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1659 "Census" of Ireland - JACKSON mentions. This falls short of being a true census since it only notes the tituladoes aka the big landowners of the day. Even so, it does us back to pre-1708, the date when leases were first recorded in the Memorials of Deeds. As a result, it strengthens some of my hunches and takes us further back in time. My footnotes will likely get added to – when I can get to it.
Sharon Oddie Brown December 14, 2022

1659 Census of Ireland JACKSON mentions

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·         1639 The Great Parchment Book – JACKSON mentions.



Notes on Tituladoes names etc




James JACKSON Gent. Ballenteerebeg, Parish Macasquay. 4 English & Scots & 3 Irish. NOTE John ROWLEY also on same page. SEE: Macosquin, Parish Macosquin, Barony Coleraine NOTE: 1662 Subsidy Rolls (see also 1663 Hearth Rolls) Robert JACKSON - townland of Kinnyglass [Krinnyglugh], Parish Macosquin, Barony Coleraine – a likely relation. In the 1663 Hearth Money Roll there was a James, John and Robert all recorded at Macosquin-Camus. This was probably Camus Macosquin Glebe, Parish Macosquin, Barony Coleraine. In 1729, Lease for Drondarsh, Neighretoy Bigg, Macosquin, Articlave, Ardsome and Lackagh. SOURCE: PRONI D668 Hezlett Papers. SOURCE: An Almost Total Emigration. Richard K. MacMaster …  that the territory from Down Hill to Coleraine was part of the Clothworkers' Proportion, which had been held by the late Rt. Hon. Richard Jackson, general agent for the Irish Society. The Clothworkers Proportion comprised the civil parishes of Killowen, Dunboe and Macosquin.  

Londonderry City[1]



Miles JACKSON[2] Town of Kinsale, Low Fisherstreet. 136 English 135 Irish NOTE: Now called Lower O’Connell St., Probably Townland Dromderrig, Parish Kinsale, Barony Kinsale.




John JACKSON. Town of Bandon Bridge. Bandon Bridge.542 English. 304 Irish. ED Bandon partly in Parish Kilbrogan, Barony Kinalmeaky,chiefly in Parish Ballymodan, Barony East Carbery (East Division). NOTE: The bridge is in the centre of the town, and this could be on either side of the river.




East Carbery (East Division)


John JACKSON gent (with Peter CARY[4] esq & Peter Cary jr.) BallyMcPatrick Garmore and Knockdromclohy. 4 English 34 Irish. Probably [??] & Gearagh &  Knockdromaclogh, Parish Clondulane, Barony Condons and Clangibbon


Condon & Clangibbon


Thomas JACKSON & William JACKSON gents. Ballyduff. 34 residents- 6 English 28 Irish. Ballyduff, Parish Lismore and Mocollop, Barony Coshmore and Coshbride, NOTE: On the Blackwater River. SEE: Jacksons of Waterford & Cork


Coshmore and Coshbride


John JACKSON Gent. Kilberrie, Parish Churchtowne. English 4. Irish 45. Townland Kilberry, Parish Kilberry or [??] in Parish Churchtown, both in Barony Narragh & Reban West . NOTE: The Parishes of Kilberry and Churchtown are adjacent. SEE: For a nearby JACKSON family one generation later see: JACKSONs of Co. Kildare Outline Tree-1


Narragh & Reban West 


Edward JACKSON[7] Esq. Edward JACKSON his son Gent. Corloddy. 5 English. 51 Irish. SEE: JACKSONs of Kilkenny. Corluddy, Parish Portnascully, Barony Iverk,




Isaac JACKSON[9] Esq. Killamerry English 3. Irish 43. NOTE Andrew MANWARING on same page Possibly Killonerry, Parish Whitechurch, Barony Iverk, or Killinny, Parish Kells, Barony Kells, Co. Kilkenny




Richard JACKSON. City of Drogheda and Liberties Therof. English 87. Irish 26 Probably Parish Drogheda St Peters, Barony Ferrard.




