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Some of the JACKSONs who settled in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s are likely to be noted in the entries beneath. I have only made note of two, but will add more as I have the time to research them all.

Sharon Oddie Brown. March 14, 2014


JACKSON in London Marriages 1521-1869




My Notes

Alford, John, of St. Andrew, Holborn, esq., 21 and upwards, and Mrs. Sarah Jackson, of same, spinster, about 17, her parents dead, consent of her uncle and guardian, Philip Jackson — at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. 4 Dec. 1667. V.  


Allenson, Christopher (Allinson), and Anne Jackson, spinster, of St. Catherine Cree Church, London, daughter of John Jackson, late of said city, tailor, deceased, gen. lic, 22 March, 1590/1. B.  


Ballow, Stephen, of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, gent., bachelor, 26, and Katherine Jackson, of same, spinster, 22, her parents dead — at St. Catherine Coleman, London. 21 April, 1686. F.


Barlow, John, of Rt. Mary, Strand, alias Savoy, Middlesex, yeoman, bachelor, and Alice Jackson, of St. Sepulchre, London, spinster, daughter of Robert Jackson, late of Haslington, CO. Lancaster, yeoman, deceased — at St. Mildred, in the Poultry, London. 26 April, 1608. B.  


Blomfield, Thomas, gent., of Stepney, 31, and Sara Jackson, of Barking, Essex, 30, widow of Edward Jackson, late of same, deceased — at Bromley, Middlesex. 16 June, 1636. B.  


Blundell, Ralph, of South Weald, co. Essex, carpenter, and Martha Jackson, of same, spinster, daughter of William Jackson, of same, carpenter — at St. Dunstan-in-the-West, London. 24 Nov. 1610. B.  


Boothby, Robert, esq., of Friday Hill, co. Essex, bachelor, 28, and Sarah Jackson, of St. Bride, London, spinster, her parents dead and she at her own disposal — at St. Bartholomew-the- Great, London. 21 Sept. 1689. F.  


Bound, Leonard, of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, London, carpenter, and Susan Jackson, of same, widow — at St. Margaret, New Fish Street, London. 31 Oct. 1620. B.


Bright, Andrew, of the city of Westminster, and Anne Jackson, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, widow of Stephen Jackson, late of same — at St. Mary-le-Strand alias Savoy, Middlesex. 22 Nov. 1625. B.  


Caesar, Julius (Cezar), of St. Paul, Shadwell, Middlesex, bachelor, 22, and Patience Jackson, of Stepney, said county, spinster, 18, daughter of John Jackson, of Kneesall, Notts, who consents, alleged by Hopefor Bendall, of Stepney aforesaid, mariner- — at St. Olave, Hart Street, All Hallows Staining, or St. Dunstan-in-the-East, London. 12 Aug. 1682.


Chatfield, John, of St. Martin, Ludgate, London, haberdasher, and Elizabeth Jackson, of St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, spinster, daughter of John Jackson, clerk, vicar of Hisson, co. Kent— at St. Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London. 5 May, 1619. B


Clarke, Sampson, of St. Sepulchre, London, stationer, and Ellen Jackson, of St. Michael, Cornhill, spinster, daughter of Richard Jackson, of Upton Civern, co. Worcester, yeoman, gen. lie , 8 March, 1588/9. B.  


Favor, Philip, clerk, vicar of Winslowe, co. Herts, and Molda (? Isolda) Jackson, of same, widow of Anthony Jackson, late of same, innkeeper, gen. lic, 20 March, 1592/3- B


Fenn, William (Fenne), fellmonger, and Ursula Jackson, spinster, of St. Olave, Silver Street — to marry there. 15 July, 1583. B.  


Gerard, Peter, of Christchurch, London, doctor of physic, bachelor, about 31, and Mrs. Susanna Jackson, of St. Catherine Coleman, spinster, about 22, consent of father, Stephen Jackson, of same, merchant — at St. Catherine Coleman aforesaid. 6 April, 1672. V.  


Grente, Thomas, and Rose Jackson, spinster, of the City of London, daughter of John Jackson, innholder, deceased — at Islington, Middlesex, 12 Aug. 1583. B.  


Grubb, William, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, bachelor, 25, and Mary Jackson, of All Hallows-in-ye- Wall, spinster, 28, at own disposal — at All Hallows aforesaid. 25 Aug. 1691. B.  


