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1779 Aug. 2 probate of will of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779) of Tichfield, Hampshire, England but earlier of Cuddeson, Oxfordshire, England. He is included in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. Febraury 26, 2020


Gilbert JACKSON was a brother of Rev. Richard JACKSON. Both are in the family tree of Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson.

This JACKSON family, which was first based in Lincolnshire and then in Cuddeston, Oxfordshire, is connected by marriage to other land-owning families in Co. Sligo. It may be significant that their family crest includes three birds [sheldrakes] that resemble the ones in the arms of the JACKSONs of Coleraine, Forkhill and Creggan – the latter two families were based in Co. Armagh.

A key source for the Cuddeson JACKSONs was transcribed from a family bible and can be found in: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884.

It helps to read the following wills together in the context of the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree:

·        1725 Nov 12 Probate of Dame Anne MAY nee ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726). She was a great-aunt of both Gilbert JACKSON and Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1772 Oct 10 Probate of Anne COOTH . She was the wife of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796).

·        1779 Aug 2 Probate of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779). He was the brother of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1796 Oct 3 Probate of Rev. Richard JACKSON(1709-1796).


1770 Aug 2 Probate Gilbert JACKSON
Transcription by Jan Waugh. 2020 Feb 18. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown

GILBERT JACKSON O1704, s/o Gilbert O1683

In the name of God Amen. I Gilbert Jackson[1] of Titchfield of the County of Southampton Doctor of Divinity being of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, thanks be given to Almighty God, do make and publish this my last will and testament. First, I commend my soul to Almighty God humbly hoping for the pardon of my sins through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ Our Lord. And, my body I desire may be deposited in the same vault with the body of my late dear wife[2] and child[3] if I shall dye here. Item, I give and devise all and singular my messuages, lands, tenements, titled and hereditaments situate, lying, arising or being at Cuddesdon and Wheatley or either of them or elsewhere in the County of Oxon unto my beloved brother Richard Jackson[4], Doctor of Divinity and my beloved brothers in law Fasham Nairn[5] gentleman and Giles Knightley[6] clerk their executors, administrators and assigns for and during and unto the full end and term of one thousand years without impeachment of or for any manner of waste upon the trust herein after declared concerning the same term. Item, I give to the said Richard Jackson, Fasham Nairn and Giles Knightley all and singular any goods, chattels and other personal estate except such household goods, furniture and plate as my dear wife Frances[7] shall choose for her own use during her widowhood upon trust to apply the whole or so much thereof as shall be necessary in the payment and discharge of my sister Arabella [Jackson]'s[8] portion of two hundred pounds payable out of the said devised premises of which one hundred and fifty pounds only now remains due and in the payment and discharge of the mortgage of the same premises for the sum of one thousand pounds and the interest of both the said sums and all other my just debts and if any of my personal estate shall then remain I will that the same shall be put out and kept at interest on such public or private securities as my said trustees or any two of them shall think proper and that the interest or dividends thereof shall be paid to my said wife so long as she shall continue my widow for the maintenance of herself and for the maintenance and education of my children. And, as to the said term of one thousand years and the premises comprised therein upon trust that if my dear son Gilbert [Jackson][9] shall go to either of the universities then my said trustees out of the rents and profits of the said premises shall allow to them the clear yearly sum of sixty pounds during his residence there. But if he shall choose any other way of life my will is that my said trustees by mortgage or sale of a competent part of the said trust premises for all or any part of the