Start of Poll Money Ordinance of 1660




Lt. Col. JACKSON For the Town of Kilkenny NOTE: Probably Edward JACKSON. NOTE: There are several Parishes within the boundaries of the Town of Kilkenny: St. Maul's, St Canice's, St Mary's, St Patrick's, St John's




John JACKSON. For the Town of Bandon Bridge. ED Bandon partly in Parish Kilbrogan, Barony Kinalmeaky,chiefly in Parish Ballymodan, Barony East Carbery (East Division). NOTE: The bridge is in the centre of the town, and this could be on either side of the river.




East Carbery (East Division)


Start of Poll Money Ordinance of 1661




Lt. Col. JACKSON For the Co. of Kilkenny NOTE: Probably Edward JACKSON




John JACKSON For the town of Bandon Bridge. ED Bandon partly in Parish Kilbrogan, Barony Kinalmeaky,chiefly in Parish Ballymodan, Barony East Carbery (East Division). NOTE: The bridge is in the centre of the town, and this could be on either side of the river.




East Carbery (East Division)


[1] HUNCHES For Londonderry JACKSONs:

·         Timeline of JACKSONs of Coleraine. This page could benefit from an update. November 2022. It is on my to-do list.

·         JACKSONS of Co. Londonderry. This page includes a map and more context.

·         James JACKSON, Robert JACKSON, and John JACKSON of Camus Macosquin Glebe were likely related to the Richard JACKSON of Coleraine. Note continuity of placenames in ROD: 329-368- 219853

o   There are several ROWLEY-JACKSON connections. There may have ben an inter-marriage involving the two families in the Parish of Macosquin.

In the parish of Macosquin, Co. Londonderry: Cornelius WALL of Macosquin, Edward CANNING of Macosquin; Francis HOWARD of Creghan; John ROWLEY of Castleroe [likely the son of Sir Edward ROWLEY of Castleroe who was killed in battle in 1641]; James JACKSON of Ballinteerbeg. SOURCE: Coleraine in by-gone Centuries. Rev. T.H. Mullin D.D. Belfast 1976, p101.

[2] Miles JACKSON references:

·         ROD: 150-533-103742 1728 May 2 Image 299 Btw Miles JACKSON of Ballyphilip in the North Liberty of the City of Cork, Gent of the 1 pt & Thomas STRONGE of the same City North Liberties, Farmer. Lease of lands of Killogh & Ballyvologe in Parish of Ballyangary, Barony of Clonolloe, Co. Limerick as held by Redmond NASH and John NASH unto Thomas STRONGE his executors, assigns … during the natural life and lives of Miles

·         ROD: 101-489-72630 1737 May 19 JACKSON and Thomas STRONG. Will of Alicia LUKEY als CROSS of Cork, widow. Mentions her nephew William WALLIS Esq. several cousins. In the list of lands, mentions Miles JACKSONs concerns, all in City or suburbs of City of Cork. NOTE: The WALLIS connection. From Eustace: LUKEY, ALICIA als. CROSS, Cork, widow. 19 May 1737. Narrate, 2J pp., 21 Nov. 1741. Her nephew William Wallis, Esq. Henry Rugg, Esq., trustee. Her cousin John Gillman, Currykeen, Esq. Her cousin Ephenetus Cross, second son of Philip Hayes Cross of Cornody, Esq. Mills commonly called Careen's Mills, Mr Fitton tenant. Tucker's concerns, John Raymond's holdings, Miles Jackson's concerns, all in city or suburbs of city of Cork, and all other her real estate. Witnesses : Mary Farmer, widow of Saml. Farmer, Ballymacodagh, Co. Cork, gent., Henry Rugg, junr., apprentice to Danl. Knight, Cork, merchant, Robert Wallis, Cork, public notary. Memorial witnessed by : Mary Farmer, Saml. Farmer. 101, 489, 72630 Wm. Wallis (seal)

·         ROD: 113-119-77674 1743 Oct 17. JACKSON-COX & ors Book Index 1730-45. Btw Miles JACKSON of Baleyphilip in the County of the City of Cork, Esq. Of the part & Walker JACKSON of Lisduane, Co Limerick Gent of the other part  sale and release by Miles to Walker... Miles JACKSON intends to Suffer a Comon Recovery of the premes in order to barr and Extinguish all Intails ...complex deed....one of the witnesses was Denis O’BRIEN of Limerick ...

