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I know little about the raids on illegal stills, but I liked the phrase: midnight legislation.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 10, 2013


1834 February 11 Newry Telegraph


ATTACK ON THE REVENUE POLICE -- on the morning of the 3rd inst, Lieutenant Robinson[1] proceeded with his party to the neighbourhood of Crossmaglen, where he succeeded in destroying one still, head and worm, together with singlings, potale, &c., and afterwards in arresting a prisoner in whose house a quantity of malt was in process. While destroying one of the seizures, a mob assembled on a neighbouring hill, and four shots were fired at the officer and his party, fortunately without effect. Lieut. Robinson did not return the fire. Our informant adds -- it is well known that midnight legislation is carried on in this neighbourhood. It is an undeniable fact, that the peasantry have plenty of arms and (as verified in this instance) are ready to use them. It becomes therefore a matter of surprise, the Government do not take some effectual measure for either disarming ‘the finest peasantry’ or preventing such glaring outrages, in open day, upon his Majesty's officers, discharging their public duty.




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