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NAMES: Richard BARRETT; many members of the MARKEY family.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 10, 2013


1840 Sept 15. Freemans Journal

Transcription Credit: http://www.igp-web.com/IGPArchives/ire/louth/newspapers/freeman-louth03.txt




Reynoldstown, Termonfechin, 9th Sept. 1840.

Dear Sir-

I enclose 31 shillings, the subscriptions of 11 Repealers, and my

own subscription of 1/. I request you will propose us as members of the

Loyal National Repeal Association on the next day of meeting, and you will


Yours, etc.

Richard Barrett[1], Esq.

Owen Markey[2].

Nicholas Owen Markey[3].

John Kieran Markey[4].

Elizebeth Markey[5].

Mary Anne Markey[6].

Margeret Markey[7].

Eliza Markey[8].

James Kelly Markey[9].

Daniel O'Connell Markey[10].

Mary Markey[11].

Betsey Markey[12].

Martha Markey[13].

All admitted by acclamation.


[1] Richard BARRETT. He is likely related to the BARRETTs of Dowdalshill.

[2] Owen MARKEY Esq. of Reynoldstown was in attendance at a meeting  October 25th & November 1, 1837 to encourage people to register their Freeholds. SOURCE: http://www.mc-research.com/Home/Records/Electors/19-century.htm

[3] Nicholas Owen MARKEY. This is possibly the same person: Nicholas Markey m. Mary Brabazon c. 1793 and had Jenny 1794, Mary 1796, James 1798, Anne 1800,John 1802, Patrick 1803, Bridget 1805, Nicholas 1808, Margaret 1811. SOURCE: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/IRL-LOUTH/2002-12/1040346806 It is possible that he was the same one who was a subscriber to St. Christian's New Church, Tullyallen, near Mellifont, County Louth. SOURCE: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~fianna/county/louth/loutchu.html  Another convergence of name & place is that Walshestown House was built for Nicholas Markey, a good friend and election agent of Daniel O'Connell.  http://www.buildingsofireland.ie/niah/search.jsp?type=record&county=LH&regno=13901916 Also of interest, “In 1842 New Year's-day was celebrated by a crowded  Repeal meeting at Dundalk. It was supposed not less than  from sixty to seventy thousand persons attended. The  crowds flocked in from the neighbouring Counties of Armagh,  Down, and Meath. O'Connell, at this time Lord Mayor of  Dublin, was accompanied to the meeting by Messrs. Boylan,  Markey, Caraher, and other Repealers, and the chair was  taken by Berkely B. Stafford, Esq. O'Connell made a most  powerful speech, and, at the banquet which followed, nearly  600 persons sat down. To the toast of " The People — the  True Source of Legitimate Power, " the Rev. Mr. Marmion  ably responded.” SOURCE: http://www.marmionfamilytree.com/CountyLouthIreland.html Also, Nicholas MARKEY, Esq. of Walshestown was in attendance at a meeting October 25th & November 1, 1837 to encourage people to register their Freeholds. SOURCE: http://www.mc-research.com/Home/Records/Electors/19-century.htm

[4] John Kieran MARKEY

[5] Elizabeth MARKEY

[6] Mary Anne MARKEY

[7] Margaret MARKEY

[8] Eliza MARKEY

[9] James Kelly MARKEY. In 1851, James MARKEY had a field at Ballybinivy. SOURCE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/newsclippings/1851May9-SamuelCOULTER.html

[10] Daniel O’Connell MARKEY

[11] Mary MARKEY

[12] Betsy MARKEY

[13] Martha MARKEY



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