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JACKSON probates in Co. Sligo. This chart helps to clarify where some townlands mentioned in leases were likely located - specially Collooney,& Gortlownan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 29. 2019
Updated December 12, 2019 - more updates to come.
: Death date for Thomas JACKSON corrected: 1883 not 1833.


National Archives JACKSON Probates SLIGO - my notes


George Jackson

20 Jan 



George JACKSON late of Gurtlownan Co. Sligo, Farmer died 20 Jan 1862 proved at Principal Registry by James JACKSON of Teretick near Collooney Co. Sligo, Gent. Effects under £300. NOTE: I presume that George JACKSON was a brother of James JACKSON. Need to confirm

George Jackson

30 Sep 



George JACKSON late of Collooney Co. Sligo Gentleman, a Bachelor deceased died 30 Sept 1866 at same place Granted to James McKim of Collooney shopkeeper, nephew of said deceased. Effects under £51 NOTE: A James JACKSON, farmer,  was the father of Arthur JACKSON who married a Catherine McKIM of Colooney in 1889 – not to be confused with the Arthur JACKSON merchant of town of Sligo,

James Jackson

20 Mar 



James JACKSON late of Tivatick [aka Tiratick] Co. Sligo Esq died 20 Mar 1877 proved at Ballina by oath of Elinor JACKSON of Tivatick, Widow the executrix. Effects under £14,000. NOTE: James JACKSON (b 1789).

Mary Jackson

10 Feb 



Mary JACKSON late of Gortlownan, Co. Sligo widow died 10 Feb 1882 at same place granted to Rebecca WALKER the niece and a Legatee Effects £70. NOTE: Rebecca WALKER was a daughter of Alexander JACKSON.

Thomas Jackson

15 Feb 



Thomas JACKSON late of Gortlowna, Ballintogher Co. Sligo Farmer died 15 Feb 1883 at same place proved in Ballina by Mary JACKSON Widow the sole executrix. Effects: £269.9.11

William Jackson

4 Aug 



The Very Reverend William JACKSON late of Killanley, Co. Sligo Clerk who died 4 August 1885 at same place proved at Ballina by Susan Anne JACKSON of Killanley Widow & Stanhope William Fenton KENNY of Ballinrobe Co. Mayo Esq. the executors. Effects: £2,068.2.3.

Moffatt Jackson

17 Nov 



Rev. Moffatt JACKSON late of Sligo Presbyterian Minister died 17 Nov 1887 at same place proved at Principal Registry by Rev William John JACKSON of Belfast Presbyterian Minister. Effects £774.17.6

Thomas Davis

11 Nov



Thomas DAVIS late of Rathbarren Coolaney Co. Sligo Farmer who died 11 Nov 1892 at same place granted to Mary JACKSON of Gortlownan Ballintogher Co. Sligo a married woman the daughter.

Eleanor Jackson

11 Feb 



Eleanor JACKSON late of Teretick, Ballintogher, Co. Sligo Widow died 11 Feb 1896 granted at Bellina to Alexander GILMOUR of Ballinscarrow, Ballymote, Co. Sligo Farmer. Effects £8,521.17.10 NOTE: She was the widow of James JACKSON (1789-1877). Alexander GILMOUR was her son-in-law.

George Vaughan Jackson

8 Dec 



George Vaughan JACKSON late of Enniscrone Co Sligo d 8 Dec 1901 granted at Bellina to widow Sydney Vaughan JACKSON effects £23 5s 6d NOTE: George Vaughan JACKSON (1847-1901) was the son of James Sidney Vaughan JACKSON & Frances Alice JONES.

Frances Jackson

4 Mar 



Frances JACKSON late of Enniscrone Co. Sligo widow died 4 March 1902 at 9 James Street Paddington England granted at Ballina to Herbert Vaughan JACKSON Surgeon. Effects £362.19.6. NOTE: She is Likely Frances Alice JONES wife of [James] Sydney Vaughan JACKSON.

James William Jackson

28 Mar 



James William JACKSON late of Teretick, Ballintogher, Co. Sligo Gent died 28 Mar 1805 granted in Dublin to Catherine MOORE, Widow. Effects £20. NOTE: Catherine MOORE was a daughter of James JACKSON (1789-1877) & Elinor ACHESON (1811-1896) and a sister of James William JACKSON




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