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1772 Oct 10 Probate of Ann JACKSON née COOTH (?-btw 1770-1772). She also married a Mr. WILLOUGHBY before she married Richard JACKSON (1709-1796) who is in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 27, 2020


Rev. Richard JACKSON is included in the family tree of Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson.

This JACKSON family, which was first based in Lincolnshire and then in Cuddeston, Oxfordshire, is connected by marriage to other land-owning families in Co. Sligo. It may be significant that their family crest includes three birds [sheldrakes] that resemble the ones in the arms of the JACKSONs of Coleraine, Forkhill and Creggan – the latter two families were based in Co. Armagh.

A key source for the Cuddeson JACKSONs was transcribed from a family bible and can be found in: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884.

It helps to read the following wills together in the context of the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree:

·        1725 Nov 12 Probate of Dame Anne MAY nee ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726). She was a great-aunt of both Gilbert JACKSON and Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1772 Oct 10 Probate of Anne COOTH . She was the wife of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796).

·        1779 Aug 2 Probate of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779). He was the brother of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1796 Oct 3 Probate of Rev. Richard JACKSON(1709-1796).


1772 Oct 10 Probate Anne Cooth JACKSON
Transcription by Jan Waugh. 2020 Feb 18. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown

I Ann Jackson[1] of Shooters Hill in the County of Kent and Parish of Plumsted in the name of the Holy and ever Blessed Trinity do make my last will and testament in this one article following, viz. I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved husband Richard Jackson[2] to him, his heirs and assigns forever all my estate real and personal and every part and parcel thereof to be entirely at his disposal after my decease by deed, will or otherwise as he shall think fit. And I do hereby ban all right, claim or title as far as by me was against all other persons whatsoever leaving him the said Richard Jackson my sole Executor and possessor in fee of all that I shall die possessed of or any ways intitled to. In witness whereof I have this sixteenth day of December in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy (1770) set my hand and seal. Ann Jackson. Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of us and in the presence of each other. Jn. Pegue?[3], Frances Jackson[4], Jane Atneve[5]

Probate. This will was proved 10 Oct 1772 ... by the oath of the Reverend Richard Jackson doctor in divinity the husband of the deceased and sole Executor named in the said will


Anne (Cooth) (Willoughby) Jackson - testatrix ; 1770, pr 1772

Richard Jackson O1709 - husband of testatrix ; DD Reverend ; Executor ; 1796 will ; Sheldrake


[1] Anne JACKSON née COOTH (?-btw 1770-1772)

·         NOTE: She is likely related to various COOTH family members mentioned in Richard JACKSON’s 1796 will.

·         She was married to a Mr. WILLOUGHBY before she married Richard JACKSON.

·         They had several children, but all died young.

[2] Rev Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·         Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884   d.s.p. of Magdalen College, Oxford, England

·         His will and bequests re: leases precipitated Court cases that went on for decades.

[3] John PEGUE?

[4] Frances JACKSON (1727-1783)

·         Likely Frances JACKSON née  NAIRN – the widow of Rev. Gilbert JACKSON

[5] Jane ATNEVE



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