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NOTE: I have only footnoted information in this document pertinent to JACKSONs[3]. This document is intriguing because there seem to be links between Josiah JACKSON of Athy [mentioned beneath] and Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 1, 2013





The following short diary and genealogical records of the ROSE family have been copied from a small vellum-bound volume, formerly the property of Thomas ROSE.


Left Dublin  25th Feb. 174r,; made ye land Wed. 3d April ; got in ye Bay Thursday [illegible]. Came along side of Philadelphia Sat. 11th facing the great and main St. called Market street. Went on shore directly and found Mr. George Miller by whom I was handsomely rec'd. and entertained. Set out for Burlington the Tuesday following, being ye 14th. Arrived there in the evening, met with a brotherly, friendly reception. Matilda, bro. Joseph's eldest daughter was born at Burlington, in New Jersey, the third of November 1741, ½ an hour

after 10 at night and Baptized by the Rev. Mr. David Cowell. the 5th  7ber 1744. Sarah Ann Ursula Rose 2nd daughter to brother Joseph, was born 27th  May 1744. Mr. Bliss at Bordertown.


1747/8 January 23. — This day I entered the 47th year of my age, being 46 years old. It is the most melancholy birthday yr I remember, being worse ye a prisoner at large, confined to my brother Joseph's house at Burlington. New Jersey, in America : not having handled one single Penny since the 4th day of November last,. and ye was a Shilling bill, having no acquaintances nor no friend of no sort.


February 7th  to 9th. — A great frost and ye with a deep Snow. William Rose and Sarah Crutchly alias Chapman, were married in St. John's Church, Dublin [Ireland] March 27th 1694. He died January 8th 1731/2 aet 68; she died 27th 1Ober 1728. aet 53. Mrs Grace Chapman, mother of above Sarah, died 27th lOber 1698.


Sarah Rose[4], daughter to the above, was born between 5 and 6 in the morning, being Friday, March 13th 1694. She married 8th July 1732, the Rev. David Syme, [Minister of the Gospel. in the town of Catherloch. When I left their house, which was February 7th  1746, she had living issue :

Sarah Syme, born 8ber  1 1733.

Ann Syme, born March y- 27- 1735,

Ann Rose, was born May 14th  1698, and married ye 30th  of June 1716, to M' Josiah Jackson[5] of Glassceily[6] ; and died, ye 21st August 1733, and left seven children :








whereof Ann and Samuel are since dead.

  William Rose, was born June 22nd 1700, and died 1 year and 4 months old.

  Thomas Rose, was born at 2 in the morning January 23rd 1701/2.

  John Rose, was born February 14"-^ 170|. Died" on Good Friday 1730, at Philadelphia.

  Joseph Rose, born about 9 on Saturday night. April 8th 1704. Left Dublin August 21st 1729, and arrived at Philadelphia 21st 9ber following. Married Mrs. Ursula Wood, relict Abraham Wood. and had by her—

Matilda, born November 3- 1741, at Burlington N. J.

Sarah Ann Ursula, born May 27- 1744.

Joseph Rose died at Lancaster, Pens., February 14th  1776. He was admitted to Supreme Court, April 26th, 1750. [His wife died in 1794.]

  Benjamin Rose was born July 25th, 1705, at 6 Wednesday night.

  Catherine Rose, was born June 37th, 1707, died aet 2 years 6 months.

  Grace Rose, was born January 23rd, 1707, died young

  William Rose, was born September 9th, 1713, died 1716.

  Catherine Rose, was born March 24th, 1714 [?]. Married June 29th 1732, James Wall, of Knockrigg, County Wicklow. When I left her house February 11th 1746/7, she had the following children living:




Oliver Cromwell,


  Nathaniel Rose, was born April 21st, 1715 ; died in 5 months.

  Samuel Rose, was born October 2nd,1717, about 5 p.m.


[1] Based on the following Deed:8-213-2632, I suspect that the ROSE family were Quakers.

WALKER-HUTCHINSON His will. SOURCE: Registry of Deeds, Abstracts of Wills.

