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This was compiled as part of my research to connect the POOLEs and JACKSONs of Co. Longford, Dublin & Kings Co.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 4, 2019

2019 Deeds connecting JACKSONs and POOLEs

1708-1729 Page 210. Image 270 POOLE.

1730-1745 start Page 303, Page 368.  

1746-1758 start Page 398  - Name Index1746-1758 Page 463


·       ROD: 21-506-12291 Image 540 1718 Nov 26. Winfield ATKINSON, City of Dublin, Clothier of 1 pt & Jacob POOLE of same City Clothier of the other pt. £468:15s for property at the Crooked Staff, with the house built by Henry LITTON, clothier, late of Liberty of Donore Co. Dublin plus other properties on South side of Upper Comb, Liberties Thomas Court & Donore, Co Dublin, with 2 leases whereon Henry LITTON built a dwelling House and also a stone wall at Crooked Staff to Jacob POOLE for the lives of John SHAW, Henry SHAW + Ralph CARD renewable, reciting Indenture made by Samuel CARD to Winfield ATKINSON … devised for use of Jacob POOLE parcel of land on south side of Upper Comb in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore Co. Dublin  demised to Winfield ATKINSON by George BLACKALL, for the lives of Mary JACKSON, George BLACKALL + Winfield ATKINSON, renewable.  WITNESSES: Simon ANYON; James HAMILTON, & Edward CHALLONER, all of City of Dublin. NOTE: I suspect a connection to: Jacksons of Crooked Staff. Also that Mary JACKSON may be the wife of George JACKSON.

·       ROD: 22-84-11463. 1715 May 12. Richard POOL late of City of Dublin, Collier & Mary POOL widow and relict & executor. 400a at Brackanagh, By Cooleystowne, King's Co, divided from the part held by Gilbert WHITE, Henry WHITE + Henry USHER. 41 years, £100 pa.

·       ROD: 34-463-22376 where Joseph JACKSON of Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, Dublin is the second party along with Jacob POOLE.

  • ROD: 37-189-22377 Jacob JACKSON a weaver and Jacob Poole a clothier are neighbours. SEE: 1722 Jan 11
  • ROD: 39-53-23984. 1723 Jul 31. Jacob POOL, Clothier of Dublin City, Grantor to Michael JACKSON, Clothier of Dublin City of parcel of ground on north side of Mill Race or water course in Morrowlane [Marrowlane] in Liberty of Thomas Court, Co & city of Dublin, bound on north by land to be called Roberts Street, on east by land let by Isaac ROBERTS to Jacob POOL, with privileges as granted Jacob POOL by Isaac ROBERTS, for ever, from 24 June last for lives of Isaac, Mary & Lydia ROBERTS at £7 12s with £3 16s. fine on renewal.
  • ROD: 40-85-24387 1723 Oct 3
  • ROD: 48-499-32366. 1726 Jul 15. 2 houses west-side Poole St, Liberty Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin. NOTE: Poole Street is near the Tenter fields and is a block south of Jackson Alley.
  • ROD: 53-495-36613. 1705 Aug 20. Yea and Nea street in Manor and Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore, co Dublin. Mary POOLE otherwise TAYLOR executor and widow of Richard POOLE. NOTE: I need to follow up on whether it is possible that she is connected to the TAYLOR family who married into the Jacksons of Steeple, and/or BERESFORDs.
  • ROD: 59-470-41378. 1725 Nov 9. Richard POOLE, deceased father of Robert POOLE; William POOLE deceased brother of Robert POOLE Robert POOLE, template worker groom to bride Abigail HOULT daughter of Valentine HOULT. Marriage settlement.
  • ROD: 69-423-49009. Image 238 Btw Richard POOLE of City of Dublin Joyner one of the sons of Richard POOLE late of Earl St in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore and Co Dublin Gent & Philip JACKSON of Ballinrahn [Ballinrahin, Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown] Kings Co farmer and intermarried with Jane POOLE one of the daughters of the said Richard POOLE  the elder, and who is also the executor of the last will of George JACKSON deceased  who intermarried with Mary POOLE one of the daughters of said Richard POOLE,  and Susannah GEORGE als POOLE of the said city widow, also one of the daughters of the said Richard the elder & Robert POOLE of Dublin Tinplate worker & son of Richard POOLE  elder.. sold lands of Coshina  [Cushina, Parish of Ballykean, in the Barony of Upper Philipstown] and Monavaine [Moanvane, Parish of Ballykean, in the Barony of Upper Philipstown], Barony of Coolistowne, Kings Co… and lands on Earls St in Liberty of Thomas Court & lands of Ballynowland [probably Ballinowlart North or Ballinowlart South -  both in Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown], Barony of Coolistown Kings Co. NOTE: George JACKSON, husband of Mary POOLE, of Moneydonagh died before 1732.

