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PRONI T808 - My notes on documents relating to JACKSONs as recorded by Tenison Arthur GROVE (abt 1863-1938). His work was based on documents dating from 1650-1900, many of which have since been lost.

Sharon Oddie Brown. March 6, 2021



Tenison Arthur GROVE was an antiquarian and genealogist who not only followed his own curiosities, but was also a researcher for hire. His notebooks are held by various repositories in Dublin, Belfast, Armagh and likely elsewhere. Many of them preserved abstracts of documents that have since been lost, many in the 1922 fire in Dublin. I remain curious about his interest in the Jacksons of Co. Down, the Jacksons of Kings Co. aka Offaly, and the Jacksons of Antrim. Are these families connected? By blood? By land? By something else or by nothig at all? Also, did Amy Oliver JACKSON (1874-1962), daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON 1841-1915) engage his services? She had the means, the interest, and had also hired researchers. Her surviving notebooks do not always include her sources.


Notes that relate to Jacksons of Co. Down NOTE: Numbers added in red were not in the original.

Notes that relate to the Jacksons of Seirkieran



Groves Manuscripts comprising genealogical and testamentary papers, notes, abstracts, census substitutes including freeholder lists, Hearth money rolls, poll books and other material, c.1650-1900. NOTE card file showed JACKSON vs JACKSON #8251

8237 Abstract of prerogative will of Isabella JACKSON of Londonderry widow of Beresford JACKSON 1737. Includes lots of MOORHEAD bequests.

8241 – James JACKSON 1711 COPY

8242 Mary JACKSON of Lisburn COPY

8243 more JACKSON




8266 COPY all 8241-8266

8267-8282 (See Deed Registry Notes)


430-257-279340 Hugh JACKSON 1790

411-367-271991 1789 ORR-JACKSON

492-16-318576 1795 John JACKSON of Holywood, Co. Down

596-349-407500 1806 Andrew JACKSON of Holywood

496-298-319254 John JACKSON of Knockagony, Co. Down

495-506-326459 1795 Wm JACKSON

516-501-338311 1799 Robert JACKSON of Knockagony

553-140-366238 1803

535-412-351537 CRAWFORD-JACKSON 1801

582-312-393685 John JACKSON 1806

97-376-68765 1746 Jane JACKSON daughter of Gilbert JACKSON

Stuart-JACKSON 283-640 -187816




JACKSON-? 535-251 or 256?


25-57-13497 1719 John JACKSON

177-506 -119056

8-241-[2]687 James JACKSON 1711

586-495-398112 1807

177-506-119056 1755


563-211-357959 or 351959 Hugh JACKSON

141-429-96062 TODD-JACKSON 1745 ***

141-428-96061 Tho JACKSON

141-429-96062 1750

145-534-99987 1751 John JACKSON of Knockagony, Co. Down

6-208-1914 John JACKSON of Ballyregan 1708

69-272-42837 1729 James JACKSON Ballywally.

8283-8302 Claims from 1798 Rebellion re Wexford JAMES family etc


Chancery Bill 7 November 1677

Thomas Aiken James Chalmers and John Adams of Belfast town County Antrim merchants versus John bigger of Belfast town merchant lessee from Arthur late Earl of Donegal of premises in & near Belfast. Agnes Bigger: John irwin; Francis NEWLAN; Robert Jackson; John Williamson; and Alexander Arthur and John M`Ewan tenants and `cottiers the occupiers of said premises which are fully described in Bill etc. etc.


Exchequer Bill 15 December 1679 no answer.

George VAUGHAN of Buncrana, County Donegal  late high sheriff for County Donegal in 1677. The John Erwin of Lifford, County Donegal one of the creditors of Oliver Barclay of Ballindrait, County Donegal Esq. The prisoner for debt etc. etc.


Exchequer Bill 21 January 1684

Capt. Thomas CHELLINGWORTH sub-collector of excise and etc. for County Armagh. He John IRWING of Tynan County Armagh who signed a bond for £500 which he now says is a forgery etc. etc.


Chancery Bill 18 February 1677.

John Robinson merchant provost of Killileagh Borough, County Down. Versus Sir Robert Maxwell and his wife Anne Countess Dowager of Clanbrassill. James Irwin and Capt. John Bayly, County Down.


Chancery Bill 11 November 1680.

James Hamilton of Lisnadkea, Co. Fermanagh and his wife Isabel widow of William WYATT eldest son and heir of defendant Thomas Wyatt V. William ErwYn purchaser of lands from defendant Thomas Wyatt. Said Thomas Wyatt; Edward A; and John Myles about lands of Killshanboly; Lisduffe; Maclifferty & Lislean all in Co. Fermanagh.


Exchequer Bill 17 February 1714.

Patrick McCreey of Cukmaghy or Cukinaghy County Tyrone yeoman versus Edward Irwin of Drumlond, County Tyrone Farmer. About a lease by defendant to plaintiff 24 April 1702 of part of Cukmaghy or Cukinaghy for 10 years.


Exchequer Bill 5 January 1711 answer.

Jarrett Irwin of Emlagh County Roscommon gent and his wife Mary a daughter of Rev. John Read Rector of Kilagh, County Westmeath clerk deceased and legatee under his will of 5 November 1702 versus Thomas DALY of Castlekelly County Kildare and his wife Lydia widow of said Rev. John Read. John Daly and his wife Jane sister of plaintiff Mary and Elizabeth Read sister of plaintiff Mary.

Plaintiffs married after December 1710.


Rev. John Read -- 26 November 1702.

His widow married defendant DALY about six months after who lent  £200 to right honorable Henry Lord V. Dillon. Sir A. Shean and one Walsh.


Exchequer Bill 30 January 1709 answer

John Irwin Gent versus Cornelius McGraGH owner of Bredaugh Shaneelyholy & Listurlagh  246 acres in County Galway which he 7 October 1709 mortgage to plaintiff.

Martin French tenant of the premises; James MacGragh of Gortneskeagh.; Terrence MacGragh; Thomas SMYTH Esq.; Rev. John Travers clerk; Rev. Ben span clerk; Richard Reynolds and John SmYth Esq. in executors of the will of Rev. Richard SMYTH clerk deceased and Samuel GUITHERS defendants. Nothing of interest.


Exchequer Bill 19 January 1705. Katherine McCleary of Mullaghgare, Co. Fermanagh, spinster versus Francis Watkins owner of said Mullaghgare and his tenant Christopher Irvine who sublet to plaintiff in May 1704 etc.


Exchequer Bill 5 December 1712.

John Irwin of Kiltuvia County Sligo Gent versus John Col. John Irwin lessee for 14 years of Ballyfahy, Co. Sligo. Morgan M’DONAGH sub-lessee of Ballyfahy.. John Sprenger; Eliza DESMINEER; John Padmore; Richard Crofton; Bryan Berne; Brian Higgins; and Alexander Irwin confederates. No details.

