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MITCHELBURN vs JACKSON. These notes lead to documents that shed light on Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706), his sister-in-law Susan BERESFORD (d. 1706) and her second husband, John MITCHELBOURNE (abt 1647-1721).
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 15, 2018
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 Source: TGF Paterson Notebook MS No 135 (4 vols) at Armagh Museum


An Exchequer Bill of 1st July 1709

John Mitchelborne of London City v Richard Jackson of Dublin City Gent gives the following information: That plaintiff as administrator to his late wife SUSANNA MITCHELBORNE als JACKSON lately filed an Ex. Bill.

That in 1690 Plaintiff married Susan widow of Wm. Jackson Esq & by deed of 6 Feb 1700 between Plaintiff and said wife of one part & William Bishop of Derry, by which Susan had power to appoint £700, £100 in hands of Wm. Etc. that Susan had £100 per year & died intestate in 1706 to which Plaintiff took out admonn, but being absent in England [yet?] got possession. Said debt [debenture?] inherited from Samuel Jackson of Dublin who died worth £30,000 in Debts [Debentures?] houses etc.


Marriage settlement 6 Feb 1700

Col John Mitchelburn & Susanna widow of William Jackson. Trustees William Bishop of Derry [William KING was appointed Bishop of Derry in 1691] & Samuel Jackson Esq. Bishop of Derry to dispose of £1,000 among children of Susan by William Jackson.

Col. Mitchelburn transfers to Trustees the lower half town of Gobnoscale in Manor of Goldsmiths in Derry Liberty & his dwelling house there one lately erected by him & held in fee farm grant under James Strong, Gent, at £12 yearly rent with £600 in hands of Richard Mitchelburne, Gent, his brother, houses, stock, plate, etc & leases under see of Derry. See Vol 3-1-30 No 19, Marsh’s Library, Dublin



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