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A family of JACKSONs lived and farmed at Culloge and Monadarragh both in the Parish of Mostrim, in the Barony of Ardagh from the early 1700s until well into the 1900s. Where the original Richard JACKSON came from is still a mystery. SEE: Family tree of JACKSONs of Co. Longford as well as my Blog post. NOTE: In Griffiths Maps, there are indications of a couple of Forts in Culloge as well as a couple more forts in Monadarragh. There is also a record of the Old Corn Mill, mentioned as early as 1722, in the townland of Monadarragh. County Westmeath is on the south-western border of Monadarragh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 28, 2019

SEE ALSO: Deeds mentioning JACKSONs & POOLEs. as well as GORE-JACKSON deeds in Co. Longford

Memorials of Deeds Jacksons & Co. Longford (The shading in the table is idiosyncratic and merely meant to jog my own memory)
NOTE: Some deeds are also included that relate to John and William JACKSONs of Paradise Road City of Dublin. They also held leases in Co. Longford.

These maps of Culloge and Monadarragh can be found at Irish Townlands.
Culloge Co. Longford Mondarragh Co. Longford

Culloge, Parish of Mostrim, in the Barony of Ardagh,  Co. Longford. Culloge borders the following other townlands:
NOTE: In 1641 Cam was held by John NUGENT and then in 1670 it was held by Edward NUGENT. Both NUGENTs were Catholic. Hugh FARRELL and John NUGENT also owned Cowloge aka Gneeve aka Cullivre (not to be confused as Culloge). In 1748, there was a lease btw Dr. John FARRELL of City of Dublin and Philip JACKSON of Culloge. It seems that the descendants of the pre-Cromwellian owners still retained some connection to the land.

·       Cam to the west [aka Cambog]

·       Curry to the west

·       Lissanore to the east

·       Longfield to the east

·       Monadarragh to the east Parish Edgeworthstown

·       Rinnenny to the west

Cullyvore Betham's abstracts describe the first Richard Jackson in this region as being of Tinenane aka Tenenare aka Tinenare etc ... (see entry for 1767). For one of the clues that Teninare was in the townland now called Ballindagny and Cullyvore, see the deed beneath #47609 dated Feb 11, 1730.









1715 Jul 1


Image 519

Btw Robert MONTGOMERY of Anarea, Co. Monaghan Esq. & Capt. David FAIRFIELD of Rawaldren Co. Longford of the one part and Richard JACKSON and Philip JACKSON & sd the said Richard’s son of Cullivore [Ballindagny and Cullyvore,] Co. Longford of the other pt.  Whereby said Robert MONTGOMERY and David FAIRFIELD demised to Richard & Philip JACKSON town and lands of Cologe [Culloge, Parish of Mostrim, in the Barony of Ardagh,] and Munadaragh [Monadarragh] together with the proportion of Cambog Suitable for the said Lands and Appurtenances thereunto belonging and situate in the Barony of Ardagh and Co of Longford to hold to the said Richard and Philip JACKSON… rent of 48 pounds .. WITNESS: Roger JONES George JACKSON Laughlin CULLEN and Hugh CARNEY all in Barony Ardagh Co. Longford Gent. Richard JACKSON [SEAL] in presence of George JACKSON James WILDE NOTE: In the 1670s, John NUGENT held lands of Monadarragh and Hugh FARRELL and John NUGENT held Cowloge aka Cologe  aka Culloge,




1722 Jun 13

Image 377

BTW Richard EDGEWORTH of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford Esq. of 1 pt & Richard JACKSON of Tinenare of Co. Longford of the other pt. For considerations mentioned, EDGEWORTH set to JACKSON all of the town and land of Tinenare alias Tinenure with the appurtenances including the Mill and Mill Race containing 200a  plantation measure for term of 31 years from 1 May 1720 and yearly rent of £40 WITNESS: Thomas GAREY of City of Dublin Daryman Catherine DARY and George FRAZER both of Edgeworthtown Memorial WITNESS: Thomas GOREY[?] & James WILDE both of City of Dublin Gent. Richard JACKSON [SEAL]




1731 Feb 11

Image 547

BTW James REILLY Esq. One of Majesty’s High Court of Chancery Ireland recited by and with consent of Richard EDGEWORTH of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford Esq. sold to Thomas ASHE of City of Dublin Esq. … townlands listed incl Tenenare als Cullivore [SEE: Ballindagny and Cullyvore]…. [SEE: ROD: 69-132-47609]




1730 Mar 20

Image 64

Sir Chamberlain WALKER of City of Dublin set to Richard JACKSON of Tenere Co. Longford Farmer lands of Clontumper containing and lands of Cullysoredon[?] 2 a and 120a formerly held by Gary MOORE and Teverin situate in Barony Longford Co. Longford with appurtenances for 21 years for rent of £20. WITNESS: Thomas ANDREWS & William DRURY Clerks to Mr. William SUMNER Notary in Dublin. NOTE: The deed 49456 on the same page was WALKER-CONNOLLAN.