Col. John irwin made a lease of Ballyfahy to plaintiff which he cancelled & let to m’donagh

Bill does not state how the other defendants are interested.


Down will made 13 November 1711 proved 24 January 1711/1712

James JACKSON of Newtown County Down. To my brother John JACKSON of Ballyreagen and his son my nephew James JACKSON my lease of Ballyskeagh subject to sublease to James NEAL. To my nephew Gilbert JACKSON son of John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh my tanyard dwelling house and parks in Newtown. Legacies to nephew John TAIT, to John JACKSON and John THOMPSON both of Newtown parish, to Elizabeth CORD & her brothers and sisters, to my servants James SLOAN and Martha WITHER my share in bark “William and John” to my executors my two nephews Gilbert and James JACKSON. Witnesses John THOMPSON John MAIRS Thomas JACKSON

Down will made 1 July 1725. No memorial of probate. John JACKSON of Ballyreagan and Dundonald parish County Down to be buried as my ancestors been Dundonald churchyard. Three sons John Thomas and Joseph are married. Ballyreagan is settled on son Thomas. Eldest daughter Mary. Youngest daughter Rachel JACKSON. Daughter Martha. Wife Kathrine JACKSON alias McKINLEY. Executors wife, James JACKSON and Alexander Hutchison. Witnesses Sam M’DOWELL; Robert HOUSTON.

Down will made 15 July 1727. No memorandum of probate. Catring JACKSON alias McKINLEY of Ballyreggan and Dundonald parish County Down, to be buried with my ancestors in Dundonald churchyard. Legacy left me by the will of my husband, legacies to my “newvie  Hendrie JACKSON, to Rachel JACKSON, Catrine JACKSON, Catrine HUTCHON and Catrine BIRCHE. Executors James JACKSON and JohnTODE. Witnesses Agnes PAGE Sam McDOUELL. Ballyreagan 363 acres is in Newtonards Parish. Ballyreagan 522 acres is in Dundonald parish.


Connor will made 29 July 1703, proved 16 October 1703. Margaret JACKSON of the Fall, in Belfast, Parish. Widow of Thomas JACKSON. To son Thomas JACKSON, 9 acres & c. Son-in-law James ROBISON, daughter Elizabeth, sister Jennet CREEKS, executor son Thomas JACKSON. Witnesses: John ORR, James MARTIN.

Connor will made 20 October 1764 proved 8 September 1767. John JACKSON of Belfast County Antrim, a mariner. All including the new buildings to executrix wife Betty she to provide for our children, £100 due to son-in-law Jack LYLE as marriage portion . Executrix wife Betty. WITNESSES: Dan LULLI; Arthur PARKE.

Connor will made 1 March 1716/1717, proved 12 November 1717. Mary JACKSON of Lisburn, County Antrim widow, to be buried in Derryaghy church, all to only child Mary JACKSON, if she dies a minor then to brother Richard PEERS, children of dead brother Edward PEERS and children of brother-in-law Valentine JONES, clothes to sister-in-law Jane PEERS and my aunt BLACKER the executor. Witness: Penelope MERRIFIELD. Administration to Valentine JONES of Lisburn in trust for Mary JACKSON minor daughter of testatrix. Connor administration bond signed 2 November 1717 by Valentine Jones and Samuel CLOSE, both of Lisburn. That said JONES will truly administer above will.

Connor administration bond signed 2 October 1729 by Elizabeth JACKSON of Ballyclare widow and administer cs of William JACKSON of Ballyclare, County Antrim deceased and by John TAGGART of Ballyclare and John ALLEN of Rashee, all of County Antrim that said Elizabeth will truly administer goods of said William CONNOR, administration bond 16th May 1748 signed by John JACKSON of Inver  parish. Joseph REED of Larne and Parish and George GORDON of Racaven Parish, all in County Antrim and Connor diocese, that said John JACKSON will truly administer goods of William JACKSON, a sailor in H.M. ship the “Suffolk” deceased.

Connor administration bond signed 9 October 1771 by Jane JACKSON widow of administrix of John Hamilton JACKSON of Larne, County Antrim, deceased and by Hugh KIRK of Larne. That said Jane will truly administrator administer goods of said J. H. JACKSON.

NOTE: See connections in http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1709Aug10-MaryJACKSON.html    


Derry will made 10 September 1662. No memorandum of probate. John JACKSON of Balteagh, County Londonderry. All to wife and children, and not named. Witnesses: Thomas SMITH; Howgh KNOX. [is partly illegible].

Derry will made sixth of May 1782 proved 28th of November 1792. John JACKSON of Shanevye in Aghanlow parish County Londonderry to be buried in Aghalee churchyard. Wife Martha JACKSON, sons Robert JACKSON and Samuel JACKSON. Executors: Alexander MAJOR of Tillibrisland and sons Robert and Samuel JACKSON. Probate to Samuel JACKSON, surviving executor. Witnesses: William GUTHRIE, Robert GUTHRIE, Robert Morrison. Probate to Samuel JACKSON, surviving executor.

Derry will made 19 March 1747/1748 approved 19 July 1749. John JACKSON of Tobermore  in Kilerenaghan parish County Londonderry, to be buried in Ballynesareen old church. Sons Hugh and Luke, daughter Martha a minor. Son Luke is an apprentice. Brother-in-law Capt. William Ash RAINEY, executor son Hugh. Overseers my brother Clark and my sister by law Martha JACKSON. Witnesses John REA: Thomas STANTON: John CLEMENTS. Probate to executor, seal only a blob of wax.

Derry administration bond of William JACKSON 1700 is not to be found.

Connor will fifth of March 1810 proved 12 March 1813. Thomas ORR of Belfast County Antrim my minor sons Thomas and Robert JACKSON, older children. John Lee ORR, James ORR & Margaret ORR alias LYONS. Wife Catherine. Two eldest sons John Lee ORR and James ORR are gone abroad. Four houses In Gratton St., Belfast. Executors: James BRADFORD and Thomas MOORE. Witnesses: James BRADFORD, Thomas MOORE, B. COLEMAN. Probate to BRADFORD after MOORE renounced.

Down will not dated. Proved 15 December 1708. Thomas JACKSON minister of the gospel of Castlescreen to be buried in Downpatrick churchyard. Exeutrix and legatee wife not named. Witnesses Hugh RAMSEY: David McKNIGHT: John BEAWKE. Castleckreen 334 acres is in Bright Parish in Lecale Barony County Down.


Down will made 30 Dec 1712 proved 5 May 1713.