Hawkins, William, of St. Nicholas, Acons, gent., bachelor, about 35, and Mrs. Elizabeth Boys, of Barnes, co. Surrey, spinster, about 22, consent of mother, Jane Jackson, alias Boys, widow — at St. Martin Orgar, London. 2 June, 1666. V.  


Hewett, Michael, of St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey, and Agnes Jackson, spinster, of St. Martin, Ludgate — at St. Martin aforesaid. 19 Jan. 1575/6. B.  


Hodgson, Miles, and Joanna Jackson. 25 Feb. 1661/2. D.  


Howe, Barnaby (How), of Greenwich, Knt, gent., bachelor, about 24, and Anne Jackson, of same, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose — at Deptford, Greenwich, or Charlton, co. Kent. 23 Aug. 1667. V.  


Jackeson, Edmund, fishmonger, and Anne Mason, widow, of the City of London — at St. Martin- in-the-Fields. 9 July, 1567. B.  


Jackson, Christopher, "apparitorum curie," and Constance Harper, of London, widow — at St. Margaret, Westminster. 4 March, 1604/5. D.  


Jackson, Christopher, clerk, vicar of Roiston, co. Herts, and — Snell, spinster, gen. lie. 10 Oct. 1577. B.  


Jackson, Francis, of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, and Cassandra Myles, spinster, of the City of London — at St. Alphage. 21 Jan. 1582/5 . B.

The convergence of the names JACKSON and MYLES interests me. Myles JACKSON in Co. Mayo is a possible link.

Jackson, George, beer brewer, and Elizabeth Butler, of London, spinster, daughter of — Butler, late of Croydon, co. Surrey, gent., deceased, gen. lic, 22 May, 1596. B.  


Jackson, George, of Sheerness, Kent, gent., widower, about 40, and Elizabeth Sampson, of Minster, Isle of Sheppey, said county, widow, about 38 — at parish church in ye Island of Graine, said county, or St. Mary, Savoy, Middlesex. 5 July, 1667. V.  


Jackson, George, of Southampton Buildings, co. Middlesex, gent., widower, about 60, and Bridget Barnslowe, of St. Andrew, Holborn, widow, about 50 — at St. Giles, Cripplegate. 2 Feb. 1674/5. V.  


Jackson, George, tanner, and Alice Eartley, spinster, daughter of Edmund Eartley, deceased — at St. Magnus, London. 5 July, 1614. B.  


Jackson, Henry, of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, vintner, and Bridget Darbysheare, of the City of London, spinster, daughter of — Darby- sheare, late of Gravesend, Kent, innholder, deceased, gen. lic, 7 Sept. 1588. B.  


Jackson, Hugh, clerk, vicar of Bricklingsey, co. Essex, and Frances Roade, spinster, now of London, daughter of James Roade, late of Roade, co. Chester, gent, deceased — at St. Michael, Queenhithe, London. 25 April, 1594. B.  


Jackson, Isaac, of Stepney, Middlesex, silk- thrower, widower, and Margaret Washington, of Euen, co. Herts, spinster, 20, her parents dead, she at the disposal of her uncle and guardian, Ralph Flyer, doctor of physic, senior fellow of King's College, Cambridge, who consents — at St. Martin Outwich, London. 7 June, 1679. F.  


Jackson, James, and Johanna Polwydge, spinster, of the City of London — at St. Sepulchre. 14 Aug. 1564. B.  


Jackson, John, and Alice Harvye, widow, of St. Albans, Herts, gen. lic, 20 Jan. 1573/4. B.  


Jackson, John, and Custance Gillson, spinster, of Harlow — to marry there. 8 Oct. 1568. B.  


Jackson, John, of All Hallows Barking, tailor, and Mary Elliott, spinster, of St. Lawrence, Old Jewry, gen. lic, 5 Feb. 1581/2. B.  


Jackson, John, of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, chandler, and Elizabeth Sprite, of St. Sepulchre, said city, widow of Richard Sprite, late of same, butcher — at St. Ethelburgh, London. 29 Jan. 1604/5. B.  


Jackson, John, of St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London, widower, and Mary Smyth, of Lambeth, Surrey, widow — at Lambeth aforesaid or St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 17 Oct. 1683. F.  


