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NOTE: This page is a work in progress, but it is far enough along that I thought it might be of interest. It is significant that there is a familial tie between the JACKSONs of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan and the JACKSONs of Ballyreagan, Parish of Dundonald, Co. Down.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 17, 2013.

Updated July 5, 2014


1789 Jul 23 Marriage Settlement

Memorial: 408 477 27517


A connection between the JACKSONs of Ballybay & the JACKSONs of Ballyreagan, Co. Down has long been alleged in some oral histories. This memorial - 408 477 27517  -  is the first property link involving a marriage that I have seen between these two lines of Jacksons. NOTE: I have not yet transcribed this deed – it will have to await another trip to Ireland. This marriage settlement was between the groom Thomas JACKSON of Ballybay, Monaghan and the bride Isabella THOMPSON (b abt 1865), spinster & 3rd daughter of Humphry THOMPSON of Bushford, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: Thomas & Isabella had one child - a son Thomas JACKSON who never married and had no known children. In some unsourced genealogies, the groom is called Thomson JACKSON, as is the son.


The father of the groom is not yet known to me, but he is likely Rev. James JACKSON (1720-1792) of Ballyreagan. He had a short ministry in Ballybay. A combination of more deeds work as well as newspaper research might help me to flush this out.


This marriage settlement included part of Ballyreagan, Parish of Dundonald, Co. Down.


·       TRUSTEES: Thomas BRUNKER, Esq. of Bellgreen, Co. Cavan & Hugh JACKSON (1751-1810) of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: Hugh JACKSON married a sister of Isabella THOMSON: Letitia. This Hugh JACKSON was one of the JACKSONs of Dumfaldra House, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, and their line is often referred to as the Lisnaboe JACKSONs.

·       WITNESSES: Benjamin WILSON, Gent of Cootehill, Co. Cavan & Rev. George YOUNG of Sporthall.


Further details and sources will be in my Rootsweb Tree):

 1  Thomas Jackson b: Abt. 1700 d: 1779 in of Ballyreagan, Parish of Dundonald, Co. Down
........ 2  Rev. James Jackson b: Abt. 1720 d: Sep 1792 in Ballyreagan, Dundonald, Co. Down, Ireland
............ +Anne Unnamed  
................... 3  Thomas Jackson  b: 1757 probably Ballybay, Co. Monaghan + Isabel Thompson. He d aft 1776
........................4  Humphrey Thompson Jackson
................... 3  Martha Jackson b: in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, Ireland + Robert Bradford
........................4 Moses Bradford
................... 3 Elizabeth Jackson + James McCully   
................... 3  Mary Jackson +David Dalzell b: 1755 in Ballylisbredan, Dundonald, Co. Down, Ireland m: Aft. 1793 in Co. Down, Ireland d: Bef. 1821
................... 3  Jane Jackson  
................... 3  Thomas Jackson  d: Bef. 1821
................... 3  Jane Jackson  
....................... +James Burnside  
........ 2  Hugh Jackson b: Abt. 1722 d: in Probably America
........ 2  Mary Jackson +David Kennedy  [NOTE: I don't recall my source for these two.]


DEEDS that are likely connected to the JACKSONs of this marriage settlement:

·       ROD: 8-241-2687 1711 Feb 18th

·       ROD: 6-208-1914. 1708 Nov 8 Indenture between Hans STEVENSON of Killileagh, Co. Down Esq. & John JACKSON [prob.1667-1725] of Ballyreagan, Co. Down for 150 pounds pd by JACKSON, part of the townland of Ballysallagh Minor now in possession of Hugh BROWN now lying in Parish of Bangor, Co. Down, famer... witness: James BARKLEY of Ballysallagh & Hugh BROWN of the same & Gawin PETTICREW of Killileagh, all in Co. Down.

·       ROD: 25-57-13497 1714 Dec 13 Between John JACKSON of Ballyreagan, Co. Of Dorone Gent. Of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of same, Gent of the other part... refers to a 1 Nov 1677 deed between James ROSSE of the one pt. & the said John JACKSON lands of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by John DENHAM & all land of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON father of said John JACKSON, Parish Dundonald, Co. Dorone ... Thomas JACKSON. WITNESS James RATCLIFFE of Belfast, Co. Antrim, clothier; Andrew WALKER of Dundonald, Co. Down, yeoman; Richard LOWDER of Belfast, Gent. Thomas JACKSON [SEAL] NOTE: I am guessing that there are two generations of Thomas JACKSONs here.

·       141-428-96061 1747 Mar 1 Bt Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagon, Parish of Dundonald  Gent & James JACKSON son to Thomas of the other part ...description of land transferred. NOTE: This was a reference included in Groves Manuscripts at PRONI T808/1. I should have made more notes about the actual land.

·       141-429-9062 1748 Feb 5. PRONI T808/8267-8282 Groves Manuscripts ... Andrew TODD of Carricknaveagh otherwise Toddstown, Parish Kileny, Co. Down. Linendraper.for consideration to John GIBSON of Ballymacarrett, Co Down, Farmer... land within the townland of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by John DENHAM ... within townland formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON... lands by indenture bearing date  Nov 1, 1677 were demised by James ROSSE of Portavoe in Co Down to John JACKSON of Ballyreagan aforesaid conveyed by John JACKSON to Thomas JACKSON and by said Thomas JACKSON reconveyed  to John Jackson and then by John JACKSON to his son Joseph JACKSON nd by said Josph conveyed to Robert MAGEE in trust for Joseph’s wife, Grizel, dau of Robert MAGEE & then to John JACKSON their son Hugh REED, Elizabeth his wife daughter of said Grizel & John....

·       ROD: 195-559-131794 1758 Dec 14 Thomas JACKSON of Ballyregan, Dundonald (pa), DOWN acknowledges receipt of £75 from John JACKSON, of Knocknagoney, Holywood (pa), DOWN as debts owing him in consideration of any right or claim of John JACKSON to Knocknagoney, & for his natural love of John JACKSON, Thomas JACKSON discharges John JACKSON from every right claim title etc. to same. REGISTRARS: George PORTIAS & A. BRETT, justices presiding. WITNESSES: Robert JOY, printer of Belfast Antrim & Henry JOY (Swore memorial 30 Jan 1759), Printer of Belfast, Antrim; David HENDERSON, Clerk to Henry & Robert JOY; Jane ALEXANDER; Alexander WALLACE.

·       ROD 307-296-204154 1774 Dec 23 for consids, Rev James Jackson of Monentin, Aughnamullen (pa) MON unto Isaac Wilson of Convoy, Tullycorbett (pa) MON , of parcel of ground formerly possessed by James & John Shaw, situated in lands of Ballyreagan, Doundonald (pa) Co. Down, for ever, at £25 ster rent. WITNESSES: James COCKRAN of Knockamuddy, MON; Thomas CRAWFORD of Monoge, MON; Samuel MITCHELL, Gent of Monaghan town.


Thanks to Nick Reddan’s Deeds pages and several transcribers for many of these references.



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