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NAMES: John OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; William COUSER; William OLIVER; David JACKSON; Elizabeth OLIVER; Thomas JACKSON. PLACES: Lisdrumard; Knockagraphy; Drumgar.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 24, 2015


1880 Oliver land sale


1880 Jul 17 Belfast Morning News[1]



COUNTY OF ARMAGH – Estate of John Oliver[3] and Benjamin Oliver[4], owners and petitioners; and of William Couser[5], surviving trustee for sale under the wills of William Oliver[6], owner and petitioner; and of David Jackson[7], Elizabeth[8], his wife, Benjamin Oliver[9], and Thomas Jackson[10], owners and petitioners. 66 acres two roods four perches of the lands of Lisdrumnard[11], Barony of Armagh, held under fee farm grant dated September 15, 1837, 31a. 3r 6p perches of the lands of Knockagraphy[12], same Barony, held in fee simple; and 1 acre 0r. 34p of the lands of Drumgar[13], held under fee farm grant dated February 16, 1869, producing a net profit rent of £124 9s 6d; Poor Law valuation, £93 5s. Sold at £3,250 to Mr William Millward Jones, solicitor, in trust. Mr. Alexander McCombe[14], solicitor, had carriage of the sale.

[Before Judge Ormsby.]

[1] See related articles and also Timeline of Fight for Killynure:

·        January 25, 1875 FERRIS vs MENARY

·        April 28, 1875 COUSER vs OLIVER

[2] The sale was delayed because of various court challenges, as well as family disagreements. SEE: 1874 Oct 15 letter from Eliza JACKSON to Thomas JACKSON. See also June 7, 1887 letter and July 21, 1880.

[3] John OLIVER. I do not yet know who he is, but this reference is most interesting because of the John OLIVER (1841-1909), son of a John OLIVER who married a Margaret ROCK. There are many John OLIVERs to choose from, but it will take more deeds work to determine which one this is.

[4] Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831)

[5] William COUSER. The COUSERs (There were several of them – William, jr. & sr., Joseph and John) held about 13 acres under lease, in the 1870s, while William OLIVER held about 55 acres. I suspect that at some time I will find a significant OLIVER-COUSER intermarriage.

[6] William OLIVER (born between 1807-1811 – died 1873). A farmer at Killynure, he was the eldest brother of Eliza OLIVER (1815-1903). As Blin Brown, one of his nieces said, “he died unchurched” meaning he never married. His will was proved by Wm. COUSER & William MENARY. Effects under £3,000.

[7] David JACKSON (1814-1889)

[8] Elizabeth OLIVER (1815-1903)

[9] Benjamin OLIVER (1842-1905). I wonder if it is possible that this is the Benjamin OLIVER who was the son of Andrew Bradford OLIVER (1818-1877).

[10] Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[11] Lisdrumnard aka Lisdrumard, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh. At time of Griffiths Valuation, Thomas & William OLIVER leased from Rev. Joseph F. LEATHLEY 66.3.30 acres as well as a herds house & offices valued at £4.10.0

[12] Knockagraphy, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. At time of Griffiths Valuation, William OLIVER held “in fee” 24.3.6 acres. Records from the Brownlow Estate show that Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831), father of the William OLIVER whose lands are being sold, held this lease: Oliver, Benjamin. Killinure. Freehold Knockagraphy ₤20 15 January 1819. [and also in 1829]

[13] Drumgar, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh. At time of Griffiths, Thomas OLIVER leased 1.1.0. acres from Sir James STRONGE.

[14] Alexander McCOMBE



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