Wicklow & Dublin, Ireland, d. 18 Aug 1913, Donneybrook, Co. Dublin

          + Emma Ruth HOPE m. 11 Aug 1873, St. Fiaac's Church, Clonegal.Co. Carlow

    2 Mary JACKSON d: Aft 1784

      + James O'BYRNE




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