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NAMES: Dr. McKEOWN - probably Rev. Patrick McKEOWN of Claranagh - or someone related to him.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 10, 2013

1882 May 30 Newry Reporter

Thanks to Kieran McConville for the initial image of the article.


EVICTIONS AT CROSSMAGLEN. -- On Friday the pitiful scene of a wholesale eviction took place at a place called Clarna[1], about a mile and a half from Crossmaglen. The landlord of the property, who was present at the evictions, is Dr. McKeown[2], of Crossmaglen. The Sub-Sherriff of Armagh superintended the operations, and there was a large force of police present, but their services were fortunately not called into requisition, as the people, who seemed to be utterly impoverished, submitted to the trying ordeal without offering any resistance. Eight families were dispossessed, and the people thus lest homeless included the infirm, old, and helpless young of both sexes. No residences have yet been provided for them, but some of their neighbors have given them temporary shelter. Dr. McKeown, about a year and a half ago, presided at the first Land League meeting held in Ulster.

[1] Clarna is likely the townland of Claranagh, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. It is just south of the townland of Liscalgat. It may be a bit further than a mile and half – more like 3 miles.

[2] At the time of Griffiths in 1856, a Rev. Patrick McKEOWN owned a significant amount of Claranagh. Some of the family are buried in the Creggan Graveyard. There were about four dozen or so tenants with names that were wel known for generations: Hearty, McCabe, Quinn, Casey, Hughs, Burns, McNally and more.



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