Thomas JACKSON of Newtown in Ards Barony in County Down innholder to be buried in Mevilla churchyard. All to executor's wife Janet JACKSON alias Lindsay for life. Then in sixth equal parts between wife’s three sisters and my own sister and my own two brothers, William and Robert JACKSON. Bible to my friend Gilbert JACKSON. Executor's wife. Overseers Gilbert JACKSON of Newtown, County Down Tanner. And James JACKSON of Dunlady in Dundalk Parish County Down. Witnesses James Smart Senior; James Smart  Junior; and James Thompson. Codicil 30 January 1712 wife's sister Margaret and wife's niece Jane Burgess. Heraldic seal a rampant quadruped.. NOTE: Movilla cemetery: John  JACKSON of Ballyskeagh who dyed ye 16th of June 1716 aged 77, also  Janet Jackson his wife, etc [D2908/3/2, Gen of the Fam of James Orr,  Ballyblack from 1627]—also James JACKSON, Gilbert JACKSON of Newton  Tanne SOURCE: Dee Bardes email March 15, 2009



Down will made 5 March 1716 proved 19 February 1717 - 1718. Janet JACKSON alias Lindsay of Newtown, widow. Three sisters Anna's Marie and Margaret and latter’s daughter Mary Radcliffe. Brothers-in-law Robert JACKSON and William JACKSON and their sister Anne JACKSON, Bible to Gilbert JACKSON. Friend John Thompson. Executor, brother-in-law William JACKSON. Witnesses: William McQuaid; James Lockhart; John Mairs. NOTE: Wife of Thomas JACKSON (1679-1713)


Down will made 23 August 1723 proved 4 March 1723.

Joubert JACKSON of Newtown, County Down. To be buried in the Mevilla churchyard. Wife Anna's JACKSON alias KELL and three daughters Sarah Janet and Anne JACKSON all minors and unmarried, legacies to Gilbert JACKSON son of James JACKSON. Gilbert ORE [ORR] son of James ORE [Orr]. The deed of the meeting house that I and James Thompson have. £10 to rebuild Newton meeting house. Executors wife Annas JACKSON, James JACKSON and John Thompson. Witnesses: James Thompson; James Thompson; and James Catherwood. Inventory 10 October 1724 taken by James ORR Senior and James Orr Junior. Freehold of house in Newtown and lease of Ballysceach. Leather and &c in tanyard.


Down will made 28 April 1716 proved 30 June 1716.

John JACKSON of of Ballyskeegh minor in Newton parish County down. Lease of Ballyskeegh two sons Gilbert JACKSON, he paying £60 to my son Samuel JACKSON or his issue on their return to this country from abroad. Three daughters Mary Jean and Sarah. Son-in-law Hugh Brown. Son-in-law John Kennedy and his daughter Janet my grandchild. Friend John Thompson of Newton. Debtors widow Thetford of Belfast. Edward Whiteside of Malone, County Antrim. Executor: son Gilbert. Witnesses: James Catherwood; Joshua Sloan; William Sloane.


Down will not stated proved 24 June 1738

James JACKSON of Ballywillie alias Ballywooley. Two children by my present wife viz John and Sarah are minors. Three daughters by my first wife this Catherine Annas and Janet; sons Henry Hugh and Gilbert. Land of Ballywillie. Executors: son Gilbert JACKSON, John Todd, and John Tait. Witnesses; Patrick Breesen; Archibald Whitehall; Robert Adder [could this be ADAIR?].


Down will made 21 August 1741 proved 18 April 1743

Catherine JACKSON of Ballywillie. John and Sarah JACKSON my father's two youngest children by his second wife, my two sisters Agnes and Jane JACKSON; my three brothers Gilbert Henry and Hugh JACKSON, Legacy under will of my father in death of his second wife Elizabeth JACKSON alias HUTCHON carried James JACKSON of Ballymescaw, son of my eldest brother Gilbert JACKSON. Executors: brothers Hugh JACKSON and Henry JACKSON. Witnesses: Patrick BREESON; James Roberts; John Dale.


Down will made 7 October 1742 proved 22 November 1742

Alexander JACKSON of Newtown parish County Down. Son John JACKSON; daughters Margaret JACKSON; Grizel JACKSON; and Mary JACKSON. Executors wife Jean McDufe. Witnesses: Richard Scott; William Stewart; James JACKSON. Indoors Newtown. Inventory 22 November 1762 of goods of Alexander JACKSON of Newtown.


Down will made 4 October 1758 proved 13 April 1759.

William JACKSON of Creevybeg in Killinchy parish, County Down. Wife and JACKSON alias McNEIGHT and her and my children James JACKSON [sic? should this be John?], George JACKSON and Mary JACKSON. To son John JACKSON the chest that was his mothers; lease to son John he paying all the rent, 4 acres to wife and her children free of rent; daughter Isabel JACKSON, son-in-law of Robert M’KIE, son-in-law George Connolly of Ballym’creely. Executors: James Martin of Barnamaghry in Kilmore Parish and George M’NEIGHT of Lessons in Saintfield Parish both County Down. Witnesses: John JACKSON; John Harper. Inventory signed by John Osborne and James Martin. Mentions debtors Samuel Thompson; Thomas Thompson; James a; Henry A; John M’IBIN.


Armagh Wills:

1701 Henry JACKSON of Ballybreagh

1718 William JACKSON of Ballyleney

1776 Thomas JACKSON of Ballybreagh

1745 William JACKSON of Ballyleney

1763 Thomas JACKSON of Ballybreagh.


Pre will made 12 October 1778 proved 18 October 1780.

Jeremiah JACKSON of Fanningstown, County Limerick (or Tanningstown) to eldest son Thomas JACKSON all freeholds & copyholds in Great Britain and leaseholds in Ireland. To youngest son Rev. Jeremiah JACKSON of Abington in County Rutland in Great Britain, the advowson of the living of Preston in County Rutland in Great Britain and £1000 and furniture and plate sector in Great Britain. £10 each to daughters Francis Langley and Elizabeth Tuthill. Executor and residual are a lady: eldest son Thomas JACKSON. Witnesses Richard Deane; William Bennett; James Lyons. Probate to executor.

33 Mount Marion Ave..

Blackrock, County Dublin.

20 July 1913.

Dear Sir my charges for above abstract is 2s 6d.

Yours truly


Census 1821 for Ballybritt Barony in Kings County Ireland.

No Henry JACKSON living in the barony.

Birr town and parish, Back Lane, house number 34, one-story, Anne JACKSON age 30 and her son George JACKSON aged eight along with four other families in the same house.


Mossfield land in Sierkieran parish. Four-story house number 8. Eliza Wynne Curtis age 21; Robert Curtis 16 and James Gray Curtis 12, her brothers, pupils.  Anne Frazer, her aunt, aged 86. Charlotte a, a visitor aged 50. 6 servants. 95 acres here and 61 acres in Grange held by Joseph a Esq. from home.


Sierkieran Glebe townland in Sierkieran Parish. Three-story house number 1. Rev. Thomas JACKSON 45 clergyman and vicar of Sierkieran Parish, farms 12 acres, Mary his wife 33, Elizabeth 12, Leticia 10, Charlotte 7, Margaret 5, his daughters. George 2 his son. 3 servants. The parish church in burial ground stands in this town land.