·         NOTE: The townland of Lisduane, Parish Ballingarry,, Barony Connello Upper, County of Limerick was the home of Miles JACKSON as early as 1655. His sons were Miles JACKSON jr. & Clifford Walker JACKSON. His daughter Fanny probably married George MONCTON. SOURCE: P 16-17 Monckton of Co. Limerick. Brian De Breffny. The Irish Ancestor, Vol. IV, No. 1, 1972.

·         Burial: Miles JACKSON 10 August 1699 at St. Catherine’s Church Dublin

[3] JACKSONs of Bandon include:

·         Jacksons are included in an alphabetical list of the English (mostly from SW England) who settled in the vicinity of Bandonbridge, Cork during the plantation scheme of Elizabeth I, circa 1588-1603. SOURCE: Brehony, Tony, West Cork - "a sort of a history, like." (Wicklow: Kestral Books, Ltd., 1997) pp.120-121.

·         March 9, 1654: Abraham Savage, aged 55, now rest. in Bandonbridge and at the time of the rendition, examd. That suddenly after the declar of Corke for the Parl., Lord Inchiquin being jealous of the town of Bandonbridge following the example of Corke, ordered Capt. Mathew Constantine with a troop of horse to possess himself of said towne and disarm all townsmen; and said Inchiquin ordered a compy. or two of Irish into the towne, but soon after observing the disaffection of the town towards the Irish soldiers, ordered one Coll. Francis Courtney to be Govr., who brought in his own Compy, and soon after the Irish were removed; and further, that Major Henry Turner, Ens. Thomas Dunkin, Cornet Wm. Fuller, Ens. Danl. Gwin, Corpl. Thomas French, Corpl. Ralph Fuller, John Langton, Corpl. John Browne, Wm. Bull, Richd. Shute, Richd. Nobbs, John Jackson, Jonathan Bennett, Jonathan Boteler, John Legg, Chas. Wills, Franc. Hill, John Shearhill, Wm. do., Thos. Williams, Robt. Stewart, Nich. Gun, Robt. Olliver, Mathias Percevall, Roger Martin, Robt. Colethurst, Tim. Philpott, Robt. Dunn, Richd. Phrips, being all townsmen, came several times to dept. before the surrender, expressing their readiness to attempt the seizing on the Govt. officers, and guards then in the town, and secure it for the Parlt and Ld-Lieut. Cromwell, but could not effect their purpose; and that Capt John Braly, Lieut. Edwd Berry, James and Henry Rice, with others, about a day or two before Broghill came with a force against said town, afsd persons secured the West guard of the town and disarmed the soldiers, turning them out, but it being so sudden a business, such others as were appointed with Major Turner to seize upon the other guards are prevented, the design being discovered; but soe it was that the above-named 4 persons, and those with them, were besieged in said guard by the soldiers then in town; and several shots made at them, so they were constrained to yield themselves prisoners; and this night the inhabs dispatched Wm Bull to Lord Broghill, informing him of the danger of the persons taken prisoner, and desiring him with some forces to come before the town, then having his countenance, would open the postern gate by seizing on the sentinel, and receive them into the town; but when Ld. Broghill came, hostages were sent forth and the town suddenly delivered by the Govr, on condition only made for himself and his soldiers, &c. 9 March 1654 - Deposition of Abraham Savage,former Provost of Bandonbridge.

·         ROD: 33-407-20715. 1719 May 28. Image 518 Samuel BROWNE of Bandonbridge, Co. Cork, cordwinder ... house and garden on north side of River Bandon adjoining orchard belonging to Ambrose JACKSON of City of Cork, merchant now in possession of James JACKSON of Bandon, merchant ... death of Samuel BROWNE & Anne his wife, father & mother of Samuel BROWNE & death of John BROWNE brother of Samuel BROWNE … Samuel BROWNE paid him and his mother Anne BROWNE by James JACKSON of Bandon Merchant … James JACKSON [SEAL]

·         ROD: 28-223-17357 1720 Nov 8. Ld. BURLINGTON- JACKSON. & Jonathon TANNER Book Index 1708-1729
James JACKSON of Town of Bandon, Merchant ... tenement called Linscombs & tenement called Landons, Town of Bandon & a small meadow of 2 acres in possession of JACKSON for 3 lives for £84 paid by Johnathon TANNER of Bandon.James JACKSON of town of Bandon, Merchant should enjoy tenement named Linscombs and the tenement called Landon in the town of Bandon, Co. Cork.

