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This list of references does not capture anything like all the records of JACKSONs connected to Co. Wicklow who appear in Memorials of Deeds, but it is a start.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 23, 2011
Updated February 8, 2011 see: NOTE which flags notes on various JACKSONs associated with Spinans.
Updated Added Deed: 200-332-133368 July 1, 2012


Wicklow Jackson connections in Deeds


The rootsweb tree that I frequently refer to is the version that I update most frequently, but individual trees are sometimes more easily followed at my web site on the page dedicated to Family Trees. This page also includes several trees that are not in the Rootsweb version.





Transcriptions & Notes





1708-1738 DAVID-DAVIS Rowland DAVIES of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow Gent & John CHANCE of Baltinglass Co., Wicklow (marriage of Wm DAVIES & Jane CHANCE. NOTE: Eagle Hill is in Hacketstown.

No JACKSON mention – but see Santry JACKSONs for a likely JACKSON-DAVIS link.




1733 Jan 17 ROSE-CROKER 1732/33

Between John ROSE of Catherstock, Co of Northton, Esq....several townlands incl townland of Jonestown. Witness: JACKSON Francis Doddington, Co Northton Indented deed, Assignment John ROSE made over to John CROKER all that the manor or lordship of Mountkenny + other lands in Co Wicklow for residue of term from lease and release of 3 Jun 1730 nickred





1722 May 17 BURTON-BARKER 1708-1738 NOTE:

Lease whereby Benjamin BURTON of City of Dublin Esq. Did demise and set to Joseph BARKER of Cronesagh in the Co of Carlow Farmer all that part of Eagle Hill  mearing and bounding on the north with Hacketstown on the east with Ballysallagh on the south with Cronesagh and on the west with Constable Hill containing by estimation 119 acres Plantation Measure... part of Lordship of Clonmore... Barony Rathvilly ... lives of George BARKER 3rd son of John BARKER of Old Court in Co. Wicklow aged about 8 years Simon BARKER4th son of said John BAKER aged about 5 years and Thomas BAKER the youngest son of Joseph BAKER aged about half a year.... in presence of Henry WHITESTONE of Hacketstown and Patrick KAHOE then servant to the said Benjamin BURTON. NOTE: This family intermarried with JACKSONs

At some point, the BARKERs of this region married into JACKSONs. SEE: Deed 1834-8-203 and Deed 1834-8-204.




1723 Mar 24 JACKSON-SALE

Ann JACKSON of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Catherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of Edward SALE Esq edc’d doctor of Laws. For 443 pounds did make over  land known by the name of Sandymount Park cont 10 acres in Manor of Mount Kennedy Parish & Barony of  Newcastle, Co Wicklow

The SALE name is of interest in that a Henry JACKSON (bef 1785-1805)of Grange & Birr, Kings Co. married an Abigail SALE.




1743 Nov 26 JACKSON-STEEL Notes in 2009 diary 1730-1745

Repeats much of the family detail in other BUNBURY-JACKSON deeds re sale of rectories of Kiltagan, etc. The only addition is the description of “being in the Co. Of Wexford, Wicklow & Catherlough [aka Carlow].

This JACKSON-BUNBURY link is shown in the Jacksons of Coleraine tree.




1727 Feb 3 BAYLY, John-JACKSON 1730-1745 NOTES in 2009 diary.

Between John BAYLY of Ballyneclogh Esq. Of 1 part & Thomas WATTERS of Spinans in Co. WICKLOW ... Joseph JACKSON & John JACKSON both of Watterstown, Co. Carlow of the other part ... demised to T WATTERS, Joseph JACKSON John JACKSON the town and lands of Williamstown in Barony of Rathvilly, as it held by Messrs William & Thomas BUNBURY [NOTE: See Turtle BUNBURY web site] of Lisnaveagh, Co. Carlow ... 3 lives ... Captain Walter MURRAY ... rent £237.16.4 WITNESS: Patrick BRYAN, Coolemaderahiny, Co. Wicklow; John BROWN of Mount Neal, Co. Carlow & Richard DEASE, City of Dublin, Gent.