Jackson, John, of St. Mary, Abchurch, London, haberdasher, and Agnes Tudway, of St. Botolph, Aldgate, widow of Andrew Tudway, late of same, chandler, gen. lic, 3 Nov. 1593, B.  


Jackson, John, of St. Olave, Hart Street, London, carpenter, and Mary Gierke, of same, widow of George Gierke, farrier — at All Hallows, Honey Lane, Lon- don. 30 June, 1620. B.  


Jackson, John, of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner, and Joane Wrignall, of same, spinster, daughter of — Wrignall, deceased — at Stepney aforesaid. 21 Jan. 1611/2. B.  


Jackson, John, of the City of London, yeoman, and Jane Parkinson, spinster, daughter of William Parkinson, of St. Christopher-le- Stocks, said city, deceased — at St. Andrew- in-the-Wardrobe, London. 3 April, 1624. B.  


Jackson, John, of the city of Westminster, yeoman, and Agnes Browne, of same, widow — at any church in jurisdiction of Westminster. 3 Feb. 1575/6. D.  


Jackson, John, yeoman, and Audrey Holmes, spinster, daughter of Robert Holmes, of Leverington, in the Isle of Ely, yeoman — at St. Bennett, Paul's Wharf, London. 23 Oct. 1618. B.  


Jackson, John, yeoman, of Kentish Town, and Agnes Rolffe, widow, gen. lic, 20 March, 1581/2. B.  


Jackson, Joseph, of Southgate, Middlesex, bachelor, 40, and Anne Whiting, of St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London, spinster, 23, her parents dead, alleged by Charles Ferrers, esq., of Totteridge, Herts — at St. Mildred, Bread Street, London. 30 March, 1688. F.  


Jackson, Lodowike, of St. Andrew, Holborn, gent., bachelor, about 28, and Mary Crimes, of same, spinster, about 17, consent of her mother, now ux. St. Andrew [sic but qy. Sir] Knifton, knight [sic but qy. Baronet], of Holborn aforesaid — at St. Clement Danes, St. Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, or St. Mary, Somerset. 15 April, 1662. V.

I suspect this is the Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork. His daughter Elizabeth was christened and buried at St. Mary’s Parish in Cork in 1666. SEE: Footnote #6 in Strettle-Jackson connections

Jackson, Michael, of St. Andrew, Holborn, and Fortune Yonge, spinster, of St. Alphage, Cripplegate— at St. Alphage. 2 April, 1576. B.  


Jackson, Moses, of St. Dunstan-in-the-West, and Secilia Daye, spinster, of same, and daughter of Thomas Daye, of Coventry, collier, gen. lie., 8 Sept. 1587. B.  


Jackson, Ralph, widower, and Margaret Martin, widow. 13 April, 1669. D.  


Jackson, Stephen, jun., of St. Catherine Coleman, London, merchant, bachelor, about 23, and Mrs. Rachel Watson, of same, spinster, about 23, consent of father, Thomas Watson, one of the aldermen of the town of Barwicke — at Greenwich, Kent. 29 June, 1671. V.  


Jackson, Thomas, of Blechingley, Surrey, clerk, bachelor, about 27, and Mrs. Margaret Holt, of Home, said county, spinster, about 19, consent of her father, alleged by William Holt, jun., of Home aforesaid, clerk — at Burstow, CO. Surrey 5 Sept. 1676. V.  


Jackson, Thomas, of St. Martin-le-Grand, shoe- maker, and Jane Sheppy, daughter of John Sheppy, of Roydon, in Essex, who consents, she dwelling with John Jackson, of St. Martin aforesaid, shoemaker. 7 July, 1604. D.  


Jackson, Thomas, of St. Mary Bothaw, merchant taylor, and Ellen Tunstall, widow, of the City of London — at St. Andrew Hubbard. 30 Oct. 1582. B.  


Jackson, William, and Anne Beard, of the city of Westminster, widow. 10 June, 1634. D.  


Jackson, William, of Ampthill, Beds, gent., bachelor, about 30, and Mary Bayes, of same, spinster, about 24, her parents dead — at same. 11 July, 1676. V.  


Jackson, William, of Croydon, Surrey, yeoman, bachelor, about 25, and Anne Gillpin, of same, spinster, about 20, consent of father, John Gillpin, of same, gent. — at St. Bennet, Paul's Wharf. 24 March, 1661/2. V.  


