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1725 Nov 12. Probate of Anne MAY née ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726) - an aunt of Jane JACKSON. Jane ALDWORTH (1641-1746), a sister of Anne ALDWORTH, married Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeston, Oxfordshire. SEE: Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree:
Sharon Oddie Brown, February 26, 2020

Updated March 4, 2020


Dame Anne MAY nee ALDWORTH was an aunt of Rev. Richard JACKSON. She is related to JACKSONs in the family tree of Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson.

This JACKSON family, which was first based in Lincolnshire and then in Cuddeston, Oxfordshire, is connected by marriage to other land-owning families in Co. Sligo. It may be significant that their family crest includes three birds [sheldrakes] that resemble the ones in the arms of the JACKSONs of Coleraine, Forkhill and Creggan – the latter two families were based in Co. Armagh.

A key source for the Cuddeson JACKSONs was transcribed from a family bible and can be found in: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884.

It helps to read the following wills together in the context of the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree:

·        1725 Nov 12 Probate of Dame Anne MAY nee ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726). She was a great-aunt of both Gilbert JACKSON and Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1772 Oct 10 Probate of Anne COOTH . She was the wife of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796).

·        1779 Aug 2 Probate of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779). He was the brother of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796)

·        1796 Oct 3 Probate of Rev. Richard JACKSON(1709-1796).


1725 Nov 12 probate Dame Anne MAY
Transcription by Jan Waugh. 2020 Feb 18. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown
Copy (undated) of will, 14 Oct. 1721, and codicil, 12 Nov. 1725 (proved P.C.C., 5 Aug. 1726) of Dame Anne May[1] of Raughmere, widow.


Anne Aldworth (1649-1726), baptised at Ruscombe, 12 March 1648/9; her father settled Frogmore House on her and her husband in 1680, and they rebuilt the house, almost certainly to the designs of his uncle, the architect Hugh May, before inheriting Rawmere, Mid Lavant (Sussex) from the same uncle in 1684 and moving there; she married, 14 May 1675 at Sepulchre, Holborn (Middx), Sir Thomas May (c.1645-1718), kt., of Rawmere, but had no issue; buried at Mid Lavant, 22 July 1726; will proved 5 August 1726;

SOURCE: Landed Families of Britain and Ireland Blog

Bequeaths to 

Anne Phrip[2]Jane JACKSON[3] and Mary Heighes[4] (daus. of testator's late brother Richard Aldworth[5] of Stanlakes, co. Berks.), £100 each to be paid to their children in case of their deaths before testator; to Mary Heighes an extra £100; to niece Rose Aldworth[6] (dau. of Richard Aldworth), £300, but if she dies unmarried before inheriting the money is to remain to testator's exors.; to nieces Susan[7] and Elizabeth Aldworth[8] (daus. of William Aldworth[9], dec'd), £100 which they owe testator on bond and the interest due on the same; to Thomas Parsons[10] (son of testator's sister Margaret[11]), £100 if she shall live for one year after testator's death; £10 apiece to brother, John Aldworth[12], clerk, sister Susanna Hester[13], sister Margaret Parsons, and niece Mary, relict of nephew John Aldworth, for mourning; £50 and all testator's wearing apparel to servant July Andrews[14], £20 and £10 to servants Clement Freeborne[15] and Ann Forbench[16] respectively; £30 to the poor of Mid Lavant.

Of the £2000 secured on Langfords Farm and the Gassons in Mid Lavant to the late Dorothy Aldworth[17], £1000 is bequeathed to Thomas[18], son of William Broadnax[19] of Godmersham, co. Kent, esq., and £1000 to nephew Richard Aldworth[20]. Land called Thorney Garden held of the Dean and Chapter of Chichester, and St. Marys Farm held of the Custos and Poor of St. Mary's Hospital, Chichester, with the leases thereof, bequeathed to Thomas Broadnax[21] on condition that he brings no action of any sort against the exor. in respect of the estate of testator's husband, Sir Thomas May[22].

Nephew Richard Aldworth appointed exor. and residuary legatee; James Heighes[23] (husband of niece Mary Heighes) and George Parker[24], sen., of Chichester, appointed overseers, with a bequest of £50 to each.

By codicil, bequeaths extra £40 to July Andrews, £20 to Clement Freeborne and £10 to Ann Forbench; £5 to footman, Thomas Layton[25], and a quarter's salary to coachman, Richard Nelson[26]. Testator requests that whoever succeeds her in the inheritance of her husband's estate will grant the small cottage on the Tye in Mid Lavant to Clement Freeborne and after his death to Widow Ragless[27].