·       ROD: 71-353-51218. 1733 Apr 8 Image 191 BTW Jacob POOLE senior of City of Dublin Cloathier of 1 pt  & Jacob POOLE junior of City of Dublin Clothier of the other pt.  Jacob POOLE sr. for consideration released to Jacob POOLE jr. house or tenement on the Coombe & Mutton Lane formerly in possession of William HAYES of the Upper Comb Gent with the Workhouse Backside & yard bounded on the North to the Coomb aforesaid Eastward with BLACKALLs then or late holding Southward to Mutton Lane and westward with the Churchland and containing in front 58’ from front to rere 300’ and in the rere 38’ with all buildings and appurts to hold to Jacob POOLE jr for life of Esther POOLE John ARMSTRONG and Jacob POOLE jr. … WITNESS: Samuel TURBUTT of City of Dublin Hosier & Charles STURGES of City of Dublin Cloathier and Arthure SHEPHEARD Clerk to John SMITH Public Notary. NOTE: See also: ROD: 2-44-250.  1708 Jan 11. Between Winfield ATKINSON of Crooked Staff and Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin Clothier of 1 pt & John WINTERBOTAM & Anne BEYSLEY Merchant and Anne BEYSLEY of Delphins Barn [aka Dolphins Barn], widow exec of Edmond BEYSLEY late of Delfinsbarne dec’d…, reciting that George BLACKHALL, City of Dublin Gent did by indenture of lease dated Jan 23, 1706  demised to Winfield ATTKINSON all those houses tanyards, backside gardens, backhouses, stables & Appurtenances held by George BLACKHALL on the south side of the Upper Comb in the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, Dublin,  containing breadth in the front 93 ft or thereabouts, in breadth in the rere to Mutton Lane of 37 ½’ ft and in the middle or centre 57 ½’  from Comb [aka Coombe] to Mutton Lane 312’ to hold to Winfield ATTKINSON during natural lives of Dorcus JACKSON, wife of the late Francis JACKSON & Jane JACKSON her daughter, wife of the said George  [BLACKHALL] & Mary JACKSON grand daughter to the said Francis JACKSON … rent 1 peppercorn & yearly rent £40 . Winfield ATTKINSON in consideration of £150  paid by John WINTERBOTAM and Anne BEYSLEY granted all aforementioned tanhouses backside garden backhouses stables and Appurtenances together with 5 brick dwelling houes the said Winfield ATKINSON built upon the premises WITNESS: Elin METCALFE wife of George METCALFE City of Dublin Cloathier & George METCALFE. NOTE: This Francis JACKSON  is likely related to those at JACKSONs of St. Catherines Church. If this is the case, then they would also likely connect to Robert JACKSON, tanner of Crooked Staff: l  There is also a Francis JACKSON who could be a fit – he was christened in 1679, a son of Alderman Richard JACKSON of Drogheda. SEE: Jacksons of St. Peters Church, Drogheda. NOTE: Jane JACKSON wife of George BLACKHALL died intestate 1718. A George BLACKHALL was Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1694-95. See also : Jackson of Pimlico.

·       ROD: 72-259-50666. 1733 Apr 20. Image 438 BTW Richard POOLE City fo Dublin Joyner of 1 pt & Robert POOLE City of Dublin Tinn Plateworker of the other pt. In consideration of £100 granted to Robert POOLE townland of Cossina [Cushina, Parish of Ballykean, in the Barony of Upper Philipstown]  to which Richard POOLE was entitled by will of Richard POOLE sen. deceased in parish Clonbullock Kings Co. and part of land in Earls Street 80’ in front & 70’ in rere & 100’ in depth in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore City of Dublin and another plot of land 80’ in front Northward 70’ in rere southward & 96’ eastward together with houses and tenements in Earls Street and all the town and lands of Ballynowland [probably Ballinowlart North or Ballinowlart South -  both in Parish of Clonsast, in the Barony of Coolestown] in Kings Co.. To hold the lands of Cossina & the two plots for lives during remainder of term of 41 years.