said term or by granting estates of a competent part of the said trust premises for the term of ninety nine years for any longer or shorter term absolute or determinable with one, two or three lives shall raise each sum of money for his advancement in the world as my said wife shall in writing direct not exceeding the sum of five hundred pounds and shall from time to time pay to my said wife or empower her to receive the residue of the said rents and profits so long as she shall continue my widow for her maintenance and for the maintenance and education of my children and, from and after the decease of my said wife or her second marriage of their mother if they shall then be of the age of twenty one years or married otherwise as soon as they shall respectively attain that age or be married. But, if either of my said daughters[10] shall dye under that age and unmarried then my will is that the sum of twelve hundred pounds only shall be raised in the manner aforesaid for the portion of the surviving daughter. And if both my said daughter shall die under that age and unmarried nothing shall be raised and the said portions shall sink for the benefit of my said son but my will is that the said portions shall carry interest after the rate of four pounds per cent per anno from the decease of my said wife on her second marriage, which shall first happen to be paid out of the rents and profits of the said trust premises and upon this further case that my said trustee or the survivors or survivor of them his executors or administrators shall in the manner aforesaid raise such further sum of money not exceeding four hundred years as my said wife shall in writing direct to be paid to such of my children at such time or times and in such shares or proportions as my said wife shall also in writing direct provided always that it my said son shall pay or to the good liking of the said trustees secure to be paid the portions or portion aforesaid and also the said sum of four hundred pounds or if no portion for any part of the said four hundred pounds shall become payable then in either of those case the said term of one thousand years shall cease and be absolutely void and from and immediately after the decease of my said wife on her second marriage which shall first happen I will that the said household goods, furniture and plate herein before reserved for her use and all the surplus of my personal estate shall go to my said son and that all the said devised premises subject to the charges aforesaid shall descend to him and heirs. Item, I do appoint the said Richard Jackson, Fasham Nairn and Giles Knightly joint Executors of this my last will and testament and do appoint my said wife guardian of my said son and daughters during their respective minority and during her widowhood. And, in case of her death or second marriage I appoint my said Executors their guardians. And, my will is that it shall be lawful for my said Executors to deduct and retain one of the said trust estate or any monies that shall come to their or any of their hands by virtue of this my will all such costs, charges, losses and damages as they or any of them shall be put to or sustain in or about the execution of this my will and or about the execution or defense of the trusts herein before expressed and that they or any of them shall not be chargeable with or answerable to for any more of my personal estate or trust money than shall actually come to their respective hands, nor with any loss that may happen therein by bad or defective securities or by depositing the same with any Banker or elsewhere for a safe custody or otherwise howsoever without their respective willful default and that one of them my said Executors shall not be chargeable with or answerable for the acts, receipts or defaults of the others or other of them ( ) every of them ( ) or for his own acts, receipts and defaults only. And lastly, I do hereby revoke and make void all and every former and other wills and will by me at any time heretofore made. In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament contained in this and the sheet of paper herein prefix set my hand and seal to wit. My hand to the prefix sheet and my hand and seal to this sheet this second day of August in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy (1770). Gil. Jackson. Signed, sealed, published and declared by the abovenamed Gilbert Jackson the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in him presence. Asher Humphrey[11], William Humphreys[12], John Snathy[13]

