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I have noted the references to Thomas JACKSON & members of the DARE family. I particularly enjoyed that Thomas JACKSON’s pony, which always finished out of the money in races, was called Dismay.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 31, 2014.


1872 The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 3





Feb 3, 1872

E. & O.E. Yokohama, 1st January, 1872 J.J. DARE secretary.

Mr. T. JACKSON was proposed and nominated as a new member of the Chamber.

Auditors, Mr. BAKER & Mr. JACKSON. NOTE: R.B. BAKER was Manager of the Chartered Mercantile Bank.


February 17, 1872

In a race of hounds, Mr. DARE jr was first to arrive at 4:31. [The hares started at 3:30]


Mar 16, 1872 The Proposed Regatta. Mr. Dare appointed secretary.


In the long race, Mr. DARE came in 3rd.


Apr 13, 1872

Account of Hospital meeting

MR. JACKSON thought it useless and only productive of ill-feeling to go further into the accounts of 1871.


May 11, 1872

Mr. JACKSON’s pony “Dismay” came in 5th, and out of the money in the race for the Lady’s purse.


At a meeting of the Race Club, stated that Mr. JACKSONs was one of the 7 Japanese stables.


Saturday, July 13, 1872

BIRTHS. On the 7th instant, at 162 Bluff, the wife of T. JACKSON, Esq. of a daughter.

DIED. At Hastings, in England, on the 20th June, 1872, G.F. UPWARD, Esq. late of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Yokohama.

J.J. Dare was in a crew that raced for Y.A.R.C. He was stroke.


John Dare testified in an inquest on the drowning of John COONEY, seaman of U.S.S. Lock___. John Dare said he was in the boat. No row took place… Cooney was drunk.


A dispute between DARE and the newspaper concerning facts about a dispute with the old Amateur Dramatic Corps. (Dare was Hon Secretary). It concerned the erection of the Gaity Theatre. A MR. MERRY had objected to leasing to smaller groups, and was supported by Mr. MOLLISON. But beyond this, there seems to be an absence of all desire on the part of the old corps to assist in the formation of the new one. NOTE: This would be James Pender MOLLISON (1844-1831). He & Jackson would have served together on the Chamber of Commerce, and the Cricket Club, and have shared business interests as well..


Letter from J. Julius DARE, Hon Sec Yokohama Amateur Dramatic Corps, denies all the allegations that the paper had printed. NOTE: There seems to have been a squabble over who had the rights to use the theatre.


Nov 2 1872

Mr. JACKSONs pony “Dismay” came in 4th, and out of the money in a race with other Japanese ponies.





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