1730 Feb 11

Image 85

BTW James RILEY Esq. one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery of 1st pt Richard EDGEWORTH of Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford Esq. of 2nd pt & Thomas ASHE of City of Dublin Esq. of 3rd pt. … by court order assigned to Thmas ASHE … lands of Clontamper Clonee Corribegg Breh als Brehy Lislea Garryandra Aghafin and Derrycashin in Co. Longford and other premises mortgaged by John EDGEWORTH and Francis EDGEWORTH Esq to Henry ROWLANDSON Merchant… lands of Edgeworthstown als Mastrn Tenenare als Cullivore [SEE: Ballindagny and Cullyvore] and the Mill thereon Aghnagirath Trece Liossordowlin Aghadonagh Kilogenesawee the great Meadow near Edgeworthstown Kilticlough Corlinam Castlebar Drumdorrigg Carronreagh and Lisduffe in Co. Longford a moiety whereof was extended by William CONOLLY Esq. by virtue of judgement … WITNESS: Packington EDGEWORTH of Longwood, Co. Meath Esq. & Edward [ ?] Clerk to Edward DALTON…




1788 May 12

HOUSE Book Index 1730-45

Image 163

Btw Georg HOW of Aghafrin Co Westmeath Gent of 1 pt  & Mary JACKSON als POOLE widow and relict of George JACKSON late of Moneydonagh Co Longford Gent decd of the other part & Philip JACKSON of Caloge in Co Longford Gent of 3rd pt. Philip JACKSON set to George HOW town & lands & tenements of Munidaragh [Moneydarragh] for term of 14 years. WITNESS: Robert HOW of Milltown Co. Westmeath & Mathew CONNINGHAM of Culloge Co. Longford




1732 Sep 4

POOLE Book Index 1730-45 Ballinrahn

Btw Richard POOLE of City of Dublin Joyner one of the sons of Richard POOLE late of Earl St in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore and Co Dublin Gent & Philip JACKSON of Ballinrahn [Ballinrahin, Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown,] Kings Co farmer and intermarried with Jane POOLE one of the daughters of the said Richard POOLE  the elder, and who is also the executor of the last will of George JACKSON deceased  who intermarried with Mary POOLE one of the daughters of said Richard POOLE,  and Susannah GEORGE als POOLE of the said city widow, also one of the daughters of the said Richard the elder & Robert POOLE of Dublin Tinplate worker & son of Richard POOLE  elder.. sold lands of Coshina [Cushina Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown,] and Monavaine, Barony of Coolistowne, Kings Co… and lands on Earls St in Liberty of Thomas Court & lands of Ballynowland, barony of Coolistown [Coolestown] Kings Co…NOTE: George JACKSON, husband of Mary POOLE of Moneydonagh died before 1732. NOTE: See also: JACKSON-GILL Book Index 1708-1729  Joseph JACKSON, Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, Dubin, weaver 1722 Jan 11 NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph GILL; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Joseph ROSE; William BARRY; Bruen WORTHINGTON. PLACES: Cork St, & Earl St. both in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin.




1731 May 29

Image 271

BTW Dillon NEWMAN of Drumeen Co. Cork Esq.  of 1st pt; Richard NEWMAN Esq. eldest son and heir of said Dillon NEWMAN of 2nd pt; William CAUSABON of Carrig, Co. Cork Esq. of 3rd pt; Catherine CAUSABON daughter of said William CAUSABON of 4th pt. Rev Benezar MURDOCK of Killpa___ Co. Cork Clk Henry PURDON of the Little Island Co. Cork Esq.  Rev. Francis GORE of Ahafolis Co. Corke Clke & Arthur HYDE of Castlehyde Co. Cork Esq of 5th pt. Reciting  marriage btw Richard NEWMAN & Catherine CAUSABON : William CAUSABON trustee  paid £2,000 portion charged on listed townlands Duhallow & Fermoy baronies in Cork per terms of (a) 16 Jun 1711 marriage settlement and Dillon NEWMAN  assigned to trustees his land in Cork baronies of Duhallow Co. Cork (Aldworth, Dromaneen, Gortroe, Killinane, Kilpadder, Kilvealaton, Knocknunning & Scarrow) & Barony Fermoy Co. Cork (one plowland in Ballyellis & one plowland in Ballygarrett …. Elizabeth NEWMAN of City of Cork widow & Dillon NEWMAN by indenture 2 Aug 1703 granted … more names ….  Reciting 16 Jun 1711 btw William CAUSABON of Carrigleary als Gethingsgrott Esq. The Honbl Brigadier Francis GORE of Clonrow Co. Clare Esq. & Isabella GORE daughter, William TAYLOR of Burton Co. Cork Esq. William CAULFIELD of Donmonane Co. Gallway Esq. George GORE of Toneleck Co. Longford Esq. Robert TAYLOR of Ballynort Esq. & Anselm TAYLOR of Dublin Esq. … William CAUSABON bequeathed [various lands] Co. Cork for and during life of Isabella … and said indenture William CAUSABON in consideration of marriage of said Catherine with said Richard … to use of Sarah CAUSABON, Catherine CAUSABON & Arabella CAUSABON daughters of William CAUSABON & wife Isabella CAUSABON

with reference made to (b) 2 Aug 1703 & (c) 20 Apr 1723 [23179] leases thereof) Isabella GORE daughter of Hon. Brigadier Francis GORE of Clonroad Co. Clare and wife of William CAUSABON of Carrig Cork NOTE: Part of transcription thanks to Dawn LOWE..