1743 Dec 9 JACKSON-STEEL 1730-1745

Between Thomas BUNBURY of City of Dublin Esq. Eldest son & heir of Thomas BUNBURRY late of the city & Ann BUNBURY his wife & Rose BUNBURY otherwise JACKSON of the city, widow & relict of the sd Thos BUNBURY/ to Richard STEEL rector of Church of Killenure otherwise Killenor ... Co. Wexford, Wicklow & Catherlogh...

This JACKSON-BUNBURY link is shown in the Jacksons of Coleraine tree.




1745 Sept 4 JACKSON-FOTTERALL or TOTTERALL 1730-1745

Deed between Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent & Amy JACKSON otherwise MURPHY his wife of the part & John TOTERALL of sd city Gent ... townlands of Three Castles in Lordship of Blessington Co. Wicklow....






John JACKSON to John WHELAN of Liscoleman, Co. Wicklow  indorsed and indenture dated 1749 Mar 22  where JACKSON sold to WHELAN the lands of Williamstown, Barony of Rathvilly, Co Carlow for lives of said John JACKSON Wm JACKSON & George GILLSTRAP


200 332 133368 William HIGGINSBOTHAM, farmer of Castlerudary , Co. Wicklow unto James JACKSON of Barrenstown , Co. Wicklow of Cleightowne Rooten Knocknamuck Kill Springfields & big Hill adjoining Knocnamuck being pt of lands of Ballinura in lordship of Baltiglass Wicklow [296a & 1/2, plantation measure]  + mansion house of Castlerudery lately in poss of Mr. John OXFORD + parcel of lands of Castlerudery [121a 20p] in Donaghmore (ba) Tolbotstone (ba) Wicklow, for live of William HIGGINSBOTHAM & Margaret HIGGINSBOTHAM (wife of William) and Elizabeth HIGGINSBOTHAM (daughter of William & Margaret), for ever, subj to redemption on payment of £200 & int. WITNESSES: Henry BROMER, Gent of Dublin City & John Richard BROUGHTON, Gent of Dublin City.  




1760 Mar 28 JACKSON-HUME Book Index 1758-1768

 John STRATFOR of Belan, Co Kildare demised to John JACKSON of Killmurry, Co Wicklow, farmer... land of Kilmurry west of Joseph JACKSONs farm on road from Baltinglass to Killalish ...





1765 Nov 29 JACKSON-HUNTER Book Index 1758-1768

James JACKSON of Barrenstown, Co Wicklow, farmer to Olivia HUNTER of City of Dublin, widow... part of the lands of Ballinure, Barony of Baltinglass, Co Wicklow...and more lands...





1770 Feb 10 KING-QUIN Book Index 1768-1776


Margaret & Mary KING daughters & Heirs of Maxwell KING late of Dublin Esq dec’d of 1st pt....Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh Esq Richard JACKSON of Colerain in Co Londondery Esq & Thomas BALL of Seapark Esq Co Wicklow of 5th pt... transaction had consent of the 2 Richard JACKSONs...

Interesting to see these two Richard JACKSONs mentioned in the same deed, as well as Thomas BALL – given that the leases to JACKSONs at Urker involved a Thomas BALL.




1771 Mar 29 JACKSON-QUINN Book Index 1768-1776


Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh Esq Richard JACKSON of Colerain in Co Londonderry  Esq & Thomas BALL of Seapark Esq Co Wicklow Continuation of above





1774 Sep 24 JACKSON Book Index 1768-1776

James JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow farmer of the one part & Thomas JACKSON of Spinans Gent of the other part...111 acres Plantation Measure in Barony of Talbot, Co. Wicklow.... for lives of said James JACKSON & Hanna his daughter & William JACKSON 2nd son of sd James JACKSON

I suspect a relationship with the John JACKSON of Spinans who died in 1848. NOTE: Even earlier, a Jacob JACKSON of Spinans, tanner died in 1791.