  • ROD: 77-105-52977. 1734 Mar 28. A memorial of an indenture of lease dated the 28th day of March 1734, whereby Michael JACKSON of Pimlico in the County of the city of Dublin, clothier, for and in consideration of the surrender of a lease made of the greatest part of the premises hereinafter mentioned by the said Michael JACKSON unto Thomas GAMBLE of Cork Street in the County of Dublin Linen Weaver, for the lives there in above-mentioned – a memorial – whereof is entered in the Registry Office in the City of Dublin and Lib 67 page 121 of Num 45529 did demise and set to the said Thomas GAMBLE by the name of Thomas GAMBLE of  Marrowbone Lane in the County of the City of Dublin, all that lot or piece of ground situate lying and being on the north side of the Mill Race or Water Course in  Marrowbone Lane in the liberties of Thomas Court and County of the said city of Dublin, containing in breadth in the front on the south to the said Mill Race 20 feet, and running backwards of the same breadth or thereabouts down to Tenter Lane bounded on the east to the holding of Nicholas SCOTT, on the west to the holding of Abraham ROBINSON, on the north to Tenter Lane aforesaid and on the south to the said Mill Race together with the two brick dwelling houses on the said premises (Viz) one of them fronting  Marrowbone Lane and the other fronting Tenter Lane aforesaid and also all that lot of ground at the rear of the said Nicholas SCOTT said holding in  Marrowbone Lane aforesaid containing an breadth in the front to Tenter Lane aforesaid 38 feet or thereabouts and of the same breadth or thereabouts in the rear and in depth from front to rear 34 feet or thereabouts bounded on the east to the holding of William BROWN tobacconist on the west a part of the holding here in before mentioned on the north to Tenter Lane aforesaid and on the south to the rear of the said Nicholas SCOTT said holding together with the stone house or stable built there on by Mr. Joshua THOMAS. Also all that lot or piece of ground situate on the east side of Roberts Street containing in breadth in the front to the said Street 44 feet or thereabouts and breadth in the rear adjoining to the said first demised lot 39 feet or thereabouts and in depth from front to rear on the N. Side Fronting Tenter Lane. 40 feet or thereabouts and in depth from front to rear on the south side adjoining Mr. ROBINSON’s holding 40 feet or thereabouts together with such privilege of water in proportion to the premises thereby demised as the said Michael JACKSON had or should have the virtue of a lease thereof (int ab) from Jacob POOLE clothier. To hold during the lives of Isaac ROBERTS, Lydia ROBERTS, and Mary ROBERTS and the survivors and survivor of them from the 25th day of March then instant at 14 pounds paid annually. In which said lease is contained covenants and clauses for renewing the same from time to time for ever on payment of 1 pound 12 shillings and eight pence as a fine in every renewal and manner as they are in mentioned. WITNESS: Matthew PAGEITT clerk Benjamin JOHNSTON notary in the city of Dublin and by the said Benjamin JOHNSTON. See: Jacksons of Pimlico.

·       ROD: 82-356-58140. 1734 May 29. Reciting 1705 Aug 20. Land in Earl's Street o'wise Yea and Nay St, Liberty Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin [For more related to Yea & Nay St see: ROD: 87-345-62000, & ROD: 125-217-84802] John MONTGOMERY since deceased life removed; Richard POOLE since deceased father of Robert POOLE.

·       ROD: 85-109-59267. 1729 Apr 18. Image 62 BTW Jacob POOLE of City of Dublin Clothier of 1 pt & Robert MONTGOMERY of Newmarket in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore Co. Dublin Clothier whereby Jacob POOLE demised to Robert MONTGOMERY house then in occupancy of Robert MONTGOMERY bounded on the East by another holding belonging to Jacob POOLE and on the north by Mr. WINRIGHT’s holding together with the use of the Shore on the Premises … for 99 years. WITNESS: Moses BRUGUIERE of City of Dublin Merchant & Robert BOYTON then clerk to John SMITH Public Notary.