Probate This will was proved at London 26 Jul 1779 by the oaths of the Reverend Richard Jackson, Doctor in Divinity, Fasham Nairn and the Reverend Giles Knightley, clerk the Executors named in the said will ...


[1] Rev. Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779)

[2] “My late dear wife” was Jane SHUCKBURGH (1708-1754), the 1st wife of Rev. Gilbert JACKSON.

[3] An unknown child died before this will was written in 1770. Given that the parents of this child married in 1756, he was not of full age.

[4] Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796) D.D. of Donhed, St. Mary, Wiltshire, England

[5] Fasham NAIRN (abt 1725-1810)

·         The name Fasham NAIRN is repeated in several generations.

·         In this tomb / are deposited the remains of / FASHAM NAIRN / of BARNETTS PLACE / in this parish Esq. / who died the 27th day of October 1810 / aged 85 years. Buried at St. Margaret of Antioch Churchyard, West Hoathly, Sussex, England SOURCE: Find-a-Grave.

·         Captain Fasham Nairn (1731-1810) was buried at West Hoathly on 3 Nov 1810.
In his will he requests that "my body be interred under the Tomb which I some years ago caused to be erected for a deceased Friend in the South East corner of West Hoathly Church Yard".   In St Margaret's church West Hoathly there is plaque that states that the remains of a 5 week old infant Fasham Nairn are interred "in a vault near this place".    The young Fasham is the great great nephew of the elder.  I presume the vault is the same as the tomb.
I suspect the deceased Friend may have been the common law Indian wife of Capt Nairn who made several voyages to Madras and Bengal as the captain of East India Company ships. SOURCE: RootsChat

·         He may have been involved in a scandal: That the Rev. John Nairn, of Hindon; Fasham Nairn, Esq; late of Bury-street, St. James's; Francis Ward, of Sherborne-lane, London; Stevens, a butcher at Salisbury, commonly called Jobber. Stevens; Francis Mead, John Hart, William Lucas, Thomas Howell, John Becket, baker, William Penny, William Bye, sen. William Becket, and Wm. Burnett, of Hindon, have acted as agents, and been accessary to, and concerned in, the notorious acts of bribery and corruption that have been practised at the last election for the said borough of Hindon. That the House be moved for leave to bring in a bill to disfranchise the said borough of Hindon, in the said county of Wilts. And the above resolutions were confirmed by the House of Commons on the 24th instant; when it was likewise resolved, that no writ should be issued for a future election, for one month. SOURCE: The Annual Register 1775..

[6] Rev. Giles KNIGHTLEY – husband of Elizabeth ANNE JACKSON (1721-1800)

·         Otfchurch, Warwickshire. Under the communion table the following is to be found :— “ Here lieth the Remains of Ann wife of I The Rev“ Giles Knightley who departed I this life FebY 15"“ 1800 aged 80 years I She was punctual in her religions.” Northamptonshire Notes and Queries .

·         The present manor house is an attractive early 18th century  ironstone building with a front of five bays and two storeys and a  hipped roof. The placing of two ranges of outbuildings at right-angles  to and either side of the facade give the fortuitous appearance of a  Palladian composition.  Inside, a good deal has been re-used from the  predecessor house, including early 16th century panelling with the  initials and coat of arms of Sir Thomas Andrew and his wife Katharine  (d. 1555), and a fine frieze with fantastic beasts and hunting scenes.  The back-stairs have serpentine splat-balusters and are probably early  17th century.  The 18th century main staircase stands in a stone-flagged  staircase hall and has carved tread-ends and a wreathed and ramped  handrail, and the drawing room has 18th century panelling with fluted  Doric pilasters.  The house was used as the rectory by several  generations of the Knightley family, who were squarsons here for well  over a century. Descent: Thomas Andrew (d. 1530); to son, Thomas Andrew (d. 1541);  to son, Sir Thomas Andrew (d. 1564); to son, Thomas Andrew (c.1541-94);  to son, Eusebius Andrews (c.1579- 1619); sold after his death to John  Ball of Hellidon...Rev. Richard Knightley (c.1703-77); to son, Rev.  Giles Knightley (c.1732-1804); to son, Rev. Thomas Knightley  (c.1756-1805)...to Rev. Sir Valentine Knightley (1812-98), 4th bt. SOURCE: Landed Families Blogspot.

[7] Frances JACKSON née NAIRN (1727-1823)

·         Frances NAIRN was the 2nd wife of Rev. Gilbert JACKSON

[8] Arabella JACKSON (1714-1802) never married.

·         SOURCE: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884

·         At her house in Broad Street, Oxford, Mrs. Arabella Jackson in the 89th year of her age , only surviving sister of the late Rev. Dr. Richard Jackson, fellow of Magdalen College. 'Orthodox Churchmans Magazine. Vol II January-June 1802.

[9] Rev Gilbert Charles JACKSON (1759-1816)

·         Aka Charles Gilbert JACKSON - son of Frances NAIRN & Rev. Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779)

[10] Frances Anne JACKSON (aft 1756-1837)

·         She married her cousin. Rev. Thomas KNIGHTLEY, son of Giles KNIGHTLEY and Elizabeth Anne JACKSON.

·         Died 15 July 1837. Burial at St. Gregory's Churchyard, Leamington Spa, Warwick District, Warwickshire, England

[11] Asher HUMPHREY

[12] William HUMPHRIES

[13] John SNATHY



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