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A Diary kept by Amy Oliver LLOYD née JACKSON (1874-1962) tracing the genealogy of the DARE side of her family. Amy was the daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) and was one of several family members who showed great interest in our shared family history.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 10, 2018

Transcriptions of Amy Lloyd’s Notebook 3rd batch

NOTE: I seem to have lost the images that these transcriptions are based on. The numbers refer to my original photographs of the pages. The Tollemache descendants are included in my rootsweb tree as are the DARE descendants. This document is shared on lthis site - only with the permission of Pat Roberts.



Amelia Lydia Dare

George Dare =  Sarah Shrieve Park

Rhondabush later Parkes Hotel Cape Town

first husband Gerraty nee Dare

Aunt Louise a Pell

Aunt Jane Dare

Uncle John Julius Dare

Dr. went to Demerara

as a doctor

and tell afterwards lived and died in Scarborough

and uncle Charlie's mother

knew each other.



I[1] now come to my mother’s (Phocion Dare’s wife a sister to Dr. Julius) connections. She was the daughter of the late William Julius[2] a considerable landed proprietor in the island of St. Kitts, his brother John Julius[3] was then the governor of the said island, and my mother’s uncle Etheridge[4] was the attorney general.

1. My grandfather Julius[5] was considered one of the proudest and most extravagant men in England -- he never drove out without his four horses and outriders, he lived far beyond his income which was £30,000 pounds per annum. He married an equally proud Welsh lady a Miss. Edwards[6]. It was not till after we left dear Brecon[7] that I discovered that my grandmother Ms. Edwards was first cousin of the late Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar Park[8], consequently she would be first cousin once removed to the present Lord Tredegar you remember him as Sir Charles Morgan, since then he has been raised to the peerage. My mother's uncle


the late William Etheridge before alluded to married Lady Isabella Erskine[9], sister to the late Lord Erskine, and resided at Osborne[10], the residence of her present Majesty.

I now come to my mother's first cousin Mrs. Nesbit[11]. This lady resided at Nevis where the late Lord Nelson[12], after making my mother Louise Carolyn Julius[13] an offer and receiving a refusal, married her. My mother acting as one of the bridesmaids. King William 4th (then Duke of Clarence who with the fleet was anchored at Nevis) gave the bride away.

There is a monument to the memory of our Uncle William Julius[14] erected in Westminster Abbey “near this place life interred the body of Capt. William Julius late commander of his Majesty’s  ship Colechester who departed this life the third of October 1698. Age 33 years” so you see dear George though our ancestors made ducks and drakes with their money, we have plenty of good blood running through our veins.


William John Julius

Louisa Caroline born 21 March 1764

died 22 September 1845


Phocion Dare born March 1763

died December 1824

George Julius Dare born 1808 6th March

died 1856 22nd September

married 1839 22nd January

Sarah Shrieve Park born 1818

married at The Cape at Rhondabush by Rev. Oakes at St. Paul's Church.

We cannot find out where Phocion Dare was buried.


Letter from Aunt Eliza Ball[15] (Aunt to ASJ[16]) says her father[17] and mother[18] lived at Newlands, Rhondabush.

At the marriage of the two daughters[19] in the same day among visitors present was Sir Harry[20] and Lady Smith[21]. Other sister married Capt. Sedgewick[22]. Both left in father's ship “Addingham”.

Capt. George Dare had been left in dysentry at the Cape.

Sarah Parke was previously engaged to a Capt. Nicholson[23] on Sir Harry Smith's staff. While still at “Mrs. Hockley's[24] school” but it got broken off through a Mr. Blaine. Capt. Nicholson wanted to marry her [Sarah] after she was a widow. Capt. George Dare died at [Beecholm?] Terrace, Upper Clapton.


born   married [piece torn off]

Phocion Dare March [1]763 December? 1824

married Louisa Caroline Julius [?] 1764 September 27, 1845


  1. Jane Adelaide March 1797 -- March 23, 1872
  2. William October 1798 -- November 1820 in Bengal
  3. Louisa Caroline August 31, 1802 28 March 1871
  4. Fanny December 31, 1803 -- May 12th 1825
  5. John Julius February 1805 July 1840 every 10 1850 [or 1856]
  6. George Julius March 1807 January 1839 September 27, 1856


John Julius = Louisa Antoinette St. Felix born 1821 married 1840.