Date: nd [18th century]

Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives


[1] Anne MAY née ALDWORTH (abt 1656-

·         Daughter of Richard ALDWORTH and Anne GWYNN and a sister of Richard ALDWORTH (1646-1706) of Stanlakes, Co. Berkshire.

·         Allegations for marriage licences issued from the Faculty Office of the Archibishop of Canterbury at London 1543 to 1869."1675 … June 14 Thomas May, of Rawmeere, co. Sussex, Esq., Bachr, abt 30, & Ann Aldworth, Spr, abt 19, dau. of Richard Aldworth, of Hinton Pipard, Wilts. Esq., who alleges ; at St Sepulchre's, London."  SOURCE: Wiki Genealogy.

·         Frogmore House, Windsor Berkshire built 1680-84 for Anne Aldworth and her husband Thomas May (Tory politician) by his uncle Hugh May, architect.

[2] Anne PHRIP née ALDWORTH (1678-1723)

·         A Mrs PHRIPP was a godmother to Elizabeth Anne JACKSON (b. 1721) daughter of Gilbert JACKSON. In Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica Vol IV 1884 she was described as one of Gilbert JACKSONs sisters - but she was his sister-in-law.

·         She married three times. SOURCES:

o   Anne Aldworth (c.1678-1723); married 1st, 1691 (bond 12 August), aged about fourteen, Edward Standen (d. 1708) of Arborfield (Berks), and had issue one son; married 2nd, 9 February 1708/9 at Arborfield, Charles Palmer MD (d. 1713) of Arborfield; buried with her second husband at Finchampstead (Berks), 2 December 1723; SOURCE: Landed Families of Britain and Ireland.

o   Probate of Anne PHRIPP, wife of Richard PHRIPP & sister of Richard ALDWORTH. Will written in 1718. She is described as the wife of the late Charles PALMER late of Arborfield. SOURCE Ancestry.

·         Buried 2 Dec 1723 at Finchampstead, Berkshire, England

[3] Jane JACKSON née ALDWORTH (1681-1746)

·         Wife of Gilbert JACKSON b. abt 1684. Of Cuddeson, Oxfordfordshire, England

·         Buried 25 Feb 1746. At Tichfield, Hampshire

[4] Mary HEIGHES aka HAYES née ALDWORTH (1686-1745)

·         daughter of Richard Neville ALDWORTH & Mary CROFTON.

[5] Richard ALDWORTH (1646-1707),

·         husband of Mary CROFTON (1642-1705) [NOTE: her father, William CROFTON. was M.P. of Donegal, Ireland].

·         Aldworth, Rt. Hon. Richard (1646-1706). Eldest son of Richard Aldworth (1615-80) and his wife Anne Gwyn, born at Lambeth; baptised at Ruscombe, 21 March 1645/6. Educated at St John's College, Oxford (matriculated 1661; BA 1665) and All Souls College, Oxford (MA 1668; LLD), and at the Middle Temple (admitted 1664; called 1672). Barrister-at-law; Second Secretary to Earl of Essex as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1672-77; Receiver of Crown Revenues in Yorkshire and County Durham in succession to his father, 1680-1706; Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer in Ireland, 1676-1706; Craner (port official) in Dublin, 1677-95; Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1693-96; MP for Dublin University, 1695-99; sworn of the Privy Council of Ireland, 1695. He married, 1677 (licence 25 April), Mary (c.1642-1705), daughter of William Crofton MP of Temple House (Co. Sligo) and widow of George Perceval (1635-75), son of Sir Philip Perceval, kt., and had issue:
(1) Anne Aldworth (c.1678-1723); married 1st, 1691 (bond 12 August), aged about fourteen, Edward Standen (d. 1708) of Arborfield (Berks), and had issue one son; married 2nd, 9 February 1708/9 at Arborfield, Charles Palmer MD (d. 1713) of Arborfield; buried with her second husband at Finchampstead (Berks), 2 December 1723;
(2) John Aldworth (1680-1710) (q.v.);
(3) Jane Aldworth (1682-1746), born about 22 January and baptised at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, 28 January 1781/2; married, 1703 (bond 21 December) at Ruscombe, Rev. Dr. Gilbert Jackson (b. 1684) of Cuddesdon (Oxon) and had issue five sons and seven daughters; buried at Titchfield (Hants), 25 February 1746;
(4) Richard Aldworth (1684-1738) (q.v.);
(5) Mary Aldworth (1686-1745), baptised at St James, Piccadilly, Westminster (Middx), 10 July 1686; married, 2 July 1713 at Arborfield, James Hayes (d. 1750) of Chuffs, Holyport (Berks), barrister, and had issue; buried at Bray (Berks), 28 July 1745;
(6) Rose Aldworth (1687-1741), baptised at St James, Piccadilly, 28 November 1687; married, 1725 (licence 28 August), Capt. Christopher Keene; buried at Ruscombe, 7 April 1741;
(7) Arabella Aldworth (1689-1710), baptised at St James, Piccadilly, 10 September 1689; died unmarried and was buried at St Martin-in-the-Fields, 22 December 1710.
He inherited Stanlake Park from his father in 1680.
He died 14 November and was buried at Ruscombe, 19 November 1706; his will was proved in Dublin, 5 December 1706. His wife died 15 October and was buried at Ruscombe, 19 October 1705. SOURCE: 
Landed Families of Britain and Ireland.