1743 Dec 5


Image 144

5 Dec 1743 Richard JACKSON of Tennenare, Co. Longford Gent of the one part. Richard BYRNE Connor BYRNE & Charles MOLLOY all of Tennenare Longford. Of the other pt. … all that and those the houses and lands then in their possession by the names of Knockroe Bungare the park & bottom where said houses lie [Trevlons?] park and bottom together with 1 ½ a in the Connour where Manus GREENAUGHTY formerly lived. Bounded and meared by the said JACKSONs pasture demised for term of 19 years … rent £11.10… WITNESS: Daniel FERRALL of Camlisk Co. Longford Jane BYRNE of Tenninare spinster & Anthony JACKSON of Tenninare Gent




1746 Jul 3


Image 577

Btw Philip JACKSON of Callogue, Co. Longford Gent & Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin eldest son of Philip JACKSON of the 1 pt  & Mary McCALLY widow of Monescriba, Co. Longford of other pt. Richard JACKSON in consid of 76 pounds 2s 3p paid by Mary McCALLY granted town and lands of Callogue and lands of Munadaragh [Moneydarragh] with the [?] of Cambog suitable for the said lands Barony of Ardagh, Co. Longford  .. also lands of Cusina [Cushina, Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown] Ballynagroland & Monevane in Barony Coolystown [Barony of Coolestown] Kings Co. & the 7th parts of four front houses two backhouses & a Deal Yard situate on Earl Street on the lane of Meaths Liberty & Suburbs of the City of Dublin. WITNESS: Susanna LUNEMAN of City of Dublin widow & Simon LUNEMAN of City of Dublin Gent. Philip JACKSON [SEAL]




1748 Feb 15

CONGREVE 1746-1758 Image 170

Btw Richard JACKSON, City of Dublin, Esq & Grand-nephew & heir at law of John EYRE late of Eyre Court., Co. Galway Esq. Deceased… townland of Annaccalla, Barony Longford, Co. Galway. Also a dwelling house on west side of Dawson Street, City of Dublin wherin Matthew FORD lately dwelt. Built by William WILD containing 19’ in breadth, on Dawson St, , 25’, in depth from front to rere 220’adjoining on east to Dawson Street, on west to lane and waste land belonging to WILD and to the north to a house owned by John DAWSON Esq. & on south to another house owned by William WILD together with the Coach House and Stable behind the said dwelling house   NOTE: Francis EYRE (1708-?) of Eyre Court was wife of William JACKSON (1695-1744) John EYRE, uncle of Francis EYRE, died 1745, therefore this Richard JACKSON is likely Sir Richard JACKSON (aft 1729-1789)  SEE: Jacksons of Coleraine. NOTE: Not in Co. Longford.




1755 Feb 14


Arthur GORE, Esq. of Tenelick, Co. Longford of 1st pt & Benjamin WILSON, farmer of Mountwilliam, Kings Co. Of 2nd pt for lives of John WILSON, 2nd son of Benjamin WILSON & Elizabeth GRIFFITH, spinster of City of Dublin & William JACKSON son of Thomas JACKSON (a farmer of Ballygartagh nr Edenderry, Kings Co.) 250 acres incl Ballynahilt, Kings Co. WITNESSES: George MEARNS, Esq & Patrick CORBET  all of Dublin & Patrick READING. SW 




1748 Jun 4

FERRALL Book Index 1758-1768

Image 607

BTW Mary McCALLY of Monesciba, Co. Longford widow of 1 pt & John FARRELL of City of Dublin Esq Doctor in Physick of the other part and the release made btw the said Mary McCALLY of 1st pt Philip JACKSON of Calloge in said Co. Gent & Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin eldest son & heir apparent of the said Philip JACKSON & William JACKSON of Calloge 2nd son of said Philip JACKSON and John FARRELL of 3rd pt … town and lands of Calloge, Monedarragh and a suitable proportion of Cambogg all in Co. Longford & also 7th pt of lands of  [Casind?] [Cushina Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown,]  and Monesvane? In Kings Co. & one 7th pt of Four Front Houses Two Back Houses and a deal yard situate in Earl St. in Suburbs of City of Dublin …