Appoint my well beloved son John HUTCHINSON and my loving friend Amos STRETTLE of the City of Dublin Merchant  joint executors. House tenement in Temple Bar in the suburbs of the City of Dublin wherin I now live... son in law Elisha FRANCIS Tallow Chandler daughter Rachel FRANCIS wife of Elisha,,, lease to Elisha house built by him on the North side of Fleet St.... Mill in Dame St... House in Esex Street ......other leases from 3 HAWKINS brothers on Fleet Street and Lazy Hill in suburbs of London [? – did I mistranscribe?]... daughter Sarah STUDDART wife of John STUDDART...daughter Rebekah HUTCHINSON... sister Jane WEBB...cousins Thomas ROSE, John ROSE & Jane ROSE...other names cousin Thomas HUTCHINSON... bequest to Poor Friends called Quakers belonging to the Men’s Meeting of Dublin...1706/1707 Mar 10 Quaker. WITNESSS Nathanial BRADFORD.

[3] For mention of ROSE see: Jacksons of Duddington under Francis JACKSON. Deed: 74-211-50840 1732/3 Jan 17 JACKSON Francis Doddington [sic – Duddington], Co Northton Indented deed, Assignment between John ROSE of Catherstock, Co of Northton, Esq made over to John CROKER all that the manor or lordship of Mountkenny + other lands in Co Wicklow [....several townlands incl townland of Jonestown] for residue of term from Lease & Release of 3 Jun 1730. NAMES: John ROSE, Catherstock, Co. Northton; Sir Wm DUDLEY Bart, Clayton Co. Northton; John CROKER, Gent, Dublin; Francis JACKSON (Witness to deed & Memorial), Gent, Doddington, Co. Northton. NOTE: This may be the Francis JACKSON d 1744, 2nd surviving son of Thomas JACKSON of Duddington Hall.

[4] Sarah ROSE For a ROSE-JACKSON connection see Deed: 338-606-393153. Deed: 8-213-2632. 1756 May 3: In order to pay off £2000 as part of indebtedness to Samuel STOCK, Gent of Dublin City, Luke STOCK, Hosier of Dublin City for £110 advanced by Samuel STOCK, assigned Samuel STOCK the 2 sd leases in which he was vested. Sarah SYM orse ROSE Sarah SYM, Spinster John FERGUSON, Merchant & Anne FERGUSSON, wife of John FERGUSSON unto Luke STOCK of shop under which William BEBBY then dwelt, lately in poss of Thomas ROSE, on west side of street leading to Essex Bridge & south side of Back Quay "Caple Quay" suburbs of Dublin with back front & 3 sets of stairs of William BEBBY's house, with wareroom cellars being in back pt of Mr. NIXON's house on sd Quay from 15 July then last for 62 years at £33 ster. 1780 Dec 6 Charles WARNER, Shoemaker unto William Duke MOIRE, Jeweller new dwelling house with vault on west side of street leading to Essex bridge bound on north & west by house of Samuel STOCK, on east by Kings pavement, on south by house of JACKSON, in manner as lately held by Mr. Isaac NEWTON and now held by Charles WARNER, to hold unto William Duke MOIRE from 25 March then next for 36 years at £70 ster rent

[5] Josiah JACKSON. Of great interest to me, is a deed that ties Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Dublin, a tanner, to Josiah JACKSON. JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1708-1738. Deed: 43-421-28800. Indenture May 6, 1724 Wm. JAMES of Athy. Co. Kildare, Tanner did demise & set to Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff in Co. Dublin Tanner and Josiah JACKSON of Glassholly, Co. Kildare Farmer lease of house in Athy from Robert JACKSON to Josiah JACKSON for 22 years

[6] Glassceily is likely is likely Glassely, Barony of Narragh & Reban East, Co. Kildare - where so many JACKSONs resided. SEE: Jacksons of Kildare.

[7] Grace JACKSON

[8] Anne JACKSON, according to this diary, died before 1747.

[9] Susannah JACKSON

[10] Sarah JACKSON

[11] Josiah JACKSON. Given the convergence of geography and time-frame, I wonder if this is the Josiah JACKSON who married Mary ALCOCK in 1760, and if so, if he is related to the JACKSONs of Nashe’s Quarter. SEE also: Jacksons of Dublin.

[12] Samuel JACKSON, according to this diary, died before 1747.

[13] Katherine JACKSON



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