Louisa Caroline Dare (daughter of Phocion) married first in 1821 March 28= William Loader born November 1918

child Louisa Augusta born 19 February 1822 married January 30, 1851

married second Paul Mildmay Pell.


Louisa Augusta loader married Digby Gerahty


  1. Digby Augustus born March 1852
  2. Henry Mildmay born March 1853
  3. Augusta Louisa Caroline born May 1854
  4. Julius Frederic born July 1858


Extract from letter to a SJ from her cousin Lizzy Arbuthnot née Ball

The story of your mother as I used to hear it is as follows.

When quite young she was engaged to a Capt. Nicholson at Grahamstown[25], on Sir Harry Smith's staff, and had to stay on at Mrs. Hockley's school, where her sisters were, as parlour boarders to complete her education.

Then he went to India -- a Mr. Blaine was desperately in love with her, but had to fight between his love and his snobbery. He used to offer to post her letters and used to abstract those that came for her from India, so neither of the lovers heard from each other, [?] she did [?]. After a time our grandparents[26] came to Cape Town and had a lovely house at Newlands[27] where granny[28] took a few Indian people as borders when they were at The Cape for health. Your father arrived in command of a fine ship but very ill with dysentery, and had to be left at the hotel too ill to go on. Uncle S. (Sedgewick)[29] met him at the hotel and chummed and when your father was fit to move brought him to Newlands and both stayed with granny and fell in love. It was arranged that


the sisters should be married the same as Aunt Sedgewick’s[30] 17th birthday 31st of May and your father and mother sailing as passengers with uncle Sedgewick so the two sister brides were together.

On the way they fell in with a derelict, and your father said he could navigate her to the port if he had crew and Uncle Sedgewick gave him one. He took the ship to Ireland and was much feted by owners and got a large sum of money as salvage which of course had to be shared with Uncle Sedgewick’s owners.

Your father, Uncle Sedgewick, my father were all midshipman in the old East Indies Company service until it was abandoned. Each had a pension of £11 a year, which the company converted for a lump sum, they did away with all pensions under £100 a year. My father then entered the mail services and finding was chief officer in the P.O. fleet, but a family connection being a large ship owner in Waterford (Nicholson of Portland) offered him command for his ship the Currogham and he was tempted and foolishly chucked his good billet. Uncle Dare and Sedgewick also got command of first class ships. Mr. Blaine had been playing fast and loose

letter with your mother, and [?] her against Capt. Nicholson and one night he was dining at a [?]


[?] someone said “Why Blaine look here this is surely your love”. He read out the notice of the marriage of your mother. Mr. Blaine fainted and soon after wrote to her a confession and sent all the letters he had got hold of. Lady Smith took them to India and asked for your mother’s back. He said no, she has been faithless to me, but I never will be to her. I believe he was the same man whom she met going back to the Cape after taking Aunt Lydia home and got engaged to, but his brother persuaded him she was too old and had too many children and it was broken off this was about 1869. You very nearly had a rich stepfather, he is dead now. She had a beautiful oil painting of Capt. Nicholson but in your father's last illness he got peevish a fraction and persuaded her to burn it. When you were all at B. Terrace[31] upper Clapton when he died. I remember the news of his death, and you all arriving in the Wanata[32] & the baby brother being born dead & then you all went to Singapore in that awful ship Elizabeth Martin[33], when the crew mutinied and put the captain in irons. You had a cross


English nurse called Carolyn and she brought the men to reason.

I am [heard?] seen your mother was married at Rhondabush, our grandparents and many of the family are buried at Rhondabush. Did you ever hear your mother had such a gentle nature, her name in her family was “Sarah the peacemaker”.