Dromoyle town land in Kilcolman parish. One-story house number 9. Robert JACKSON 62 farmer of 27 acres. Elizabeth his wife 50, George 27, Richard 23, Robert 21, and John 13, his sons, laborers. Anne 24, Leticia 19, and Eliza 16, his daughters. One maidservant and two men servants.


Catalogue of Chancery depositions. Chief examiner?

Manuscript 1796 -- Henry JACKSON versus Robert JACKSON depositions.

Manuscript 1796 1815 and 1823 and 1838 JACKSON versus JACKSON.


Exchequer petitions 1836 and 1838 JACKSON versus JACKSON


Chancery degree 11 December 1826. Charles Moller plaintiff versus Joseph Curtis, Maria Curtis, Henry LANAUZE, Elizabeth Eugenia Curtis, Timothy JJ Curtis and others. As to the tithes of Grange and Contoret it in Kings County and the minor James Gray William Curtis.

Report 9 February 1827. Inrolled 28 April 1827.

Bill 5 February 1825?? Looked for but not found in bill book.

Report VIII 26.


Census 1821 for Ballybritt Barony in Kings County Ireland.

Same as in T808/8247


Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.

1785 May 17 buried Robert JACKSON Esq. Grange.

1785 November 3 married James Gray RUDDOCK of Ballineer and Henrietta JACKSON of Grange by special license.

1788 February 7 baptized Henrietta RUDDOCK daughter of Robert JACKSON and Mary his wife Grange.

1790 March 20 buried Mrs. JACKSON wife of Robert JACKSON Junior, Grange.

1776 March 29 Susan daughter to Robert JACKSON buried.

1776 November 24 Thomas Burton of Shinrone and Phebe JACKSON of Fancraft married.

1790 April 15 James Bennett and Sarah JACKSON Fancraft married by license.

1814 married daughter of Rev. Thomas JACKSON, Vicar of Seirkieran and his wife Mary baptized.

1860 Mary daughter of same baptized.

1817 Henrietta daughter of same baptized.

1822 January 25 last baptism performed by Rev. T. JACKSON.


History book of Sierkeiran parish. Vestry minutes signed. By Robert JACKSON 13 April 1762; 5 April 1763; 24 April 1764 seven; 1765; 1766; 1767; 1768; 1769; 1770.


By both Robert JACKSON and Robert JACKSON Junior 19 June 1770. Both signatures almost the same.

By Robert JACKSON Junior 1770; 1771; 1772; 1773.

By Robert JACKSON 1774; 1775; 1776.

20 March 1780; 1781; 1782; 1783; 1789; 1798; 1799; 3 June 1800.

I Robert JACKSON Esq. of Grange, churchwarden, 14 April 1789 - 26 March 1799.

By Henry JACKSON Esq. sidesman, 12 April 1803.

By Henry JACKSON Esq. churchwarden of Grange, 3 April 1804.


George JACKSON of Fancroft served as churchwarden 1769. Robert JACKSON served as churchwarden 1762 to 1769.


Schedule of the parish 19 June 1770 26 July 1774 and 1 May 1775.

Robert JACKSON's Esq. part of Ballymoney 16 acres. Grange and Glebe 191 acres.


Census 1821 co Kings County Ballybrritt barony Sierkieran.. No JACKSON in Grange town land. Glebe townland and house number 1 - 3 stories. Rev. Thomas JACKSON age 45 Vicar of Sierkeeran parish, farms 12 acres. Mary his wife age 33. Elizabeth 12 Leticia 10 Charitta 7 and Mary 5 his daughters; George 2 his son. 3 servants. The Church and burial ground in this town land.

Did not search Fancraft town land or rest of Sierkeeran parish.


Note Sierkeeran parish is adjacent to Parsonstown parish on the East side.


Parochial returns are official copies of the parish registers only the year 1795 exists before 1825 for Sierkeeran parish. Contains entries of JACKSON's of Fancraft but none of those of Grange.


Pre grant 12 November 1785 of license for marriage of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings County Esq. with Mary Carroll of St. Anne's Parish Dublin spinster. Register St. Anne's Parish Dublin does not contain his marriage.

Pre grant 28 October 1785 of license for marriage of James Gray Ruddock of Ballineer in Kings County Esq. with Henrietta JACKSON of Sierkeeran parish in Kings County spinster.


Chancery Decreetal Order not enrolled volume I. -- 1797 – 1813

JACKSON versus JACKSON numbers  2 5 7

Bill 6 March 1794

Henry JACKSON gent younger son of Robert Johnson Robert JACKSON Esq. of Grange in Kings County deceased whose will was dated 22 November 1781 plaintiff versus Robert JACKSON Esq. eldest son of said Robert, Harriet JACKSON daughter of defendant Robert, Eugenia JACKSON widow of Robert the testator, Eugenia JACKSON junior daughter of Robert the testator, Coote CARROLL surviving trustee of marriage settlement dated 17 November 1785 of defendant Robert JACKSON with Mary Carroll. James JACKSON and John Drought trustees named in same settlement for Henrietta JACKSON alias Ruddock, daughter of testator and wife of defendant James Ruddock  Gray [James Gray RUDDOCK, I think) Esq. which Henrietta is dead and William JACKSON defendants.

 William Fairbrother the other trustee is dead. That above Robert JACKSON deceased owned in fee or in freehold Grange Ballymony Ballym’Murragh North East and South East parts of Camber all in Kings County, and some tythes in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County and also in right of his wife defendant Eugenia some freeholds in Birr town and also a lease for two lives of Lisclooney and Clonanniffe and by his will left is to each of his children his two sons plaintiff Henry the younger and defendant Robert the eldest and his two daughters defendant Eugenia and Henrietta since dead and all the bulk of his property to defendant Eugenia in trust for his children and made her sole executrix and died in 1785.

That Eugenia 10 November 1785 conveyed to Robert JACKSON Grange Ballymony Ballym’Murra and Cumber subject to £150 yearly to herself her life and subject to £50 yearly to Hanibal Frazer and his wife Anne Fraser for their lives which had been granted to them by testator.

Marriage settlement 17 November 1785 of defendant Robert and Mary Carroll who died leaving an only child defendant Harriet JACKSON. That defendant Eugenia has reserved the holdings in Birr for her daughter defendant Eugenia.

That defendant Eugenia about 1790 bound plaintiff apprentice to an attorney and by deed of 15 July 1791 conveyed Liscloony and Cloneaniff to defendant gray in trust for plaintiff   but Sir L. Parsons in 1794 brought an ejectment tried at Sunner Assizes in Kings County which he won on grounds that his father Sir William Parsons had no power to take a fine 20 April 1774 for the lease from plaintiff’s father Robert JACKSON.

Sir William Parsons had evicted Richard Holmes who in 1777 sued Robert JACKSON in Chancery. Mr. Robert JACKSON renewed in 1784.

Answers admit the above facts but dispute some statements as to values made in Bill etc. etc.


