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June Edgar (Browne) Brown, Eleanor Browne & Hugh Alexander Edgar Browne in Vancouver

Hugh Alexander Edgar Browne and his sister June Edgar (Browne) Brown in Vancouver

Hugh Alexander Edgar Browne

Born: Circa 1880
Died: Circa 1963 Died:
Father: John Monteagle BROWNE Father:
Mother: Susannah M. EDGAR Mother:

Duncan Browne who married and had children.

My grandmother kept in her scrapbook a news clipping (likely pre WWI) which said amongst other news that BROWNE had received a commission in the Royal Engineers, was a prominent member of the Knock Rugby Football club and captained the second XV when they won the Junior Cup. He also played for Ulster in the Junior-Inter provincial. He was described as employed as a member of the firm of Browne Brothers architects and civil engineers, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Belfast and "recently returned from Canada, where he spent the last three years, to follow the example of his brothers" [all of whom were in the military in WWI].

There are two other news clippings - similarly undated and unattributed - which mention him in connection with St. Barnabas Church in Ireland. Apparently, he had prepared a program of music and drama, which was well received. He was also described as the architect of a new edifice surrounding a memorial window.

According to his niece, Dorothy, he married Eleanor in 1919 and came back to Canada in 1919. In fact, Dorothy's family stayed with them in Montreal in 1919 when Dorothy's family was on their way back to Ireland. Later, they settled in Medicine Hat, but didn't like it. They visited Dorothy's family when they lived in Cranbrook and then moved to Vancouver.

The first record of them in the Vancouver Directory is in 1930 where they are shown to be living at 2930 West 38th Street. BROWNE was employed at Town zoning for the City of Vancouver. In 1936, at the same address, he is described as a draghtsman at City Hall. In 1942-45 his sister June is recorded as living with him. She lived with them until after Len and Dorothy got married and they bought a house on West 15th just after their eldest daughter, "Paddy", was born. In 1948, BROWNE moved to 3021 West 29th Street, Vancouver. In 1949, BROWNE is listed as an Assistant Engineer for the City. In 1950, he is listed as retired and his son, Duncan, is listed at the same address. In 1964, Eleanor is listed at 105-2182 West 39th Street, Vancouver and is described as "widowed".



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