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NAMES: Leonard JACKSON; Alice JACKSON; Roger JACKSON; Christopher JACKSON; Christopher HEWSON aka HEWITSON; John LUNDE; William MOORE; William HOLME; Nicholas GARNETT; Thomas JACKSON; Henry JACKSON. PLACES: Casterton; Kirkby Lonsdale.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 3, 2016

1594 will Leonard JACKSON of Casterton


·       It is not possible – yet -to say conclusively that this family of JACKSONs is related to William JACKSON (?-1626) whose grandsons (and possibly also two of his sons) owned lands and/or settled in Ireland. The connections between the mercers of Kirkby Lonsdale and Coleraine was strong and intergenerational. One of William JACKSON’s grandsons was named Leonard, so it was something of a family name. The women were at very least close neighbours.

·       Following the names of JACKSONs recorded in the same LDS film number may help to narrow the search of the Kirkby Lonsdale JACKSONs. There are 488 of them.

·       There were a few holes in the original document, and decoding what was readable at all is thanks to Jan Waugh. The footnotes are mine, but have benefitted from the scholarship of Jan Waugh. Additions and/or corrections are always welcome.

·       To make a start at untangling the inter-relationships of various JACKSONs from Kirkby Lonsdale, I have created three pages:

o   Jackson Christenings of Kirkby Lonsdale in LDS

o   Jackson Burials of Kirby Lonsdale LDS

o   Jackson Marriages of Kirkby Lonsdale LDS

·       The footnotes are exploratory in style – not definitive. There is much to be learned.


10 May 1594. In der nomine Amen. I Leonard Jackson[1] of Casterton[2] w[ith]in the p(ar)yshe of Kyrkbeye Lonsdale[3] sicke in bodye nonethelesse, God be thanked for yt, of good and p(er)fect memorye. I do ordeyne and make this my last will and testament in maner form folowinge. First and pryncypally I [sub]mytte my [so]wle into the m(er)cyfull hands of o(ur) Lord and savyor Jesus Christ (missing) so wy(c)h the inmryids? [merits?] of whose deathe ( ) passion. I truste moste assuredly w(ith) h[is] full remyssion of all my synns and offenses. And my bodye to be buryed w[ith] in the p(ar)yshe church yarde[4] of Kirkbey aforesayd. And all dewhes to be made and dew ten daye of my buryall accordinge the lawdable custome of the same. Item my will and mynde ys that ( ) Alice[5] my wyfe shall have, occupye and enjoye all that my halfe tenemente w[ith] all and being in law? comodyties belonging the same for and during all the wedowhood w(hi)ch I am nowe in possession of w(ith) her moste comodytes and profitt. And I will also that my mother[6] have, occupy and possesse that oth(er) halfe of my sayd tenement w(hi)ch she alredye hayth in possession for and during all her naturall lyfe. And after the deathe of my sayd mother and the wedowhood of my sayd wyfe. I freely gyve the same my tenement, howses w(ith) all theyr app(er)tenances whare soever unto Roger Jackson[7] my eldest sonne, to him and to his heyres for ever. Th'executor of this my laste will and testament. I ordeyne and make Alice my wyfe (missing) Xpofer Jackson[8] my sonne, unto whome I gyve all the rest of my goods, my debtes, legaces and funeralle dyscharged. Whitnesses hereof Robt Grosrer?[9] and [Crystofer?] Hewson[10] w(ith) each? Item my will ys that Roger Jackson my eldest sonne shall ^gyve unto his brother Christofer Jackson for ayreenet? [as in 4 parts?] of my tenament at (missing [Kirkby?]) by me as he entruste? eych of? my whole ( )meny [meaning?] or the moy(missing) ( )ere of ( ) also? Leonard Jackson his debitorie the 20th of Maye 1594.


Debtes owing to him

John Lunde[11] of (F/T)rebyne? for and yoke of oxen 4( )


Debtes w(hi)ch he dyd owe

Item ( ) Joe(sep)h? Heygante?[12] ( ) dew? for one cowe 3s. 8d.?

Item " Willm Moore[13] 10s.

Item " Willm Holme[14] of Kyrkbye 20s.

Item " Nicholas Yarnit?[15] 3s. 4d.

Item " Christofer Hewsin 26s.

Item " his brother Thoms. Jackson[16] 20s.

Item " his brother Henry Jackson[17] 20s. 8d.


[1] Leonard JACKSON (Bef 1538?-1594).