Dublin Grant 6 October 1792 of license for marriage of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city Esq. and Abigail Cruickshank of St. Anne's Parish Dublin widow directed to clergy of St. Anne's Dublin.


Dublin Grant 22 June 1787 of license for marriage of John Hubert Moore of Dublin city Gent and Lavinia JACKSON of St. Bridget's Parish Dublin spinster, directed clergy of said parish.


Pre grant 11 November 1797 of administration of Frederick JACKSON late Lt. In 73rd foot a bachelor deceased. Intestate  made to his sister Lavinia MOORE alias JACKSON wife of John Hubert MOORE Esq. James JACKSON father of deceased having renounced, she being sworn by commission.


List of officers by District Court in Ireland published by authority Dublin Castle 29 January 1797. No Henry JACKSON in index.


Dublin directories of 1794 and 1805 contained lists of officers of Irish militia Erie at no Henry JACKSON in Kings County lists.


Pre-grant 14 May 1828 of administration of Eugenia JACKSON of Grange in Kings County widow deceased intestate made to her daughter Eugenia Maria Curtis of Somerville in Booterstown widow, one of the next of kin of deceased. It affects under £26.

Stack and Hamilton proctors etc.

Note Booterstown parish is in County Dublin. It is a suburb of Dublin city on the coast between Dublin and Kingstown.


Registry of deeds Dublin

volume 484 pages 522 number 30 and 9478. Memorial registered 22nd of October 1794 of agreement of 16 August 1793 by John Hubert MOORE barrister and George Sall merchant both of Dublin city trustees of marriage settlement of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city and his wife Abigail Cruickshank and said Henry and Abigail to John Radcliffe of Dublin city barrister as to lease of 9 November 1791 to said Abigail then Abigail Cruickshank of Dublin city widow by Sarah Chambers of same, of the tenement 20 x 36 on Westside of Kildare Street near Molesworth street opposite the Duke of Leinsters stables in Dublin, bounded on North by Edmund Child, on south by widow Coddington, on east by Kildare street and on West by Mr. Monsell's garden. To hold for 27 1/2 years at £45.10 shillings which they now assigned to Radcliffe. Witnesses Samuel Barry of Dublin city Gent and Anne Fraser. Memorial signed by A JACKSON.


Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey Hansard of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees  John Hubert Moore and George sall or a lall in trust for herself and for one Richard Cruickshank and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin Kearney gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.


Volume 486 page 223 number 307 400 or more a register 3 July 1794 of assignment of 20 June 1794 for £120 by Henry JACKSON of Newparks, County Wicklow Esq. to Eugenia JACKSON of Birr and Kings County widow. Elizabeth Brown's house and 25 acres in Tulfaris, County Wicklow leased 1 July 1792 by Elizabeth Brown to William Nixon and Henry Gray for 91 years at 2 pounds at £40 which Nixon as surveyor 12 March 1793 assigned to Henry JACKSON who now assigns to Eugenia JACKSON. Witnesses Michael Rutledge and Samuel Barry. The memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.


Volume 475 page 571 number 307935 the memorial register 26 July 1794 of assignment of 12 May 1794 by Henry JACKSON of  Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. and his wife Abigail JACKSON alias sale or lall to Joseph Callaghan of Dublin city carpenter. Premises at Dolphins Barn Dublin to be held for three lives one being Cruickshank's.


PRONI Groves Manuscripts NOTE entered in deeds chart as well


Deed of Settlement. Eugenia JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. Afterwards of Miskin Co Clamorgan in Great Britain now of Bath City, widow of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Esq. Deceased of 1st part . Joseph CURTIS late of the Parish of St, John Hackney, Co. Middlesex, now of Bath City & his wife Eugenia Maria CURTIS both of 2nd part. James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings Co. Esq. Thomas PLUMMER of London City mt St. George CURTIS of Fitzroy St. Fetzroy Sq. Co. Middlesex Esq. & Richard Massey HANSAARD of Miskin Co. Glasmorgan but now of Bath City Esq. All of 3rd part 1st & 2nd parties transfer to 3rd party as trustees messuages &c of Tyd ABBOT Esq. & Rev Abram DOWNES in Main Street of Birr Town in Kings County with a garden behind James JACKSONs house & 2 fields of Michael & Benjamin KEARNEY near Birr. WITNESSES: William CARDALE of Bedford Row Co. Middlesex gt William CARDALE junior of same; John PLUMMER of Philpot Lane, London mt mem signed by Joseph CURTIS.


Registry of deeds office in Dublin

volume 785 page 109 number 531044 for Memorial registered 4 October 1823 of marriage settlement of 14 June 1822

Henry LANAUZE junior of College Green Dublin stockbroker of second part the bridegroom Elizabeth Eugenia Curtis only daughter of Joseph Curtis of Mossfield in Kings County Esq. and his wife Eugenia Maria Curtis alias Jackson, spinster of third part. Said Joseph & Eugenia Maria Curtis of first part. Rev. Thomas LANAUZE [AMBA? – was he at Killeshandra?] in county Cavan  clerk. Thomas Lewis of Cornhill London city Esq. Timothy Joseph Jackson Curtis of Mossfield in Kings County Gent and Garrett Moore of Carrickonsuir, County Tipperary Esq. all the fourth part. Refers to marriage settlement 4 July 1797 of brides parents between Eugenia Maria Jackson daughter of Eugenia Jackson then late of Grange in Kings County widow and of Robert Jackson deceased both of second part. Joseph Curtis eldest son of Timothy Curtis of Hackney County Middlesex Esq. and said Timothy both of first part. Richard Massey Hansard of Miskin, Co. Glamorgan Esq. James Ruddock Gray of Ballyneer in Kings County Esq. Thomas Plummer of London city merchant. George Curtis of Fitzroy square  Fitzroy St., County Middlesex all the fourth part. Of which new trustees were afterwards appointed viz James Ruddock Gray; Thomas Curtis and Charles Bendrick Curtis. Bride is over 21. Her brothers are Joseph Jackson Curtis; Robert Roddick Curtis; and John William Grady Curtis. She is legatee of will of 14 February 1804 of her grandfather Timothy whose trustees were his brother Sir William Curtis Baronet Thomas Plummer and Richard Henry Clark. LANAUZE settles two policies of insurance. Witnesses J. pellott, Ironmongers Hall, London. St. George Gregg College Green Dublin. Robert Jones and John Jones of Peter St., Dublin; Thomas Little of Anglesey, St., Dublin.

Memorial signed by bride and both her parents and by bridegroom.


Debrett's Baronetage 1824 page 1007

Timothy Curtis eldest brother of Sir William Curtis created at 23 December 1802 left to son Joseph Curtis of Bath Esq. who married Eugenia Maria Jackson of Grange in Kings County Ireland by whom he has issue. The lay tithes of Sierkyran parish in Ballybritt barony in Kings County owned in 1835 by John Curtis Esq.


PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts


Reconveyance by Lancelot FISHER of Dublin City attorney to Robert JACKSON of Dublin City, Esq. & his only daughter Henrietta Ruddock JACKSON. Mortgage was dated 26 January 1810 by said Robert & Henrietta on Grange in Kings Co. for £1000. WITNESES: John JOHNSTON & James HASMELL both of Dublin, Clerks of said FISHER who signed memorial.


PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings County now of Dublin City Esq. And his only daughter Henrietta JACKSON spinster to Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. Esq. & his wife Eugenia CURTIS alias JACKSON to Timothy DRISCOLL of Dublin City Esq. One of his Majesty’s Counsellors at Law. Refers to deeds of 11 & 14 Oct 1802 as to Tythes & Lands of Grange & Contourt in Ballymony in Ballybritt barony in Kings County. WITNESES: John JONES & Pat WOODS mem signed by both Robert & Henrietta.


PRONI T808/8257 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial registered 6 Nov 1848 of Deed of 29 Dec 1845 between Anne JACKSON of Harcourt Street, Dublin City widow & Executrix of John JACKSON Esq. deceased of 1st part Fred JACKSON of same Esq. of 2nd part John Richard JACKSON a lieutenant in H.M. 20th foot regiment of 3rd part. Rev Thomas GREGG of Blackhall St. Dublin & Thomas Arthur Aughmuty KIRKWOOD of Glenbrook, Co. Dublin Esq. both of 4th part George Arthur BRERETON of Leinster Road, Co. Dublin Esq. of 5th part. Refers to deed of 22 Feb 1836 as to Coolatrindle &c Co. Wexford [NOTE: Parish of Kiltrisk, Barony of Gorey] Carigneslaney [NOTE: there are two townlands named Carrickslaney, one in Parish Aghade, and one in Parish Balone, both in Barony Forth]

MS Matriculation Book of Trinity College Dublin Frederick JACKSON age 16 on 22 Oct 1832 protestant son of John JACKSON “causicicus” [sic] born in Dublin entered Trinity College Dublin as a pensioner.

Dublin Directories

1839 no Fred JACKSON

1840 no Fred JACKSON

1841 Fred JACKSON 18 Parliament Street Dublin & 1 Leinster Terrace, Rathmines, Solicitor

1843-50 Fred JACKSON 9 Harcourt Street Dublin, Solicitor

1851 & 2 Fred JACKSON 50 Great Brunswick St. Dublin solicitor

1853 no Fred JACKSON


Pre-grant 14 May 1828 of administration of Eugenia Jackson of Grange in Kings County widow deceased intestate, made to her daughter one of her next of kin, Eugenia Maria Curtis of Summerville, Booterstown, widow. Effects under £26 stack and Hamilton.


Dublin Grant 11 October 1828 of license for marriage of Frederick Jackson of Rathmines Road in St. Peter's Parish Dublin Esq. with Henrietta Vereker Brereton of Cullenswood Avenue in St. Peter's Parish Dublin spinster. Directed to the Minister of St. Peter's.

Searched for this marriage in following Dublin newspapers: Saunders, Dublin evening Post.


Pre-will made 29 September 1851 Irish probate 7 August 1852. Frederick Jackson of 4 Mortimer Ter., County Middlesex Esq. All wife Henrietta Vereker Jackson for life then equally among three children Frederick, Elizabeth and Henrietta, all minors and unmarried. Their guardians to be wife and David Brereton of York St., Dublin Esq. Executrix wife. Witnesses Hugh Daniel; Thomas WJ Bond; above extracted from Register of Court of Canterbury. Irish administration of above will 7 August 1852 of Frederick Jackson of 4 Mortimer Ter., County Middlesex, formerly of Harcourt St., Dublin, solicitor, deceased. Granted to George Stamer Brereton of 3 Lancaster Rd., Rathmines, Dublin. Esq. Maternal uncle and assigned Guardian of Elizabeth Jackson age 12; Frederick Jackson aged eight; and Henrietta Jackson age 6, children of deceased. Henrietta V. Jackson the widow having renounced. Etc. etc.


Proctor’s schedule of personal estate in Ireland of Frederick Jackson of 4 Mortimer Ter., County Middlesex but formerly Of Harcourt St., Dublin, who died 31 October 1851. Consists of no household furniture or leases. Money out on mortgage under £300. Cost do but not yet ascertained, under £1150 total £1450 sworn 3 August 1852 by George Stamer Brereton.


Dublin directories.

1849 Frederick Jackson solicitor 18 Parliament St.

Hundred and 84 Frederick Jackson solicitor one Leinster Terrace, Rathmines.

No Frederick Jackson 1839

1842 to 1850 both inclusive Frederick Jackson 9 Harcourt St.South

1851 in 1852 Frederick Jackson 50 Great Brunswick St. solicitor.


T808/8259 Groves  Manuscripts [NOTE: transcripts made by Tenison Groves, an antiquarian working in the Public Record Office of Ireland before 1922 (main PRONI Reference T808)].  

Memorial of assignment of mortgage of 13 April 1799 for £1200 by Henry JACKSON of Dublin City, merchant to John STOKES & William Southwood of same merchants. Mill & Mill holding of Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin with its dwelling House, Iron Mill, Engines, Forges &c & 7 acres to hold for life of Hugh JACKSON son of said Henry or for 99 years from March 1789 & 18 acres in Roebuck held for 31 years. WITNESSES James JOHNSTON & Jacob William JACKSON of Dublin City attorneys. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.

Memorial registered 17 June 1711 [sic] of Deed 18 June 1811 by Henry JACKSON of Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin Esq. to George THOMPSON of Roebuck, Co. Dublin Esq. Mill & Mill holding 7 acres of Clonskeagh leased by Lord Trimleston to said Henry JACKSON for life of his son Hugh JACKSON or for 99 years. 18 acres of Boebuck leased 24 Dec 1788 by Lord TRIMLESTOWN to M M’CAR for 31 years and also leased 29 Sept 1803 by William C. HAGAN of Dublin City to above Hugh JACKSON to commence from 29 September 1819 for 69 years. The quarry & Limekiln &c 1 acre at Clonskeagh held for 87 years at 1s by lease from William C. HOGAN to James WOODMASON dated 4 Feb 1802 all which are now the property of above Henry JACKSON who now assigns to THOMPSON for £3500. WITNESSES: James JOHNSTON of York St.; Francis GREGG of Blackhall St. both Attourneys, Dublin. Memorial signed by JACKSON.


Groves  Manuscripts

Record Office Dublin

Re will made 31 March 1816 proved 11 January 1817 Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin Gent wife Mary son Joseph unmarried daughters Ellen & Sarah under 21. Son in law Edward KEATING of No 11 Patrick Street & his wife my daughter Margaret KEATING. House in Ranelagh 4 houses in Patrick Street 2 other houses in Patrick Street or Plunkett Street. Brother Samuel JACKSON. Executors John CONNALLY of Patrick Street & William KEATING of Bull Alley both Dublin Street WITNESSES. Codicil 31 March 1816 Probate to KEATING.