·       ROD: 97-240-68154. 1739 Jan 28. Image 422 Jacob POOLE jr of Blackpitter Co. Dublin Brewer demised to Thomas JACKSON of Marrowbone Lane City of Dublin Linen weaver plot of land fronting Roberts Street containing in front to said street 90’ & in depth from front to rere 160’ in Liberty of Thomas COURT & Donare Co. & City of Dublin bounded on east by Roberts Street on the south by holding of Abraham ROBINSON & the holding of Michael BUSHEL. On the west by holding of James HUTT on the north by holding of Joseph DEAN and the Tenturefield Ditch. To hold unto Thomas JACKSON & his heirs for lives of Mary ROBERTS grand-daughter of Roger ROBERTS of Thomas Court & Donore Farmer deceased & Lidia ROBERTS 2nd daughter to Isaac ROBERTS & John DAWSON eldest son of Benjamin DAWSON of City of Dublin Merchant … WITNESS: George MAGHAN Maultman to said Jacob POOLE & Peter GORMLY of Marrowbone Lane Gent & Memorial WITNESS: Peter WALSH of Roberts Street Linen Weaver & Peter O’GORMLEY. Thomas JACKSON [SEAL]

  • ROD: 131-313-89281. 1748 Aug 20. Btw William JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent eldest son and heir of Michael JACKSON of Thomas Court near the said City, Clothier. deceased & John JACKSON 3rd son of Michael JACKSON of the 1 pt & William REED of the City of Dublin Gent of the other part. Whereby William & John JACKSON transferred piece of ground on west side of Pimlico leading to the Tenterfields in the Liberty of Thomas Court containing in front 34’ and in depth 38’ formerly demised by Joseph THOMAS to Michael JACKSON also a piece of ground on west side of Pimlico bouding east to the Watercourse running by Pimlico west partly to the holdings of Widow EASTWOOD and partly to the Tenterfields north to the Watercourse of Trippiloe  south to a new lane leading from Pimlico to the Tenterfields formerly demised by Joseph THOMAS to John BILLOP also one other piece of ground in the Alley on the west side of Pimlico leading to the Tenterfields containing 34’ in front & 38’ deep formerly demised by Joseph THOMAS to John BILLOP also a piece of ground on the north side of the Mill Road or watercourse in Marrowbone Lane  in Liberty of Thomas Court  containing on front in the south 63 ½’ and in depth on the west 130’ and on the east 118’ and in  breadth in the rere 57 1/2’ formerly demised by Jacob POOLE to Michael JACKSON with all the buildings and appurtenances for 21 year lease for yearly rent of 1 peppercorn subject to payment of £50 & interest. WITNESS: Charles MEARES the younger son of Charles MEARES the Elder. SEE: Jacksons of Pimlico
  • ROD: 200-347-133444. 1759 Sep 9. Jacob POOLE, Brewer of Blackpitts, Dublin of 1st part to William JACKSON, Clothier of Upper Comb in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore Dublin Dwelling House Out Houses Backside Back House Garden Crane Loft wherein Jacob POOLE formerly dwelt & lately in occupation of William WHITLING, on s. side of said Upper Comb st. with liberty of sewer running in premises from other holdings of Jacob POOLE and of Jacob POOLE's rights of adjoining  properties unto Jacob POOLE, from 29 inst Sept, 41 years, £34 ster. WITNESSES: Joseph DOYLE, Carpenter of Cole Alley, Dublin; Arthur SHEPHEARD, Public Notary of Dublin City; Michael CARROLL, Joyner of Dublin City. SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe
  • ROD: 349-280-234169. 1782 Sep 20. Image 476 BTW George CRUICKSHANK of City of Dublin Attorney at Law of 1st pt & Alexander CROOKSHANK Esq. & George SALE Merchant both of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Abigail SALL aka SALE of City of Dublin spinster of 3rd pt. Reciting that William CLARKE by indenture 1718 Nov 15 demised to William NICHOLS piece of ground on south side of Pill Lane containing  front to rere 57’ including the wall to the lane bounded on the east to other ground owned by said William CLARKE on the South & West to ground set by said William CLARKE to Mrs.  .. granted to said William SALE Robert Ballentine …. And that the same having become vested in William SALE late of City of Dublin Gent deceased 10 Jan 1774 for lives of [Royalty] and Thomas JOHNSTON and Thomas TAYLOR and also reciting that Henry PERRY Esq. by indenture 4 July 1722 demised to John HARVEY tenement on North side of Dolphins Barn containing in breadth in the front 48’ in depth front to rere 63’ bounded on East by Mr. John FALKNERs holding, on the West by John BROWNEs holding on the North to the City Water Course commonly called the Pipe Water & on the South to Dolphins Barn aforesaid … also reciting that Jacob POOLE by indenture 14 Feb 1722 demised to William BOTTOM all the 6 small houses with their backsides situate on the south side of Dolphins Barn bounded on the North to the Kings pavement on east and south to Mr. BOARDMANs holding and on the west to Mr. POPKINs holding for lives of Emerson PERCY Hester POOLE & Elizabeth POOLE … and George CROOKSHANK was seized of lands  of Cranleaghbegg otherwise Cranlabogg 140a Co. Longford. NOTE: Abigail SALE married George CRUICKSHANK firstly, and then married Henry JACKSON of Grange Cottage, Birr, Kings Co. SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkeiran.
  • ROD: 718-170-490906. 1817 Jun 10. Dwelling house formerly in occupation of Jacob POOLE, brewer deceased and William WELLING, clothier, then in possession of William JACKSON, Gent of Coombe {aka Combe], Dublin by virtue of a lease for 1 year, in South side of Upper Combe, in Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore, City of Dublin, Co. Dublin for considerations from William JACKSON unto Humphrys MANDERS, builder of School St., Dublin  for 950 years from 1 May last at £50 rent.
  • ROD: 815-528-549263. 1823 Feb 6. Image 235 BTW William JACKSON formerly of the Coombe Co. Dublin but then of Ronehill [sic Rhonehill] Co. Tyrone , Gent of 1 pt; John SHAW of Aredee St., Co. Dublin Merchant and Sarah SHAW otherwise SPROULE his wife which said Sarah was devisee and executrix of her late husband Solomon SPROULE Merchant deceased of other pt. … transfer of land on Ardee Street called the Booter Park wheron were several houses at corner of Ardee St. and Ardee Row 20’ by 23’ to the west on Crooked Staff 68’3” and to north adjoining RUSSELLs holding 1325’ and to the east to William TRAVERS ground 62’ and on south to Mutton Lane 119’ in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, Co. Dublin … more detail … William JACKSON [SEAL] WITNESS: William Jackson GREER & Thomas GREER both of Rone Hill [sic Rhone Hill] Co. Tyrone Linen merchants. “The abovenamed Thomas Greer being of the profession of the people called Quakers upon his affirmation saith he is a subscribing witness …” William JACKSON (1737-1823) SEE: Quaker Jacksons in Ireland.
  • ROD: 1833-1-43. 1832 Dec 9 Image 30 Anne NESBITT née WOOD, widow Aghamore, Longford, was due £600 under will of Henry NESBITT, of Aghamore, Longford, Esq. deceased. as part of £2,000 charged under will of Attiwell WOOD, deceased, father of Anne WOOD on lands of Pruntus, Ballyhay, & Coolenafnora & in Co. Cork baronies of Fermoy and Orrery & Kilmore, and post marriage of Anne POOLE née NESBITT of Cushenry Lodge, Kings Co. to her husband William POOLE Esq. of Cushenry Lodge, , Anne NESBITT née WOOD, assigned to William POOLE £300 as charged thereon and a further sum of £200 subject to William POOLE assigning to Anne NESBITT née WOOD,  £11:1:6 lifetime annuity charged on land in Cossiny [Cushina, Parish of Ballykean, in the Barony of Upper Philipstown] & Pullavoagh, Barony of Coolestown barony) & Monevane [Moanvane, Parish of Ballykean, in the Barony of Upper Philipstown] Barony of Philipstown, both in Kings Co. NOTE: Given the continuity of land ownership, it is probable that William POOLE was a son of Robert POOLE & Abigail HOULT.





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