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This is just a start for this particular tree. I still have a bit more deeds work to do. I expect that soon, I will be able to attach these JACKSONs to JACKSONs - one line based in Co. Carlow & Co, Wicklow.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 14, 2017
Update April 6, 2019. Thanks to Graham Jackson, I have made changes based on information in A Family Tapestry: The Interwoven Threads of Some Anglo-Irish Families. Eva Gertrude Plewman Appleton. Book 2 (of 6) Privately printed pp 58-59

2019 JACKSONs of Spinians of Spinians and Baltinglass

1-James JACKSON Gent b. Bef 1700, d. Between 1770 and 1775, of Spinianstown, Parish Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow
 + Anne
...2-Hannah JACKSON
    + Robert SHAW d. of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow
......3-Alicia SHAW
......3-Esther SHAW
...2-Thomas JACKSON b. of Spinianstown, Parish Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow, d. After 1792, of Collierstown, Co. Dublin and then of City of Dublin, Bur. possibly Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow
    + Mary SOCKSMITH m. 29 May 1784, St Michans, City of Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
......3-Jacob JACKSON b. of Spinianstown, Parish Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow, d. 1792
       + Ellinore HIGGINBOTHAM m. 1749 Update January 15, 2019: Benthams Abstracts: Jacob JACKSON of Spinians Co. Wicklow Gent & Ellinore HIGGINBOTHAM of Parish of Donaghmore Co. Wicklow 13 Sept 1749
.........4-Thomas JACKSON b. Bef 1792
.........4-James JACKSON
.........4-Joshua JACKSON
.........4-Joseph JACKSON b. of Spinians, Co. Wicklow
          + Mary TUDOR b. of Parish of St. Bridget Dublin, m. 18 Apr 1792
.........4-John JACKSON
...2-Alexander JACKSON b. Bef 1737, d. Bef 1785, of Tyrone
    + Mary FAIRBROTHER d. After 1773
......3-Mary JACKSON b. Bef 1773
       + Thomas DRY
......3-Jane JACKSON b. Bef 1773
       + John DRY
......3-James JACKSON b. Bef 1773
...2-Jane JACKSON b. 1739, of Donaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow, d. 1825, Dunlavin, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow
    + Thomas PLOUGHMAN b. of Newtown, Co. Kildare, m. 31 Jul 1766, Parish of  Donnaghmore, Barony Upper Talbotstown, Wicklow, d. 1802, par. William PLOUGHMAN
......3-William PLOUGHMAN
       + Anne NOBLE m. 1794
...2-William JACKSON b. Bef 1745, d. Bef 1836, of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow
    + Anne RIGGS m. 1831, d. After 1836, par. John RIGGS and Margaret CLOYNE
......3-Thomas JACKSON
...2-James JACKSON d. After 1769
    + Rachel NEEDHAM m. 1769, d. 1779, Dublin NOTE: 1775 May 20. John BOURKE, Druggist of Dublin City and Rachall NEEDHAM orse JACKSON, widow of Dublin City to marry shortly; Rachall NEEDHAM seized of considerable fortune. If Rachall NEEDHAM to die before it, it shd be lawful for her to dispose of £150 for purposes she shd think fit & in case she does die, same amt to go to child of marriage, if none.
...2-Samuel JACKSON d. After 1760


1788 Jun 24 ROD 402-191-264706
Btw Thomas JACKSON of Hammond Lane Co & City of Dublin of the 1st part & Mary JACKSON his wife of 2nd pt and John HALPIN of the City of Dublin Combmaker and Edward BROOK of said City gent of the 3rd pt Reciting that certain Differences & disagreements had arisen and were then subsisting  between the said Thomas JACKSON and Mary JACKSON his wife and that in order to put an end to same they had mutually agreed to live separate from each other and that the said  Thomas JACKSON by virtue of the Deed of Settlement in said Deed  [?] was seized and possessed of among other houses the Premises in said Deed party recited  and herein after mentioned the said Thomas JACKSON to provide a separate Maintenance & provision for said Mary JACKSON during such time as she should live separate from her  said husband by said deed Did Grant bargain sell release and confirm unto the said John HALPEN and Edward BROOK in their actual position then being by virtue of the Bargain & Sale therein mentioned in trust for the sole use of Mary JACKSON One Amount or Clear Yearly Rent charge of £30… payable out of… dwelling House Assuage or Tenement… formerly in possession of  Thomas LEWIS but now in possession of John BUTLER Baker situate lying or being in the corner or front of Hammond Lane and Pudding otherwise Lincoln Lane in Co 7 City Dublin… that Thomas JACKSON during such time as said Mary JACKSON should live separate  [?] not under any pretence whatever Call upon or molest the said Mary  in the posson of any place of abode she might hereafter Occupy or cause her to be disturbed therein in like Manner that said Mary should not Molest or disturb the said Thomas JACKSON his children or family or procure it to [leedom] & that in case the said Thomas JACKSON should at any time thereafter be obliged to pay or that he should be sued for a Debt which the said Mary should Contract for her own use & account then it should be lawful for said Thomas JACKSON to enter  unto the said premises and recover the full amount of said debt and costs  & also that the said Thomas JACKSON should permit the said Mary JACKSON to have receive take away carry & remove all wearing apparel of what kind soever with the several articles of household Furniture and other matters mentioned in the schedule of deed Indorsed and to dispose  of the same as she think proper….





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