Registry of Deeds Dublin

630-357-468324 Memorial registered 3 Nov 1814 of mortgage of 28 Oct 1814 for £3000 by Henry JACKSON of Patrick Street Dublin, Gent to Richard WORNELL of Portobello, Co. Dublin, Gent. Premises on East & West sides of Patrick Street & at Ranelagh & on East side of Great Georges St & at Old Merrion & at Chancery Lane & at Patrick St. all in Dublin City or County. WITNESSES George IRWIN attorney; John WILSON Gent both of Dublin. Memorial signed by JACKSON.

699-564-479927 Memorial registered 3 March 1816 of Dissolution of partnership Deed of 27 Feb 1816 Hugh DOWNEY of Brunswick Street Dublin & Henry JACKSON of said Brunswick Street Dublin victualler. Deed of partnership of 31 Aug 18156 Memorial signed by both JACKSON & DOWNEY


Dublin Directory

1827 Joseph JACKSON victualler 5 Patrick Street

1815 No Henry JACKSON

1800 Henry JACKSON ironmills Rogersons Quay

1798 Henry JACKSON ironfounder 159 Church St


1794 Henry JACKSON ironfounder 160 Church St

1794 Henry JACKSON iron monger 87 Pill Lane


Groves  Manuscripts

Record Office Dublin

1834-8-202 Memorial registered 3 May 1834 of Deed of 18 Nov 1833 Henry JACKSON jr. of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow eldest son & heir at law of Thomas JACKSON of Coolmana, Co. Carlow to Henry JACKSON senior of Coolmana, eldest son & heir at law of Samuel JACKSON late of Coolmana, Co. Carlow as to the following portions of Coolmana alias Nashes or in Rathvilly Barony, Co. Carlow. 16 ½ leases 27 May 1788 by Joseph JACKSON. Loheska 38 acres leased 1788 by Estyer [Esther?] JACKSON to Thomas JACKSON bounded by River Dereen & Samuel & Joseph JACKSON. Healy & Neals 16 acres Moores 16 acres Murphys 4 ½ acres lease of 9 April 1825 WITNESSES Joshua NUN of Dublin City Gent & his son Henry NUN. Memorial signed by both Henry JACKSONs.

1834-8-204 Memorial registered 3 May 1834 of mortgage of 2 May 1834 by Henry JACKSON of Coolmana, Co. Carlow, farmer to Thomas NOBLET of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow mt above premises in Coolmana very long.

755-357-513292 Memorial registered 25 Sept 1820 of mortgage of 12 Sept 1820 for £100 by Henry JACKSON of Coolmana, Co. Carlow, farmer to George BARKER of said Coolmana, Co. Carlow Gent part of Coolmana alias Nashes qr 16 ½ acre bounded by River Dereen on North by G. BARKER on East by Ester JACKSON on South & West leased 30 May 1788 at 9s an acre by Esther JACKSON to Samuel JACKSON father of above Henry & his daughter Esther who as wife of Joseph BRIEN has assigned her claim to Henry. Esther JACKSON sr in Feb 1790 assigned the rent to her son Henry. Lands are held on lease of lives forever. WITNESSES: Joseph BRIEN of Carrigbrack, Co. Wicklow, farmer; Peter DOHERTY of Tullow, Co. Carlow, writing clerk. Memorial signed by JACKSON.


Groves  Manuscripts

Record Office Dublin

693-19-475758 Memorial registered 2 Sept 1815 of Partnership Deed of 31 August 1816 between Hugh DOWNEY of Dublin City salesmaster & Henry JACKSON of same victualler. Memorial signed by DOWNEY


Dissolution of partnership of Henry JACKSON 1816

697-232-478353 Memorial registered 11 January 1816 of Deed of 2 Dec 1815 by Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin Gent to William PHILLIPS of Patrick St. Dublin victualler premises on West side of Patrick Street at Dublin


Memorial registered 6 May 1816 of lease of 20 April 1816 by Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin Gent to Thomas FENNELL of Patrick Street, Dublin. Premises on East side of Patrick Street, Dublin.


Memorial registered 6 May 1816 Deed of 19 April 1816 by Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin gent & Richard WORNALL of Partobello, Co. Dublin, Gent to Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin, victualler. Premises on East side of Patrick Street Dublin leased 17 April 1805 to James FARRALL by said Richard WORNALL.


Memorial registered 19 March 1816 of Deed of 16 March 1816 by Henry JACKSON & Peter WORNELL of Dublin City to Phillip MOLLOY of Old Merrion, Co. Dublin 5 ½ acres at Old Merrion, Co. Dublin leased for 43 years at £100 rent in 1796 by T.M. WINSTANLEY to John EGAN who mortgaged to John ECHLIN who 2 May & 28 Oct 1814 & 6 Feb 1816 assigned to JACKSON & WORNALL. WITNESSES: Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin


Memorial registered 23 Jan 1818 of Deed of 3 January 1818 by Margaret JACKSON alias KEATING widow & administratrix of Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin to James SINNOTT of Patrick St. butcher. Premises leased 17 April 1805 to or by Richard WORNALL of Patrick Street, mortgage 28 Oct 1814 Henry JACKSON Deed 19 April 1816 Henry JACKSON & Richard WORNALL.


Registry of Deeds Office Dublin


Memorial registered 10 May 1802 of Deed of Assignment of … June 1798 from Eugenia JACKSON widow & sole executrix of will dated 22 March 1781 of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. deceased to Henry JACKSON 2nd son of Robert & Eugenia. Tythes of St. Keran Parish. Tythes of Knockarley, Newtown & Lowhollen in Roscennor Parish lands of the Glebe of Upper Ballyshane.

Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynalek Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kilnitty & Castletown in Kilnitty Parish all in Balycritt Barony in Kings Co. Recites that Robert by his will left 1s. to each of his children and all residues of his property to Eugenia to be divided among them as she should think fit. That by Deed of 15 July 1791 she appointed to Henry a lease of Lisclooney & Clonbanniffe which was afterwards evicted so Henry brought a Chancery suit & got a Decree in pursuance of which he gets £564 and above assignment. WITNESSES: Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England & Henry Vincent JACKSON of Dublin, City attorney. Memorial signed by Eugenia.


Memorial registered 6 July 1767 of lease of 4 July 1767 from Samuel WINTER of Agher, Co. Meath Esq to Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Gent. Tythes of St. Kerans Parish; Tythes of Knockarley Newtown & Lowhollon in Rosconnor Parish; lands of the Glebe lands of Upper Ballyshane; Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballyhalack Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kinnitty & Castletown in Kinnitty Parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County. WITNESSES Henry PIERCE & Walter SWEETMAN both of Dublin City.