·         ROD: 33-408-20716 1721 Feb 1 Image 518 Reciting James JACKSON of Bandon, merchant & Abraham DAVIS of Bandon, Co. Cork stand jointly bound unto William REYCROFT of same town 22 Apr 1720 ... House orchard & premises

·         ROD: 38-109-23499 1722 Mar 21 Image 68 BTW James JACKSON  of Bandon, Co. Corke merchant of 1 pt & Johnathan TANNER of Bendan aforesaid (note different spellings) Merchant of other pt. For townland Linscombe, Co. Corke. Whereas 25 May 1720 Hon Richard Earl of Cork [?] Burlington let to James JACKSON tenement called Linscombs landons a small meadow containing about 2a in possession of said James JACKSON in Cork, Co. Cork with barns outhouses etc for natural life of Henry BALDWIN son of Henry BALDWIN of Mossgrove Co. Cork Thomas REYCRAFT only son of William REYCRAFT of Bandon clothier & Jonathon TANNER only son of Jonathon TANNER party to aforesaid deed.

[4] Peter CARY

·         Capt. Peter Cary, (also 'Carew' in the 'Census') a Cromwellian soldier, purchaser of a considerable estate in North East Cork.[29] This last family, of 'Careysville' near Fermoy, claimed to be of Devonshire origin, and died out in the male line in the late 19th century. SOURCE: Séamus Pender Ed. 'A 'Census' of Ireland circa 1659 with essential materials from the Poll Money', Dublin, 1931

[5] Waterford JACKSONs

·         SEE:  JACKSONs of Ahanesk, Co. Cork Photos of ruins at Ahanesk on this page. Starts with John JACKSON (born prob early 1600s) of Ballyduff, Co. Waterford. NOTE: This tree has been superseded by the Jacksons of Waterford & Cork tree. All future updates will be made there. This tree is interesting when looked at in connection with the Jacksons of Glanbeg. In each tree, there is a Mary WALLIS, daughter of Thomas WALLIS who marries a JACKSON. In the Glanbeg tree, it is a Thomas JACKSON and in the Ahanesk tree, it is a George JACKSON. Whether this is a coincidence, or an error in the secondary sources that I used (ie. Burkes), or whether there is a relationship here still to be discovered, I do not as yet know. I have an outline tree here followed by a detailed report.

[6] For a nearby JACKSON family one generation later see: JACKSONs of Co. Kildare Outline Tree-1

[7] Edmond & Edward Jackson

·         JACKSONs mentioned in the Irish Records Commission - 14th & 15th.  

EDMOND JACKSON of Corloddy in co. Kilkenny, gent. —In Corloddytowne, 223a. prof 29a. 1r. 24p. unprof—  Portnascolly, 191a. prof. 33a. unprof—in Portnaholly, 16 a.

prof. 4a. 3r. 24 p. unprof—in Dungoly, 211a.; bar. Iverke, co  KILKENNY. — Total quantity, (1,276 a. 1r. 29 p. stat.) Total rent, 15/. 19s. l^d. Date 14/4 June 19/4 year. Inrolled 9th July 1667. MY NOTES:  It is worth noting that the grants to Edmond JACKSON were from Protestants - Richard or David GRANT.