·       BIRTH: I can find no baptismal record at Kirkby Lonsdale (working from both LDS as well as transcriptions). If he was the first-born child, his mother may have stayed with female relations for the birth and recovery, hence the baptism could be in another parish – likely nearby. Otherwise the lack of a record could just as easily be chalked up to mice, rats, mould, a distracted vicar or other such. There are Kirkby Lonsdale records which appear to be the births of his brothers Henry JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON (see footnotes at the end). A supposed 1538 birth date for Leonard (or a couple of years earlier) is a good fit with the birth of his eldest son, Christopher, as well as with his likely 1561 marriage.

·       DEATH: This burial date is a fit with this will.

o   Leonardi Jackson bur 14 May 1594 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmoreland  LDS  I036682  1471665

·       MARRIAGE: His wife Alice is mentioned in this will, so we can presume that she died sometime after 1594. Age-wise, a marriage in 1561 would not be out of line

o   Leondi. Jackson and (  ) mar. 19 Jan 1561 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I036688  1471665

·       PARENTS: It is only a hunch at present – but it may be that his father was a Roger JACKSON. This is based on the fact that a Roger JACKSON fathered two sons whose names match those of Leonard’s brothers Thomas and Henry.  If this Roger JACKSON was the father of all of the following children, he would have been married before 1538, and his son Leonard may have been born even a couple of years before the birth of Ellen JACKSON in 1538. A Roger JACKSON was bur. 27 Apr 1564 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-8  1471665. NOTE: We do not know if he had one or more wives, nor do we know if there was more than one Roger JACKSON:

o   Ellen, dau of (Roger?) Jackson chr 14 May 1538 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

o   Cristofer, son of Roger Jackson chr 20 May 1540, bur 13 Jun 1540 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

o   Thomas, son of Roger Jackson chr 23 Mar 1541 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

o   Laurence, son of Roger Jackson chr 7 Apr 1545 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

o   Henry son of Roger Jackson chr 12 Mar 1552 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

[2] Casterton is a small village and civil parish about mile away from Kirkby Lonsdale (as the crow flies). It is on the River Lune in the south east corner of Cumbria, England, a part of Cumbria that used to be known as Westmorland.  A lovely walk is shown here on a map. Of interest to Jackson researchers is that there are about half a dozen wills in the Lancashire Archives relating to JACKSONs of Casterton. Many of them were connected to the blacksmith trade, and that line is well documented.

[3] Kirkby Lonsdale enjoyed a number of variant spellings during this century: Kirby, Kyrkbye – to name a couple.

·       No matter the spelling, Kirkby Lonsdale was the epi-centre of generations of JACKSON’s. Many of these Kirkby Lonsdale JACKSONs settled in Ireland in the 1600s.

·       To get a feel for the place, here is a description of a walk at Kirkby Lonsdale.

·       I have written a few blog pieces about the town and the JACKSONs after staying at the Royal Hotel for a couple of days in 2015. I plan to write more in the near future:

o   Kirkby Lonsdale and the Royal Hotel. My bedroom at the Royal Hotel overlooks the Market Square. It used to be part of the gardens attached to a building that was known as Jackson Hall before it was sold and turned into the Rose and Crown. This was the property of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). He bequeathed it to his eldest son, William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Coleraine.

o   Richard Jackson (1602-1681) of Westmorland. The family tree of the known descendants of Rev. Richard JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale and his two wives: Dorothy OTWAY & Jane CARTER. With these two wives, he sired twenty living children, many of whom made a significant impact on Ireland from the mid-1600s onwards. NOTE: To be updated after I do more work on wills.

o   The Twenty Children of Rev. Richard JACKSON. Rev. Richard JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland sired fifteen children with his first wife, Dorothy OTWAY (1605-1645), and then he sired five more with his 2nd wife, Jane CARTER. These sons and daughters, and their descendants, had a significant impact on the next four centuries in Ireland. One of their sons, William, owned leases for land that covered much of Coleraine in the mid-1600s, while son Samuel had dozens of leases in Dublin, Monaghan, Meath and Cavan. NOTE: This piece will be updated after I do more work on wills.

·       Kirkby Lonsdale was one of many towns in the region which profited from the wool trade, hence the connections between sheep farmers, mercers, and merchants. The River Lune was a readily available source of energy for the mills. Many of the mercers and merchants of Kirkby Lonsdale also conducted trade in both London and Ireland. NOTE: When I attended a church service Sunday April 19, 2015, the sermon focused on what could be learned from the study of sheep, and the people who cared for them. It would not surprise me if similar sermons had been preached in centuries past. Caring for the flocks is downright biblical. Hopefully the JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale were known for good business practices, and not known for fleecing the farmers.