Registry of Deeds Office Dublin


Memorial registered 11 January 1805 of mortgage 10 January 1805 for £600 by Henry JACKSON of Birr in Kings Co. Esq. to Joseph CURTIS of Bath Esq. Tythes of St. Kerans Parish & of Knockarly Newtown & Lowhollon in Rosconroe Parish, Glebelands of Upper Ballyshane; Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynack Ballym’Murragh Glanfilly 100 acres Kilnity & Castletwon in Kilnitty parish in Ballycrit Barony in Kings Co.. WITNESSES Benjamin KERNEY & Samuel BARRY both of Dublin City Gents. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.


Memorial registered 12 March 1805 of mortgage of 1 January 1805 for £352 13s by Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage in Kings Co., Esq. to Valentine O’CONNOR junior of Dublin City Esq. merchant – same list of tythes as in #321021. WITNESSES: Withercock HOBART of Dublin City, Gent; William NEVELLE of Grange in Kings Co., famer. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.


Memorial registered 2 Dec 1805 of Deed of 2 Dec 1805 from Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage in Kings Co., Esq. & Valentine O’CONNOR of Dublin City, Gent to trustees Thomas LELAND of Dublin City Gent & Edward Beacon CONNOR or CANNON of Leicester Place, Co. Middlesex Gent. Mentions Deed of 17 Sept 1805 & mortgages of £1805 & £352 of 1 January 1805. Same Tythes as #381021. WITNESSES: Robert HOLMES & Peter FLATTERY both of Dublin Gents. Memorial signed by O’CONNOR.


Memorial Registered 22 July 1811 of Deed of 18 Nov 1809 by Henry JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. & Thomas LELAND of French Street in Dublin City Gent & Edward Beacon CONNOR of Leicester Place & Middlesex to James CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings CO., Esq. Same list of tythes as #321021. WITNESSES: Nicholas SCOLLARD & John GERAGHTY both of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Leland.


Memorial registered 22 July 1811 of Deed of 17 Nov 1809 by George WATKINS of Guilford, CO. Surrey Esq. & Charlotte Parisot of Vauxhall, Co. Surrey spinster to Thomas LELAND of Dublin City & Edward Beacon CONNOR of Leicester Place, Co. Middlesex. Same list of tythes as 321021. LELAND & CONNOR were trustees to pay WATKINS £150 & Parisot £100 yearly during life of Henry JACKSON. They are selling the property & paying off WATKINS & PARISOT. WITNESSES: Nicholas SCOLLARD & John GERAGHTY both of Dublin City.


Registry of Deeds Office Dublin


Memorial registered 31 December 1802 of Deed of 14 October 1802 between Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin City Esq. eldest son of Robert JACKSON of Grange Esq. deceased & Coote CARRELL of Templehouse, Co. Sligo Esq. both of 1st part Eugenia JACKSON late of said Grange in Kings Co. now of Bath in England widow of said Robert JACKSON Esq. deceased & mother of above Robert JACKSON of 3rd part James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings County Esq. husband of Henrietta a daughter of Robert JACKSON deceased and now also deceased of 2nd part. To Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England Esq, of 4th part lands and tythes of Grange & Contourt in Ballymoney 17 acres 2 r 22p plantation. Robert JACKSON’s will dated 1781 Eugenia sole executrix. Deed 10 Nov 1785 Eugenia to her eldest son Robert JACKSON of above lands subject to £150 yearly to Eugenia & to £2000 for Henrietta RUDDOCK which last has been since paid off. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT 17 Nov 1785 of said Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL spinster since his wife and now dead. Robert JACKSON was then a coronet in 4th horse in Ireland. The trustees were said Coote CARROLL & William FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co. Wicklow Esq. since dead; said Mary CARROLL alias JACKSON died leaving no son & only one daughter Henrietta JACKSON now about 14. Now all sell to CURTIS for £6366. WITNESSES Rev Richard GRAVES D.D. Richard BIRCH attorney & Peter JACKSON attorney, all of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Robert JACKSON.


Memorial registered 28 January 1818 of mortgage of 28 January 1818 by Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin & his only child Henrietta JACKSON both of 2nd part Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. Esq. & his wife Eugenia Maria CURTIS alias JACKSON both of 3rd part & George MEARES, John DROUGHT of Glencarrig in Kings Co. Esq. deceased of 1st part. To Benjamin KERNEY of Dublin City Esq. for £3000 of 4th part as trustee for Anne WYSE of Dublin City, widow as to £1000 & for Charles MOLLER Esq. a late Lt. in 18th Dragoons as to £2000 Grange & Cantourt lands & tythes in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co. WITNESSES: John JONES; Patrick WOODS both of Dublin. Memorial signed by both Robert & Henrietta JACKSON.


Registry of Deeds Office Dublin


Memorial registered 12 February 1771 of assignment of 22 & 23 January 1771 for natural love &c by Robert JACKSON the elder of Grange in Kings Co. Esq. to his son & heir apparent Robert JACKSON Esq. the younger of the same Grange. Tythes and lands of Grange 244 acres Contourt land in Ballymoney 17 acres 2r 3p & the South East & North West parts of Cumber all in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County to hold forever subject to the rents and renewal fines and to £500 due Robert FINCH of Birr, Gent & to £500 due to Hector VAUGHAN of Fancroft Esq. WITNESSES: Rev. Adam BLAIR of the Leap in Kings Co. & Robert SWEETMAN of Monmore in Kings Co. Carpenter. WITNESSES of memorial signed by Robert JACKSON junior said Adam BLAIR & James JACKSON of Birr Gent. Memorial was proved by Rev. Adam BLAIR at Birr in Kings Co., 22 January 1771 before Thomas BIGGS Commissioner & Jonathon BERRY & George CLARKE J.P.s


Memorial registered 9 June 1801 of lease of 4 May 1801 for lives renewable for ever by Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. Esq. to Henry HARDING of Dublin City Gent. The house offices Desmesne & bogg of Grange 61 ½ acres in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County for lives of said Henry HARDING the lessee, Johnathon HARDING eldest of Johnathon HARDING of Glenlee in Kings County Esq. & Thomas PALMER son of John PALMER of Glenacurra in Kings Co. Esq. WITNESSES Rev Mathew WOOD [elk?] John PALMER of Glenacurra Esq. in Kings Co. Memorial signed by JACKSON.


Memorial registered 31 January 1760 of assignment of 26 January 1760 g from Robert LOVETT & John LOVETT Gents; Mathew SLEATOR hatter & his wife Mary SLEATOR alias LOVETT; Samuel HEATLEY Gent & his wife Susan HEATEY alias LOVET which Robert John Mary & Susan are the only children of Charles LOVETT and his wife Frances LOVETT alias WILLINGTON alias WALL all of Dublin City to Robert JACKSON junior of Grange in Kings Co. £25 yearly payable out of both lands and tythes of Grange in St. Keirans parish in Kings Co. under a grant of fee farm made 9 June 1737 by said Christopher LOVETT to Robert JACKSON senior WITNESSES: Marlborough STERLING & George BOLTON both of Dublin Memorial signed by Robert & John LOVETT; M. SLATER & Susan HEATLY.




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