1777 May 4 JACKSON-GREENE Names Index: 1777-1785

Samuel JACKSON of Spinans, Co Wicklow Gent & Thomas GREENE of Greenmill in sd county...

Spynans aka Spinians is at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.




1785 Nov 17 JACKSON-FAIRBROTHER Names Index 1786-1794

Marriage settlement:

Robert JACKSON coronet in his Majesties 4th Regiment of Horse in Ireland of 1st pt & Mary CARROLL of City of Dublin Spinster of 2nd pt Wm FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co Wicklow & Coote CARROLL of City of Dublin Esq of 3rd pt & James JACKSON of Birr & John DROUGHT of Whigsborough both in Kings Co. Of 4th pt. Marriage btw Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL... demised townlands of Grange & pt of townlands of Balltmac macmurragh & the great and small tythes of the townlands of Grange Hall situated in Barony of Ballybrot, Kings Co.... Mary’s brother George CARROLL

I have put the JACKSONs of Grange, Co. Wicklow into a new tree.





Btw Thomas DRY of Weavers Sq. Co Dublin Clothier & Mary DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife & John DRY of Weavers Sq Dublin, Clothier  and Jane DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife ... said Mary & Jane are two of three children of Alexander JACKSON formerly of Strabane, Co Tyrone, Gauger dec’d of 1st pt Harvey FAIRBROTHER of Sweeneys Teneters in Co of Dublin woollen stover & Scourer & Mary FAIRBROTHER otherwise JACKSON relict of sd Alexander JACKSON dec’d of 2nd pt & Thomas RORKE of Meath St City of Dublin Wool Merch of 3rd pt...reciting deed 1771 Nov 25  James JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow did demise to sd Alexander JACKSON son of James... town and lands of Eadestown154 acres Plantation Measure, Barony of Talbotstown, Co Wicklow... for lives of Hannah DAWSON otherwise CRAWTHORNE otherwise JACKSON wife of Richard JACKSON of Baltinglass, Co Wicklow farmer & Mary Anne PARKE otherwise CRAWTHORNE wife of Robert PARKE Tallow Chandler & James JACKSON grandson of afssd James JACKSON dec’d

NOTE: James JACKSON of Spinans, Co. Wicklow had a will probated in 1775. He was a farmer.
6 Feb. 1769. Married Mr. James Jackson of Spinans, co. Wicklow, to Miss Rachael Needham. (NOTE: She died in 1779. SOURCE: Prerogative Wills.SOURCE: Finn's Leinster Journal 1769 Births, Marriages and Deaths by H. F. Morris
NOTE: A John JACKSON (1758-1848) was also of Spinans. SOURCE: Cantwell Memorial Inscriptions

NOTE: In Wicklow Landowners 1873-1875 a John JACKSON owned more than an acre at Spinans.
NOTE: Thomas JACKSON of Spinans, co Wicklow married Mary SOXSMITH, widow in 1784. SOURCE: Register of St. Michans, Dublin.




1794 Jul 26 CALLAGHAN Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

Volume 475 page 571 number 307935 the memorial register 26 July 1794 of assignment of 12 May 1794 by Henry JACKSON of  Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. and his wife Abigail JACKSON alias SALE or LALL to Joseph Callaghan of Dublin city carpenter. Premises at Dolphins Barn Dublin to be held for three lives one being Cruickshank's.

Henry is one of the JACKSONs of Grange, Co. Wicklow who I have assembled into a new tree.




1794 Jul 24 PRONI T808/8253

Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey Hansard of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees  John Hubert Moore and George sall or a lall in trust for herself and for one Richard Cruickshank and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin Kearney gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.

Henry is one of the JACKSONs of Grange, Co. Wicklow who I have assembled into a new tree.




