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Jacksons in 1st Monaghan Presbyterian

NOTE: I will add more info about these families when I can.

Sharon Oddie Brown. June 9, 2019



1st Monaghan Presbyterian 1821 census


JACKSON, David & Eliza, Tulledin [Telaydan, Tedavnet] , Family: Charlotte, Eliza, Margaret & Joseph (no 124, 6 souls)


JACKSON, Henry & Elizabeth, Tulledin [Telaydan, Tedavnet]. Famil: Alexander, David, William & Sally Anne (no 126, 6 souls)


JACKSON, Henry & Mary, Molera [Mullyera, Tedavnet. Family: Robert, Henry, Sophia, Matilda, Marianne & John (no 186)


JACKSON, Jane (widow) Drumcoo [Tedavnet] & William & Jane with John & Sarah (no. 184)


JACKSON, Robert & Mary, Drumcoo [Tedavnet]. Family: James, Anne, Jane & Mary (no 183)


JACKSON, Robert & Nancy, Drumcoo [Tedavnet] Family: Jane, William and Rachell, Matilda [orphan?], Thomas Bogues ( no 180)


JACKSON, Robert & Nancy, Tulledin [Telaydan, Tedavnet], (no 125, 2 souls)


BIRTH: Jacksons in 1st Monaghan Presbyterian records

Thanks to Jack Storey.

5th Mar 1822 Jane dau of Robert Jackson of ??? (Drumcoo, Tedavnet)


25th April 1822 Robert son of Robert Jackson of Drumcoo (Jackson) Tedavnet


18th June 1823 Jane dau of William Jackson of Drumcoo (Jackson), Tedavnet


9th Aug 1823   Eliza dau of Robert Jackson of Court, Monaghan


16th Sept 1823 Robert son of Henry Jackson of Telaydan, Tedavnet






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