[4] St. Mary the Virgin is the parish Church of Kirkby Lonsdale. In the transcriptions of grave records, there are no listings for most of the JACKSONs that we know for sure were buried there (only two JACKSON names are recorded). Leonard JACKSON’s is one of the missing ones. A reference that suggests what part of the graveyard he and his relations were likely buried in can be found in the 1626 will of William JACKSON (abt 1575-1626). William JACKSON asks to be buried neare unto [my]  [Francis?] JACKSON (?-1626): I will that my body be interred in my parish church of Kirkby Lonsdale near unto my [Francis?] on the North Field of [graves?]. Since it is likely that Leonard was related to this William JACKSON, he may have been buried there. NOTE: At the northern edge of this graveyard, there is a lookout called Ruskin’s View. This was where J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) painted his famous painting of the Lune Valley. In 2012, this painting sold to a private buyer for £217,250. Ruskin had referred to the view in an 1875 diary entry: The valley of the Lune at Kirkby is one of the loveliest scenes in England, therefore in the world. …I do not know in all my country, still less in France or Italy, a place more naturally divine, or a more priceless possession of true Holy Land. At the back of the graveyard there are 87 steps that lead to this spot.

[5] Alice JACKSON née ??? (?- aft 1595).. If she remarried after Leonard’s death, there are a few other possibilities for her date of death (other than restricting the search to Alice JACKSON ).

·       Alicia Jackson bur 22 Feb 1595 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmoreland  LDS  I036682  1471665 (NOTE: This was a year after this will.)

·       There is also an LDS record of an Alice JACKSON buried Mar 24, 1607, but it only gives Westmorland as a place. That needs to be narrowed down

·       Another possible date is the burial of Alice JACKSON March 30, 1631 at Kirkby Lonsdale. That date may be a bit of a stretch.

[6] [?] JACKSON (?- aft 1795). There are a few possibilities. As Jan Waugh points out, it is a pleasant thought that she is living in her own home next to her son, and he seems to be taking care of her. It may be that the half of the house that was hers reverted to him when she died. If she had grandchildren, and if they left wills, their wills might shed more light.

·       Joane Jackson bur 16 Jan 1597 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmoreland  LDS  I036682  1471665

·       (  ), wife [widow?] of Rogeri Jackson bur 3 Dec 1595 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmoreland  LDS  I036682  1471665

[7] Roger JACKSON. It would seem that he was named after his grandfather. There are many Roger JACKSONs, but no record that I have found so far of a baptism, marriage or burial in a suitable time-frame for this one in Kirkby Lonsdale. I do not know if there is any familial link to any of the Roger JACKSONs who can be found in Ireland in the 1600s, and who seem belong to a similar mercantile/farmer class as this family.

·       The Lisburn and Co. Armagh JACKSONs.  A Roger Jackson, who had the rank of Ensign, is included in the post-Cromwellian land settlements In favour of the 1649 Officers”. The county of the land received in the grant is not recorded. SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 2007

·       This is a different Roger JACKSON, but the Rodger JACKSON (1645-?), son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) of Kirkby Lonsdale, would be in the right generation to be a possible father of the Roger mentioned in the Co. Carlow births. SOURCE: The registers of the parish church of Whittington in the County of Lancaster. Christenings, burials, and weddings, 1538 to 1764.

[8] Christopher JACKSON. There is a Jan 24, 1564/5 christening noted for a Christopher JACKSON son of Leonard JACKSON in the Kirkby Lonsdale Church baptismal records. There is also a burial for a Christopher in February 1565 in the Kirkby Lonsdale burials. More work is needed here. In 1670, there is a record of a Christopher JACKSON and a Widow JACKSON each having one hearth in Casterton. SOURCE: The Hardy’s of Barbon. P163.

[9] Robert [GROSRER?] Other potential options for who this might be: Robert GROSSER  and/or GROCER

[10] Christopher HEWSON. The name HEWITSON is in the region, and is also a possible alternate name for this person. The name DICCONSON was given as an alias of HEWSON in this time frame, and in the following century, the name HEWSON is more prevalent in the regional records. There may be absolutely no connection, but given the patterns of people from this region trading in Ireland, it may be significant that there was a Rev. Christopher Hewetson (born 1570) buried at St. Columbia Church, Swords, Ireland. The name HEWETSON is associated with Cumbria. They were also associated a century later (possibly earlier) with Crossroads farm, Old Hutton, near Kirkby Lonsdale. NOTE: A Xpofer HEWITSON (and Agnes his wife) appear in The Registers of the Parish Church of Whittington in the County of Lancaster, Christenings, burials and weddings, 1538 to 1764. Rev. Richard JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale was the rector.

[11] John LUNDE. NOTE: In 1553, and before 1547, a John LUNDE was a priest attached to the Lancaster Royal Grammar School. In 1623 there was a surrender of land by John LUNDE and Isabella of land in Donnington. SOURCE: The Northern Genealogist.