1753 Mar 12

CARLETON & ors Book Index 1768-1776

Image 682

BTW Cornelius CARLETON of Rossmore Co. Leitim Gen executor of Edward CARLTON late of Turmond Co. Leitrim of 1st pt. John CARLETON of Tumond Co. Leitrim Esq. on behalf of his sister Elinor CARLTON spinster and Elinore CARLETON of 2nd pt. Phillip JACKSON of Callonge Co. Leitrim Gent on behalf of his son William JACKSON Gent of the 3rd. William JACKSON of the 4th pt.  Reciting that a marriage to be solemnized btw William JACKSON & Elinore CARLETON. …marriage portion of £300 one half of the lands of Callough 70a plantation measure with the Windmill and Malthouse and ½ of all other offices belonging to the premises and also the dwelling house except as reserved for Phillip JACKSON to hold to said William JACKSON and his male issue… lands of Callogue and Moneydarragh possessed by Lewis FARRELL Joseph ANDERSON & their partners in Parish Mastrim Barony Ardagh Co. Longford held by Phillip JACKSON from Robert MONTGOMERY of Ancrea Co. Monaghan & Capt. David FAIRFIELD of Revaldron Co. Longford Esq. … and to each of his younger children £100 WITNESS: Elizabeth CARLETON wife of Cornelius CARLETON & Elinor CARLETON then widow now wife of Thomas TALBOT of Co. Leitrim Farmer. William JACKSON [SEAL] Phillip JACKSON [SEAL]




1770 Jan 27

JACKSON-LITTLE Book Index 1768-1776

Image 316

Btw William JACKSON of Edgeworthstown , Co Longford, Gent & Thomas LITTLE of same Gauger  whereby William JACKSON demised to Thomas LITTLE part of lands of Calogue Co. Longford in possession of William WHITLOW Gent together with part of lands of Calogue known by the name of Windmill Hill in possession of Patrick MAGRATH and partners and Christopher NUGENT with that part of the Bog of Cam now in their possession for lives of said Thomas LITTLE Jane LITTLE otherwise JACKSON his wife and William JACKSON the said William JACKSON’s eldest son. for lives … rent of £1.5.6 annually WITNESS: Laurence CONNELL and William FORSTER. NOTE: I suspect that Jane LITTLE was a daughter of Philip JACKSON and Jane POOLE, hence a sister to William JACKSON.




1773 Jan 28

CUNNINGHAM Book Index 1768-1776

Image 62

William JACKSON of Cologe Co Waterford Gent of 1 pt & Matthew CUNNINGHAM of Edgeworthstown the younger shop-keeper of the other pt.  an annuity against lands in Colloge in tenure of Thomas LITTLE Mark MAGRATH Edward COONY Christopher NUGENT Patrick MAGRATH & Widow HANS … £5.5.6 payable for 21 years. WITNESS: Charles CUNNINGHAM Farmer & James MOLLOY Schoolmaster both of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford




1771 Mar 3

Tonanocrake aka Tonanacre.

Image 217

JACKSON-FERRALL Names Index: 1777-1785 Calloge,

William JACKSON of Calloge, Co Longford of 1 pt & John FERRALL of City of Dublin Esq.  Dr. of Physic of 2nd. Reciting that William JACKSON for consideration mentioned granted to John FERRALL one annuity for yearly rent charge £80 out of lands of Colloge and Moneydarragh part of mortgaged premises for term of 500 years … WITNESS William CROOKESHANK City of Dublin Esq & Patrick FERRALL of City of Dublin Gent. William JACKSON [SEAL]




1777 May 18

NORRIS Names Index: 1777-1785

In view of pending marriage both parties [Thomas NORRIS, tanner of Dublin City and Anne JACKSON, widow of Dublin City] covenant that on their own death, their property to the other. WITNESSES: Elizabeth BROWNE, spinster of Paradise Rd., Dublin & William O’BRIEN, gent of Dublin City.

Notes by Mike Stewart NOTE: Was she the widow of William JACKSON? SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe




1782 Sep 20

Image 476

BTW George CRUICKSHANK of City of Dublin Attorney at Law of 1st pt & Alexander CROOKSHANK Esq. & George SALE Merchant both of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Abigail SALL aka SALE of City of Dublin spinster of 3rd pt. Reciting that William CLARKE by indenture 1718 Nov 15 demised to William NICHOLS piece of ground on south side of Pill Lane containing  front to rere 57’ including the wall to the lane bounded on the east to other ground owned by said William CLARKE on the South & West to ground set by said William CLARKE to Mrs.  .. granted to said William SALE Robert Ballentine …. And that the same having become vested in William SALE late of City of Dublin Gent deceased 10 Jan 1774 for lives of [Royalty] and Thomas JOHNSTON and Thomas TAYLOR and also reciting that Henry PERRY Esq. by indenture 4 July 1722 demised to John HARVEY tenement on North side of Dolphins Barn containing in breadth in the front 48’ in depth front to rere 63’ bounded on East by Mr. John FALKNERs holding, on the West by John BROWNEs holding on the North to the City Water Course commonly called the Pipe Water & on the South to Dolphins Barn aforesaid … also reciting that Jacob POOLE by indenture 14 Feb 1722 demised to William BOTTOM all the 6 small houses with their backsides situate on the south side of Dolphins Barn bounded on the North to the Kings pavement on east and south to Mr. BOARDMANs holding and on the west to Mr. POPKINs holding for lives of Emerson PERCY Hester POOLE & Elizabeth POOLE … and George CROOKSHANK was seized of lands  of Cranleaghbegg otherwise Cranlabogg 140a Co. Longford.