Sheet of Julius jottings

Mrs. M. Louisa Brewin

Dr. George Charles Julius was a very fine old gentleman over 6 feet with marked features and a rather stern face but a pleasant smile, often stately courtier manners of the old school. Granny was of medium height, in youth had auburn hair, gifted with a keen sense of humour.

My earliest recollection at the old Palace in 1850. As a boy he was heir to considerable property, but as trustees were dishonest, at the time he came of age it had melted away. Tutored by Rev. Jonathon Gilder, Rector of Aspen, Hertfordshire and Vicar of Langston married one of the daughters Isabella Maria 14 September 1795. Went to India 1799. 1810 settled in Bristol 1814 came to Old Palace Richmond became parties to Sir David Dundas [? ? ] and then living at Kew. George IV gave him candlesticks. Part of the time his eldest son Dr. George Julius was practicing with his father, was presented William IV with a silver vase marked 18 September 1822 1855 relieved to Wecclesahm 1862 when he went to Maze Hill House St. Leonard's where he died aged 91 in 1866 she in 1867 aged 92. [?] Hollington.

Mrs. Hull daughter of Reid A.G. Julius.

Rev. A.E. Julius was Capt. of Lady Margaret [?] St. John's College Cambridge. He was youngest son of Dr. George Julius Born 9 January 1819 at the Old Palace Richmond and educated at Richmond Dr. Delaform took his BA in 1842 ordained [?] Bishop of [Jencolm?] married 1847 daughter of his first Rector Joseph Mayor of Collingham Newark working at St. Martins in the Field. Chaplain to Lord Sidmouth, then Chaplain Hampton Count then Myland Colchester finally Southery.


George Charles Julius minor born in India 1804 1879 married Miss Spaight lived in Ireland wife died 1840 left daughter Ethel with J. mother Mrs. Sen Herunting Castle Connell Limerick went with three boys to Wrekfield, Yorks. 1844 married Susan Ialy[34] who died March year leaving one girl Ella. Sons went to Rev [?clay] girls brought up [niece Julia Quilter]. Settled Washfield Devon with his brother Maj. William Julius then Willie Mill Wricclesham. Brecon, South Wales the Peterson cousins.died nat Gilford, Farnum 1885 aged 81.

About middle of last century a certain Mr. Julius lived in Cavendish and had over 7000 a year delivered from the estates in St. Kitts. Secretary to Major Rockingham then Prime Minister friend  of Prince Regent. Possessed four celebrated gray horses


Louisa Caroline Julius sister of Dr. G.C. Julius born March 21, 1764; probably at Nicola town St. Kitts -- married Phocion Dare who died 1824 21 years before his widow.


  1. Jane Adelaide known as aunt Jane died 1872
  2. William died in Bengal age 22
  3. Louisa Caroline died 1892 were married
    1. William Loader who died leaving one daughter viz Louisa Augusta born 1822 married Digby Geraghty in 1851
    2. Paul Mildmay Pell
  4. Fanny
  5. John Julius married Louise and when at St. Felix
  6. George Julius Dare married Sarah Shrieve Park family
    1. George Mildmay lived in Singapore married Dorothy Earnshaw no [? ?] orchids
    2. John Julius died Yokohama 1879
    3. Blanche Emily married William Ramsay Scott had nine children
    4. Louisa Caroline married Charles James Bolton died at sea only one child Charles surviving her.
    5. Sarah Elizabeth married Jock Abell lived in Japan two children
    6. Annie Maria married Whitworth Allen six children
    7. Amelia Lydia married Thomas Jackson lived in Hong Kong 8 children
    8. Alfred married Lena Fielden[35] lived in Japan four children
    9. Florence Gertrude married Dr. William Hartigan lived in Hong Kong to children


    1. John Julius Dare married 1840 Louise and when at St. Felix children

                                                    i.     Mary Geraldine

                                                  ii.     Nina Sarah Louisa (cousin Sarah)

                                                iii.     Jane Anna

                                                iv.     John Julius married Carolyn Taylor died 1896 lived in Demarara nine children

                                                  v.     Louise Antoinette (cousin Louise)

                                                vi.     George Julius married Miss Dixie two children


St. Felix Dr. to St. Felix was attached to the court of Louis XVI and fled from France at the breaking out of the revolution.

