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NAMES: Francis HUNT, Dairyman of Phoenix St., Dublin; Donald STEWART of Aston's Quay; Henry JACKSON of Pill Lane; William MOLONY; John JACKSON; John MOORE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 13, 2013.
NOTE: This transcription was made possible thanks to the help from Eleanore Wellwood. Any errors in either the transcription or the annotation are mine.


Deed 489 254 309094


1794 September 27


I do not know whether the dairyman, Francis HUNT, connects to the JACKSON family in any other ways than this lease, nor if the Henry JACKSON mentioned in this this deed is connected to the other JACKSONs mentioned in other JACKSON-HUNT deeds. For some of these other HUNT-JACKSON connections see:





1739 Jun 6

Deed 93-560-66911

JACKSON-COAD Book Index 1730-45 Marriage Art: btw William JACKSON of Kilmainham in Co of Dublin Tanner  of 1 pt Ralph CARD of the City of Dublin Esq. & John LOWTON of the same city clothier of the other part. Whereas a marriage btw Wm JACKSON & Ann HUNT dau to John HUNT late of the City of Dublin, clothier dec’d 200 pounds to be paid to Wm JACKSON as a marriage portion


Deed 242-206-156354

HUNT- JACKSON NOTE: I have not yet read this memorial. Book Index 1758-1768

1768 Jul 28

Deed 266-408-171859

Joseph HONE-Elizabeth JACKSON. Intended marriage of Joseph HONE, the younger, Clothier of New Market, Dublin & Elizabeth JACKSON, spinster, daughter of William JACKSON, farmer of Mill Street, Dublin; portion of £1500 from William JACKSON  to Joseph HONE; Joseph HONE the elder, Clothier of New Market St., Dublin to Joseph HONE the younger £1000 + a bond. REGISTER: Charles MEARES; William HUNT, Clothier of Chambre Street, Dublin, named to act with Joseph HONES the younger’s executors to ensure articles of agreement are enacted. WITNESSES: Peter VATEAU, Tanner of Dublin City; Robert TOWERS, Public Notary of Dublin City & Robert JONES, Public Notary of Dublin City. NOTE It appears that two brothers married two sisters. SEE: Deed 320-446-219580


Deed 299-617-199555

HUNT- JACKSON NOTE: I have not yet read this memorial. Book Index 1768-1776

1777 Jun 30

Deed 314-265-213328

Anne JACKSON widow of William JACKSON, clothier.

1779 May 5

Deed 320-446-219580

HUNT & ors Names Index: 1777-1785

Marriage made between Joseph HONE the elder of Newmarket in Co Dublin, Clothier and Nathanial KEONE [sic HONE] of Newmarket aforesaid youngest son of the said Joseph KONE [sic HONE] the elder of the first part. Anne JACKSON of Chambre Street in Co Dublin spinster youngest daughter of William JACKSON late of Mill Street in Co Dublin Farmer deceased of 2nd part William HUNT clothier of Chambre St acting executors of the last will and testament of the said William JACKSON deceased… and Joseph HONE the younger of Sumer Street in the City of Dublin Clothier of the third part. Reciting that a marriage was then intended to be had between Nathaniel HONE and Ann JACKSON who was entitled under the will of her late father to one thousand five hundred pounds with the third part of the residue his estate. NOTE It appears that two brothers married two sisters. SEE: Deed 266-408-171859

1785 Nov 25

Deed 374-275-249017

Anne JACKSON of Summer St., widow, sister of William HUNT, deceased.



To the Registrar of Deeds and so forth. A memorial of a certain indented deed of assignment dated the 27th day of September, 1794, reciting that Francis Hunt[1] of Phoenix Street[2] in the city of Dublin, Dairyman and by virtue of a lease to him made by Donald Stewart[3], of Aston’s Quay[4] in the said city merchant dated the second day of May, 1792, possessed of the lot of Ground and premises and hereinafter mentioned for the term of 80 years to be Computed from the 25th day of September, then last at the yearly rent of £14 paid half yearly is therein mentioned and witnessing that the said Francis Hunt did for the consideration therein mentioned, assign, convey unto and make over onto Henry Jackson[5] of Pill Lane[6] in said city Merchant the said lot of ground and premises that is say all that and those a lot of ground being part of the slaughterhouse yard in Phoenix Street aforesaid and said lot of ground containing 28 feet on front to Phoenix Street and in-depth from feet to rear 57 feet and in front in the rear 28 feet be the said Several Admeasurements or less Situate Lying and being on the north side of Phoenix Street in the city of Dublin to hold to the said Henry Jackson, his executors and assigns the said lot of ground and premises with their appurtenances and all buildings and Improvements erected, made over for the residue of the said term of 81 years sublet to the payment of the said yearly rent of £14 above taxes which said deed contains other costs and Considerations and is lodged with this Memorial witnessed by William Molony[7] and John Jackson[8] of the city of Dublin gent. Francis [his Mark] Hunt seal. Signed and sealed in presence of William Molony, John Jackson, the above named William Molony maketh oath that he saw the deed whereof the said above is a Memorial and also the above Memorial duly perfected by the above named Francis Hunt by setting his Mark thereto respectively and by duly acknowledging the deed aforesaid to be his proper act and deed. & saith that deponent truly read said deed and Memorial with the seal for the considered money on the back aforesaid deed. Previous to the execution there of and saith that the said William Molony Subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial is the deponent’s proper name & [?] and saith he delivered said deed and memorial to John Moore[9] Esquire Deputy Registrar the 30th day of September in the years 1794 at or near 11 o’clock forenoon. William Molony sworn before me on this 30th day of September 1794. John Moore Deputy Registrar.

[1] Francis HUNT, Dairyman of Phoenix Street, Dublin. I do not yet know anything about him.

[2] Phoenix Street is one block long, and It is a couple of blocks west of, and a continuation of Pill Lane. It is between W. Arron St. & Lincolns Inn. And is two blocks north of Arran Quay. It appears to now be known as: Phoe Street.

[3] Donald STEWART

[4] Aston’s Quay is on the southern shore of the Liffey at the end of Sackville (now O’Connell Street).

[5] Henry JACKSON (1750-1817). The Dublin Directory shows a Henry JACKSON of 87 Pill Lane in 1794. He was also at 160 Church Street and 159 Church Street. He was a key organizer for the United Irishmen, and had to leave the country in 1798. He had to flee Ireland as a result of his political activities, and settled in Baltimore.

[6] Pill Lane is now known as Chancery Street. At the time, it extended from Boot Lane to Church Street and was in the Parish of Saint Michan, which was Henry JACKSON’s Parish Church, as well as the parish church of many of his fellow coconspirators in the United Irishmen.

[7] William MOLONY. I do not who he was.

[8] John JACKSON (1744-1824). I assume this to be the brother of Henry JACKSON – he often seemed to be party to his brother’s business dealings.

[9] John MOORE, Deputy Registrar.



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