NOTE: Abigail SALE married George CRUICKSHANK firstly, and then married Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage, Birr, Kings Co. SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkeiran.




1783 Apr 25

BOND Names Index: 1777-1785

Tonanocrake akaTonanacre.

 Btw Wm JACKSON of Cologue, Co Longford  Gent & Richard JACKSON eldest son of 1 pt & George BOND of Lisnonah Co Longford.




1783 Nov 26

GLEADOWE NEWCOMON Names Index: 1777-1785

Tonanocrake aka Tonanacre.

William JACKSON of Calorege[?] Co Longford Gent of 1st pt; Richard JACKSON of Calouge eldest son & heir apparent of sd William JACKSON. & Andrew CARLTON of ?glass, Co Leitrim of one pt & Sir William Gleadowe NEWCOMMEN of the City of Dublin Baronet of the other part. Demised town and lands of Calouge otherwise Callouge to NEWCOMMEN incl Windmill Hill Steoatstown & Tananere all in Co Longford




1786 Nov 28

JACKSON-MOORE Names Index 1786-1794

Image 461

 John JACKSON and William JACKSON both of Moneydarragh, Co Longford Gents  of 1 pt & Robert MOORE and Lewis MOORE both of Upper Moneydarragh Co. Longford farmers and William WAIRE of City of Dublin farmer of other pt. demised part of lands of Moneydarragh, Parish of Edgeworthstown,  Barony of Ardagh, Co Longford then in possession of Robert & Lewis MOORE containing 56a and yearly rent of £48 for 99 years. WITNESS: Richard JACKSON Gent & James SMYTH Attorney & Michael MOORE of Moneydarragh Yeoman. NOTE: The relationships are not stated here. Father & son? Brothers? Other?




1784 Apr 1

Image 374

BTW Henry GORE of Tenelist, Co. Longford of 1 pt & [Treke LENOW? LENNON?] of Liscomuck Co. Longford Esq of the other pt. Reciting that Henry GORE demised lands of Liscormick & part of Laggan late in possession of Sandys LENNON cont. 99a 1r in Co. Longford for lives of [Ficke?] LENON, Sarah LENON otherwise [ED]GERS his wife & Thomas LENNON of Mullinmeckan Co. Westmeath Gent  ..




1788 Dec 2

BOND Names Index 1786-1794 Callouge,

Btw Samuel JACKSON & Richard JACKSON both of Callouge, Co Longford Gent of 1 pt & William BOND of Edgeworth, Co Longford…. Lands of Moneydarragh, Co Longford as formerly possessed by Richard JACKSON the uncle of said Samuel and Richard JACKSON Samuel JACKSON of Callouge, Co. Longford and Richard JACKSON Gent of Callouge, Co. Longford of 1st part. William BOND Esq. Of Edgewoth, Co. Longford And Richard JACKSON, uncle of aforementioned Samuel & Richard JACKSON. Registrar, John MOORE. Witnesses William ASLOP & James GAINNON [or GAMNON?].

Agreement that Samuel & Richard JACKSON of 1st part for consids should and would with all speed sell & convey unto William BOND the lands of Monydarragh, co Longford with bog and appur's, as formerly possessed by Richard JACKSON sr. NOTE: The Uncle Richard JACKSON died bet May 1767 and Feb 1768.




1789 Feb 3

BOND Names Index 1786-1794

Elizabeth FERRALL & Catherine FERRALL, spinsters and daughters of John FERRALL, Doctor of Physic, deceased of Dublin of the 1st part William JACKSON, Gent of Callage, Co. Longford & Richard & Samuel JACKSON, sons of William JACKSON of 2nd part. William BOND Esq. Of Edgeworth of 3rd part. Richard MONAGHAN. John MOORE, Registrar. Witnesses: William ASLOP, Gent of Dublin City & James Wensley LITTLE, Gent, of Dublin City.

FERRALLs & JACKSONs for consids unto William BOND to hold unto William BOND for ever of three lands: part of lands of Callaughe ow Calloge called Stevakstown [42a areable pasture] then in possession of William & Richard JACKSON and undertenants of Richard MONAGHAN, + Bog, in Longford Co, released by FERRALLs & JACKSONs unto William BOND

Moneyduragh ows Moneydurgh ows Monedurgh [123a arable + pasture] then in possession of Samuel JACKSON, with boggs & appur's as well as pt  part of lands of Callaughe ow Calloge called Stevakstown [42a areable pasture] now in possession of Samuel JACKSON by virtue of lease for one life or 31 years from Richard JACKSON+ Bog, in Longford Co, released by FARRELLs & JACKSONs unto William BOND part of lands of Callaughe ow Calloge called Tonanovery ows Tonanovera [27 acres] in Longford Co,  then in possession of William & Richard JACKSON and undertenants of Richard MONAGHAN, + Bog, in Longford Co, released by FERRALLs & JACKSONs unto William BOND.

Thanks to Vancouver Mike.




