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This chart was created to help me navigate the outcome of the forfeiture of townlands which had been held by Sir Henry O'NEILL up to 1641. They were seized and used to pay soldiers for their arrears of pay during the Civil War, as well as the costs of "Adventurers" - aka investors - who had financed the war. The 1670 Landlords includes many of those who had been promised land in Ireland in return. That was how wars were funded at that time - not by taxes.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 27, 2018
Update March 22, 2018 Added relationships.


1641 Creggan Parish Holdings of Sir Henry O’Neil

Down Srrvey - Fews
SOURCE: Down Survey maps at Trinity College. NOTE: 75 townlands were listed. Current maps of the Parish Creggan include 58 townlands. There have been many boundary shifts. Some of the townlands are now included in the Parish of Newtownhamilton.



  • Although the Trinity College site has recorded Thomas Ball as a Catholic, this is most likely a mix-up with the Balls of St. Audeon’s Parish, Dublin (This is an understandable mistake).
  • The Lieut. Thomas Ball who was assigned the lands in the Parish of Creggan that had belonged to Sir Henry O’Neill was a Protestant who had served in Cromwell’s army. He died in 1674, and his sons inherited his leases. It is alleged in the available sources that he was born in 1642, but based on age that he served in the army, as well as the birthdates of his children, I suspect that he was born earlier.

NOTE: I have shaded the townlands which were also listed in the 1692 Ball Dividend and included the names as they were spelled in that document.

NOTE: There are a lot of one-degree-of-separations in the names listed beneath. By 1670, the lands of Tullyvallen - which had previously belonged to Sir Henry O’NEILL  were now co-owned by



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