1794 Jul 3 PRONI T808/8253

Volume 486 page 223 number 307 400 or more a register 3 July 1794 of assignment of 20 June 1794 for £120 by Henry JACKSON of Newparks, County Wicklow Esq. to Eugenia JACKSON of Birr and Kings County widow. Elizabeth Brown's house and 25 acres in Tulfaris, County Wicklow leased 1 July 1792 by Elizabeth Brown to William Nixon and Henry Gray for 91 years at 2 pounds at £40 which Nixon as surveyor 12 March 1793 assigned to Henry JACKSON who now assigns to Eugenia JACKSON. Witnesses Michael Rutledge and Samuel Barry. The memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.

Henry is one of the JACKSONs of Grange, Co. Wicklow who I have assembled into a new tree.




1802 Dec 31 PRONI T808/8285

Memorial registered 31 December 1802 of Deed of 14 October 1802 between Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin City Esq. eldest son of Robert JACKSON of Grange Esq. deceased & Coote CARRELL of Templehouse, Co. Sligo Esq. both of 1st part Eugenia JACKSON late of said Grange in Kings Co. now of Bath in England widow of said Robert JACKSON Esq. deceased & mother of above Robert JACKSON of 3rd part James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings County Esq. husband of Henrietta a daughter of Robert JACKSON deceased and now also deceased of 2nd part. To Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England Esq, of 4th part lands and tythes of Grange & Contourt in Ballymoney 17 acres 2 r 22p plantation. Robert JACKSON’s will dated 1781 Eugenia sole executrix. Deed 10 Nov 1785 Eugenia to her eldest son Robert JACKSON of above lands subject to £150 yearly to Eugenia & to £2000 for Henrietta RUDDOCK which last has been since paid off. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT 17 Nov 1785 of said Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL spinster since his wife and now dead. Robert JACKSON was then a coronet in 4th horse in Ireland. The trustees were said Coote CARROLL & William FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co. Wicklow Esq. since dead; said Mary CARROLL alias JACKSON died leaving no son & only one daughter Henrietta JACKSON now about 14. Now all sell to CURTIS for £6366. WITNESSES Rev Richard GRAVES D.D. Richard BIRCH attorney & Peter JACKSON attorney, all of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Robert JACKSON.

Robert is one of the JACKSONs of Grange, Co. Wicklow who I have assembled into a new tree.




1820 Sep 12 JACKSON-BARKER. Names Index 1819-1821

Btw Henry JACKSON of Coolmana, Co Carlow Farmer of one part & George BARKER of Coolmana Gent of other pt. Reciting indenture May 13, 1778 whereby Esther JACKSON set to Samuel JACKSON... part of Coolmana known as Nashe’s quarters 16 acres... Samuel JACKSON published his last will Feb 22, 1797 and devised to his son  Henry JACKSON his interest in the lands with reversion to his daughter Esther JACKSON. Henry JACKSON is heir at law of his father & also devisee under will of Joseph JACKSON dec’d & assignee of his sister Esther, wife of Joseph BRIEN... for 100 pounds lands to George BARKER.. witness Joseph BRIEN of Carrigbrack, Co. Wicklow Farmer & Peter Doherty of Tullow, Co Carlow.





1820 Sep 12 PRONI T808/8261

Memorial registered 25 Sept 1820 of mortgage of 12 Sept 1820 for £100 by Henry JACKSON of Coolmana, Co. Carlow, farmer to George BARKER of said Coolmana, Co. Carlow Gent part of Coolmana alias Nashes qr 16 ½ acre bounded by River Dereen on North by G. BARKER on East by Ester JACKSON on South & West leased 30 May 1788 at 9s an acre by Esther JACKSON to Samuel JACKSON father of above Henry & his daughter Esther who as wife of Joseph BRIEN has assigned her claim to Henry. Esther JACKSON sr in Feb 1790 assigned the rent to her son Henry. Lands are held on lease of lives forever. WITNESSES: Joseph BRIEN of Carrigbrack, Co. Wicklow, farmer; Peter DOHERTY of Tullow, Co. Carlow, writing clerk. Memorial signed by JACKSON.

At some point, the BARKERs of this region married into JACKSONs. SEE: Deed 1834-8-203 and Deed 1834-8-204.




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