Also chart beneath: British History on Line: Yorkshire Fines. 1592.—TRINITY TERM, 34 ELIZABETH. NOTE:  a Jeanetae BATTYE married a Richard JACKSON in 1619

William Gibson, gent., John Stevenson, John Langton, Thomas Rawlynson, Thomas Newes, William Gornell, Thomas Foxcrofte, Jane Beckett, widow, John Marryner, Richard Lunde, John Lunde, junr., and Jane Battye, widow

Francis Tunstall, esq., and Elizabeth his wife


10 messuages with lands in Burton in Lonsdale


[12] [Joseph HEYGANTE?]

[13] William MOORE

·       In 1638 William Moore of Casterton and his son John sold to Roger Moore of Middleton for £50 ‘a certain close called Kirkfitt and the ancient messuage. SOURCE: Victoria County History of Cumbira: Work in Progress. Emmeline Garnett. DRAFT.

·       He may be related to a later William Moore, of Grimes Hill, Kirkby Lonsdale, sheriff, 1859, and/or a William MOORE, Deputy Lieutenant 1797.

  • Referring to a 1605 will by Richard HARDY of Casterton (names are familiar): He appends a list of his debts, which again contains a touch or two of character : To William Rondson (? Ronaldson or Rollinson) £10, to be paid at Candlemas next as may appear by a bond ; To the wife [widow] of Roland Rigg £ 13s. 4d., to be paid the next Whitsuntide as may appear by a bill ; To James Crosfield, of Kirkby Lonsdale, £4 5s. " in respect of a bargain of wool, and for other little reckonings I refer them to his good discretion " ; To Christopher Harding 9s. ; To William Jackson, "as I should remember, about the sum of 3s. " ; To Thomas Garnet, of Casterton, 4s. 6d. " and for one crook [door hinge] to a house " ; " For any account or reckoning between William Moore, Nicholas Gibson and myself, I refer them to their setting down."  SOURCE: The Hardy’s of Barbon.

[14] William HOLME (1587-1661). Presumably the William HOLME (May 24, 1618) born at Casterton, Kirkby Lonsdale was his son. SOURCE: Ancestry Tree. The HOLME family held lands in Casterton for several generations

·       In 1608 Sybill OTWAY (abt 1581-?) of Kirkby Lonsdale, daughter of Nicholas OTWAY,  married Robert HOLME. SOURCE: The Otway Family.

[15] Nicholas [GARNITT?]. A Nicholas GARNET of Casterton appears in The Registers of the Parish Church of Whittington in the County of Lancaster, Christenings, burials and weddings, 1538 to 1764. There is an excellent page: The GARNETs of Kirkby Lonsdale. It builds on the work of John Cameron Ward’s site. His site includes a genealogy of the Garnett's of Kirkby Lonsdale, Barbon and Casterton, and their descendants in America. [NOTE: At age 95, John is still actively adding to his site. An inspiration to us all.]

·       1454 Rental of Casterton from 6 March, 31 Henry VI to Michaelmas, 33 Henry VI, namely for 1½ years and 26 days: Robert Gernet, reeve there, accounts for £4 2s. 9d. of two parts of the rents and farms there (at £4 2s. 9d. per annum for the whole), and of 21s. 1½d. for two parts of the free rents there (at 21s. 1½d. per annum for the whole); and nothing for the farm of the fulling-mill there, formerly let for 6s. 8d. per annum, because it is in the lord's hand, unoccupied; of gressoms nil, and of perquisites of courts nil, because no courts were held. SOURCE: The GARNETs of Kirkby Lonsdale.

·       In the 1670 Hearth Tax Returns, GARNETs were still at Casterton. SOURCE: The Hardy’s of Barbon.

[16] Thomas JACKSON (1541-aft 1595). It would be best to have further corroborating evidence before nailing this down, but the following is suggestive:

·       BIRTH: Thomas, son of Roger Jackson chr 23 Mar 1541 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

·       MARRIAGE: Tho. Jackson and (?) mar. 29 Jan 1574/5 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-8  1471665

·       CHILDREN:

o   Agnet, dau of Tho. Jackson chr 1 Mar 1576 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-8  1471665

o   Sibellie dau of Thomae Jackson chr 6 Jul 1578 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-8  1471665

[17] Henry JACKSON (1552-aft 1595). It would be best to have further corroborating evidence before nailing this down, but the following is a good start:

·       BIRTH:  Henry son of Roger Jackson chr 12 Mar 1552 Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-7  1471665

·       MARRIAGE: Henrici Jackson and (?) mar 10 Nov 1583 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland  LDS I03668-8  1471665

·       DEATH: Aft 1595. 1606 and 1615 are two possibilities since A Henry JACKSON of Westmorland was buried in those years.



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