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Descendants of Thomas JACKSON of Co. Sligo. NOTE: Several male forenames show up repeatedly in this tree: Thomas, John, Alexander, George, William. & James. These names also show up repeatedly in the family tree of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs as well as in the JACKSONs of Co. Down who first settled in Dundonald. All the members of these family trees share a similar level of prosperity based at least in part on successful farming. It is also possible that there could be links to Jacksons of Steeple & Loonburn & Islandmagee - Antrim or to the JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland and Coleraine, Londonderry or to the Jacksons of Tobermore.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 12, 2019
NOTE: I hoping to learn from others with respect to this tree. Much of the work is thanks to the stellar work of Daphne McCann. I have no clue where these JACKSONs came from before they settled on the eastern side of Co. Sligo. Some of the collateral lines and marriages to spouses from Co. Tyrone and Co. Cavan may provide a few tantalizing clues,
NOTE: The links were not working - repaired Oct 11, 2023. Much more material will be added in the next month.


Descendants of JACKSON - probably Thomas JACKSON of Co. Sligo



JACKSONs Co Sligo Map


NOTE: The information and names highlighted in red is based on my hunches. I will include them in my Complete Family Tree when I have more verification.


1-Thomas JACKSON[1]probably born bef 1750 d. 15 Feb 1833.

+ Mary d. aft 1833

...2-John JACKSON[2] b. bef 1770

......3-Alexander JACKSON[3] b 1793 possibly of Willowman, Co. Sligo

       +possibly Sarah

.........4-Rebecca JACKSON[4] b.1833 of Killery, Co. Sligo

          +John WALKER m. 1851 May 5 Parents Michael WALKER

...2-William JACKSON[5]

......3-George JACKSON

......3-Alexander JACKSON[6] b 1817 d. 1892 Feb 28 Knocknaganny, Co. Sligo.

       + Catherine KILLORAN[7]. b. 1832.Married 1850 July 2. D. 1892 Jan 18 Knocknaganny, Co. Sligo Parents Luke KILLORAN

.........4-Catherine JACKSON[8] b. 1864 Dec 11. Cornagee, Co. Sligo

.........4-James JACKSON b 1866 Nov 5. Cornagee, Parish St. John’s, Co. Sligo. d. aft 1892

.........4-William JACKSON[9] b. 1837

          +Elizabeth JACKSON m. 1860 Mar 8 Ballysadare, Sligo

Parents Samuel JACKSON[10].

...2-Thomas JACKSON[11] b. Bef 1764, d. 1859, Lavally[12], Co. Sligo

    + Sarah[13] d. 1824

......3-George JACKSON[14] b. 1786, d. 20 Jan 1862, Gortlownan[15], Parish Killerry,

        Co. Sligo

......3-James JACKSON[16] b. 1789, d. 20 Mar 1877, Tiratick, Ballintogher East,

        Sligo, Ireland

       + Elinor ACHESON b. 1811, m. 30 Jan 1830, Elphin, Co. Roscommon, d. 11 Feb 1896, Tiratick, Ballintogher East, Sligo, Ireland, par. James ACHESON of Cavetown, Co Roscommon and Unknown

.........4-Maria JACKSON b. 1832, Tiratick, Ballintogher East, Sligo, Ireland,

           d. 19 Sep 1899, Rakane, Cootehill, Cavan, Ireland

.........4-Elinor JACKSON b. 1833, Co. Sligo, d. 1916

          + Richard FAUCETT b 1821 m 1872 Apr 1 d. 1897 Oct 4 Athboy, Co. Meath

.........4-Sarah JACKSON b. 1838, d, 1922 Jun 3 at Ballinacarrow, Ballymote, Co. Sligo, d. 1922

          +Alexander GILMORE b. 1837 Co. Sligo m. 1858 Apr 29 d, 1918 Oct 29 Ballinacarrow, Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

.........4-Elizabeth Ann JACKSON b. 1841, Tiratick, Ballintogher East, Sligo, Ireland, d. 1918

          +Henry MAXWELL of Cootehill, Co. Cavan m. 1859 Feb 8 Killery, Ballintogher, Sligo

.........4-James William JACKSON[17] b. 1843, d. 30 Mar 1905, Teretick,

           Ballintogher, Co. Sligo

.........4-Jane JACKSON b. 1849, Co. Sligo

.........4-Thomas Berryhill JACKSON b. 1849, d. 1908 Nov 25, Teretick,

           Ballintogher, Co. Sligo buried Ballintogher, Co. Sligo

.........4-Catherine JACKSON b. 1851, Co. Sligo, d. 21 Mar 1946, Curraghroe, Kilmore, Co, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

          + William MOORE b. 1833, m. 31 Jul 1873, Ballintogher East. Co. Sligo, d. 19 Mar 1891, Curraghroe, Kilmore, Co, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, par. Montgomery MOORE and Unknown

.........4-Emily Margaret JACKSON b. 1855, Tiratick, Ballintogher East, Sligo, Ireland, d. 1937

          + Henry Nesbitt SHAW m. 14 Mar 1881, St Andrews, City of Dublin

......3-Mary JACKSON b. 1790, d. 1855, Lavally, Co. Sligo


[1] Unnamed JACKSON – it is likely that he was a Thomas JACKSON:

·         PROBATE: Thomas JACKSON late of Gortlowna, Ballintogher Co. Sligo Farmer died 15 Feb 1833 at same place proved in Ballina by Mary JACKSON Widow the sole executrix. Effects: £269.9.11 SEE: Gortlownan, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill.