Jackson, William, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, brick- layer, and Margaret More alias Maple, widow, of St. Anne and Agnes, Aldersgate — at St. Anne and Agnes aforesaid. 10 Dec. 1579. B.  


Jackson, William, of St. Sepulchre, London, gent., bachelor, about 30, and Martha Martin, of same, spinster, about 20, her mother's consent — at St. Olave, Hart Street, London. 14 Oct. 1674. V.  


Jewell, John, of Hoy, co. Cornwall, bachelor, 36, and Anne Jackson, of St. James, Duke's Place, London, spinster, 23, at her own disposal, alleged by Danvers Washington, of St. Olave, Silver Street, London, cook — at Lamb chapel, London, or ... . 9 June, 166/7f. F.  


Luther, Thomas, of Stapleford, Tawney, Essex, gent., bachelor, 22, and Anne Jackson, of St. Catherine Coleman, London, spinster, 21, daughter of Luke Jackson, late of Lumbard Street, London, silkman, deceased, with con- sent of her mother, Jane Edwards — at St. Anne, Blackfriars, or St. Bartholomew-the- Less, London. 23 May, 1649. F.

This name Luke JACKSON and the address of Lumbard aka Lombard is interesting in terms of JACKSONs of Coleraine, as well as the goldsmith JACKSONs. No slam dunks as of yet.

Mathariaga, Thomas de, of All Hallows Steyning, and Katherine Jackson, spinster, of City of London, gen. lic, 15 July, 1583. B. [Crossed out, and in margin " inseritur in mensc July, 1584,"] See next entry.  


Mathariega, Thomas de, merchant, of All Hallows Steyning, London, and Katherine Jackson, spinster, of City of London, gen. lic, 15 July, 1584. B. See preceding entry.  


Powell, John Ap, of St. Peter, in St Albans, co. Herts, gent., and Martha Jackson, of St. Alban, in St. Albans aforesaid, spinster, daughter of Henry Jackson, of same, gent. — at St. Sepulchre, London. 1 June, 1608. B


Sam, William, miller, and Joanna Jackson, widow, of St. Leonard, Bromley, co. Essex, relict of Roger Jackson, miller, gen. lic, 11 June, 1591. B.  


Scott, Hugh, of St. Sepulchre, London, vintner, bachelor, and Mary Jackson, of St. Peter-the- Poor, said city, spinster — at Stepney, co. Middlesex. 21 June, 1611. B.  


Sell, Richard, and Agnes Jackson, of Littlebury, diocese of London — to marry there. 19 May, 1549. B.  


Shelvocke, George, esq., of Greenwich, Kent, bachelor, above 40, and Mary Jackson, of same, widow — at same. 23 May, 1758. F.


Smith, Rev. Samuel, clerk, doctor of laws, of St. Margaret, Westminster, bachelor, above 21, and Anna Jackson, of St. Ann, Westminster, spinster, above 21 — at St. Margaret or St. Anne aforesaid. 23 Aug. 1764. F.  


Smith, Richard, and Frances Jackson. 2 Dec. 1629. D.  


Taylor, John, and Alice Jackson, of the diocese of Westminster, widow. 17 Jan. 1544. F.  


Tryme, David, of Lyons Inn, gent., bachelor, about 23, and Mrs. Hester Jackson, of St. Clement Danes, spinster, about 17, her father's consent — at parish church or chapel of Mary- bone, Middlesex. 13 July, 1670. Y.  


Warwicke, Stephen, husbandman, and Mary Jackson, spinster, daughter of — Jackson, deceased — at St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 19 June, 1620. B.  


Webster, Thomas, of St. Alban, Wood Street, London, yeoman, and Elizabeth Jackson, of Little All Hallows, Thames Street, said city, widow of — Jackson, late of same, gen. lic, 6 Oct. 1595. B.  


Weedon, Cavendish, of the Inner Temple, esq., bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth Jackson, of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, spinster, 25, her parents dead — at St. Clement aforesaid, Lincoln's Inn chapel, Charter House, or ... . 11 Dec. 1686. F.  


Woollerye, Thomas, and Alice Jackson, widow, of Fulham, gen. lic, 15 Aug. 1571. B.  








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