He accumulated large property in Demerarra and married a Miss Osborne of Upshire Hill near Waltham Essex. Two of their sons entered the Army, one in the 27th Regiment, the other Anthony the guards. The former married his cousin a Mary Osborn born 1800 and had three children. Louis, a daughter who married a Mr. Campbell, and Louise Antoinette who has inherited a little of the property of her grandfather Mr. Osborne – P.T.O.


Dr. John [?] Dare and Joseph [Parke?]

Mary Ann Jane [Edwards/} Friday, 11 December 1829



Record Office Fetter Lane

1668 one John Julius was paid a sum of money by the King to bring himself and his family from St. Kitts to North Yarmouth. In take letter to St. Kitts.


Mr. St. Felix of the 27th  Regiment was very intimate with Prince Louis, afterward King of Sardinia who took much interest in and provided for Louis St. Felix, who could speak only in Italian and French. Louis St. Felix paid a long visit to England in 1857 and died at Chambray in 1859.

Louisa Antoinette St. Felix was born in July 1821 and in 1840 married Mr. John Julius Dare -- her mother Mary St. Felix née Osbourne died at Turin in 1822.

The Dare Swiss property comes through Dean Abbott who was related to the Osbornes.

Julius crest starfish

coat of arms crest above

two starfish

Two doves

One starfish

one dove


Virtue et Industria Floreseo

Capt. William Julius

William John

George Charles = Isabella Maria Gilder 11 children

1775 – 1864          1774 – 1867


George Charles = 1.Jean Spaight[36] 2. Susan Thorley


buried at Richmond Palace.

Five children

Herbert Amelio's. Dedrick Adolphus. Reginald Ethel and Ella

George Charles was brother to Louisa Caroline who married Phocion Dare.



Capt. William Tollemashe or Tolmash born 1663 was the youngest son of the Duchess of Lauderdale by her first husband Sir Lionel Tollemashe of Helmingham. In Paris 1681 duel with Hon. Wm. Carnegie[37] and killed him -- arrested by French -- tried at Castle let Leger escaped his mother paying fine of £2000 outlawed and went to Genoa – later joined Tangiers fleet later pardoned by House of Lords and came home 1685 accused before Gov. Wm Stapleton[38] that with the others he went from Barbados on private business & plundered French ship Salter Indus later killed purser of HMS Diamond found guilty of manslaughter and burnt in the hand. Colonial State Papers letter to Lords of Trade -- Plantations King granted him commission as Lt. [?] Woolwich 5 October 1688. Capt. HMS Lark later Berkley Castle 1689 Capt. of HMS Jersey, went to West Indies 1690, died of yellow fever.


[1] The next two pages are a transcription of notes done by one of the children of Louisa Caroline JULIUS (1764-1845). They had to be written sometime before 1882 – the date of the death of the last surviving child, Louisa Caroline DARE. It would seem based on info about Charles Morgan that they even go back to before 1859. They were probably addressed to George Mildmay DARE (1840-1907), a grandson of Louisa Caroline JULIUS, and therefore a boy or young man when they were written.

[2] William JULIUS (1726-1780)

[3] John JULIUS (?-aft 1814)

[4] William ETHERIDGE. I found only one entry in Caribbeana – more to learn here. He died 1797, lately arrived from America. He could be an uncle on either the EDWARDS or the JULIUS side – I have no record of him.

[5] William JULIUS (1726-1780)

[6] Jane Smith EDWARDS (abt 1723- abt 1823)

[7] Brecon – a town in Wales where the author had lived for a time. This means that we can rule out William DARE (1798-1820) and John Julius DARE (1805-1850) as possible authors.