  • I suspect that he was the Thomas JACKSON (d 1833) who in 1798 was of Gortlownan, Co. Sligo. Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Sligo
  • I suspect that he was the Thomas JACKSON who in 1830 was late of Gurtlarnan Co. Leitrim. Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Sligo SEE: Gortlownan, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill, Co. Sligo.
  • My guess is that he moved in with his son Thomas JACKSON of Lavally.

[2] John JACKSON

·         ROD: 550-231-364391. 1800 May 17. “Alexander JACKSON eldest son of John JACKSON Gent age 7

[3] Alexander JACKSON b. 1793.- aft 1832

·         ROD: 550-231-364391. 1800 May 17. “Alexander JACKSON eldest son of John JACKSON Gent age 7

·         Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Sligo ROD: 860-444-573944 1832 Jan 13. Alexander JACKSON of Willowman Co. Sligo

·         The Tithe Applotments refer to a Alina Jackson Juris Doctor who held lands in 1825 at: Tubbernana aka Toberanania , Killerry , Tirerrill I suspect this is him.

·         There is no birth cert for him, but there is an Alexander JACKSON who died Mar 25, 1875 who was 80 at time of death, hence b. abt 1795. Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Alexander Jackson late of Dernabane County Tyrone Farmer deceased who died 6 June 1874 at same place were granted at Armagh to Sarah Jackson of Dernabane (Aughnacloy) aforesaid the Widow of said deceased. NOTE: There are other family connections to Tyrone.

[4] Rebecca WALKER

·         Marriage cert: FHL Film 101331 gives her age as 18 at time of marriage.

·         Mary JACKSON late of Gortlownan, Co. Sligo widow died 10 Feb 1882 at same place granted to Rebecca WALKER the niece and a Legatee Effects £70. NOTE: This means that Alexander JACKSON was likely a brother-in-law of this Mary JACKSON.

[5] William JACKSON

[6] Alexander JACKSON. NOTE: This placement is based on informed conjecture.

·         Probably Knockagore  (aka Knocknagore) , Parish Drumrat, Barony Corran,,

·         Death Cert: Widower. Gastritis 3 days, James JACKSON son present at death Knocknaganny

[7] Catherine KILLORAN wife of Alexander JACKSON

·         NOTE: Given that Catherine & Alexander married in 1850, and that there are two recorded births after public records were kept, I would suspect that there were other intervening children for whom we do not have records born between 1850 and 1864.

·         Her death cert gives her age at death, hence her birth date. Her husband is still alive. Married. Wife of Alexander JACKSON, Gardener. Heart disease. James JACKSON son present at death Knocknaganny

[8] Catherine JACKSON

·         Birth Cert. : FHL Film 101096

[9] William JACKSON

·         Birth Cert: FHL Film 101421 gives age at marriage in 1860 Mar 8 as 23.

[10] Samuel JACKSON

·         He could be the Samuel JACKSON mentioned in the Tithe Applotments for lands: Rathbarran, Parish Killoran, Barony Leyny.

[11] Thomas JACKSON..

·         He may or may not be the same Thomas JACKSON of Cooloney aka  Collooney, Parish Ballysadare, Barony Tirerrill. The Parish of  Ballysadare is very near the Parish of Killerry. NOTE: When next at Deeds office, compare signature with others. If the seal is visible, ask to be able to view that in the original (not the photocopy).

  • Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Sligo

[12] Lavally, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill.

[13] Sarah JACKSON née ???.

·         Thomas Jackson of Lavally, husband of Sarah. Killery Burial Ground, Ballintogher, Co. Sligo. (Old Irish Graveyards by Eileen Hewson)

[14] George JACKSON

·         PROBATE: George JACKSON late of Gurtlownan Co. Sligo, Farmer died 20 Jan 1862 proved at Principal Registry by James JACKSON of Teretick near Collooney Co. Sligo, Gent. Effects under £300

·         NOTE: A Sarah Anne JACKSON age 17 months of Gortlonan died Aug 28, 1879 (born abt Feb 1878). Mary JACKSON was present at her death.

[15] Gortlownan, Parish Killerry, Barony Tirerrill, NOTE: It is just inside the eastern border of Sligo with Leitrim to the east. Sometimes it has been described as being in Co. Leitrim.

·         1901 Census Thomas JACKSON age 40; wife Mary age 35 and children George age 3 and William age 3 resided at House #2 Gortlownan, Ballintogher East, Co. Sligo.

[16] James JACKSON

·         PROBATE:James JACKSON late of Tivatick [aka Tiratick] Co. Sligo Esq died 20 Mar 1877 proved at Ballina by oath of Elinor JACKSON of Tivatick, Widow the executrix. Effects under £14,000

  • Deeds related to Thomas JACKSON of Sligo

[17] James JACKSON

·         Death Cert died of gangrene of the leg. Sister Jane JACKSON was present.

·         He never married.





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