1791 Nov 15

JACKSON - BOND Names Index 1786-1794

Image 564

Btw William JACKSON and Richard JACKSON both of Callouge, Co. Longford of 1 pt & William BOND of Edgeworthtown Longford Esq of the other. Reciting that William JACKSON and Richard JACKSON were possessed in fee farm of the Demesne lands of Callouge and Windmill Hill which is a subdivision of said lands of Callogue together with the bog and appurtenances in Co. Longford under a fee farm grant made by Robert MONTGOMERY and David FAIRFIELD to Richard and Philip JACKSON both deceased and also of the lands of Moneydarragh dated 23 Jul 1715 …. Vested in William and Richard JACKSON and William BOND had concluded an agreement with the said William & Richard JACKSONs … £600 paid to William and Richard JACKSON for… 78a exclusive of said bog  Grant made… Philip JACKSON deceased… lands of Callough… WITNESSES Hugh KELLY and Samuel JACKSON.





Nov 9

Image 477

Richard JACKSON of Cullogue Co Longford of 1st part & Dominic HANCE, Michael HANCE, Patrick HANCE &  John MAGRATH that part of Cullogue called Windmill Hill containing abt 40a 6p for term of 31 years…




1802 Dec 18

BYRNE 1803

Image 458

Btw Edward MAXWELL a General in his Majesty’s Army and last surviving devisee in the last will of James ADAIR late of Lincoln’s Inn fields Co. Middlesex, Esq. deceased, formerly one of his majesty’s Sergeants at law. Elizabeth ADAIR of Upper [Newton?] Street of Marylebone, co. Middlesex widow of James ADAIR late of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, but then of Kings Bromleys Hall Co. Stafford Esq. and William Adair JACKSON of Aldermanbury, City of London, Esq. to whom the hereditament herein mentioned has been conveyed in trust for sale by James ADAIR Esq. then residing in Bengal the only son and heir at law residuary devisee in the last will of sd James ADAIR Sergeant by the said Elizabeth ADAIR of the one part & Edward BYRNE Esq. of the City of Dublin of the other pt. and the release of seven parts made between [?] Edwin Maxwell BROWN the first part & Elizabeth ADAIR the 2nd pt ; John MALE and William Adair JACKSON of the 3rd pt; Edward GRIFFITH of Wishford, Co. Wilkshire, a Captain in his Majesty’s Royal Navy and Mary Anne his wife only heir and daughter of James ADAIR the Serjeant was formerly the wife and then the widow of the Honorable Sir John WILSON Knight deceased late of his Majesty’s Justices of Court of Common Pleas, Westminster, of the 4th pt; … [more details and parties] … Rev Hutchison HAMILTON of Ballygraffan, Co. Down and then of Edgeworth Town, Co. Longford of the first part; Catherine HAMILTON otherwise RYDER wife of Hutchinson HAMILTON of the 2nd pt & Charles HAMILTON of Portglenon, Co. Antrim of the 3rd pt;

NOTE: There are a slew of names – including MADDON – maybe worth transcribing in full.




1791 Jun 7


Image 412

Btw Richard JACKSON of Callogue Co. Longford Gent of 1 pt & Edward JACKSON of Callogue farmer… set to Edward JACKSON lands of Collogue..5a 3r…Parish Mostrim, Barony Ardagh in his possession. Bounded on the North  by Great road leading from Edgeworthstown to Granard on the East and south Richard GAINERs Land in Low Hill and on the West said Richard JACKSONs other part of lands of Collogue for term of 999 years with said Richard JACKSONs Bog in Monneydarragh yielding and paying to Richard JACKSON rent… signed Edward JACKSON & Richard JACKSON WITNESS: George ALLEN & John [?CLEVERS] NOTE: aka Culloge, Parish Mostrim, Barony Ardagh NOTE: I do not yet know who Edward JACKSON was.




1813 Apr 27

GABBETT 1813-1816

Image 480

BTW William JACKSON of Paradise Row of City of Dublin, Gent of 1st pt; reciting transfer to John JACKSON house messuage & tenement on south side of Paradise Row [dimensions] in Lordship [of St. Mary’s Abbey, City of Dublin together with all articles of furniture to John JACKSON for lives [of Royal family members] WITNESS: Francis HIGGINS of Francis Lane, City of Dublin Grocer & Thomas BARRY of Golden Lane servant to Francis HIGGINS.




1817 Oct 14

HAMILTON 1816-1818

Image 378

Jacob William JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. of 1st pt. Frederick HAMILTON of Dunfurth Co. Kildare of the other pt & James AMBROSE then residing in Bath of … of 3rd pt & John NUGENT of  Kilassanna Co. Longford Esq. a Trustee … reciting deed 1 Dec 1699 btw Richard Gordon BELLEW Barony Duleek in Ireland since deceased of 1 pt & Thomas BURKE of [Portmund] in the Co. Galway Esq. since deceased of the other pt.  ;;; long list of lands … vested in the said Jacob William JACKSON as trustee for the said Francis HAMILTON Memorial WITNESS John NUGENT [Jacob William JACKSON signed] …




1819 Mar 1

SMITH 1819-1821

Image 278

BTW John JACKSON of Paradise of City of Dublin of 1st pt & Matthew SMITH of the Red Cow in the Co. Dublin, tanner of the 2nd pt. Reciting that John PEMBERTON in deed dated 26 Apr 1813 released to William JACKSON the house and premises in Paradise Row and then 27th April 1813, William JACKSON had granted to John JACKSON in mortgage house on South West side of Paradise Row [more description] in Lordship of St. Mary’s Abbey. …




1820 Jan 1

PEMBERTON 1819-1821

Image 58

Indentured deed of Assignment btw William JACKSON & John JACKSON both of City of Dublin Gent of 1st pt & John PEMBERTON of said City builder of the other part. Re property on west side of Paradise Row [description of boundaries & neighbours].