[8] Charles MORGAN (1792-1875) of Tredegar Park. Since he was made Baron Tredegar in 1859, these notes must predate this event. – I have not yet tracked down the relationship. The only two DARE siblings to live after 1859 are Jane Adelaide DARE (1797-1872) and Louisa Caroline DARE (1802-1882).

·        SEE: MORGAN family of Tredegar Park.

·        Brecon Castle & MORGANs: Another problem was that Mr Edwards, the tenant of the hotel, ordered some work to be done at a higher price than Sir Charles had expected.... The first tenant and manager of the hotel was Jonathan Edwards. He had written to Sir Charles in June 1811 stating 'I am very anxious of becoming your tenant at the Castle at Brecon'. Mr Edwards who wrote from Llwyn Jack, Carmarthenshire ...

[9]Isabella ERSKINE(d. 1824). According to available records, her first husband, William Leslie HAMILTON (d 1780) was Attorney General. There is no record of a marriage to William ETHERIDGE. I wonder if she was a later Isabella ERSKINE?

[10] Osborn House on the Isle of Wight.

[11] Fanny NISBIT widow of Josiah NISBIT. She was born Frances Herbert WOOLWARD (1761-1831), probably at St. Kitts.

[13] Louisa Caroline JULIUS (1764-1845). She was the mother of six children, including George Julius DARE.

[14] Capt. William JULIUS (1665-1698) – add a few “greats” before “uncle”.

[15] Eliza BALL aka Anne Elizabeth BALL (1846-1922) married ARBITHNOT. She was born at New Ross, Wexford; her father served in East India Co.

[16] Who this A.S. JACKSON is (surname from other papers of Amy Oliver JACKSON) is still mysterious. In another document, Jane Adelaide DARE is said to be an aunt of this person, and Eliza Tollemache is said to be a great grandmother. It does not all line up.

[17] William Tollemache PARKE

[18] Elizabeth BUSHE

[19] Sarah Shrieve PARKE & Mary Bushe PARKE

[20] Sir Harry SMITH (1787-1860) This would be during his first stint in South Africa, when he was Governor of the Province of Queen Adelaide.

[22] James SEDGEWICKE married Mary Bushe PARKE

[23] Capt. NICHOLSON. I do not know who he is.

[24] Mrs. HOCKLEY may have been Jessie PRINGLE (1795-1880) – her last two children bore the surname HOCKLEY, and she died at Bedford, Cape.

[25] Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

[26] William Tollemache PARKE & Elizabeth BUSHE.

[28] Elizabeth BUSHE was the grandmother of Lizzie – the author of this letter.

[29] Capt James SEDGEWICK (1811-1872)

[30] Mary Bushe PARK (1822-aft 1865)

[31] Buccleuuch-terrace

[32] The Wanata was constructed in New Briunswick.

Master: Captain J. Lee
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1852
Tonnage: 1,150 tons using old measurements and 1,442 tons using new
Construction: 1852 in New Brunswick, using Hackmatac, Elm, Birch & Pitch
Owners: Barton & Co.
Port of registry: Liverpool
Port of survey: Liverpool

[33] Elizabeth Martin – here is a photo of the ship.

[34] Susan THORLEY

[35] NOTE: FIELDEN family also in St. Kitts.

[36] This corresponds with Burke’s.

[37] William CARNEGIE - son of Robert CARNEGIE & Lady Anne HAMILTON. Hon. William Carnegie, killed in a duel at Paris, in 1681, by William Talmash, son of the duchess of Lauderdale. http://www.electricscotland.com/history/nation/southesk.htm  

[38] Governor William STAPLETON was Governor of the Leeward Islands. He descended from an old English Catholic family from Tipperary. Curiously, he too had once been accused of murder, was in jail in 1667, and was granted a royal pardon so he could join his regiment in Barbados. SEE: Donald Akenson’s If the Irish Ran the World.



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