[6] Rose ALDWORTH (1687-1741)

·         daughter of Richard ALDWORTH & Mary CROFTON.

·         Married in 1725 Capt. Christopher KEENE.

[7] Susan ALDWORTH

·         daughter of William ALDWORTH & ?.

[8] Elizabeth ALDWORTH

·         daughter of William ALDWORTH & ?.

[9] William ALDWORTH (?-bef 1725) – presumably a brother of Dame Anne MAY née ALDWORTH

[10] Thomas PARSONS (-1689)

·         Wife of Margaret ALDWORTH, sister of Ann ALDWORTH.

·         NOTE: A Thomas PARSONs in an earlier generation was the father of Amy PARSONS (?-1672), the wife of Richard ALDWORTH (?-1649) of Milk Street, London.

[11] Margaret PARSONS née ALDWORTH (1658-1725) sister of Anne MAY née ALDWORTH

·         NOTE: A Mary JACKSON was a wife of an Arthur PARSONs. She was a daughter of Gilbert JACKSON (1635-1703) and Elizabeth TOWERSY. It is likely that the same PARSON family is involved in several JACKSON marriages.

·         Margaret Aldworth (c.1658-1725?), born about 1658; married, 21 May 1684 at St Marylebone (Middx), Thomas Parsons (d. 1689) of Westminster and Easington, Chilton (Bucks), and had issue at least one son; living in 1721 and possibly the woman of this name buried at St Margaret, Westminster, 13 July 1725; Landed Families of Britain and Ireland.

[12] Rev. John ALDWORTH

·         Son of Richard ALDWORTH (1615-1680) and Anne GWYNNE (?-1705)

·         John Aldworth (1656-1729), baptised at Ruscombe, 24 January 1655/6; educated at St John's College, Oxford (matriculated 1668; BA 1672); Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, c.1673-83 (MA 1676); rector of Elmley (Kent), 1683-84 and Lockinge (Berks), 1684-1729; died unmarried, 26 July 1729; will proved 23 September 1729; Landed Families of Britain and Ireland.

[13] Susanna HESTER née ALDWORTH (1655-1731)

·         Daughter of Richard ALDWORTH (1615-1680) and Anne GWYNNE (?-1705)

·         Susanna Aldworth (1655-1731), baptised at Ruscombe, 7 January 1654/5; married, 5 June 1679 at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster (Middx), Robert Hester of Shiplake (Oxon), but had no issue; widowed by 1724 (and possibly much earlier) and lived with her brother at East Lockinge (Berks); buried at Lockinge, 17 May 1731; will proved 10 July 1731; Landed Families of Britain and Ireland.

[14] July ANDREWS

[15] Clement FREEBORNE

[16] Anne FORBENCH

[17] Dorothy ALDWORTH (1665-1715)

·         Never married and at time of death was living with her brother.

[18] Thomas BROADNAX

[19] William BROADNAX of Godmersham, co. Kent, esq.

[20] Richard ALDWORTH (1684-1738)

·         presumably the Richard ALDWORTH (1684-1738) a son of Richard ALDWORTH (1646-1707) and Mary CROFTON.

·         He married Catherine NEVILLE of Billingbere House and their son Richard Neville ALDWORTH inherited the NEVILLE estates.

[21] Thomas BROADNAX

[22] Sir Thomas MAY (1645-1718)

·         Dsp.

·         M.P. for Chichester. SOURCE: Wiki.

[23] James HEIGHS aka HAYES (d. 1750)

·         Husband of Mary ALDWORTH (1686-1745).

·         He was a lawyer.

[24] George PARKER sr. of Chichester

[25] Thomas LAYTON

[26] Richard NELSON

[27] Widow RAGLESS




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