1821 Apr 14

--- Agreement 1821

Image 280

BTW Right Hon Warner William Lord Baron ROSSMAN of the 1 pt. & Francis JACKSON of Temple Bar City of Dublin Hat Manufacturer of the other pt…. Francis JACKSON agreed to purchase at price of £14,000 the lands of Longford otherwise Great Longford otherwise big Longford and Killauilly otherwise Killiwilly [aka Killavilla, Parish Roscrea] in Barony Ballybritt, Kings Co. ‘’’ Owen EVANS … William P. VAUGHAN of Golden Grove, Kings Co. … NOTE: He was Francis JACKSON (1776-1847) husband of Anne J. HASLAM.  SEE: JACKSONs of Ballyboy, Kings Co. aka Offaly NOTE: These are not lands in Co. Longford.




1826 Jun 19

WIGGINS 1825-1827

Image 350

Btw Richard JACKSON of Longhill, Co. Longford, Gent of 1 pt & Robert WIGGINS of Granard. Co. Longford of other pt.

.. Richard JACKSON was indebted to Robert WIGGANS and leased lands of Canlogue [Culloge?] Parish of  Mostrim  … Richard JACKSON [SEAL]




1827 Jan 10

EDGEWORTH 1825-1827

Image 293

BTW John JACKSON of Paradise Row, City of Dublin Gent of 1st pt; Sidney DUIGAN[?] of Richmond Co. Dublin widow & executrix of John DUIGAN (late of Capel St, City of Dublin Esq. deceased)  of 2nd pt; Lovell EDGEWORTH of Edgeworthstown [Parish Mostrim]  Co. Longford Esq of 3rd pt. Reciting 31 Jan 1822 Lovell EDGEWORTH in consid of £500 paid by John JACKSON confirmed to John JACKSON lands of Lackan [Parish Mostrim] and [many] other lands in said deed [not listed here] in Co. Longford … on North side of Turnpike Road leading from Edgeworthstown to Longford containing 52a 3r 18p  Irish plantation measure and also all that other part of town and land of Lackin situate on South side of the said Turnpike Road containing 165a 2r 19p in Parish of Mastim [Mostrim] Barony Ardagh Co. Longford and also lands of Ballymacwilliam Oughter [Ballymacwilliam]  one of the said Cartrons of Lisserdowlin in Parish of Temple Michael Templemichael  Barony Ardagh Co. Longford containing 72a and also land known as Cartron Capple being a another Cartron and part of the Cartron of Ballymacwilliam Oughter [Ballymacwilliam] of Lisserdowlin containing 108a 3r 10p and also townlands of Cloonacasney orse Clonahusly another of the Cartons of Lisserdowlin [Lissardowlan] containing 91a 2r 27p and also townland of Tuerfin another of the Cartons of Lissdowlin [Lissardowlan]  containing 65a 14p in Parish Temple Michael [Templemichael ] Barony Ardagh Co. Longford & also lands of Aghanevin orse Whyhalman orse Eylealonan commonly called the Carton of Lissardowlin [Lissardowlan] and part of Fyhalman in last mentioned parish and Barony Co. Longford containing 93a 9p and also lands of Aughanckan another of the Cartrons of Lisserdowlin [Lissardowlan] containing 54a 3r 6p and part of lands of Cartonreagh Parish Mastrim [Parish Mostrim]  Barony Ardagh containing 74a 3r 35p and parts of Lands of Rossmine and Garryduffe in Parish Clonbrony [Clonbroney] Barony Ardagh Co. Longford and lands of Killenawse orse Killenawase and Garrynegree Coolennerigan and part of Rossmine in Parish Granard & Barony Granard cont 95a 3r 5p and lands commonly called Breeghuire orse Brehy [Breaghy ] in Parish Clontrough orse Clonbrony [Clonbroney] Barony Ardagh Co. Longford containing 80a 22p and also lands Kilderine orse Kildereene [Kilderreen ] and Shinoe orse Shiroe [Sheeroe ] with the Mill thereon or on part therof erected and built containing 63a 2r 9p in Co. Longford to hold to said Lowell EDGEWORTH

… said Sidney DUIGAN Executrix of John DUIGAN deceased at request of John JACKSON granted to Lowell EDGEWORTH …WITNESS: John COLE of City of Dublin Gent & Sidney PARKER. John JACKSON [SEAL] NOTE: Sidney PARKER was a widow – see beneath.