·         EDMOND JACKSON of Corloddy in co. Kilkenny, gent

o   Corluddy, Parish Portnascully (on north-eastern border of Waterford), Barony Iverk, Co. Kilkenny

o   Portnascully, Parish Portnascully, Barony Iverk , Co. Kilkenny

o   Dungooly, Parish Rathkieran (on the northern border of Parish Portnascully), Barony Iverk, Co. Kilkenny

o   NOTE: Barony of Iverke. The distribution of lands in the barony of Iverk (southwest co. Kilkenny) circa 1640 shows the major landowners as the Butlers, followed by the Datons (Daltons), the Walshs, Grants, Strangs, and Denns. The principal Irish names and their number in the 1659 census, Barony of Iverke, included: Aildwood, 007 ; Butler, 014 ; Browne, 06 ; Cody, 006 ; Donell, 009 ; Daton, 022 ; Dullard, 05 ; Dunfy, 05 ; Fitzgerald, 007 ; Grant, 033 ; Haly & Healy, 008 ; Kenedy, 007 ; Kelly, 006 ; Morphey, 006 ; Mogher, 006 ; Phelan, 011 ; Powre & Poore, 008 ; McPhillipp, 007 ; Quin, 020 ; McShane, 009 ; Welsh & Walsh, 087. Total Irish in the barony, 1358 ; total English in the barony, 099.

·         The Trinity University Down Survey Project shows four holdings for Edmond JACKSON in Kilkenny.


Down Survey Name: Portnaholly
1641 Owner(s): Leonard, John (Protestant); Grant, Richard (Protestant)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Edmund (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Iverke
Parish: Rathkeran
Unprofitable land: 4 plantation acres
Profitable land: 178 plantation acres
Forfeited: 178 plantation acres
1659 Census
Total: 10
English: 10

Townland of DUNGOOLY

Down Survey Name: Dungolagh
1641 Owner(s): Edmund, Edmun (Catholic); Grant, David (Protestant)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Edmund (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Iverke
Parish: Rathkeran
Profitable land: 221 plantation acres
Forfeited: 221 plantation acres
1659 Census
Total: 30
English: 22
Irish: 8


Down Survey Name: Portnascully
1641 Owner(s): Grant, David (Protestant)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Edmund (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Iverke
Parish: Portnascully
Profitable land: 191 plantation acres
Forfeited: 191 plantation acres
1659 Census
Total: 16
English: 14
Irish: 2
Titulado: William Collins

Townland of CORLUDDY

Down Survey Name: Curlody
1641 Owner(s): Grant, David (Protestant)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Edmund (Protestant); Holcroft, Charles (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Iverke
Parish: Portnascully
Unprofitable land: 29 plantation acres
Profitable land: 352 plantation acres
Forfeited: 352 plantation acres
1659 Census
Total: 56
English: 51
Irish: 5
Titulado: Edward Jackson


[8] Kilkenny JACKSONs

·          Portnascully is at the southern tip of Kilkenny where it borders on Co. Waterford. NOTE: This possibly pushes that tree back one generation and also makes it possible that this Corluddy JACKSON family came from Lancashire and/or Westmorland.

·         SEE: JACKSONs of Kilkenny. The land grants to Edmond JACKSON at Corluddy, Portnascully, and Dungooly, all in Co. Kilkenny were key to assembling this Jacksons of Kilkenny family tree. Benthams Abstracts filled in some of the gaps. Was he the Capt. JACKSON who had been dislodged from Co. Antrim? Was he a Royalist, or was he one of those who was caught up in the sweep when the government was transporting all Presbyterians from Antrim & Down in 1653? There is much that I do not know here

[9] Isaac JACKSON

·         The Down Survey shows two holdings for Isaac JACKSON in Kilkenny. (His name is not mentioned in Irish Records Commission 14th & 15th - Except in the Index)


Down Survey Name: Killshallaghan
1641 Owner(s): Butler, David (Catholic)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Captain Isaac (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Kells
Parish: Kilorory
Profitable land: 179 plantation acres
Forfeited: 179 plantation acres

Townland of KILLAMERY

Down Survey Name: Killosnory
1641 Owner(s): Tobyn, James (Catholic)
1670 Owner(s): Jackson, Captain Isaac (Protestant)
County: Kilkenny
Barony: Kells
Parish: Kilorory
Unprofitable land: 15 plantation acres
Profitable land: 386 plantation acres
Forfeited: 386 plantation acres
1659 Census
Total: 46
English: 43
Irish: 3
Titulado: Isaak Jackson



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