1826 Dec 30

EDGEWORTH 1825-1827

Image 295

BTW Sidney PARKER of Richmond Co. Dublin widow of 1st pt; John JACKSON of Paradise Row City of Dublin Gent of 2nd pt & Lovell EDGEWORTH of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford Esq. of 3rd pt. … John DUIGAN was dead & John JACKSON was his surviving Trustee & arrears of annuity have been paid out. …. John JACKSON [SEAL]




1827 Jan 8

EDGEWORTH 1825-1827

Image 336

Sidney DUIGAN widow of John DUIGAN – see other such memorials for similar details




1829 May 15

John JACKSON – BOND 1828-32

Image 195

 Btw John JACKSON of Harolds Cross Co Dublin Esq. & Henry Montfort BOND of Newtown Bond in Co Longford Esq of other pt…. for considerations assigned to BOND in his actual possession by virtue of a lease for one year parts and portions lands known as Linen Boherboy Annaghbegg & Aughakeeran with the sub denominations in Barony Moydowan, Co Longford.


Later memorials of deeds.




1832 Mar 9

Caulogue, Co. Longford, B. Ardagh



Image 100

BTW John JACKSON of Schoolland Co. Longford Gent of 1 pt & Jacob WIGGINS of Motevally Co. Longford Gent of the other. John JACKSON stood indebted to WIGGINS for £100 and £120  …mtg lands of Coulogue orse Windmill Hill containing 68a in Parish Edgeworthy Barony Ardagh … total owing £260 … demised townlands of Coulogue orse Windmill Hill … WITNESS: John FERRALL of Abbey Street City of Dublin Attorney & William Robert WIGGINS of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford Gent . John JACKSON [SEAL]




1837 Oct 28




Image 18


John JACKSON of Rathmines Esq. Co Dublin. Many lands in Longford. WITNESS: Frederick JACKSON of Rathmines, Dublin, Gent. NOTE: For more detail of lands see: ROD: 1837-20-277 beneath.




1837 Oct 23

Co. Longford

Co. Westmeath


Image 409

BTW. John JACKSON of Rathmines Park Co. Dublin Esq. of 1st pt John PEMBERTON of Kingstown Co. Dublin Esq. of 2nd pt & William Westropp BRERETON City of Dublin Barrister of 3rd pt. reciting indenture 7 Jul 1836 btw Samuel Winsley BLACKHALL of Coolamber [?] Co. Longford Esq. of 1st pt & John PEMBERTON of 2nd pt & John JACKSON of 3rd pt the said Samuel Winsley BLACKALL for sum of 1,100 granted to John PEMBERTON payable on lands … transferred to John JACKSON all the Manor town and lands of Collamber orse Coolamber Coolbregan orse Coolnegan and part of town and lands of Lisnecaffy orse Lisnacaffy Feaghnomaddy Aghonevoggue orse Aghanaboggie orse Aghanvaggy which lie in the north east of the road leading from FLOOD’s holdings to the Mass houses in Barony of Moy parish & County Westmeath & town and lands of Castle Nugent orse Blitoge orse Blightoge orse Blighloge part of Feeahan Clonkin orse Cloneagh orse Clonker orse Clonvagh Treaghan orse Freeghman Corry orse Curry orse Currybeg orse Currymore Money Halloghan orse Moneyhallehone orse Moneyhallaghan orse Moneyhallighan Collamber orse Coolamber orse Coolember beg Freghan orse Fregahane Ballyow orse Ballow all in Barony Ardagh Co. Longford … more lands in Barony Granard, Co. Longford




1837 Dec 11



Image 70

BTW Rev. Francis Thornton GREGG of Ballynahon Co. Longford Clerk. Of 1st pt. John JACKSON of Rathmines Road Co. Dublin Esq. of 2nd pt. … lands of Rathollard commonly called Oldtown containing 100a in Barony Ardagh Co. Longford & town and lands of Derrydarragh with the bog Barony Rathclin Co. Longford …




1841 Nov 8



Image 480

BTW John JACKSON of Windmillhill Co. Longford, farmer and Hester his wife of the other pt. & Andrew REILLY of Edgeworthstown Co. Longford Shopkeeper of the other pt. John & Hester devised to Andrew REILLY part of the lands of Windmill Hill being a subdivision of the lands of Collague containing 8a Irish measure in Barony of Ardagh Co. Longford for term of 21 years



JACKSON, Henry & Elizabeth FLETCHER



I wonder if this deed is a pertinent JACKSON-FLETCHER connection: BURTSHEALTH Book Index 1708-1729 Jan 30, 1727

ROD: 53.501.36647 Thomas FLETCHER of Rathmore, Co. Kildare, farmer & Henry JACKSON of Osberttown, Co. Kildare in consid of 50 pounds pd by Peter BURCHEAL  of Kilkeel, Co. Kildare land of 430 acres also 20 acres in possession of Garret POOLE… land in Rathmore. In a later deed, 64-213-43516 - June 2, 1730, there is mention of Henry JACKSON sr. & sons Henry & Anthony, also in connection with lands of Ofberstown [aka Osberstown or Osbertstown or Osberttown.





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